Indian Police Arrest 2 Men for Sacrificing Child

Huffington Post, January 2, 2012

Two men have been arrested in central India for allegedly killing a 7-year-old girl and cutting out her liver in a ritual sacrifice to ensure a better harvest, police said Monday.

Lalita Tati disappeared in October and her dismembered remains were found a week later, Rajendra Narayan Das, a senior police officer in the Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh state, told The Associated Press.

Police arrested two men, both poor farmers, last week and they told police they killed the girl to appease their gods and get a better harvest, Das said.


The men were described as “tribals,” a term referring to the region’s indigenous people, most of whom remain mired in poverty and illiteracy.

Human sacrifices are rare in India but get prominent attention every few years. A deep belief in traditional healers, or witch doctors, is common in mostly tribal Chhattisgarh.


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  • Anonymous

    This really doesn’t concern American Whites. It’s not like Hindus are committing negro-esque crimes in the States.

    • On the contrary, it is an example of how people from “tribal” cultures (of all colors) should be kept from immigrating here.

      Paganism and low IQ make for a dangerous combination.

      • Anonymous

        Aside from this one isolated incident, I have yet to find evidence of widespread Indian degeneracy. I don’t favor the importation of non-Whites into America. But compared to groids, judaics, and mesitzos, Hindus are almost irrelevant. If you have any evidence to the contrary I will gladly examine it.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter.  They are still Third World people who do Third World things….therefore they don’t belong here.

      • Avi Cohen

        Well looks like those “3rd world” people are doing much better and will surely rule over the supposed “1st world” people. Don’t like it? Deal with it!

        • Anonymous

          Ummmmmm… so??????

          • Avi Cohen

            A. Well lets start with a great example, ur current Presidentof the USA is a good example. He runs ur nation and he is a ________?

            1. A white Nordic.

            2. so called “1st worlder”

            3. so called “3rd worlder”

            4. An Amren subscriber.

            B. _________ are the wealthiest ethnic group per capita with the overall highest education levels and per capita contribution to the US economy. 1. Korean Americans2. “1st world” White Americans3. “3rd world” Indian AmericansC. _______________ own are the Federal Chief Officer of the United States ( the highest position in the land for these fields) for: Science, Technology and Communication / Information.( as of now, 2012)1. “”1st world” white Americans.2. ” 3rd world” Indian Americans.3. Alvin & the Chipmunks.

          • Anonymous

            Our president comes from an ethnic group that is overwhelmingly low IQ-ed and who’s continent of origin is a Third World dump.  Once again, (and we keep telling you this), just because a few from this group that live here are “smart”, that doesn’t mean all of them are.  And who gets elected as President of the United States is hardly representative of some calliber of achievement, considering the mess that politics consists of these days.  He has proven so far to be a horrible president, so this is an awful example.

            As for your question B, once again you are looking at a select group of Indians who have immigrated here.  It isn’t fair to compare the cream of the crop from an ethnic group that is otherwise low IQed and comparing it to all white people who live in America.  Why don’t I ask you this “who built this country and who has developed most of the science and math that these ‘brilliant’ Indians are apparantely ‘outscoring’ whites in?”.

            All of this aside, the nature of your comment (putting it in the form of a test), is disrespectful and mocking.  If you can’t discuss things and debate things like a mature adult then perhaps you should surf the net elsewhere.

          • A. As an ethno-racial group _________ are the wealthiest per capita, best educated and biggest financial contributors per capita to the United States economy, they outscore all other ethnic/ racial groups including whites, blacks, hispanics etc.

            1. “1st world” whites

            2. “3rd world” Indian Americans

            3. Korean Americans

            B. The Federal Chief Officers / National Director of the United States as of 2012 ( the highest position attainable in these fields in the land) in the fields of : Technology, Information/ Communication and Science are men who belong to the __________ ethnic group.

            1. “1st world” white Americans

            2. “3rd world “Indian Americans”

            3. Alvin & the Chipmunks.

            C. The President of the United States of America, the world’s most powerful man as of today, the man who runs your nation belongs to a ethno-racial group, ALL conservative white gentiles would gladly categorize as a _____________.

            1. White Nordic

            2. “1st world” white.

            3. “3rd worlder” African American.

            Oh and lest I forget, concerning Indian Americans vs other Americans:


          • contd…(thanks Avi for the brilliant idea of MCQs)

             Labelled honorably as “Science Superstars”, the children of immigrant families especially from ________ & __________ ethnic groups outscore white American children in terms of Scientific talent according to recent studies done by National Foundation for American Policy.

            1. “1st world” whites & Protestants

            2. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance kid

            3. “3rd world” Indian & Chinese.



          • Anonymous

            If so many of you choose to live in European derived countries then why are you on here talking about how stupid and racist white people are? 

          • Anonymous

            Our president comes from an ethnic group that is overwhelmingly low IQ-ed and who’s continent of origin is a Third World dump.  Once again, (and we keep telling you this), just because a few from this group that live here are “smart” that doesn’t mean all of them are.  And who gets elected as President of the United States is hardly representative of some calliber of achievement, considering the mess that politics consists of these days.  He has proven so far to be a horrible president, so this is an awful example.

            As for your question B, once again you are looking at a select group of Indians who have immigrated here.  It isn’t fair to compare the cream of the crop from an ethnic group that is otherwise low IQed and comparing it to all white people who live in America.  Why don’t I ask you this “who built this country and who has developed most of the science and math that these ‘brilliant’ Indians are apparantely ‘outscoring’ whites in?”.

            All of this aside, the nature of your comment (putting it in the form of a test), is disrespectful and mocking.  If you can’t discuss things and debate things like a mature adult then perhaps you should surf the net elsewhere.

          • Anonymous

            See my response to Avi Cohen.

        • BJ

          By your “name”, I take it you are another SPLC/ADL plant?  Gee so many jews and indians of late…hummmm.

  • I wonder what good is an article like this & how relavant are such stories to Amren’s stated goals. This is certainly not the norm in India. Besides the monsters were arrested. Most Indians are quite civilized and well assimilated in western societies, unwelcome as some may see them due to economical/job issues. They are certainly the most successful of all Asian groups in terms of education, wealth & socio-economic status. Besides, there was this big media fuss on the German cannibal who committed despicable crimes or for that matter the white American man from Indiana who brutalized, tortured, beat up an adolescent white girl to death after which she was mutilated! 

    Citing exceptional news items on a nation or culture does not indicate the norm of a culture. It is no different to the media ostracizing whites or white Christians using an exceptional media item to denigrate the entire white race! Using the Hitler or KKK malarkey to denote all whites as evil is no different to the manner in which this story is used to malign all Indians. Let us be fair and rational, dear folks!   

    • Anonymous

      I’m not for importing non-Whites into America, but you nailed it. The misbehavior of mestizos, Africans, and Judaics is well documented. But saying all Hindus are evil based on one incident is absurd.

    • Michael Samuel

      More wishful thinking for white America’s cherished “honorary whites” or model minority etc, if they were black Africans your sentiments would the complete opposite of what you just posted and you know it to be true, I once read a report about human sacrifices conducted in India for gaining wealth is more common than white Americans realize “Kali worshiping” is the means to wealth & power from Indians who believe it that stuff something like 5,000 + ppl are killed this way in India every year.

    • Anonymous

      AR just likes to comment on the quaint customs of others
      sometimes.  The farmers were normal
      people practicing an old ritual that has been generally abandoned, not mentally
      ill criminals (as were the Whites you mentioned).  As for “Using the Hitler or KKK malarkey to
      denote all whites as evil” glad to hear that you disapprove, do you speak out
      against it?  It is still very commonly

      • Anonymous

        I just made a test comment.  Why the odd spacing?

    • Anonymous

      You are wrong.
      The cases of the White deviants you take such pleasure in citing are just that statistically insignificant deviants, basically individuals suffereing from extreme abnormal psychology.Such individuals have always existed and always will, but thankfully there are and always will be one or two amongst millions.
       The Indian story suggests something else.It seems to be an ancient ultural custom that has been discovered.No doubt it has been for centuries, if not millenia, part of the warp and weft of Indian tribal life.If the phenomenom was actually kown and studied, in all probability you would find that untold thousands of children were sacrificed this way over the ages.’Religious’ beliefs are always the most deeply and passionately held customs of any primitive society.
       The real significance of the story is that the custom persists as  late as 2010.Hi-tec Bangalore and al that.

    • Anonymous

      Goodness gracious.  The Asian sympathizers are at it again.  Let American Renaissance post what they want to.  Why do so many whites on here lose sleep because Indians and / or Chinese people are getting badgered on here in regards to their customs that are incompatible and quite backwards compared to ours’ ?

  • Anonymous

    Recently, there has been a tremendous propaganda campaign boosting Indians as a hyper intelligent, high IQ technologically gifted race, without whom the West could not thrive and thus the politicians and elitists strive might and main to import as many Indians as humanly possible.
     As this story attests, the truth about India is a lot different to what the elitists and immigrationists claim.

    • Oh please, it seems many posters here are deluded enough to believe that this is some norm in India, when it is not.  I have lived in India and do have Indian friends. Most Indians abhor such practices. This was an exceptional news item and to state that most Indians follow such savage rituals is tantamount to stating that all white gentiles worship Adolf Hitler and want to kill 6 million Jews in gas chambers. Amren needs to do better than post such ridiculous news items which serve no purpose except paint a false picture of a highly well educated & successful ethnic group in the west. If Indians were such savages as they are made out to be Kenelm, they would never for example outscore white British students in high school & colleges in terms of academic scores or end up being the wealthiest people in Europe. The Richest man in the UK is Indian too!Btw, I’m a Jewish American medical resident from New York living in London, UK.Also, does anyone have a statistical evidence to prove that such savage practices are the norm in the UK? Nope, I guessed right. More malicious propaganda to malign a well respected & intelligent ethnic group ( just like us Jewish Americans). Immigration is a way of life. Irrespective of the growing opposition to immigration including so called “3rd world” immigration.The funny thing: so called “3rd world” entrepreneurs, scientists, academicians and artistes are already beating the white Britons in their own traditional spheres of dominance. Here are some examples:1. The wealthiest man in the UK is an Indian citizen (not even a British citizen, but has resident status in the UK)-Lakshmi Mittal owns the world’s largest steel-iron corporation. He is also the owner of Britain’s most expensive house – “The Taj” at the posh Kensington place, London. He is opening the world’s biggest Artic ore mine and is building the tallest tower in the UK along with Anish Kapoor, another Indian business tycoon & architect. The Indian business giant TATA now owns Britain’s largest Steel company Corus and what used to be the pride of Britain’s Auto Industry-Jaguar-Land Rover. Another “3rd world” Indian (Mehta) now owns Britain’s greatest company, one which funded & carried out ALL her colonial operations, conquests & financing/ shipping- The East India Company. Essentially the pride of Great Britain is now under an Indian ( once a colonial subject of the former, how ironic!) “3rd world” Indian & Chinese immigrant children outperform white Briton to top ALL academic scores in high school & college ( Cambridge GCSE) I wonder how these “tribal people” could pull all these amazing feats in such a short time and against all odds!

      • Bharatvasi25

        Apropos to Angelina for some very astute comments. As an Indian American myself, I cannot understand why people like us who are well qualified in medicine, engineering, science and the business fields, who pay their taxes regularly, who commit almost zero crimes and who assimilate well without making irrational demands should be treated so harshly. I commend you for truly telling the truth as it is, kudos once again & good luck with your medical career. Shabat Shalom & Namaste! May the Indo-Israeli / Vedic-Jewish brotherhood prevail! 

        • BJ

          Oh, brother!  Is the whole SPLC/ADL bigots on Amren now?

      • John M

        I like the way that people, when defending other racial or cultural groups always throw in that ‘ I have ____ friends’ thing. If you lived any length of time in India then you know that they still have a well defined cast system that condemns a large portion of the population to poverty and life as second rate citizens. Their children out perform western children because learning and education is cultivated at  an earlier age. Their schools don’t put up with laggards like ours do  and they don’t hold their best and brightest back. Students who don’t make the grade or can’t advance scholastically are steered into vocational trades or dropped from the system all  together. Its not that they have superior iqs to western children. Secondly, the idea that they are gaining an economic foot hold in the west is not a good thing. Hindus or Indians, what ever you want to call them, operate a lot like Jews. They are shrewd businessmen who will exploit any economic opportunity they can if it means a profit.  Where I live they cater to our black undertows penchant for gambling and supply sundries for the drug trade. I have also known them to operate as de facto pimps by allowing and promoting the residence of working girls in their motels. They will not allow a family member to fall by the wayside and freely extend their wealth because they know that  in the west money wealth, and property ownership  the key to political power.

        Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal aside I would like to hold the CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria up as what we can expect in the future if these foreigners are allowed to advance into national politics. If you like India and its people so much why not consider living there.

      • LonestarRebel

        A trade that certainly required a high mental ability & business
        acumen, not something a conservative mid west/ southern peasant bible
        thumping red neck can accomplish!

        Excuse me but maybe us bible thumping southern peasant red necks don’t like living life in the fast lane. Not only that but we can make a hell of a fine moonshine.

      • Anonymous

        I have lived in India and do have Indian friends. Most Indians abhor such practices.

        MOST Indians abhor child sacrifice? Bold statement. What about child prostituion? HUGE brothels and red light districts in India offer girls as young as 10 (and probably younger) up as prostitutes and everyone knows about it! Do most Indians abhor that too? And if so why aren’t those places shut down?

        Before you even say “well child prostitution goes on in the states too” there is a huge difference. It goes on covertly and the offenders are prosecuted harshly, the public doesn’t look the other way while 10 year sex slaves are raped and often infected with HIV in mass in organized brothels that the police and officials do nothing! They do nothing because the majority of the Indian public could not care less!  The people on this site don’t buy into the pro-India “they are so intelligent and civilized” propoganda.

        • Sonya, you still did not prove that “child prostitution” is a norm in India when in fact like other illegal and clandestine activities, it is marginal and not accepted by mainstream Indian society. In the same breath, it is much easier to argue that – Child rape ( pedophilia) is rampant amongst white western European/ American Catholic priests and even abuse of women and children is quite rampant among white Protestant Pastors, and yet western society looks the other way.  Oh did I forget blatant hypocrisy too – Ted Haggard, the former bible thumping anti science/ creationist believing uber- conservative disgraced Preisdent of the National Evangelical Assoc. who used to preach rickety diatribes against the “evils” of homosexuality and YET was caught red handed having a passionate affair with a gay prostitute with illegal narcotic drugs! In many ways  this is even worse than India!


          Heres an interesting story of how white christians look the other way and even forgive the pastor’s cover ups for rape of a minor girl right here in America. Bet those Indians whom you malign, have the higher IQ & decency not to paint all or even most white Americans  with the same brush.

          1. The white German (ex-Nazi Youth) Pope conveniently covers up mass child rape, which seems to be the norm:


          2. And from our Protestant Evangelical White Pastors we have this:


          Oh and really, who cares what Amreners think  or buy about one of the most successful ethnic groups in the west? That does not in anyway alter the truth! I’m sure most folks here wanted Obama to loose the 2008 elections, some even had the chutzpah to declare with much gusto that Obama would never make it past Hillary, leave alone the primaries!!! What happened, much to their chagrin in November ’08 was historical! The truth Sonya is NOT in any manner dependent on the whims & fancies or the irrational bigotry of some Amreners! In many regards, the moslems & arabs are the worst in all these aspects. Take care & Shalom!

          • Anonymous

            Sonya, you still did not prove that “child prostitution” is a norm in India when in fact like other illegal and clandestine activities, it is marginal and not accepted by mainstream Indian society.

            By “marginal” you mean the majority of Indians don’t advocate the rape of children, but on the otherhand they don’t care enough about it to make the government fix the problem either, right?

            Oh and really, who cares what Amreners think  or buy about one of the most successful ethnic groups in the west?

            Well apparently you care what the readers here think, why else would you be posting these long responses and dozens of links?

          • Beloved Comrade

            In the same breath, it is much easier to argue that – Child rape ( pedophilia) is rampant amongst white western European/ American Catholic priests and even abuse of women and children is quite rampant among white Protestant Pastors, and yet western society looks the other way.  

            How about we talk about rabbinical child rape, sodomy, child pornography and pedophilia for a change?  Better to cover up the crimes of rabbis and practice mesirah than to prosecute them, right?  

            From NYmag:

            The Brooklyn DA recently arrested an astounding 85 Jewish Orthodox men on charges of child sex abuse. Back in 1985 a Hasidic “therapist” was indicted for abusing five boys, but police suspected he abused more than a hundred. Avrohom Mondrowitz fled to Israel, where he remains to this day a free man. Those nice guys who shoot rock-throwing Palestinian children refuse to extradite him. Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes now has to tread carefully. Fifty rabbis have signed a public announcement in Yiddish denouncing the Hasidic family who went to the cops. They asked—now get this—for any believer to kill the family that informed “on fellow Jews.” So what will happen to the 85 perverts? All I know is the Times has not published a word, whereas when the Catholic Church sex scandal broke, it led the news in the front page for months. There is something very evil when rabbis who hate the non-Jewish world can dictate to an abused child’s parents whether or not to talk to the mostly non-Jewish fuzz. If some parent were to go and firebomb the Times, we might see it appear on the back pages.


            The New York Post:

            So far, about 38 cases in the Brooklyn D.A.’s Project Kol Tzedek — which the [New York] Post translates as Hebrew for “voice of justice” … — have been closed, with just under two thirds resulting in the perps walking free. Many pleaded to lesser changes, with the Post claiming that some got off mostly scot-free because “victims or their parents backed out under community pressure.”



            The most ‘far-flung and exotic fugitive investigation ever conducted by the U.S. Marshals Service’ ended with convicted child molester Alan Horowitz in custody on U.S. soil. Alan Horowitz was convicted in 1991 on 34 counts of child molestation. Officers from the U.S. Marshals service arrested the 60-year-old at Newark Liberty International Airport after a 15-hour flight from New Delhi, India. The ordained Orthodox rabbi and former child psychologist was arrested on May 22 at a seaside resort…  



            You are correct:  The Jewish community DOES have  an ethnic group whom they consider to be their closest friends & allies. Jews & Indians do share a lot in common,

          • Beloved Comrade

            Heres an interesting story of how white christians look the other way and even forgive the pastor’s cover ups for rape of a minor girl right here in America.

            How about Jewish Rabbi child molesters who got away with pedophilia for years as the Jewish community looked the other way?  Why is this never reported 24/7 in the news as it is for Catholic priests?  Hmmmmm?

            For almost 20 years, one man allegedly sexually abused dozens of children on Moshav Kommemiyut, an ultra-Orthodox community in the northern Negev. Yet no one ever complained – either to the police or to the welfare authorities. The police have since opened an investigation into the abuses, but the suspect is in the U.S. and refuses to return. Meanwhile, some say community leaders knew of the crimes but did nothing to stop them. At least one of the victims is suspected of having sexually abused younger children in turn. The main suspect, Shimshon Walzer, began his alleged career as an abuser 19 years ago, while serving as a teacher at a religious elementary school. Two years later, rumors of his abusive conduct led to him being fired as a teacher. Yet for some reason, he was allowed to retain an office at the school. Over the ensuing years, his conduct became ever more abusive, police say, and an entire generation of children became his sex slaves. According to the testimony they have collected, he abused his victims frequently and in broad daylight, in barns and chicken coops, in fields and even at the mikveh (ritual bath ).

            Yeshivah College did not report complaints to police.

            David Kramer fled Australia in the 1990s. The Kramer case provides a great opportunity to trace the failure of segments of the Jewish community to their source. ”If only the problem had been addressed in Australia … the victim in St Louis and countless others would have been spared suffering,”. Kramer pleaded guilty to one count of sodomy of a child under 14 and one count of sexual misconduct. The Age understands Victoria Police hopes to extradite him when he is released, with the earliest parole date April next year.


            As Wood Allen said, The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

            This was in regard to what Mia Farrow graphically spelled out in her book, What Falls Away: Farrow described her shock at first discovering Allen had taken pornographic photos of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn and then that he was having an affair with the 17-year-old.Farrow also wrote of her 7-year-old daughter Dylan, accusing Allen of sexually molesting her — a charge Allen strongly denied. He was never charged.

          • Beloved Comrade

            And from our Rabbinical Jewish leaders we have this:
            A long list of Jewish child molesters and homosexual pedophiles who got no media attention and are left undisturbed:

            1.  Rabbi Yehuda Nussbaum, who sill has access to boys in Yeshiva of Brooklyn

            2.  Rabbi Elior Chen and his followers who are suspected of severely abusing two children, ages 3 and 4 who were savagely and systematically beaten with hammers, knives and other instruments for months until the youngest child lost consciousness.

            3.  Rabbi Jerry Brauner (AKA: Yechiel Brauner) who was convicted on charges of sexual abuse 1st degree and 3rd degree, subjecting another person to sexual contact without consent. Brauner has been on probation since 2002 for the sexual abuse of a 15-year old boy.

            4.  Rabbi Ephraim F. Shapiro accused of molesting several boys over a 50-year period.

            5.  Rabbi Lewis Brenner, convicted of child molestation. The original charge included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

            6.  Rabbi/Cantor Sidney Goldenberg, accused of abusing a 12-year old girl. Convicted of molesting children since 1971, finally convicted in 1997.

            7.  Rabbi Alan J. Schneur Horowitz, convicted and sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for sodomizing a nine-year old psychiatric patient.  Allegedly assaulted a string of children from California to Israel to New York in the past 20 years.  Horowitz is an Orthodox rabbi, magna cum laude, M.D., Ph.D and was a writer for NAMBLA, the North American man/boy Love Association.

            8.  Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum, accused of child pornography on the Internet.

            9.  Rabbi Jerrold Martin Levy, convicted of two counts of soliciting sex through the Internet and child pornography. Sentenced to six years.  He was caught in the “Candyman” year-long sting operation by the US government.

            10. Rabbi/Psychologist Avrohom Mondrowitz.  Accused of sexual abuse with boys at a special education school in New York.

            There’s plenty more: 


          • Oh please, quoting a few exceptional cases of Jewish sex offenders does not prove anything. These criminals are a drop in the bucket. In fact, if I were to compare this tiny list to the pedophiles in the Catholics and Protestant churches, these Jewish sex offenders would look like Cinderella’s grown up Christmas list!  

            Lets face it, the Jewish sex offenders ( despicable men)  pale in comparison to the  white gentile kiddie fiddlers of the Christian faith, be it Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons etc.
            Also, for all the anti-semitic canards thrown on this forum, lets not forget that the Christian God, Jesus Christ himself was from our camp. And without great Jewish men like , Yeshoua,  Albert Einstein, Franz Boas, Freud, Niels Bohr, Gustav Mahler, Baruch De Spinoza etc, where would civilization be? Shalom!



          • BJ

            Give it up!  You are becoming so predictable and saying anything to put down Whites and Christians is the name of your game. Go live in Israel or India where they would welcome your kind.

      • Sheila

        My, how surprising that a “Jew from New York” would choose “Angelina Mendes” as an internet pseudonym.  Where’s that ethnic pride?  Why not proudly choose a moniker like “Ethel Teitelbaum?” 

        The British elites are to blame for importing a new people; the British working class is to blame for voting Labor for decades (beginning immediately following WWII) out of fear of the 30s they endured.   The Indians (and Pakistanis and Arabs) who have taken over large areas of Albion are not terribly clever; they are intensely ethnocentric and will ensure no White, Christian Briton gets a job or an opportunity.

        Since you are so impressed by Jews’ and Indians’ “high mental ability and business acumen,” why are you living in a purportedly White country?  Please, as a “peasant bible thumping red neck,”  I humbly  beseech you:  Leave us to our ignorance and misery and go home to Israel.

      • Anonymous

        India is in many ways an horrific and deeply corrupt society, and is in no way a society that the west should emulate.
         The tribal peoples mentioned in this article are just as primitive and degraded as anything found in black Africa – we’re talking about stone age type hunter/gatherers here.The fact that such people coexist in a supposedly modern and advanced India, with all those Indias you so wax lyrical about speaks volumes about Indian society.There is no where else on eart where such unutterable human degradation exists alongside conspicuous wealth – or any other society where ‘racism’ in its true sense so embedded in the core.For example low castes ‘manual scavangers’ (incidentally they are the descendants of ‘tribals’) are relegated to pick up the excrement of higher castes and nothing else.They are considered ‘polluted’ by higher castes, but that doesn’t stop higher castes raping their women or using them as prostitutes.
          The custom of ‘suttee’ was historically widely practised in India.This involved the widow of a man literally throwing herself on his funeral pyre and self-immolating.There was a religious justification for this, but it is more than suspected that the real motive was financial, in that it saved the cost of supporting a widow.In many cases the widow was pinned down on the fire by strong men armed with staves.The custom was stamped out bt British colonialists, but was secretly practised past 1947 and perhaps still is.
         The thuggees or ‘thugs’ were bandits who waylaid and strangled lonely travellers on India’s roads as a sacrifice to the goddess Kali.It was necessary for the British to fight a small war to stamp them out.
          Currently in India there is an epidemic of ‘dowry burnings’.Wives who didn’t bring in enough cash are burned alive with kerosene.There are many, many cases.The husband’s family usually claim it was an ‘accident with a cooking stove’ – and India’s corrupt police usually let them go away scot free.
         There are many, many other cases of the daily horror of life in modern India – something the liberated western woman in you would find appalling if you actually lived there.
         Indians have only been present in big numbers in the USA in the last 30 or so years.

      • Anonymous

        If you are going to identify yourself as Jewish, it would be good if you wouldn’t use language like “conservative midwest/southern peasant bible thumping red neck.” You should be able to defend your Indian friends without resorting to gratuitous name-calling if you are intelligent enough to be a doctor. In any case, you don’t speak for me & I doubt you speak for any frum Jewish people.

        • No offense, but Jews who support the Amren ideology are thankfully a tiny percentile of the actual Jewish community. The overwhelming majority of Jews are the anti-thesis of the very dictum of white racial chauvinism which has recently for PR reasons been conveniently re-packaged as “white nationalism”. A title so absurd that it makes as much sense as a group of Eskimos in Greenland calling themselves “Igloo-nationalists”!

          P.S I’ve heard that there are even Indian and some other non white supporters of Amren. Surely, you don’t equate those few with the majority of their stock or do you?

          The fact is wishful thinking by deluded people are a far cry from reality. The fact is Asian groups like the Indians & Chinese are steadily outscoring whites in all traditional spheres of human progress and inevitably, the power structure will gravitate towards India & China. A bold prediction but a very educated & probable one based on actuarial indices, technological & population trends and finally geo-political economics.


      • Giuseppe Verdi

        For someone supposedly eager to fight stereotypes, you were certainly quick to throw out stereotypes about Southerners (one of the last few groups for whom it is perfectly fine to be bigoted against in today’s modern American society). My grandfather was what you’d probably consider a “southern peasant redneck,” but he could take apart car motors and reassemble them, he worked as an engineer on a ship in the Navy, he wired his own house for electricity, he put in his own perfectly functional plumbing, and he would spend his free time reading thick technical manuals on engineering, car repair, plumbing, carpentry, etc. He had a 5th grade education, was impoverished, and spoke with a thick Southern accent–so naturally he must have been an ignorant redneck, never mind the fact that he almost certainly had a higher IQ than many pompous Yankees who look down on people like him. You can even say that he was “bible-thumping” too later in life. He had been a heavy alcoholic until he became a Christian and turned his life around, but of course we should see that as a negative.
        One of the most brilliant professors I had in college spoke with the thickest Tennessee accent imaginable–just the sort of accent that many Northerners and Westerners stereotype as a sign of great ignorance. He was a chemist (not the easiest field) and he used to do experiments for the government before taking up teaching.

        I know you apologized already for poor word choice (to your credit), but tossing in your own stereotypes and preferred biases while trying to convince other people to give up what you perceive as their unjustified stereotypes is not a very good or convincing strategy (especially when you do so by throwing around insults, instead of presenting an intelligent argument about why you think Indians are better than poor white Southerners).

      • Anonymous

        That’s nice.  Now would you like for US to list all the accomplishments of whites in return?

      • BJ

        Are there any Indian Jews?  Like there are plenty of Russian, Arab and German Jews. Since you seem to know it all, I would like you to answer that question.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  And thanks for pointing this out.  It makes me sick the way whites fawn over Indians living in the West. Wake up and start doing research.  Why is India such a dump if the average Indian is as smart as the average white?

  • John M

    There’s another old Hindu custom called Sati you can read about here:

  • Good for you. And sorry, I meant no offense! Personally, I never quite tasted moonshine, not that my conservative Jewish parents or community back in the “Big Apple” would have approved of me having any association with narcotics or vices related to alcohol. But nevertheless, if an individual can excel at anything, no matter how awkward it may seem to deviate from the norm, than, there is nothing like it. Once again, I apologize for my choice of poor words. My intention was to quell the retarded bigotry & malicious propaganda towards a very upstanding, wealthy &  successful ethnic group (East Indians) in the United States, an ethnic group whom the Jewish community consider to be their closest friends & allies. Jews & Indians do share a lot in common, our shared struggles combating racism, our intellectual, medical & scientific powress and most of all our rich ancient cultures. Also, India happens to be the only nation where Jews enjoyed equality & liberty in all aspects of socio-economic life. The Indo-Israeli bond is natural & unbreakable. The same cannot be said for the Islamic or Western Christian world where anti-semitism was ripe and exists even today.  

    • BJ

      Your intention was to portray your own retarded bigotry and malicious propaganda towards MY kindred and MY homeland.  So typical of your kind, isn’t it, Angelina?

  • “Sati” was long declared ILLEGAL and was first openly criticized and eliminated by a Hindu Philosopher Raja Ram Mohan Roy from Bengal. Besides, “Sati” was practiced only among a certain caste within a certain region of one or two North western Indian states…it was not prevalent all over India.

    Now, come to think of it, I believe that white Christian American society widely practiced the art of burning innocent girls and women alive, what was it called? Oh yes, “Witchcraft”. One can only imagine the plight of thousands possibly millions of girls down the centuries. And, ofcourse those good white Christians again had been practicing this fine European tradition in Europe for ages. Hmm, a famous woman warrior comes to mind. Could it be this ( actress representing the real life historical figure). Sonya, are you listening? 

    My Rabbi once told me, whenever you point a finger at someone, remember, there are always three fingers pointing back at you! Have a nice day!

    • LonestarRebel

      OK I’m pointing three fingers back at you.

      You need to brush up on your history. The Salem witch trials occurred in an isolated time and place four hundred years ago by an isolated Christian sect and in no way became a customary practice. Anyway the so called witches were hanged and not burned. Yes Joan of Arc was burned at the stake but she was really tried and burned for heresy in a politically charged atmosphere.

      One of the reasons Europeans came to this country in the first place was to escape the intrigues and excesses of papists and monarchs.

      Inflammatory statements like yours are irresponsible.


      But would your Rabbi approve if you decided to marry outside of your faith?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t want to engage in a silly little ‘tit for tat’ point and counter point childish ‘peeing up a wall’ contest with you.

      I’m just stating pertinent facts relating to the reality of India as it is.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, let’s ignore the role of the slave Tituba in the Salem witch trials. Has your Rabbi ever informed you of the part your group played in the slave trade?

  • Thanks Bharat. My Indian friends including the fine gentleman, a very reputed, handsome and intelligent neuro-surgeon I’m dating is an Indian American too. Indian doctors are among the finest.  I guess that is one more thing Jews & Indians have in common; a penchant for science & medicine! Have a great year!

  • Anonymous

    Jugdesh? Oh Jugdesh? I’ve been saving this article just for you:

    PISA Scores: 2 Indian States Flop
    By Steve Sailer on December 18, 2011 at 1:33am The conventional wisdom expressed in Obama Administration speeches and the like is that American students get crushed by kids in China and India on international tests of school achievement. But the evidence for this is not as abundant as you might assume … especially not for India. While the city of Shanghai shot the lights out on the 2009 PISA, test scores haven’t been released for other parts of China. But, Westerners going back to Marco Polo have generally assumed the Chinese have a lot on the ball, so they are likely to do pretty well. What about India, the other giga-country? I first noticed in early 1981 that there were a lot of smart Indians in the U.S., and over the decades this has become a cliche.

    But, what about India itself? India has never participated as a country in broad-based international tests.

    The future of India is A) an intrinsically interesting subject; B) one that could make or lose you a lot of money; C) could make or lose the whole world a lot of money (just as the widespread assumption that the population of the Sand States could pay back those big mortgages proved costly for everyone, so could an unrealistic assumption down the road that the Indian masses are ready for big loans could spark a future global bubble and bust).  Last year, I pointed out in VDARE that TIMSS had been given unofficially in two Indian states, Orissa and Rajasthan, and both had done badly.Now the OECD has released 2009 PISA test scores for 15-year-olds for ten more places, two of them Indian states. The new news is that the Indian states, Tamil Nadu in the southeast (east of Bangalore, the technology center) and Himachal Pradesh, a Hindu state in the Deep North, did miserably, fighting it out with Kyrgyzstan for last place out of 74 countries or regions on all three tests: reading, math, and science. (Not surprisingly, the southern state beat the northern state on all three tests.) And there isn’t much inequality in the Indian scores: it’s not like some geniuses in these states score high but the places are dragged down by illiterates. There are a lot of illiterates, of course, but almost nobody scores at the top level, at least not in the schools where these tests were given. (Allow me to insert here my usual caveat about testing, which is that an 80/20 rule applies to methodology: it’s pretty easy to get a crudely accurate picture, but really hard to get a highly accurate one. For example, how representative were the tested students in India? Beats me.)Here’s the 13 meg PDF.

    India ought to be able to do better than score at sub-Saharan levels. Indians in other countries do better. For example, this same report has Mauritius, a mixed race country in the middle of the Indian Ocean where 52% of the population is Hindu, scoring like a Latin American country rather than a sub-Saharan African country. But, India itself has a long way to go. It’s likely to take 1-2 generations to get India up to speed, and we don’t really know what up to speed for India means yet.

    In other news from this report by Australians on the additional ten marginal places to take the test, Costa Rica does pretty good for a Latin American country (as stereotypes of Costa Rica as a nice place would suggest), Malta does okay, the rich United Arab Emirates do pretty good for an Arab place, and Moldova and Georgia do very bad for white countries.

    • The PISA scores are not reliable considering the fact that they did not really visit schools in India and India did not participate in it. These scores were based on some flawed statistical assumption. In short, PISA scores can be taken with a pinch of salt.

      • Anonymous

        The more I read of your posts, the more I doubt you’re Jewish. Jugdesh, is that you?

  • First of all I did apologize for some words I used in a previous post. Furthermore I even tried to pass off a compliment, however, if you have this enormous chip on your shoulders,  I can’t be held responsible.

    There was nothing irresponsible or inflammatory, such terms are more apt for posters like Sonja and your good self when you make preposterous assertions about a culture and nation you barely know anything about.

    I’m already in the process of getting engaged to my fiance, granted Jewish culture is pedantic about matrimonial choices withing the herd, however, being a more logical & accomodating religion quite unlike the kind of travesty that passes off as the “Christian religion” by uber-conservative white racialists ( the kind which endorsed slavery, imperialism, segregation,white Eurocentric supremacy despite the historical Jesus being a brown skinned Mizrahi non white Jew), my Rabbi and our kinsmen would gladly bless our marriage. Also as a bonus, my boyfriend is a well educated Indian, someone who will be well accepted within the Jewish community. In case you never knew, there are quite a few Jews married to Indians. We get along so well because we share a lot in common.

  • I’m just stating pertinent facts relating to the reality of India as it is.”

    Well and so was I. Guess at least, we have that in common. Peace!

  • Anonymous

    The Salem witch trials happened because some girls got caught practicing witchcraft, and to cover their tracks accused their accusers of bewitching them.  All but one executed were Christians.  Basically they turned the tables.

  • BD

    Ms. Mendes, India’s tendency to self promote is quite well known around the world.  Most are nonsense.


    India to build GPS system by 2012.

    India’s export of services to cross goods export by ’12:  311 billion for services and 305 billion for products by 2012.

    Software glitch inflated India’s exports by $9bn, admits govt.  Total exports estimated for 2012, 300 billion.

    Export ranking by country:


    India to become superpower by 2012: Kalam

    Chandrayaan-1 failure:

    Tejas to be in Indian Air Force by 2011:

    Tejas  A dismal failure which became obsolete in the design phase

    Failure of Indian LCA Tejas


    Delhi Commonwealth Games to be best ever, Kalmadi tells UK Inc

  • Giuseppe Verdi

    Angelina, in regard to your main points about Indians: 1) much of the criticism of Indians has nothing to do with whether or not they are intelligent or economically successful. Most of the people here at AmRen are concerned about Western cultures and peoples not being replaced. From what I have seen about Indian immigrants to America, they tend to be of high economic status but also of a totally different cultural outlook. That is something that does not change regardless of how many businesses they own or how high their test scores are.
    Indians are currently taking over our entire hotel system in the U.S. Some of the hotels they run are all right, but the filthiest hotels I’ve ever been in have all been run by Indians. My Dad used to be the manager at a hotel run by an Indian couple. The wife refused to allow more than a modicum of laundry detergent when the sheets were being washed, she also demanded that the sheets be washed with the cleaning rags (which were used to clean bathtubs and toilets), she treated the white Southern maids like trash beneath her feet, the room floors were dirty, they often had bedbug infestations, and yet they still charged fairly high rates for their nasty hotel rooms.
    Beyond this, the Indian man was constantly (and I mean constantly) sexually harassing his female employees. Needless to say they had rapid turnover of employees, as most women could not even stand a full week of his grabbing and dirty talking. He seemed to have the attitude, common among Middle Easterners also, that white women are loose, which means that you can do absolutely anything you feel like to them. Beyond this, he constantly returned to India to attend lavish arranged marriages (a practice we have thankfully given up in the U.S.). Are all Indians just like this Patel? No. Are some Indians intelligent and skilled? Yes. But do Indians have a radically different culture that does not and cannot fit with Western culture, including views on cleanliness, fair-play, gender roles, freedom to marry who you want, etc.? Absolutely.
    2) You seem to be confusing the successful Indians in the West (who were capable of escaping from their own country to places better) with the average Indians in India. You criticize Southerners for being peasants and too highly religious, but Southerners are not even vaguely as impoverished, backwards, or driven solely by religious goals as scores of millions of Indians. If you would, I would like to you take a look at this website and try to counter it:

    Yes, I know this doesn’t apply to ALL Indians, but even if it just applies to, let’s say, 100 million (a small portion of India’s overall population), why should we take a chance on having these sorts of people taking over large parts of our countries, when they do such a poor job with their own country? And by the way, something doesn’t have to be a NORM in order to be problematic. Murder is not the norm in Johannesburg, but it’s still problematic that it is significantly more common there than in Western nations. Something doesn’t have to be practiced by the majority of a populace to still be worthy of discussion!
    I don’t know about you specifically, of course, but most Westerners stick to the nicer areas of the countries they visit/live for a short while. Did you really spend a lot of time with typical Indian peasants, because after all there are a lot more of them than well-to-do Indians living in nice areas. Did you spend a lot time in the rural areas? Did you live in several different areas of that diverse country? If you did not, then you certainly got a skewed view of India while there–certainly skewed enough not to be able to speak for the entire country and people like you are trying to do here.
    Personally, I do not think that swimming or bathing or brushing one’s teeth in water right next to floating decaying corpses is an acceptable cultural practice, just because they believe the water of the Ganges is holy. I also find the idea of wiping your backside with your left hand instead of toilet paper repulsive and dirty. The belief in the holiness of cows and the resultant dung strewed all over the place and the holy insects that you are not allowed to kill are also things that I hope never come to the West.
    When the West groomed its own people to be great scientists and inventors, the West created the most advanced societies ever seen. Now that the West is ignoring the cultivation and education of its own peoples to a large extent and importing cheaper foreign workers, it is crumbling fast as the current economic crises and cultural decline attest to. Indians are an interesting people with a fascinating history and they certainly have some attributes and accomplishments to be proud of, but what’s wrong with them practicing their culture and celebrating their history and ways of life among their own people in their own country? What’s so wrong with (the highly distinguished and stunningly successful–can you really deny it with a straight face?) Western culture, history, and peoples that they must be replaced as quickly as possible?

  • BD

    Reality check Jugdesh

    All you want but we know that all that Hollywood pro India propaganda is going to flame out like your Olympic dreams.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina is picking and choosing the facts she wants to use.  She is picking certain subcultures of whites that she considers uneducated and letting them represent all whites while comparing them to the smartest Indians that apparantely represent “all Indians”.  The bottom line is that whites have accomplished more than anybody.  Why are the Indians and Jews on here who are bashing us living in Western countries if white gentiles are so backwards?

    • BD

      Bingo!  You hit it right in the head! 

      • Walker34

        Who cares about Olympic charts? Since China beat America in the last medal tally, does that make China more superior to America? And who cares what conditions the Indians come from, the fact is they can outscore whites in the west to reach the #1 spot of success. That’s what matters. Besides, they make decent citizens and assimilate peacefully.

        • Anonymous

          Here we have another poster who only looks at the facts that are convenient.  China has only won the Olympics once.  Every other year it has been a white country.  That should be common knowledge at this point.  Plus whites invented the Olympics.  And what do you mean by Indians outscoring whites?  In what exactly?  And are we talking about overall, or just picking and choosing the smartest Indians?

          • Walker Mason

            Indians do outscore not just white Americans but other ethnic American groups as well on a number of important key   issues of human progress ( in recent times)


            p.s. Indians are just < 0.47% of the US population. And no these are NOT PC lies or propaganda but raw facts!

          • Anonymous

            The obvious point is that they are a self-selected elitist sample who, genearlly, were only allowed to immigrate in the first place due to educational and technical qualifications.
             Just how much are that 0.47% of the US population representative of the median Indian IQ and per capita income?

          • BJ

            You are right Courtney…The trolls are out in full force as you stated in another news article of Jan. 4th or 6th……don’t remember which one….

  • Greg West

    I’m all for a bumper crop.

  • Anonymous

    You are making this up.  There are articles on the internet all the time about how less than 1% of India’s total population goes into white collar professions, and most of these white collar workers move to the West.   Why don’t they stay in India if Indians are superior or equal to whites in mastering the sciences etc…?  Again , we are talking about overall numbers.

  • Anonymous

    For the 100th time, these smart Indians who live in Western nations are a select group, and they don’t by any means represent most Indians.  Why is India a dump if all Indians are as smart as whites?

  • Anonymous

    Immigration and multiculturalism is NOT inevitable.
    It only happens because the politicians WANT it to happen.

    Japan refuses to accept mass third world immigration.
    In the latter part of this century, Jpan will still exist and be Japanese.
    My own prognosis is that the USA will have descended into a sub-Brazilian, violent, horrific balkanized hell-hole, if it hasn’t partitioned along racial lines.

  • Anonymous

    Aaron, did you not read the article somebody posted above about the myth in regards to Indians being so smart?

    You are telling Kenelm and I that India will be a future superpower, yet, it hasn’t happened yet.  If something hasn’t happened yet, you can’t state it as a fact.  It doesn’t take much searching on the internet to see why this is a false prediction.

  • Anonymous

    India has more malnourished and starving children than all of black Africa combined.
    Despite this fact, the Indian government would rather spend money on developing a space program.
    Now what does that tell you about the nature of Indian society?

  • Anonymous

    You continue to pick and choose only the facts you want to look at.  If you continue to do this I will discontinue the conversation because I have little respect for this.
    You obviously didn’t look at all the sources I listed.  The first was a pdf article written by an actual CEO of a company that has made the mistake of outsourcing to too many Indians.  I provided another link from an organization that is sympathetic to India, (some sort of hunger fund for India campaign).  Are you saying all the problems listed on that website are meant to bash India as well?  The other links I provided were from discussion forums in which most of the commenters bashing India were Indians themselves.  They seemed to be educated discussions centered around educated topics……not some “African chat room ” as you described it.

    Furthermore, what about all the other sources other people on my side have used in this discussion that you have ignored?  As I mentioned before , someone above posted an article from a very accomplished writer named Steve Sailor, in which he uses PISA scores to show that this idea that Indian kids are smarter than Western kids is  a myth.  Why aren’t you considering those sources?

    Would you like even more sources?  Why don’t you do a search on Nobel Prize winners?  Why don’t you do a search on where all the top universities in the world are located?

    By the way, I have noticed that most of your sources are either from Youtube, either that or the link doesn’t even open, OR you are referencing some article that is simply based on predictions.  I already went over with you why you shouldn’t be going by predictions.  Most of what Kenelm and I are saying is based on the here and now with plenty of facts to back it up.

    • Anonymous

      India currently has a high inflation rate, coupled with a big and rising trade deficit.
        If you follow such things, these two phenomena usually presage a crash as foreign investors take fright and pull their money out.
      It happened before in 1990.

    • BJ

      KUDOS Courtney! Especially on the “immigrants” that we foolishly have allowed into all our White homelands. THAT is what is bringing down our people and what all our ancestors have worked hard for.

      I am sick of those here who ALWAYS defend Indians and Jews who have come to WHITE nations to live. WHY is that they are all so smart? Why don’t they stay in their own homelands if they are so great and make a decent civilization in which to live? I think we all know the answer to that, don’t we?

  • Beloved Comrade

    “Indian is not a dump”
    This is the most ridiculous comment I have read since neo-AmRen came on line.  Not a dump?  Are you kidding?

    India is Filthy:

    I defy you to produce photos of any existing white area that looks like these photos.

    • Anonymous

      He probably WILL find some obscure photos. Of course you and I will take one look at them and realize that they are from a black ghetto within a white country……Something that he will know in advance but that he will try to hide from us, just like with all his other “facts” he has been presenting to us so far.  See what I say to him in my comment below.

  • John Maddox

    This is one of those debates that can go on for ever. The success of Indian immigrants in this country ought to stand as a shining example of what we need to do to fix our own educational system. India has one of the best public education systems in the world. Indian immigrants we come into contact with are usually the best and brightest that that country has to offer. There are exceptions due to US immigration policies and the fact that Indian families stick together and won’t allow family members to fall by the wayside.

    Students in India who show promise are not dragged down by a system that continually questions why certain classes of students don’t show the same promise as their peers. The talents of promising scholars are cultivated throughout their educational careers. Students who don’t show promise are  steered into the vocations. Indian children are not allowed the luxuries of pop culture distractions and the peer pressure social hierarchy doesn’t exist in Indian schools.

    By the time our children are graduating from high school and entering four year universities Indian children are ready to go on to professional schools and concentrate on medicine or engineering and enter these fields at a much younger age. Universities and Medical schools are funded by the  government and graduates leave these schools virtually debt free. Medical education is structured much differently in India than here in the US. For example a student graduating from a secondary school enters a Medical College instead of having to attend a four year university. Top students from these colleges go on to be specialists. The same is true for engineers and academics.

    The seeming superiority in IQs is superficial. I can’t help but believe if we didn’t waste so much time trying to educate and advance those who have no capacity for academics and cultivating higher standards for those that do,  our country wouldn’t be in the cultural decline that it is today   and we wouldn’t need immigrants to fill the void that we are fully capable of filling ourselves.

    • Anonymous

      From what I’ve read a very substantial proportion of salaried India public schoolteachers never even bother showing up for a work on any given day.

      • Nonsense. The quality of an Indian student would far outshine any white student whether in America or Europe. This explains why Indian outscore white kids whether in the UK or US. Links have already been provided above by other posters. Denial of a fact is not going to make things any better.

        • Anonymous

          Angelina, I think you are just racist against white people. You keep making generalized statements about whites and the rest of us keep pointing out how you are wrong, and yet you never respond to our rebuttals. You just keep going on commiting the same fallacies in your arguments over and over. Are you afraid?

          I don’t know what you are talking about when you say that other people in this discussion have been posting evidence that Indian kids do better than white kids in general.  However, I DID notice that someone on my side did such a thing, using actual PISA scores to prove just the opposite.  And while I see Northeast Asians such as the Japanese  outscoring white kids on international tests I have yet to see the same for Indians.

          Here in your last post ONCE AGAIN you are comparing immigrant children to white children.  That isn’t fair, especially when these are the kids of scientists and engineers who are leaving India to go to a more educated country like Britain.  Why don’t they keep their kids in India to go to school if school in white countries are so inferior?

          The fair thing to do here would be to compare the smartest British kids to these immigrant children.  Or compare all British white kids to ALL kids in India, and see where that goes.

          By the way, Angelina, which country are you living in right now?  Is it a white country?  This is something you still haven’t answered.

        • BJ

          Go back to India since they are so great and have such “know how”. Be sure to look at the filth and the extreme poverty there. The ones I have seen here sure do not consider cleanliness as an asset, do they?  Ever see their “homes” here and their “yards”?

    • Anonymous

      I think you sum things up in your last paragraph. White countries are holding themselves back by having to deal with Third World immigrants.  Then you also acknowledge that we DO NOT need Asians in our countries doing our engineering and science work .  Well, yes, of course.  How is anything you say here different from what the rest of us have been saying the whole time?

      There are other people on here who are trying to compare American and European whites in general to the most educated of Indians and then they come to the conclusion that this somehow means that Indians overall are superior.  If you compare most whites to most Indians in India, white people do better.  If you compare the smartest whites to the smartest Indians, whites do better.  White people IN GENERAL could be doing much better if we weren’t holding our countries back by trying to accomodate the least intelligent among us (hispanics and blacks).

      I think you are exaggerating India’s school system.  You make it sound as if every child in India is becoming a doctor.  Why do the most educated of Indians need to move to white countries if their people are so much smarter than whites?

  • Anonymous

    “Many Jewish people have a fascination for India and I wish India the very best.”

    This right here says it all.  I guess this is all we as gentiles need to know as to why we should be following suit. 

  • Anonymous

    It is kind of hard not to get mad when your people (Jews) are taking over our countries and allowing them to be filled with Third World immigrants.  Then you use specious “facts” to try to show why we need “smart” Indians and Chinese people in our countries to fill white collar positions that white Americans did just fine filling on their own for the longest time.  Notice how America is falling as a nation.  Seems to have started happening at about the same time certain politicians started enforcing integration, Third World immigration, and the Indian take over of our white collar professions.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with John in that I don’t see why this discussion is still going on.  The bottom line is that white countries were on top of the world when they still had white people filling all the science positions.  Look at how much better NASA was when it was all white.  Some of our antagonists on here want to claim that Indians make better scientists than whites even though the Western world has been falling ever since we have been letting Indians and Chinese people immigrate here taking these positions.

    I hope everyone on here is enjoying typing on their computers invented by white people as well as using the internet invented by whites as well as this website invented by whites, arguing about how Indians are now (apparantely) at the top of fields that were invented by whites.

    • Courtney, no offense, but you seem to be making multiple posts responding to your own posts. In the internet world, we call it a spam. Sometimes I wonder if you are even white. Your vitriol and irrational hatred towards anything Indian makes me suspect you to be a moslem or a Pakistani using a white handle. Again, all you do is give mere subjective opinions and almost no evidence. Even the only link you provided does not open. Thus, your posts may be lengthy and multiple, but with no evidence to back up your ridiculous claims, it lacks substance. Nice try, better luck next time.

      • Anonymous

        You are lying about my posts.  I refuse to discuss these things with liars. I have provided plenty of evidence and I posted more than one link unlike what you claim.  As for that last link, I specifically told you how to open it. Did you even try? I am done with this discussion, as I have said enough already to make my point, and people like you aren’t worth arguing with since you tend to twist and turn things in regards to what I say, you lie, you don’t answer my points, and you ignore all the evidence I have provided. And yes, I am white and proud of it, and in regards to your silly comment about me responding to myself, well you must not know much about how posting on a blog like this works.

        • Courtney, you have no right casting aspersions on anyone’s character, especially when you yourself have failed to live up to your claims. I have actually taken the trouble of reading your lengthy and often mundane posts. Even the weblinks you cite are not remotely by any measure an objective analysis. far from if, you quote subjective narrations on some forum in some privately run web blog usually filled with the kind of people who have a beef with the Republic of India.

          Also, as I have mentioned before, the PISA scores are flawed ( I have already provided the weblink for that). Here’s another link which shows how flawed the PISA study was statistically.

          Also, the biggest drawback for PISA was that they ONLy tested the poorest schools in two of the most underdeveloped states of India:m Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. They did not evaluate students in the developed parts of India: Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kanpur etc. Thus the results tended to be skewed.  That would be tantamount to comparing the best of China or Japan versus America, where scores of poor inner city schools in Detroit or Atlanta and LA ( representing the USA) were compared with test scores from elite areas of China i.e. Shanghai, Hong Kong etc. Wheras China had it lucky, the scores of students were taken from Shanghai – China’s most elite city. Thus the PISA scores are not reliable and an accurate measure of a nation’s actual calibre.
          Never the less, an accurate measure of how Indians ( when adequate nutrition and other extrinsic factors are favourable) compare with whites would be to assess scores in the west, where Indians generally outperform their non-Indian peers whether in the UK or USA.

          Unfortunately, gifted and intelligent as those Indian students are, many of them tend to be at the receiving end of violence and mindless bias often leading to lethal conclusions. Here is a recent story of a typical uneducated 20 year old white English street thug senselessly murdering an innocent Indian gifted scholar who was studying in a reputed university in the UK and was a very popular student there. Tell me who is wrong, Courtney? Are you happy? This was big news in the UK, where I currently reside.


          • Anonymous

            Angelina, don’t tell me about what my rights are, especially when it was my ancestors who helped build this country.  Once again, you sum up my links by saying they all came from anti-Indian chat rooms.  That statement alone proves you didn’t read my links.

            By your standards I could turn around and claim your posts are subjective as well.  You are obviously stating things how you want them to appear (when talking about my posts) as opposed to how they really are.

            I and others on here have listed plenty of evidence as to why Indians are less intelligent compared to whites OVERALL.  I even listed the title of an article above on this topic.  Did you bother to look at it?  It is called “IQ and the wealth of nations”.  But unfortunately just like every other piece of scholarly evidence I and others have provided, you will turn around and claim “it isn’t fair to Indians”.  If that is the case, there is no sense in arguing with you.  It seems you enjoy picking and choosing which facts you want to believe.

            Then you go on to say the same stuff you have been saying over and over again about how the children of white collar professional high IQed Indian immigrants (a very select sample) are outscoring whites.  And in response , I and others have been telling you over and over again how this is hardly a fair way of measuring who is smarter OVERALL.  We have explained this to you over and over again.  If it comes down to who has provided better evidence and arguments in regards to who is OVERALL smarter, I would say my side wins hands down.

            Then you go on to make another hateful generalization about whites, making it sound as if there have been so many instances where whites are beating up on Indians in places like Britain.  One thing that I don’t understand about you is why you and others on your side have yet to answer such an easy question we have been asking you all along:  what keeps these Indians in Britain if white people are so violent and racist, and since the schools in India are supposedly, according to you, better than they are in Britain.

            And no, I am never happy about a violent act against anybody.  Nice try though.

          • Apparently, Courtney seems to be typing opinions which are highly subjective and flawed. Indians students are far more intelligent than their white counterparts in the west. It has already been established through links which are objective and not subjective in nature. Your links are subjective because they ususally comprise of posts made in a chat room or a forum. Except for the one which describes the PISA scores. But again, read my previous post….the PISA scores are a flawed study which should and simply cannot be used as a serious gold standard or objective reference for student performance.

            Also if Indians were so dumb, they would not beat whites in terms of becoming wealthier than them in their own nations. Why and most importantly how on earth are those supposed inferior dumb Indians buying up top western companies, running western corporations ( eg: the CEO’s of Pepsico, Adobe, Cisco, Motorola, Citibank, Bose, Applabs – world’s #1 software testing company etc  are all Indians)

            Why and how are supposedly “lesser intelligent” Indians the Deans of the top science-medical and engineering schools in the United States ( without any kind of affirmative action or push) – Indian Americans are Deans of Schools like: UCLA Engineering, Havard School of Engineering Applied Science, University of California, Berkley – Engineering etc)


            Simple: Indian Americans are certainly SMARTER than non-Indian Americans.

            The richest man in the UK ( LN Mittal) is Indian. The wealthiest per capita ethno-racial group in the USA are Indians. Come to Europe, who runs the Diamond and Gold Business: Indians, followed by Jews. Back to the United States: who runs the Hotel and Motel business? Indians dominate it. Who tend to be among the best doctors, surgeons and mathematicians in the United States, UK and Australia? Indians. Who is the President of the World Medical Association and former President of the Australian Medical Association? ? An Indian, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal.


            Who is Australia’s top Quantum mathematician? An Indian, Dr Mathai Varghese. 


             I was under the impression that white nationalists such as yourself love to quote IQ and wealth co-relations. Well then, by your own admission using your own dictum, since Indians in the west are wealthier & better educated than whites, it would imply that they are also smarter than whites too. Or is the IQ and wealth of nations (Bell Curve) based on mere whims and fancies to be selectively used only when convenient?

  • BJ

    I don’t care WHO you are, but it is easy to see from all your posts that you are Jewish . Why do you have to put Jewish American?  Why not just American?  Or is that a problem for you?

  • BJ

    ,” my lab has even had more tie-ups and investments with India in 2011 and we are all doing very well”

    Is that you talking, Aaron?  Gee what a surprise…….not.

  • BJ

    And before anyone tries to quote Israel as another example, let me make
    it clear…Israel on the other hand is one of the fastest absorbing
    immigrant hub in proportion to her size. And most of those African

    refugees are not even Jewish to begin with, unlike our Ethopian Jewish
    brethren.  Most Israelis ( except some) have no problem with it, so why
    should you?

    Come on, Aaron! You have got to be kidding. Not long ago I read some Jewish paper that said Israel wants all those Black Ethiopians to leave Israel!  They are now sorry they brought them in… The israelis are not too happy with them because they also want something for nothing…….

  • BJ

    Aaron. please do not just visit India, MOVE there and take your “smarts” and “business” with you. You won’t be missed in America one bit.

  • Me and an Indian impostor? Roll eyes! So to have a counterpoint automatically make you an impostor? If I really were an Indian, I would see no reason to hide behind a false handle, I would openly declare my Indian identity when posting on the subject. In the same breath, I suspect you are a Pakistani posing as a white person. Could it be that the only impostors here are people such as yourself. What are the odds? 

  • Anonymous

    Angelina, I give up.  You are incapable of arguing like an adult.  You keep making the same blind generalizations about my links which only tells me that you didn’t read all of them, and I am standing by that statement.  Just because you say I am being subjective, that hardly makes it true. No matter how many times you say my links only involve chat rooms, that doesn’t make it true.  As for the other links I and others have provided, you wish to come up with some excuse as to why they are illegitimate.  Again, that doesn’t make it true.  Then you continue to list examples of acceptional Indians who live in Western nations, and no matter how many times you repeat it, it doesn’t make Indians OVERALL smarter than whites.

    The only way to test who is smarter OVERALL is by IQ studies that have appropriately shown the same results every time, no matter who has conducted the study and no matter when in history it was done.  Why do you say it isn’t fair to include the rest of India’s population?  I would like to know that.  You also continue to ignore my easy questions:  why do you and these Indians enjoy living in white countries?  Why not live in India?  

    As for your never ending examples of Indian achievements please read the book “Human Accomplishment”.   It basically proves that around 90% of accomplishments in all of history have been achieved by whites.   Or better yet, open up an Encyclopedia at the library (don’t use Wikipedia).  Or read just about any book on the history of science. 

    I would like to end by saying that sometimes whites don’t need that much evidence to prove that they have achieved more than anybody.  All I have to do is make an obvious statement like whites invented space travel, the internet, or the automobile.  If you are going to argue with that or demand evidence for it, then you must have been living under a rock your whole life.  Good riddance.  I won’t be returning .  I have better things to occupy my time with than get upset over people who are incapable of engaging in adult debate.

    • Courtney, if you think my arguments are childish, why bother even replying to them as you seem to do so in such an altruistic manner using long verbose paragraphs. Secondly, your posts are filled with the most infantile generalizations possible. You seem to be in a mode of denial.  Additionally, you provided almost no evidence or reputed reference to back up your claims. Instead of deriding posters and people who don’t share your unlettered opinions, maybe you should put that extra effort composing an intelligent and logically coherent post supplemented with reputed verifiable evidence. Anyway, no one here wants to change your parochial world view. You are free to believe in what ever you want to, I am not here to change them. That is up to your prerogative.

       I guess, there are still people who believe that the Earth is flat and they are quite free to believe it. I, ofcourse, oppose that view and present an opposing view with ample proof.  Now, don’t you dare tell me what I must think. I have every right to present my views, as long as I can back them up with superior quality evidence which  by the way, I do.  And by the way, I think even children make better arguments than you do, my dear! Take care and Shalom!

    •          Counrtney, it is very simple. When millions ( so that rules out the nonsensical “selective group” or the so called “exceptional 1%” of Indians”) of Indian immigrants come to the west, especially to America as students. They come here dirt poor with just a few hundred dollar notes and in some cases even just a 100$ note ( like I did) and have to struggle upwards doing odd menial jobs in school to pay for our college fees while spending any free time we get, studying hard and applying our intellect to outscore all others at the very top and than later on go on to become  top class doctors, engineers, technocrats, venture capitalists, CEO’s, Deans of the best medical and engineering institutions in the country, political heads, media celebrities ( Fareed Zakaria, Zain Verjee, Dr Sanjay Gupta, Deepak Chopra etc) – all this means one thing: Indians are incredible. Against all odds – poverty, malnutrition, negative stereotyping, racism, & obstacles, we still succeed. If anything, it is inspiring!

                Your entire argument falls flat on the face with your silly stereotypes and  false opinion on Indian immigrants. So what if Indians are taking jobs. They are not stealing it, they have EARNED it! If Indians unlike American youth here, work hard and use their brains  instead of mindless partying, watching TV, twittering, facebooking, texting, dating, drinking, and involving themselves in trivial extra-curricular activities ( generic American teen life) than by all means the Indians ( dorks or nerds as you call them) have every right to enjoy the fruits of their hard earned labor. There is nothing wrong with it. Don’t like it? Deal with it! Welcome to reality…..the Coffee is still hot!

  • Juggernaut


    You are arguing with the same person using different handles.  
    This site is loaded with trolls.