Posted on December 16, 2011

Obama Struggling with White Voters

David Jackson, USA Today, December 16, 2011

A new Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll details President Obama’s slippage with various voting groups–particularly white voters.

“Overall, Obama has slipped from 52.8% of the vote in 2008 to 44% approval in the new survey with 49% disapproving,” writes Ronald Brownstein of National Journal.

Brownstein also says that “Obama has declined not only in the groups that were always dubious of him, but also with several that enthusiastically joined his winning 2008 majority.”

That includes college educated women who backed Obama over John McCain in 2008. In fact, Brownstein writes, “Obama is now facing dismal approval ratings in all corners of the white community.”

Brownstein’s analysis:

In 2008, he carried 52% of those college-educated white women, but attracted much smaller shares among college-educated white men (42%), white women without a college degree, the so-called waitress moms (41%), and the non-college white men (just 39%).

The new survey shows that with all four groups his approval rating is appreciably lower than his 2008 performance. He’s fallen to 42% of the college-educated white women, 37% among the college-plus white men, just 34% among the non-college white men and all the way down to 30% with the waitress moms.

Looking at whites by age underlines the picture of broad-based weakness. In 2008, Obama carried a 54% majority of whites under 30; but in the new poll his approval rating with them has tumbled to 39%.

His standing with white seniors now is almost identical: in 2008, he won only 40% of them, and his approval rating with them now is 41%. His numbers are lowest with whites in the prime working years: just 29% of whites (age) 30-44, and 35 % of whites (age) 45-64 say they approve of his performance. In 2008, he won 41% of the former and 42% of the latter.

Among all whites, now just 35% approve of his performance and 58% disapprove. That’s virtually identical to the results in the 2010 congressional election, when whites gave 60% of their votes to Republicans and just 37% to Democrats, according to the National Election Pool exit poll conducted by Edison Research. . . .


19 responses to “Obama Struggling with White Voters”

  1. Dutchman says:

    I want to find myself one of the 70% of ‘waitress moms’ and have about ten kids with her. It is interesting how college actually dumbs-down White women. Of course no offense meant to the 58% who dare to be unfashionable and give a negative rating to President Camacho.

    Long ago I had a brief romance with an intelligent young lass in her senior year of high school. I must have been all of 19 or 20 at the time. She graduated and enrolled in NYU. A few years later I was happy to run into her again….until she opened her mouth and recited the Marxist mantra. She became someone who ‘unlearned’ reality. At university she was deconstructed. The only good news is that according to friends she has a White baby.

  2. Chicagoan says:

    He may be slipping but it’s also true you can’t beat somebody with nobody. The Republicans are just staging a circus with their clown of the month routine. They don’t seem to be serious about winning in 2012, otherwise they’d show more focus and resolve.

  3. Fred says:

    This is much ado about nothing. The percentages of support Obama has among White voters has not dropped enough to prevent him from getting re-elected next year. He will almost certainly get re-elected given this current GOP field.

    This is just a a diversionary tactic promoted by the lamestream media to psychologically mess with his strongest supporters and detractors.

  4. Charles Marlow says:

    Interesting article. The problem is that Obama’s Republican opponent in the 2012 election will likely be every bit as unappealing to whites.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The article is misleading. For many of those who disapprove of Obama may vote for him over the other guy.

  6. Bo says:

    It’s a little strange that the diverse white Americans didn’t understand that Obama was smearing them when he pushed a black slur (“acting white”) into the mainstream media in 2004 at the Democratic Convention. “Acting white” says as clear as it can be said that Obama defines us as lacking any variety or differences as well as lacking American nationality…two qualities he claims for his own people.

    He double-downed on his bigotry when he slammed his white grandmother as “a typical white person” in remarks in 2008. Once again, we’re just clones of each other and we don’t deserve the label of “Americans.”

    Still if the diverse white Americans are understanding his hatreds now, that’s a good thing.

  7. Tim in Indiana says:

    They are racist, racist, RACIST!

    Don’t they know that the election of Obama was supposed to be a “transformative event?”

    Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to push that “transformation” still farther into the future…

  8. paul rim says:

    Obama has bought the public sector workers, those on state handouts & areas privileged by the Democrats, but there is now no idealism out there, no youthful enthusiasm & little sex appeal to women. He’s just got his client group, racial loyalists & die hard lefties. Its a pretty sad constituency which a decent opponent should push aside.

  9. What_I_Believe says:

    I’d like to believe the premise of this article, however, I just can’t.

    I sincerely believe the die-hard libs will vote for him again without giving it a second thought. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that at least 95% of the mentally-ill who voted this mindless man in will vote for him again. Sad, but true.

    Hey all you “College-educated” Whites: You’ve been brain-washed for years!!! Wake the hell up already…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Obama couldn’t deliver on his promises of a shining utopia of peace and prosperity for all.

    By itself it is not unusual for a president not to succeed in everything he promised, but unlike ALL past presidents, Obama came with a package that was much more than just economic programs or foreign policy goals.

    He came with a messianic vision directed at the least rational members of our society, namely young women, ‘sensitive’ men, minorities of all kinds who fail to measure up to modern standards, some conservatives who tired of Bush and his puppet masters, and hippie-liberal leftists who drink too much kool-aid all the time.

    Obama failed all groups who were literally expecting ‘transformative’ effects on all of society. Change is slow and a president can only do so much, which is what most people fail to realize.

    The loony bins of the world have no patience, they are all about change, and change NOW! So they are turning on their patron saint like a pack of rabid mongrels.

  11. Salt says:

    Sadly, the only republican candidate I like out of the pack is Bachmann. Michele Bachmann has very little chance of getting the nod, and even if she it would just be an entire year of purely negative press coverage, with the near complete omission of anything on her agenda that would actually resonate with votes or be good for the nation.

    The media coverage the last go round was extremely biased, and I have no reason not to expect the same for the next election. Just an example, two people on her staff quit because she didn’t use their idea in the primary campaign. The news media portrayed the event as “entire Bachmann staff walks out in disgust with candidate”. Even after the news media knew the story wasn’t true, they continued to run with it for another 3 weeks while omitting virtually anything she actually said over the same time period? Its not even news coverage when all it amounts to is getting smeared, and ignored at the same time. Forget any duty to inform the public.

    Of course, I don’t think we can expect more when the people who are the real owners of those presses, the investment bankers, make up a very large number Obama appointments. Some of them would be facing indictment for the trillions of dollars of fraud they are personally responsible for if we had an honest administration.

    This will be another election where I’m forced to either vote 3rd party (flush!) or vote against someone rather than for them.

    My best prediction is that we are stuck with Obama for another 4 miserable years in an election that will be very close despite those approval ratings. He may not even win the popular vote, but he will carry enough electoral votes that he still gets into office.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only person to notice that the Secret Service officers surrounding Obama seem to be mostly black?

  13. HH says:

    It should be interesting to see how the imminent “racism” angle to this is spun. How, one wonders, is it it to be explained that many who enthusiastically approved of Obama three years ago have suddenly become so “racist” as to oppose him now? Alas, there is NO other explanation for disliking him, or so we have been told over and over again!

  14. Periapsis says:

    Given that Obammy and Eric “Banjo” Holder have gone out of their way to alienate, and screw over the white population this is no surprise. Add to that their effort to set white Americans up for a massive bloodbath and genocide at the hands of rampaging blacks, jihadists and Mestizos, he’s done more to arouse fear and anger among whites and done more to promote white nationalism than anyone else ever could.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the Solyndra-scandal, you can see the Africanization of American politics:

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is the foremost reason that the Left is working so hard to ELECT A NEW PEOPLE.

    We have seen the Dept of Homeland Security’s immigration and border tasks completely turned upside down, from the old imperatives of guarding the border, blocking unauthorized persons from entry, finding them if they get in and removing them, to the new task of actively preventing the old tasks from being performed and preventing the states from performing them instead, intimidating anyone from complaining about the invasion, while other elements of leftist-controlled government do everything they can to assist, even subsidize the invaders and even favor them over the natives.

    All of this is so blatantly and brazenly done yet without much concern about public outrage (much less impeachment) because the decades of multicultural indoctrination have succeeded so well and the organs of public discourse and opinion propagation are so thoroughly dominated by the Left.

    As many have noted, without the internet hardly a peep of indignation would reach anyone beyond the reach of your own voice under your own roof.

    Even the supposedly conservative party and media barely mention the treason in anything like the blunt terms that it deserves. By this I mean objecting to the radical demographic change that is brought about by legal immigration and objecting to the multicultural dogma itself.

    Nevertheless I do believe that more and more ordinary people are becoming apostates from multicultural dogma. The task is to get their voices into the broader public arena, for each of us to help empower others by conveying to them the legitimacy, necessity, and urgency of speaking the truth about the threat to our nation and casting off fear of disapproval.

    Many, many people are thinking as we do. We need to create a climate in which they can ‘come out of the closet’.

    Put simply – be outspoken for our issue and see how many others will begin to speak out.

    Remember the ‘I am Spartacus’ moment. Of course all those people were crucified as I recall. OK, bad analogy you may say but they were literally slaves and we are not. Not by a long shot.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have the misfortune of being surrounded by leftards at work. They are insane and make statements like: “I was born a Democrat, my whole family is a Democrat family, it is almost like I was kinda brainwashed that way.” I fool you not. That is word for word what one of them said to me last week. They then went on to say that they “wished Bill Clinton was king.” Again exact wording. They made the Clinton for King comment after blasting Herman Cain for lying about his obvious infidelity. It was nuts.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Also another one of the leftards at work went on and on about wonderful Obama is and great of a job he is doing cleaning up ” Bush’s mess.” And then went on to say that anyone who can’t see that is a racist. Later that same week she overheard me mentioning the local crime wave that took the life of a 5yr old girl that attended my children’s school. This leftard pulled me aside and quietly said “well that’s what happens when a bunch of blacks move in.” What breathtaking hypocrisy. They don’t truly believe their own nonsense.

  19. olewhitelady says:

    If as many non-college-educated people voted as do college-educated, no one like Obama would ever be elected President. The former has to see an election as something that matters–that it’s not simply business as usual or more of the same. During Ohio’s vote on same-sex marriage, people of all classes, educations, and ethnicities came out in droves. Same-sex marriage was outlawed in the state by amendment–and George W. Bush was given Ohio’s electoral votes.

    Obama was elected because too many “waitress moms” and other pink-collar and blue-collar folks didn’t think it mattered whether he or John McCain was elected. Or they thought a radical black man could never be chosen, so they didn’t bother to vote.

    Obama received about 44% of the white vote. He’s bound to receive less than that this time because people of both the left and right are disappointed with his performance. A lot of people won’t be enthused enough to go to the polls, and that includes blacks. The GOP candidate, whoever he is, cannot lose if enough anti-Obama whites actually vote.

    Remember, too, that the Republican Party is stuck with whatever candidates choose to run. And primary voters, with their ballots, have the final say.