Posted on December 30, 2011

Turiano, Candidate for Governor of Montana

Drew Turiano, Turiano for Governor, December 30, 2011

Ever since I could remember, I’ve been infatuated with Conservative politics. I don’t know exactly where the passion first began for me. Maybe it all started with listening to Conservative talk radio growing up and learning the issues. Or possibly it all started with absorbing the sagacity of great writers like Pat Buchanan and Samuel Francis.

All I know is that my passion for Conservatism has led me to become a life–long and unapologetic Conservative Republican, and ever since the Tea Party movement began, I’ve become a Tea Party Conservative Republican.

My love for Conservative politics led me to the U.S. Senate campaign of former Majority leader Mike Lange in 2008, where I became his Communications Director. After the Mike Lange campaign, I finished writing a young adult novel called, George Buchanan Enters The Wormhole, that I had been working on for some time.

Since I announced for governor recently, my left–wing critics in Montana have started mocking my novel by writing that it has a “deadening Leave It To Beaver earnestness.”Well, excuse me for wanting to celebrate Christianity and traditional America with my book. Afterall, I realize the left has never known how to truly celebrate America. I say that in earnest–pun intended!

I have an M.A. in Political Science from Fordham University and I’m a real estate investor residing in the great city of Helena.