Posted on December 23, 2011

Facebook Photos Lead Police to Suspects in Burglary

CBS Pittsburgh, December 22, 2011

Police say they stole thousands of dollars in cash and goods, and then posed with their loot and posted the photos to a popular social media site.

Police say the three suspects, along with another teen, posted the photos on Facebook about an hour after they burglarized Elliott’s Town Market on Chartiers Avenue in the West End.

“We received information the day after the burglary that these pictures were posted on Facebook, and if you look at the pictures, you can see that the individuals are holding a large amount of cash,” Sgt. Kevin Gasiorowski, of the Pittsburgh Police, said.

Officials say $8,000 cash isn’t the only thing the teens took from Elliott’s.

“Numerous boxes and cartons of cigarettes, cartons of candy, checks and approximately $8,000 dollars in cash,” Sgt. Gasiorowski said.

A family member of one of the teens is the one who spotted the pictures online and tipped off police, officials said.


Three juveniles, a 17-year-old and two 14-year-olds have already been arrested. {snip}

Police are still searching for the fourth suspect. He is identified by officials as 18-year-old Isaiah Cutler. {snip}