Posted on December 8, 2011

Census: Widening Income Gap as Blacks Leave Cities

Hope Yen, Google News, December 7, 2011

Affluent black Americans who are leaving industrial cities for the suburbs and the South are shifting traditional lines between rich and poor, according to new census data. Their migration is widening the income gap between whites and the inner-city blacks who remain behind, while making blacks less monolithic as a group and subject to greater income disparities.

“Reverse migration is changing the South and its race relations,” said Roderick Harrison, a Howard University sociologist and former chief of racial statistics at the Census Bureau.

He said a rising black middle class is promoting a growing belief among some black conservatives that problems of the disadvantaged are now rooted more in character or cultural problems, rather than race. But Harrison said most black Americans maintain a strong racial identity, focused on redressing perceived lack of opportunities, in part because many of them maintain close ties to siblings or other blacks who are less successful.


The typical white person last year earned income roughly 1.7 times higher than that of blacks, the widest ratio since the 1990s. Census figures released Thursday show that cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Milwaukee in particular saw increases in inequality, hurt by an exodus of middle-class minorities while lower-skilled blacks stayed in the cities.

Low-income blacks also slipped further behind. The share of black households ranking among the poorest poor–those earning less than $15,000–climbed from 20 percent to 26 percent over the past decade; other race and ethnic groups posted smaller increases. {snip}


Other findings:

–Counties with the greatest income gaps between non-Hispanic whites and Latinos included New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and the Washington, D.C., suburbs, as well as smaller, more rural counties in the South and West where the numbers of Mexican immigrants have been growing.

–Thirteen percent of Latinos and 18 percent of blacks held at least a bachelor’s degree last year, compared with 31 percent of non-Hispanic whites and 50 percent of Asians. That is up from 2000, when 10 percent of Hispanics and 14 percent of blacks completed college.


14 responses to “Census: Widening Income Gap as Blacks Leave Cities”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Affirmative action gave a large number of blacks jobs, in particular public service jobs. They retire and leave the cities, taking their pensions with them. Thereby moving their income stream to somewhere else. Left in their wake are poorer folk who re tax-takers. Expect this to continue around the country. White flight was about a better qaulity of like. And so is black flight. But it will gut the cities who must pay for the pension benefits, but with none of that money recirculated. Som much for the concept of the black community.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    The typical white person last year earned income roughly 1.7 times higher than that of blacks, the widest ratio since the 1990s.

    Sans affirmative action, and government employment, the income gap would be even higher.

  3. Ben N Indiana says:

    Let’s compare incomes of American and African blacks (2008).

    Per capita income of blacks in America: $18,336

    Per capita income of blacks in Nigeria: $ 2,308

    Per capita income of blacks in Zambia: $ 1,500

    Per capita income of blacks in Zimbabwe: $ 200

    Per capita income of blacks in Angoloa: $ 8,800

    Per capita income of blacks in Benin: $ 1,500

    Per capita income of blacks in Burundi: $ 400

    Per capita income of blacks in Cameroon: $ 2,300

    Per capita income of blacks in Chad $ 1,600


  4. Anonymous says:

    This harkens back to a recent post and comments dealing with

    the implications of an ever more homogeneous Black residue in

    ghettos made up of low income , low IQ Blacks where a single

    triple digit IQ could not be located easily and within which conversational networks that would be relied upon for advice, help, problem-solving often amount to the borderline mentally

    retarded leading the borderline mentally retarded. Most such

    residents would envy the daily lives of 1890 Black Alabama sharecroppers and justly so. Don’t count on CNN bringing to you the sad irony of the situation, either. What a downward spiral

    contemporary America is into!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes they’re leaving the cities just as termites leave a house after they’ve destroyed it and the Alates swarm to create other colonies in healthy houses and the cycle of destruction continues.

  6. MSNPC says:

    Those blacks whom “stay behind” better hope those brave whites don’t leave too, they pay the taxes that keep the lights on in those war zones. If they leave, Afghanistan will look like a better idea for the lone blacks.

  7. Ben N Indiana says:

    ref: Anonymous wrote at 7:53 PM

    Blacks with average to high IQs tend to abandon ‘ghettos’.

    Black neighborhoods are left with an average IQ that may be around 70; that is, borderline retarded.

    Ask any cop who works in city with a black neighborhood; anyone who teaches in a black school.

  8. On The Road Again says:

    Not a very happy picture for Whites having to realize that having left the cities a generation they are now being followed once again. The Blacks cannot survive on their own therefore this survival tactic on their part. But the question is, where will the Whites head off to this time? It is only a matter of time until the next safe haven becomes a magnet for Blacks and then the relocation begins anew. At some point the game is over with no place left to go and then what?

  9. Cousin Charlie from TN says:

    These fancy “middle class blacks”, at least the ones I see at the supermarket etc. in this formerly lily-white area, are far from Dr. Huxtable, or all those articulate black “friends” that are shown in most TV ads now.

    These people look and act just like any other blacks from the “hood”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The typical white person last year earned income roughly 1.7 times higher than that of blacks, the widest ratio since the 1990s.

    Considering that the typical white works roughly 5 time harder, and with a better attitude, I’d say this is grossly unfair to whites.

  11. Rebelcelt says:

    So whites are 1.7x wealthier than blacks. How many more time are whites to get a higher degree? I betcha it is a lot higher than 1.7x.

    They are given so much and then think they earned it in face of great adversity. Ha

  12. BO_Bill says:

    Re: “The typical white person last year earned income roughly 1.7 times higher than that of blacks, the widest ratio since the 1990s.”

    Dividing 1 by 1.7 gives us 0.59. The ratio of three-fifths is 0.60.

    Quite some math, given all of the official and unofficial affirmative action programs.

  13. Anonymous says:

    All you have to do to get an idea of what is moving into your neighborhood is look around your big grocery store…today, I saw about seven different kinds of South American cream–Mexican, Salvadoran, etc. in the dairy case, but only one kind of horseradish. Hmmmmmm….also, the store has chittlins. Yikes. In my sleepy little suburb. *sigh*

  14. Anonymous says:

    To poster 13, I have also noticed the rise of exotic ‘foods’ in my local supermarket. Some of that stuff is just plain weird.