Posted on December 20, 2011

Hispanic Community Still Uneasy About UH Mural

Kristin Kane, My Fox Houston, December 19, 2011

Houston’s Hispanic community is outraged over a mural in the basement of a University of Houston building.

UH is planning to renovate its student University Center.

But that’s putting a mural of the 1960s “Chicano Movement” in jeopardy.

That’s not sitting well with current students, alumni and community activists.

“This one looks like it’s in very good shape,” an alumnus said. “How dare they talk about taking it down.”


For nearly 40 years, the “Cougar Den” has been home to the mural.

“This is a location for all new student orientations and this is the first thing that welcomes new students to our university,” student Deyadira Trevino said.

“We’re here to fight for our history,” alum Hector Chavana Jr. said. “We’re not going to allow anybody to destroy or whitewash our history and we’re ready to fight tooth and nail to make sure our mural is preserved.”


“This used to be a cafeteria and all the tables were here where the Mexican-American students sat and that’s why this was the location of the mural,” Jimenez said.

It also depicts an important part of history.

“It’s a beautiful piece of art, it should be preserved,” student Cesar Espinosa said. “It’s something I can identify with and I know a lot of my fellow Cougars who are Latinos or Chicanos can identify with.”


Just minutes after Monday’s press conference, UH Executive Director of Media Relations Richard Bonnin responded.

“There’s a lot of passion for preserving pieces of history and the university at no point considered destroying it,” Bonnin said. “It was always our priority to preserve it.”

UH has even hired an art conservator.

“During the remodeling process, we want to make sure nothing happens to the mural obviously,” Bonnin said. “So that may mean we have to take it down and remove it, clean it and remount if and figure out the best location so the most people can have access to it.”


The group will not give up their fight until they see final plans on paper from the university about “how” the mural will be preserved and “where” it will be located.

16 responses to “Hispanic Community Still Uneasy About UH Mural”

  1. Hirsch says:

    Benito Mussolini once said that he wished for every Italian to remain an Italian unto the seventh generation, even if they were to emigrate. It is clear that the Fascist dictator had nothing on modern Hispanics.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need to preserve that historic mural that marked the spot where mexicans ate lunch! If you have ever looked at what passes for art among latinos and chicanos 1960 and on, you would cry. Forget about the masters of western art, chicano and latino art in general in contemporary times resembles third rate grafitti.

  3. idareya says:

    “This is the first thing that welcomes new students to our university.”

    “We’re here to fight for our history”

    Very telling words. The mural is admittedly designed to indoctrinate new students and not all new students are Hispanic. They are actively fostering a sense of “us” and “them”. Why not erase the mural and create one that fosters a sense of multiculturalism? Oh yeah, I forgot, Hispanics don’t give a tinker’s damn about multiculturalism unless it’s used to promote their culture and erase white culture.

  4. Webspin says:

    The one thing everyone should take away from this is; Latinos are demanding and arrogant, ““How dare they…”, “We’re here to fight…”, “We’re not going to allow!”, “We want assurances”. while the white Dir. Media Relations is apologetic and panicked at the thought of upsetting the browns. We can clearly see who is in charge. It’s so silly it borders on satirical. Reminds me of an elephant and it’s trainer. The white elephants have been so completely brainwashed, they will never dare flex their muscle and enforce their rights.

    This can’t end well for whites.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Sam is depicted as death…the mural is utter garbage! Let these ingrates go worship at the altar of the conquistadores wjho conquered them so long ago. Viva English bastardos!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did you see the depiction of Uncle Sam? Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves. Since they hate America and Americans they ought to leave for Mexico immediately! It is amazing that after all of these years these marxist 60s radical terrorists have not grown out of their infantile idiotic anti-white and anti-American so-called philosophy! They have not grown at all. Chalk it up to a drug addled brain owned by fools who got by because of grade-inflation and protection from professors who didn’t want them drafted. That generation is the worst that we had ever had until those idiots trained the current younger generation in their simple minded collectivist radical leftist and anti-white ways!

  7. Blaak Obongo says:

    When will the mural depicting the struggles of the White Movement be ready for public display?

  8. Eric says:

    Do these non-white identity groups have any other emotion than “outrage?” Never concern, always “outrage.” If things keep going as planned by the elites, they will see some real “outrage” coming from whites.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pack up the damn mural and ship the thing to Mexico, and the students who want it preserved along with it.

  10. john says:

    The mural features a prominent and unflattering display of Uncle Sam complete with a Grim Reaper skeleton face. He appears to be oppressing a seemingly noble Mexican people. Although there are numerous people in the mural, Uncle Sam is definitely the antithesis of the theme as an evil dark force. The hatred of what Uncle Sam stands for is visceral. The comments from the story are alarming. These people are separatist. They do not think of themselves as Americans, nor do they think of their story as part of the American story. They are one of the many cancers in this country successfully promoting their own cause and largely with our tax dollars- much to the detriment of our country.

  11. Anonymous says:

    When I hear about ‘Chicano Mural’ I always think of the one that used to be at the University of Colorado. It was a painting of some Chicano Activists who got blown up in the early 70’s. As one version of the story goes, someone armed the bombs in their cars and were blown up. Not sure why they would have been targeted by gov agencies, never heard that story, I guess you could google it if you were interested.

    Its sad to see how all these latinos, in this modern day and age, still need ‘help’ to try to get by in the White Mans World.

    Demographics now show Hispanics make up the majority of children in Colorado as of this date, and about 1/4 of the population currently. So they seem to be exploding all over the place one way or the other. The latter is much more detrimental. Crime rate in Colorado is going to SOAR.

  12. Lonestar Rebel says:

    I had friends who attended UH during the time that this mural was painted. I used to hang out on campus a lot. The American Socialist Workers Party was active on campus and the so called Chicano movement was closely associated with the ASWP and was nothing more than a socialist peoples movement. Their philosophy was decidedly anti-American and anti-white. That mural is directly out of the Linen/Trotsky school of political art. La Raza, LuLac, and the Azatlan movements all are descended from ASWP and the Chicano movement.

  13. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    I wonder if this particular mural is anything like the racist chicano mural that decorates Roosevelt High School, a taxpayer-funded, public high school in Los Angeles?


    Who we really are? A bunch of low IQd, government welfare parasites and racists who wish to lay claim to everything Whites have created and built??

    The mural continues with a brown hand holding another document, this one in flames (again in all caps): 1492 –MARKS THE BEGINNING OF THE DESTRUCTION OF MORE THAN 100 MILLION HUMAN LIVES IN THIS WESTERN HEMISPHERE ALONE. 23 MILLION OF THOSE WERE DESTROYED IN ANAHUAC: WHAT IS NOW MEXICO AND CENTRAL AMERICAN (flames obscure part of the rest) EUROPEAN INVADERS.

    This is a PUBLIC high school, paid for with White taxpayer money! The rest of the mural depicts “evil Europeans” destroying their people and “their nation.” They claim all White people are illegal aliens, colonial squatters and have caused the destruction of their land and people.

    The LA school board’s response to this RACIST, White-hating rant and “artwork?”

    This mural merely presents a “different perspective.”

    Anyone who claims hispanics are not planning great harm to Whites is delusional.

    See here:

    (notice that the website is entitled “stolen continent”)


  14. Question Diversity says:

    This Raza cabal wants a white university respect their mural and artwork. But I bet this same Raza cabal would, truth be told, in its deep down heart of hearts, like to dismantle or demolish the Alamo.

  15. dchamil says:

    Who painted the mural?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Are “Latino” and “Hispanic” just synonyms for “Mexican” now? As a Spanish/Italian Latin-American both those terms should apply to me, but there’s nothing in that mural I can identify with. My kin seem to be the villains here, killing and oppressing the noble brown people, along with the Anglo Americans represented by Uncle Sam.

    This racist, White bashing mural should not be “the first thing that welcomes new students”.