For Harry Belafonte and Other Progressive Blacks, the Reality of the Obama Presidency Is a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Kevin L. Martin, Big Government, January 12, 2012

For Harry Belafonte and other progressive blacks, the reality of the Obama Presidency is bitter pill to swallow, as he detailed his ongoing unhappiness with the administration.

In a recent radio interview, Belafonte took the President to task and asked what his legacy would be in the wake of the opportunities he has been given. Mr. Belafonte’s criticism comes at a time when President Obama finds himself under increasing pressure for the far left wing of his Party, as they feel he has failed to deliver on his promises of hope and change.

For months now, President Obama has been under pressure from members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and other black activists to start addressing those problems facing the most loyal voting bloc of the Democrat Party, yet the President and his advisers have pushed back against this, claiming they are concerned about the problems facing all Americans.

Belafonte’s criticism and anger are understandable, as he and many like him thought that the Obama Presidency was going to lead to the fulfillment of all the progressive promises of the last 60 years, especially those promises made by Democrats and their sock puppet leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Belafonte and other black Democrat activists know full well that they will have a harder time turning out record numbers of black voters in any effort to reelect President Obama this time. In 2008, the narrative in the black community was that the election of Barack Obama was in part way the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream, but with more than 3 years under his belt, Belafonte and others would be hard pressed to find anyone in the black community who could claim they are better off today than they were 3 years ago.

{snip} President Obama, for his part, has felt the heat from other black elected officials and activists and lashed out against them this past summer at the Congressional Black Caucus annual gala when he stated that blacks need to “stop complainin’,” “put on your marching shoes,” and follow him into the battle for jobs and opportunity.

Conservative blacks like myself and others have endured years of name calling from progressives such as Belafonte, the Congressional Black Caucus, and other black activists who have sold their souls to the Democrat Party, but now that one of their own is calling the shots, they still are complaining about the same issues and problems and it is all too clear now what we have been saying. Progressive ideas may look good on paper, but in the real world they simply don’t work. {snip}


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  • Anonymous

    Other examples of black “blind loyalty” are Detroit’s former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Washington DC’s former mayor – – IF they could run for public office, they would be re-elected . . .

    • You mean Marion Berry? I think he is on the DC City Council.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, thank you for refreshing my memory . . . best regards

  • “President Obama finds himself under increasing pressure for the far left wing of his Party”

    President Obama IS the far left wing of his party, for the most part.  Except he has actually won a national election and wants to win another one, so he has to push his far left agenda mainly behind the curtains.  To the extent which the frustration on the part of people like Harry Belafonte is actually real, and not a contrived fan dance to make Obama look moderate, it is because Obama hasn’t gone “Full Mugabe” in public.

  • Anonymous

    Before he became president, the blacks were told that Hussein was not off the same plantation as they were. They now realize that he hates America and his agenda is to destroy the country, and the blacks were not envisioning this type of activity. Even though what the blacks do want, such as government, cradle to grave care, will eventually bankrupt the country, Hussein wants his Muslim brothers to dominate the country and all citizens including the blacks will not like this.

  • Anonymous

    i have noticed that the light skinned blacks or the blacks who are half black but look more black than white  are the most racist and hatefull of all blacks consider, obama , holder , naacp leader jealose, malcome x, attorney general of philly and police chief of philly etc colon powell

    • Esmithton91

      That is old news but welcome on board……  it works like this, the half black has more intelligence than the more black ones and they still possess the wildness and hatred to anything different than themselves, and enough self hatred to make the whole mix very volatile and aggressive………

      • I think the psychology of many politically active black-white mulattos is that if they can’t be purely white, then nobody else should be so allowed.

    • Anonymous

      I would agree with you, but only for mixed race/light skinned Black men. These mixed race men like Harry Belefonte, Brian Gumble have the White intelligence to compete in a White world, but they feel they must fight/insult every White man they meet and bed every White woman they meet – look at the women in Harry Belefonte and Brian Gumble’s life – all White.

      Mixed race women don’t have the same hatred of Whites. In politics, if you’re only choices are amongst “Blacks” go with responsible mixed race women. The new head of the Chicago Cook County Board is a responsible mixed race woman, she replaces a Black man Stroger who was the son of a very Black man who looked as Black as Idi Amin.

      • Woody Woodpecker

        Bryant Gumbel is particularly offensive. This moron had the audacity to defend black murderer Napoleon Beasley, a vile thug from a middle class background who murdered carjacked and murdered an old man (luckily his wife escaped death). The old man was the father of judge Michael Luttig (sp?), and when Judge Luttig went home to ensure that sure Beasley got the death penalty, Gumbel went on a rampage on his TV show.  Luckily, Beasley was convicted, sentenced to death & executed according to Texas law. Too bad for Mr. Gumbel.

      • Anonymous

        True enough, but it was a mixed-race black woman, Lani Guinier, who almost became the Justice Department’s civil rights honcho under Clinton.  What a disaster for whites that would have been!  

        • Anonymous

          Kinda like Holder and his socialist thugs running the Justice Dept. now.

  • Obama has never really related to the African American community. His roots were from Kenya and he was raised by his white relatives until he went to college. It was there that he learned about African Americans and their history. Obama has many constiuencies such as Hispanics, gays, not just Blacks. Blacks do not understand this.

  • Anonymous

    Belafonte’s criticism and anger are understandable, as he and many like him thought that the Obama Presidency was going to lead to the fulfillment of all the progressive promises of the last 60 years

    What these people expected and wanted was a black dictator who was going to take down the white man and transfer power and money to the black man.

    Luckily, we’re not that far along yet. 

    When President Obama was elected I said, and I still believe, there was a silver lining in that he was elected when whites were still the majority. Consequently, he has had to down play any overt black aganda (which is what Belafonte and others want).

    White Amerians have given a black man a chance. They now feel they’ve gone past the issue of race. Next time, they will be far less inclined to vote for a black man  just to assuage  their racial guilt and will judge a black candidate critically. Also, because blacks and the left are dissatisfied with President Obama, the next ‘announted one’ will have to espouse stronger and more blunt racial views to appease blacks and the left and prove to them that he’s not going to be another lame black President. If the next black candidate does make his racial agenda an issue, whites will be turned off and be less likely to vote for such a black man.

    On a similar topic, c-span broadcast “Tavis Smiley Hosts Symposium on Poverty in America.”

    If you have the time and the fortitude, watch it. Pay special attention to the comments made by Michael Moore and his thoughts on the young, up and coming generation of white kids:

    • Sincerely Concerned

      But, we HAVE been taken down and power and money HAS been transferred.  It’s incremental, sometimes under the table, and now being done by executive order and sneaky appointments.  What the heck Belafonte, et al, could possibly want now is beyond me.

  • sestamibi

    No one doubts that the solidarity won’t be maintained in 2012.  The question the author is raising is whether or not the ENTHUSIASM will still hold and blacks will vote in numbers as large as they did in 2008. 

  • Anonymous

    Symposium on Poverty..I took the time to watch it. Complete recycled garbage. Every speaker on that stage is just as guilty for being puppets of the Puppet Masters they were denouncing. Not one speaker spoke on how legal & illegal immigration of third worlders with no skills, low IQs, is benefiting the 1% ers and further depressing the wages of existing middle classers and taking opportunities for jobs for those blacks they so misleadingly state they have concern for. Not one word on Immigration. Really pathetic..and who sponsored this symposium? Well of course,a corporate sponsor whom they rail against as being a part of the 1% ers, Kellogg.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    This is a good article but I have a problem with one statement, which relates to being hard-pressed to find black Americans who could claim they are better off than three years ago.

    Two things: first, the very fact there is a black President in office makes them feel better off.  Second, with what appears to be unlimited unemployment and other government benefits they do feel better off than say, if a restrictive Republican were in office and limiting or cutting off these freebies.

  • WR the elder

    What impresses me is how many blacks believe that the federal government has the magical ability to greatly improve their lives.  I suppose that by eliminating welfare the federal government could create the social and economic pressures to reduce black rates of illegitimacy, which in the long run would greatly help black people, but that is the last thing any Democrat wants to do.  Another thing the federal government could do is deport illegal immigrants, opening up many jobs blacks could do.  But again, that is the last thing any “progressive” Democrat wants to do.

    Here is what I expect from the federal government.

    1.  Plenty of wars all around the world.  If there is any likelihood of ending an existing war, our politicians will get us into another.  (E.g., out of Iraq and into Iran and/or Syria.)

    2.  Increasing attacks on the Bill of Rights.  The feds are real good at groping your children and your grandparents.

    3.  Deficits that will ultimately destroy all dollar denominated savings.

    4.  More anti-white discrimination.

    5.  A continuation of the refusal to enforce immigration law, and more lawsuits against states that try to do what the feds refuse to do.

    Unlike Harry Belafonte, my expectations are unlikely to be dashed.

  • Anonymous

    How are members of the Black Congressional Congress going to voice their disatisfaction with Obama? By voting for Mitt Romney? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Like Belafonte, they’re just upset that after three years in office there are STILL no reparations for slavery, Obama STILL hasn’t ditched the suit and tie for a dashiki and kids in schools are STILL saying the Pledge of Allegiance instead of giving the Black Power salute.

  •  The racist component of the GOP hides behind their memorized conformist kneeling before Rush the Fatso Drug Addict and whoever else tells them what to think. And sure enough, despite their hate-filled stance on life, they are all…wait for it, Born Again Christians whose love is what other people get thrown in jail for manifesting because their great Christian love is pure hatred.
    Racists like Blaak Obongo and the rest of you Klansman and those who think that Obama hates America are simply PARANOID.Paranoid because they believe any black who reaches the presidency must want to avenge the slavery era. My question is why don’t they believe a black person can have a good and positive vision for the country? ANSWER: Because THEY ( PARANOID PEOPLE) would never forgive if they were the ones who underwent slavery. THEY (PARANOID PEOPLE) are just expressing how they would feel if they were the blacks. LOGIC

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Cortney, for setting us all here at AmRen straight on the issue. It’s amazing how we all managed to form opinions and on a range of topics through empirical observation and life experience without your input but I’m quite confident that we’re all in for a major re-think after your calm, reasonable and well-argued post. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we all look forward to more of your keen insight and I for one completely defer to you on all topics being discussed here. Thank you for the privilege of posting on the same message board as you.

    • Anonymous

      Great, another liberal “Courtney” on American Renaissance.  The last time this happened, some posters got her confused with myself back when I just went by “Courtney”.  Fortunately the smarter posters knew I would never come on here and say such things.  I asked her to change her name.  At least this one here mispells “Courtney” so there will be no confusion.  This is also part of the reason I started going by “Courtney from Alabama”, apart from the fact that I am proud of where I am from ;).

    • anonymous

      These comments are a little silly. We have had decades of blacks, mostly men, holding high offices in the United States. Men and women in an executive office, white, black or anything else, do the job that is put in front of them, with little opportunity to set a new direction. I don’t think anybody expects a black officeholder to “avenge slavery” or thinks a reactionary white could “turn back the clock on civil rights” even if he wanted to.

      That’s the way politics works. BTW, if there is a racist component in the GOP, Rush Limbaugh is not part of it. Many people listen to Rush  for his analysis of issues and event, but do not agree with him otherwise.

  • Thoughtcrime1933

    I had a black coworker back in 2008 when Obongo was running. He was an extremely overzealous sycophant for Obama. Spending many hours of his own time and thousands of his own dollars on “the campaign”. I have since left that company and thus lost touch with that coworker. I would very much like to contact him today and ask him: “How you liking your hope ‘n change?” Then laugh in his face.

  • Rhouse445

    Is this the same Belafonte who likes to flaunt his white wife  for everyone to see?

    • Anónimo

      That’s his way of sticking in the eye of the “MAN”!
      He should stick to Jamaica Farewell and Matilda. No one cares what he thinks. He sounds as though he gargles with ground glass.

  • Fed Up

    The irony is that a lot of White Americans view Obama as yet another worthless (failed) President. Other than getting publicity on golf courses and jetting about in Air Force One at the slightest pretext, Obama has done precious little for America.

    Anyone recall his claim of wanting to reduce government waste and setting a personal example for fiscal responsibility? It’s-funny, isn’t it — how quick Obama’s head swelled and how soon he forgot his promises and pledges to the voters who elected him.

  • Larry Ben

    Blacks don’t have the intelligence for understanding the logic of a white civilized society.

  • “…Belafonte and others would be hard pressed to find anyone in the black community who could claim they are better off today than they were 3 years ago.”

    That’s a crock, Mr. Martin.

    Blacks are the most delusional group in this country with the highest self esteem, and according to Gallup polls, Obama has an ~86% job approval rating among blacks.