Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism

Monnica Williams, Psychology Today, December 27, 2011

What is racial colorblindness

Racial issues are often uncomfortable to discuss and rife with stress and controversy. Many ideas have been advanced to address this sore spot in the American psyche. Currently, the most pervasive approach is known as colorblindness. Colorblindness is the racial ideology that posits the best way to end discrimination is by treating individuals as equally as possible, without regard to race, culture, or ethnicity.

At its face value, colorblindness seems like a good thing—really taking MLK seriously on his call to judge people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. It focuses on commonalities between people, such as their shared humanity.

However, colorblindness alone is not sufficient to heal racial wounds on a national or personal level. It is only a half-measure that in the end operates as a form of racism.

Problems with the colorblind approach

Racism? Strong words, yes, but let’s look the issue straight in its partially unseeing eye. In a colorblind society, White people, who are unlikely to experience disadvantages due to race, can effectively ignore racism in American life, justify the current social order, and feel more comfortable with their relatively privileged standing in society (Fryberg, 2010). Most minorities, however, who regularly encounter difficulties due to race, experience colorblind ideologies quite differently. Colorblindness creates a society that denies their negative racial experiences, rejects their cultural heritage, and invalidates their unique perspectives.

Let’s break it down into simple terms: Color-Blind = “People of color—we don’t see you (at least not that bad ‘colored’ part).” As a person of color, I like who I am, and I don’t want any aspect of that to be unseen or invisible. The need for colorblindness implies there is something shameful about the way God made me and the culture I was born into that we shouldn’t talk about. Thus, colorblindness has helped make race into a taboo topic that polite people cannot openly discuss. And if you can’t talk about it, you can’t understand it, much less fix the racial problems that plague our society.

Colorblindness is not the answer

Many Americans view colorblindness as helpful to people of color by asserting that race does not matter (Tarca, 2005). But in America, most underrepresented minorities will explain that race does matter, as it affects opportunities, perceptions, income, and so much more. When race-related problems arise, colorblindness tends to individualize conflicts and shortcomings, rather than examining the larger picture with cultural differences, stereotypes, and values placed into context. Instead of resulting from an enlightened (albeit well-meaning) position, colorblindness comes from a lack of awareness of racial privilege conferred by Whiteness (Tarca, 2005). White people can guiltlessly subscribe to colorblindness because they are usually unaware of how race affects people of color and American society as a whole.


Multiculturalism is better than blindness


The alternative to colorblindness is multiculturalism, an ideology that acknowledges, highlights, and celebrates ethnoracial differences. It recognizes that each tradition has something valuable to offer. It is not afraid to see how others have suffered as a result of racial conflict or differences.



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  • Let me see if I get this right. If you are racially aware, you’re a racist. If you try to practice “color-blindness”, you’re a racist.

    “Racism” must be one of those puzzlers, that has no solution, then.

    • Anonymous

      You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. 

    • We just need to confess to our crimes like we were being interrogated by some of Stalin’s henchmen.

  • Rob Girouard

    The only good thing about whites becoming a minority population in the United States is
    that it will destroy this kind of blame gaming and excuse making once and for all. The IQ gap will still remain as will all the poor choices that minorities make which is clearly what is responsible for their situation.

    Liberals act as if whites were put on earth to provide employment for blacks. How many blacks does there have to be in America before they can look to themselves for employment?

    • No it won’t.  When whites become a true minority in the United States, then the planned genocide will commence in earnest.   It’s not about “minority rights”.  It’s about destroying white people and white culture.  The latter by claiming it doesn’t exist or has no value and the former by non-stop, low-level, low-intensity, rhetorical, psychological, economic, and physical intimidation.   The lower the percentage of white people gets, the more overt the genocidal efforts will become. 

      • Ernest

        I agree it.  That is the same naivety that suggest that once whites are a minority we will benefit from affirmative action.

        • Whites who believe AA will be applied when whites are a minority in the USA are fools, naive, dishonest or any combination of the above.

          There are 4 million whites in South Africa, compared to at least 50 million other races – we are a minority outnumbered by more than 10 blacks : 1 white.

          South Africa nevertheless practices one of the most vicious forms of racist affirmative action anywhere, up to the point that the black, racist ANC regime would rather employ a Nigerian in its civil so-called service than a white.

          To a black majority, AA has nothing to do with minority protection but rather handicapping those more capable. It is a tacit admission that blacks cannot, on a level playing field, compete with whites, ever.

          • It may just be a tacit admission that they aren’t going to play nice regardless of whether individual blacks can compete.

      • ‘No it won’t.  When whites become a true minority in the United States, then the planned genocide will commence in earnest.’

        Actually Whites will be able to hold out for awhile.

        During the Jim Crow era there were many parts of the South where Blacks were the numerical majority, but thanks to the Will to Power of the White Race they were beaten back and Whites manged to survive for a time.

        Baron Julius Evola, a Far Rightist intellectual, noted that a tiny number of White British people managed to rule over Brown India during the British Raj period, also due to the Will to Power of the White Race. 

        Whites can do this if we get our act together. 

      • There’s lot’s of places in my namesake that will make any “genocide’ very difficult.

      • svyatoslavigorevich

        White America, ultimately, is the power behind the worldwide anti-White impetus.  As White America becomes a minority in its own country, it will withdraw its support for that impetus.  Mexico is a good model; a small, Whiter elite rules a large, brown mass.  And there is no largesse forthcoming.  The state is small and incompetent because the White elite don’t want to go bankrupt supporting the eaters.

        The more overt the genocidal efforts become, the hotter White ethnocentrism will get.

        We’re going to have to break the back of Yankee power in America to end the corrupt, anti-White racist regime.  Might as well get used to that idea.

      • svyatoslavigorevich

        The current anti-White regime will collapse along with the White majority.  Whites will finally have exhausted the luxury of affording stupidity.  Then the intra-White war for the future of our race can begin.

    • No surprise concerning what she looks like.  Only a bi-racial person can speak intelligently on this subject! lol   I guess the kids at my elementary school were right…”It takes one to know one”

      Colorblindness is a lie.  When Colon Powell, a life-long republician, endorsed B.H.O for president, and claimed it wasn’t because he was black, but because he was the most qualified (over John McCain), that was a defining momement for me. 

      I no longer have a problem cheering for the white guy when watching MMA fights, I no longer have a problem saying I voted for the white guy just because he “looks like me” as Eric Holder would say.

    • Even if the IQ gap is real and remains I don’t believe that a lower IQ – on average – means that criminality and anti-social behavior is the only outcome.  I posted here a couple of weeks ago about studies of sub-saharan IQs, which I think have been shown to be low, but that hasn’t turned those groups into criminals, at least as we know and witness criminality here.  At the end of the day there will probably always be criminals it’s just that the sheer volume and persistance of criminal and violent behavior within the urban black communities that has us all extremely angry and concerned.  Let’s face it, if most blacks were Dr. Huxtable, Herman Cain, or Edward Brooke, these conversations wouldn’t be taking place.

  • Blacks are the beneficiaries of a form of institutional racism against whites called Affirmative Action, currently justified by the “benefits” of diversity.  I object to the term “people of color”, as it creates two classes of people.  If there are “people of color”, then there must be people without color (i.e., white people).  Due to Affirmative Action, blacks have greater advantages than whites, not less.  I too celebrate diversity.  Here are some examples of differences between blacks and whites.  Average IQ of blacks is 85 compared to 100 for whites (no, the tests are not biased, as they predict school success equally well for both groups).  Blacks comprise 12% of the population, but comprise 50% of the prison population.  If disproportionality in various areas (e.g., underrepresentation in higher level jobs or in academia) is evidence of discrimination against blacks, why is not the disproportionate overrepresentation of blacks on basketball and football teams considered evidence of discrimination against whites?  I think blacks are overrepresented in athletics due to their superior athletic ability and that their underrepresentation in higher level jobs and academia is due to their lower average intelligence.  I often hear whites accused of being afraid to honestly discuss matters of race.  Do not include me among them. 

    • There is constant reference to IQ differences between blacks and whites at AR.  I don’t dispute that this may be true but what you have to understand is that the differences you cite do not mean that all blacks have an IQ of 85.  If both whites and blacks have ‘normal’ statistical distributions of their IQs then about 2.5% of blacks would have  IQs of 120 or greater as opposed to about 16% of whites.  If there are about 30M blacks in the US that means that about 750,000 have IQs of 120 or greater. White people – excluding Hispanics – would have about 5,750,000 with the same IQ or greater.  This puts an interesting perspective on things insomuch as for every 7.7 white people with an IQ of 120 or greater there is one black person.  I assume that both of these groups represent “the best” part of each one’s respective cultural and intellectual group but on the surface it could be a bit daunting knowing, if I was black and in this group, that I will be competing with 7.7 white people equally as smart.

      • Anonymous

        Now I see why you have a degree in psychology. Recheck your math.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, no, we understand what a normal distribution/bell curve is, and that not every black is below the white average in intelligence. Just, like, 85%+ of them.

  • That article is total garbage, typical of the bilge Western covert communists have been writing for 50 years now.    Why doesn’t the author just say if you’re white and don’t do everything we tell you to do, then we’re gonna label you a “racist”, give your name and address to black psychopaths, and convince your spineless boss to fire you from your job, ruining your livelihood and personal safety in the process. 

    Multiculturalism is about cowing and destroying white culture, even in places where whites are the overwhelmingly dominate population.   

  • It is my understanding that the U.S. military during the Reagan years was the closest thing to having a truly color blind set of standards for promotions and awards, and that enlisted men and officers were discouraged from talking about race as much as possible.  I would also imagine that not too many blacks were promoted.

    • I heard a woman on TV say that currently in the military if you want certain choice jobs, like flying, a white man must have a degree in one of the hard sciences like math, engineering, biology.  If you are a minority, you can get a pass with a degree in psychology or early child care.

      I don’t know if that is true but would like to hear a comment from anyone with first hand knowledge. 

      I know for a fact that blacks are held to a lower standard in the business world.  If they weren’t, businesses couldn’t make their quota (which doesn’t exist) to satisfy the EEOC. 

      To blacks colorblindness means whites should have no racial identity. Meanwhile, 98% of blacks can vote for BHO and they get a free pass on being called racist.    

      • Jeez, I have a degree in psychology.  I must be pretty stupid in your eyes.

        • I didn’t say all social science majors are dumb….but you may be for making that statement. 

      • Zorro

        That’s exactly what we need flying our Fighter planes: Psychology and Early Childhood Majors.

  • Mike

    also if my eyes were correct, Ms. Monnica removed alot of right wing type comments telling her she a anti White bigot which I guess she is from her writings.

  • Anonymous

    The Perils of Multi-Culturalism…

  • Anonymous

    In the past a racist was one who expected blacks to be dangerous and inferior. Now, it seems that a racist is one who expects blacks to behave and perform as well as whites. 
    As far as “racial wounds” are concerned, how many blacks have been mugged, robbed at gun point, and/or raped by whites? Does even asking such a question mean that I am a racist? 

    • I think the ‘racial wounds’ part of it is because the cultura of blacks in this country has incorporated experiences, history etc. into thier way of being in the world.  No matter how we feel about what contemporary America has become because of race problems we should admit that at least many black people in the past were faced with some harsh realities.

      • “the culture of blacks in this country has incorporated experiences,”

        What manner of pseudo intellectual mumbo-jumbo is that?  Please type slowly as I am not that bright. 

      • Anonymous

        We should also admit that my people, in the past, were faced with some harsh realities; specifically, wars with France. Never mind the century — never mind who, exactly, “my people” are — I promise you we’ve also incorporated oodles of experiences, history, etc. into our “way of being in the world.”

        So don’t blame me if I go around robbing French people.

  • M.

    So, how do we become multicultural? The following suggestions would make a good start (McCabe, 2011):

    1) Recognizing and valuing differences,2) Teaching and learning about differences, and 3)Fostering personal friendships and organizational alliances

    Moving from colorblindness to multiculturalism is a process of change, and change is never easy, but we can’t afford to stay the same.

    Let the brainwashing programs begin in haste!

    Ms. Williams is confused about racism, colorblindness, and multiculturalism. She seems to believe that racism is bad because it recognizes race and that colorblindness is wrong because it pretends not to notice race. Her ‘solution’ is to acknowledge race (a racist practice) but to recognize race as something to be celebrated.

    The problem here is that you can’t look at race selectively. In order for Ms. William’s program to work, people have to be made only to see the positive aspects of racial differences and that’s impossible and the very reason people develop racial awareness. 

  • Aprelle Neal

    Hi this is Girlish.  I love the new layout of the website!  It’s so modern and hip!

    Anyhoo, this is ridiculous.  Now colorblindness is racist for convuluted reasons.  I think Monnica was trying to be deliberately provocative, but like most people today, she’s exploiting history by throwing aroudn the term racist.  Whites and sensible blacks will never celebrate black culture because black culture is rife with pathologies.  Besides, multiculturalists aren’t interested in celebrating white culture and contributions, only in bashing those things, so they’re not fooling me.

    • Anonymous


      • But now we know your name – but it’s ok, I’m so old I will forget it by the time I read the next post.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    Color-blindness is racism to Leftists. You know why? Because if you remove affirmative action Whites succeed like no other. White success is offensive to these people. It must be regulated and crippled lest the mud men feel inferior.

  • Anonymous

    The article could make sense, I suppose, to a certain kind of educated mine. The problem is that the assumptions it is all based on are incorrect. The assumption is that it is people of color and blacks in particular who are the ones facing obstacles because of their race.  Her article is an excersize in unreality. 

  • Anonymous

    The article could make sense, I suppose, to a certain kind of educated mine. The problem is that the assumptions article is based on are incorrect. The assumption is that it is people of color and blacks in particular who are the ones facing obstacles because of their race.  Her article is an excersize in unreality. Another way to look at it is notethat she is further victimizing those who are already treated unfairly. She’s calling for us/everyone whites, blacks, you name it, to be even more racist against whites. In some countries that could be considered a crime. Perhaps it should be considered a crime in this nation also. 

  • Anonymous

    Okay.  I’m very happy to belong to my culture & color & I celebrate it.  I’m grateful for the difference between my group & others. I’m very proud of my heritage & never apologize for it. 
    How’s that for a start?Perhaps if other groups can accept me & my people with an open mind & good will, I can go further.

  • Anonymous

    The first question that occurred to me is: Why should I care about people who are at best indifferent and usually hostile to my welfare?  So I classified the article in the (previously) respected Psychology Today as liberal foolishness. 

    Then I realized that this article reflects the dominant attitude and therefore policies of the political, intellectual, and moral leaders in America (and the Western world).  Apparently it is not a matter of white men making massive concessions to other groups,  and then we will all be “friends”.  She states the liberal position: any  benefits received in the past are irrelevant; we will never be satisfied; we will always demand more; the only non-totally evil white men are those who help us.

  • ‘Racism’ as an institution is paradoxically racist against Whites, in that Whites can do no good when it comes to having a racial identity, while non Whites can do no wrong.
    Multiculturalism as the answer ha that’s rich, where I currently live there is about five cultures living in close proximity to each other, each of these ‘genetic cultural groups’ has it’s own inherent ups and downs but they are thankfully in distributed in quantifications where the low IQ/high crime group is the least represented.
    Over the Christmas break I traveled back to Melbourne (Australia) where in the northern region Whites are an absolute minority, there are at least fifty multicultural groups also living in close  proximity to each other (multiculturalism surely does not make a population more attractive), but these cultures are so alien not only to the Anglo’s but also to each other so that the only commonalities that can be found are at right down at the base level i.e. materialism.  
    So you have lots of ugly and diverse people running around simply acquiring things, all of the White teenagers I saw looked very modern and ‘gangster/or emo cool’ and incredibly depressed and all of the White woman really stood out, with virtually no sexual competition.
    I don’t see how this is enriching, no one can understand each other and the Whites just look like they are drowning, although if you read any opinion pieces on Australia and immigration you’d probably think that we’re still all bigots who completely run the place, where as in reality we Whites have absolutely no voice.

  • Anonymous

    Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism.War is peace. Freedom is slavery.  Diversity is strength. 

  • Anonymous

    Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Diversity is strength.

  • Anonymous

    I had submitted a long comment on this article at Psychology Today that basically disagreed with Dr. Williams. I felt it was just and there were no racist comments except that I did label her as racist because she did so towards Whites in her article. She deleted my comment.

    If you go to the original article and scroll to the bottom, you will see that she has a link to click on and it states why she had to delete the comments. She claimed that many were racist but that isn’t true because my comment wasn’t. The majority of comments disagreed with her. It was very refreshing to see comments that were basicially prowhite.

    • Mike

      She also posted a reply article. Go check it out. She an typical lib and merely hates white people.

      • Anonymous

        I read the bit about “racist and offensive comments.”  Offensive meaning some people are wise to the kind of nonsense she spews.

        Some of us hold on to (or grab onto) “racist” ideas because we’re realists and not living in la-la land.

    • Alwaysright

      Yesterday, I read the comments on her article. Most agreed with her. A few respectfully disagreed with her. As you stated, all the comments have been removed because too many were deemed ‘racist’.

      These people don’t want debate or discussion. They simply want us to accept their ideas and opinions as superior and correct.

      It’s frustrating and infuriating dealing with these people. They can’t stand anyone disagreeing with them and their standard recourse is to end the ‘debate’ and silence dissent by ending the discussion and removing thoughtful replies.

    • Anonymous

      The consensus seems to be that she deleted the comments because she’s (a) an idiot, who got showed up, and (b) an “anti-racist,” i.e. an anti-white pseudo-intellectual.

  • Anonymous

    You are absolutely correct! This is why I had posted a lengthy comment on this article when I first saw it.

    People like Dr. Williamson will NEVER be satisfied and need to continually make White people feel White guilt in order for the minorities to continue to receive the privileges that they receive.

    I truly believe that this professor is antiwhite.  It’s shameful that Psychology Today believes that her articles are scholarly.

  • Rjbrjb1

    “Color-blindness” is a metaphor. It’s easier to attack metaphors than arguments. The argument is not anti-color but rather pro-merit. It is tricky to launch a frontal attack on merit, because it implies that merit is not evenly distributed among races (“color-blindness” implies the opposite, ironically.) Of course the leftist cites competitive disadvantages faced by blacks, but that distinction eventually disintegrates. Many whites face objectively demonstrable disadvantages.  The children of high income blacks test lower than the children of low income whites.  This is why the more subtle sophists shifted the argument some years ago to assert that the mere presence of non-meritorious blacks confers a mysterious benefit on meritorious whites. This argument is as politically brilliant as it is scientifically preposterous because it forces opponents to deny an asserted virtue of blacks. Worse, the virtue is asserted by scientific experts, forcing the opponent to attack blacks and social science simultaneously. Some otherwise sensible libertarians, like Epstein, have actually conceded the issue on the grounds that such unanimity of opinion among educational experts should earn deference. It is a dangerous and effective argument, but the present composition of the Supreme Court offers encouragement.

  • Anonymous

    Inadvertantly, the author, repugnant as she is, speaks an unintened truth.  People are not color-blind and never will be.  The problem, of course, is that the author wants to be congratulated and rewarded for being nonwhite.  I, for one, am not going along with her request.  

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what happens if you even try to have an honest discussion about race (Are you listening, Holder?):

  • Anonymous

    I replied to her new article addressing “racism.”  Jump in before she closes it!


    This is why colorblind conservatism has no chance of ever succeeding.  Nonwhites have no interest in colorblindness and see it as just another trick.  

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    In a colorblind society, White people, who are unlikely to experience disadvantages due to race, can effectively ignore racism in American life, justify the current social order, and feel more comfortable with their relatively privileged standing in society 
    My comment on the original article rebutting this outright, racist lie was deleted.

    Social psychologist are notorious lefties and are the ones publishing articles on racism, homophobia, discrimination, stereotype threat and unconscious bias against non-Whites to fit their lefty world view, which is that all non-White failure and shortcomings are due to White racism.  This is the only possible explanation allowed in today’s NWO; any dissent is covered up, mocked and ridiculed with the dissenter facing harsh penalties.
    The New York Times reports:
    A 2007 study of both elite and non-elite universities [found] that nearly 80 percent of psychology professors are Democrats, outnumbering Republicans by nearly 12 to 1.
    Even though polls indicate that 40 percent of Americans are conservative and 20 percent are liberal.
    The NYT also reports:
    In recent years, psychologists have reported a raft of findings on race biases… that have not stood up to scrutiny. A recent study found that in an anonymous survey around 70% of psychologists admitted  ”cutting corners” in reporting their data.

    Any social psychologist who presents views other than the accepted liberal doctrine that non-White failure is due solely to White racism, is ostracized and blacklisted.  Lawrence Summer caused headline news and was forced to resign from Harvard when he challenged IQ differences between men and women.  Daniel Patrick Moynihan was called every name for racist after he pointed out and warned about pathologies in the black community.  Turns out both were right.
    Unfortunately, lefty dogma has become ingrained in society, from the government to the media to the schools, aided and abetted by rags such as Psychology Today and White-hating, lefty social psychologists such as the author of the above article.Bon

  • Its necessary for a “blended Humanity” for everyone (whites) to be color blind (buy the lie) and learn to live and procreate with peoples of other cultures (and commit white genetic suicide)  so everyone can get a long in the future (look a like-think a like-be enslaved alike)

  • Anonymous

    “psychologist are notorious lefties and are the ones publishing articles on racism, homophobia, discrimination, stereotype threat and unconscious bias against non-Whites to fit their lefty world view, which is that all non-White failure and shortcomings are due to White racism”.
    Sounds like it’s working in one regard, at least on you. Even you seem obsessed with ‘non-white failure’ at the expense of thinking about the condition of whites?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Sounds like it’s working in one regard, at least on you. Even you seem obsessed with ‘non-white failure’ at the expense of thinking about the condition of whites?

      Such brilliant and mature commentary from someone who resorted to calling others gay when they didn’t agree with him that black women are the most beautiful creatures to walk the earth.

      Instead of rebutting commentary in a thoughtful manner (because you can’t) you go straight to name calling and personal attacks, which from what I understand, goes against AR’s commenting policy.

      Good to see the trolls have migrated onto AR’s new site.  


  • Anonymous

    oh well just another leftist looney. Why do you care?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Reply to comment about “leftist loonies” and why I should care:

    Because these “leftist loonies” are able to spew their falsehoods across the American culture without so much as a rebuttal or challenge.  These falsehoods are then turned into dogma used by the government, media and schools for anti-White propaganda, any deviation from which is career-ending. 
    Falsehoods as in:  1.  All cultures are equal and interchangeable (which the government then uses to justify importing large numbers of refugees and destitute Third Worlders from the most depraved corners of the earth).  2. IQ is meaningless or doesn’t exist (meaning any shortcomings or failures by blacks or other non-Whites are due solely to White racism and oppression).3. All children have equal potential to be rocket scientists (if they fail, it is not due to a lack of aptitude , it is solely  the fault of racist teachers or textbooks and institutional racism).4. Whites are the scourge of the earth, responsible for entrenched world poverty, slavery and misery; their success was built on the backs of non-Whites (giving rise to justification for reparations for harm done centuries ago and justification for the elimination and genocide of Whites, as has started in South Africa and is spreading).  Genocide against Whites has become  acceptable  and the UN refuses to do a damned thing about it, because Whites are seen as deserving to be wiped off the face of the earth.These lies are then widely disseminated to the schools, media and government as unquestioned dogma, any challenge to which is either buried (as in deleting commentary in the original article above) or are met with force, as in the destruction of one’s career and reputation. (Larry Summers, Trent Lott).If Hate Speech laws pass, which they will if  0bama be re-elected, dissent from government dogma will come with punitive fines and hard jail time, as is happening in Canada and Britain.  There will be no Free Speech and no going back without a great deal of bloodshed and violence, a Third American Revolution, only this time we will be facing chemical, nuclear and biological weapons.These “leftist loonies” — and I maintain, strongly, that they are NOT loonies, they know exactly what they are doing —  have had a very powerful, corrupting force on Native Born White Americans and White American culture for the past 50 years with no end in sight.

    That’s why I care.


    • Anonymous

      I agree.  Lies need to be challenged.  Truth gets in the way of these lefties’ agenda.

  • svyatoslavigorevich

    Multiculturalism is a form of racism.  It affords rights and privileges to non-Whites that it denies to Whites.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with the definition of multiculturalism given here. It seems quite different than the usage I see on the internet.

    Multiculturalism does not “acknowledge” ethnoracial differences but rather preaches or pretends to ignore them. The defining characteristic of multiculturalism is black men mating with white women and living to tell about it. Interracial mating (miscegeny) used to be illegal and certainly is contrary to a white segment of society remaining white to the same degree.

    Multiculturalism does not “highlight” ethnoracial differences. It serves to condition people to ignore or be insensitive to those differences.

    Multiculturalism does not “celebrate” ethnoracial differences when it works so hard to ignore them and diminish their significance.

    The definition given only applies from a black perspective, when institutions that used to be clearly about the white culture are now legally compelled to provide a multicultural dimension. Thus, we see things like American folk music festivals avoiding federal funding in order to be able to avoid being forced to provide Afro-culture in their programs.

    Thusly, whites can see the concept of multiculturalism as negative, relative to their interests, and blacks can see multiculturalism as positive from their perspective. It should be easy to see how mandated multiculturalism will induce conflict.