Americans’ Immigration Concerns Linger

Lymari Morales, Gallup, January 17, 2012

Nearly two out of three Americans (64%) are dissatisfied with the level of immigration into the country, down slightly from 72% in January 2008. About one in four (28%) are satisfied.

{snip} Americans’ dissatisfaction with immigration ranks 3rd highest among 17 issues Gallup asked about; the complete list will be released ahead of next week’s State of the Union address. Compared with 2008, the percentage of Americans who are very dissatisfied with the level of immigration, 39%, is down slightly.

Gallup posed a follow-up question only to those who say they are dissatisfied with the current level of immigration, asking whether the level of immigration should be increased, decreased, or remain the same. The net result is that 42% of all Americans are dissatisfied with the level of immigration and want it decreased—down from 50% four years ago. Just 6% are dissatisfied and want the level of immigration increased, unchanged from 2008 but slightly higher than in previous years.



With the exception of the controversy over Arizona’s immigration law, which Americans tended to favor when it was enacted, immigration has not received significant national attention over the past four years. Perhaps as a result, and because of seemingly more pressing economic issues, immigration is not high on Americans’ priority list at the moment. In the current survey, 3% mention it as the nation’s most important problem, compared with 11% in January 2008.



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  • Zorro

    How about those idiot 6% give up their spots here, so we can bring over more Immigrants? Any takers?

  • Anonymous

    immigration is related to the economy – keep adding people with at best low/middle skills when we already have that in spades from citizens is insanity – we need an immigration moratorium for a long while, we don’t need any more people unless they are truly invaluable to this country. Why can’t people realize that most new jobs are going to immigrants not native citizens. Wake up!

  • Anonymous

    MEANWHILE 4 HISPANICS RANDOMLY BEAT A 23 YR OLD WHITE COLLEGE GRAD TO DEATH SATURDAY IN PHILADELPHIAS HISTORIC DISTRICT. first it was black mobs attacking whites for sport now its hispanic. you can buy a little derringer, a pepperbox, or even a 22 revolver for less than about 120 dollars how come white people dont try to protect themselves? ive witnessed people avoid getting attacked just by displaying their gun. i dont understand people. its like they want to get a beatdown. ha ha suit yourself!!

    • I really don’t know which non-white group is worse. 

      Hispanics or Muslims?

      The descriptions are too tall to be Mexican, but may be muzzies or Puerto Ricans (Mulattoes).

      “Suspect #1: Middle-Eastern male, 20 years-of-age, 5-10″, thin build, wearing a white shirt with blue stripes.Suspect #2: Middle-Eastern male, 20 years-of-age, 6’0″, medium build, with a maroon shirt.Suspect #3: Middle Eastern male, 6’2, no further information.Suspect #4: Middle Eastern male, no further information.”


    • Thats called brandishing a gun and you could be charged with a hate crime for doing it. Don’t bring a gun into play if you are not ready/willing to use it properly.

  • Anonymous

    3/4ths of all Latinos in the United States are either first generation or second generation. The immigration battle is already lost. Once that second generation grows up, they’ll promote even looser immigration laws, for they will “feel” prospective immigrants’ plight.

    Meanwhile, they will be sowing the seeds of their own economic disenfranchisement. Immigration affects the earning power of every American, INCLUDING illegal aliens.

  • Only 6% want more legal immigration, but they must contribute about 80% of money to Presidential candidates.  One of the worst was Jon Huntsman (we hardly knew ye), who was always mouthing off in the debates about needing more H-xB visas.  He probably believes that personally, but he also had a practical reason to advocate for that.  He was the Governor of Utah, and also from Utah is Sen. Mike Lee, who with Chuck Schumer, introduced a Senate bill to give green cards to non-Americans who buy at least $500K real estate.  It hit me like a brick:  Manhattan, and Park City, Utah, two of the most expensive residential real estate zip codes in America:  Schumer, Lee and (IMHO) Huntsman are responding to their wealthiest constituents, for more H-xB legal immigrants buying expensive houses props up the housing values for high end real estate, so that those who currently own some can sell for higher prices or do more cash out refis.

  • Anonymous

    Most people are uncomfortable thinking that something could happen to them.  They’d rather be in denial than prepared.  People who refuse to arm themselves and ridicule those of us who do as paranoid and afraid are the same people who roll their eyes at preppers and say they’re kooks.
    People think if they just ignore things like this, then they won’t happen.

    • Anonymous

      I intended this as a reply to eugenelane’s post.  I don’t know what happened; I’m really bad at technology….

  • Anonymous

    Every day the left gets one step closer of the goal of creating a self-sustaining critical mass of people who will not support any restrictions on immigration whatsoever. California and New York are already there.

    Coming soon to city near you (if it’s not there already).

    • Zorro

      The problem with California and New York State are the largest Cities of those States. Most people well outside the Cities are nowhere near as Liberal as those Urbanites.

      If the people in California could separate from Los Angeles and San Francisco, while New York State could separate itself from New York City, and Buffalo, you would see a great difference in how these States voted.

  • Zorro

    Not so fast. My grandfather needed all of those requirements. Of course, he came from Europe, from a Christian country, and worked hard.

  • WR the elder

    While only 6-7% want to increase immigration, they are 100% in control of the federal government.