Posted on November 10, 2011

Wild Gang Fight in US Emergency Room

NewsCore, November 10, 2011

A wild gang fight involving at least a dozen thugs in a Bronx hospital emergency room ended in bloodshed when one gang member pulled a gun and began firing–wounding two hospital employees, police sources told the New York Post.

Bullets ricocheted in the packed ER waiting room–with many children nearby–at Bronx Lebanon Hospital about 7:00pm local time.

A 42-year-old security guard took a bullet in the groin and a 37-year-old male nurse was hit in the shoulder.

“I heard the shots, three of them, pop, pop, pop,” said nurse’s aide Joi Cummings. “It was just chaos, total chaos. Everyone was running. I saw a security guard on the stretcher.

“It’s so sad. You go to a hospital to get help, you don’t think you’re going to get shot.”

The incident stemmed from a long-standing beef between members of the Riverpark Towers Crew (RPT) and their Burnside Money Getters rivals, police sources said.

A member of RPT was being treated for a gash below his eye from a fight earlier in the day when he was alerted that guys from both gangs were in the waiting room, sources said.


17 responses to “Wild Gang Fight in US Emergency Room”

  1. john says:

    How inspiring it is to have a real live West Side Story scene with live ammunition! Very thoughtful of the combatants to have it in the local hospital in order to reduce the work load on the ambulance drivers.

    These kids today! (Sigh!)

  2. Tony Soprano says:

    Being a hospital employee I know first hand that any hospital emergency room is dangerous.I guess that explains all the large white men employed as nurses. My question is how did anyone get a gun past those signs which say “no firearms permitted”.

  3. whiteandoutasight says:

    Here is a video of their gang mobbing

  4. Integration Anxiety says:

    I can just imagine the ER doctor saying, “scalpel, forceps” sutchers,.gauze, Glock”. This is just crazy on so many levels. Nobody should have a firearm at a hospital besides a guard or law enforcement agent. This type of thing is usually only reserved for a thirld world nation. Well, I guess NYC circa 2011 qualifies unfortunately. How many more committees and organizations will now be created because of this? How many government dollars will be spent on training emergency room personnel into properly handling and diffusing your typical scenario of a ghetto style shootout at your local friendly neighborhood hospital, all in educating people on what used to be common sense and human decency? Sadly I have to tie this current event into the last part of that question. How sad that none of those so-called adults at the campus of Penn State called law enforcement to stop that piece of excrement Jerry Sandusky, in the football complex? Years ago I believe it would have been handled with martial law, and this guy would have never been found.

  5. Jeddermann. says:

    This is normally categorized as an egregious offense. A place where violence is punished by a very stiff punishment, much more than what would normally be the case. Wait and see, little will happen and punishments if any will be limited and sparse.

  6. Question Diversity says:

    3 whiteandoutasight:

    I noticed this took place near the New York Times building. Petard, hoisted, own.

  7. zone says:

    No ambulance wait or need to be standing in line with wounds in Emergency. This black innovation might be the start of a new and attractive trend for all gangland thugs of America.

  8. John Engelman says:

    Ever since the Mafia became a problem in the United States in the beginning of the last century Mafia gangsters have usually been careful to avoid harming non Mafia members in their gang fights. The Italians have been shaped by the evolutionary pressures of nearly three thousand years of urban civilization. Over a period of many centuries the criminal justice system of a civilized nation removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool.

  9. Kenelm Digby says:

    That race is completely hopeless and irredeemable.

    A very sweeping statement for me to make, but I repeat, the entire race is hopeless and irredeemable. You might not agree with me, but please do take those words in – it is a very considered opinion made after a lifetime’s observation.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Here is a video of their gang mobbing


    A few quick thoughts on that thrilling video

    It certainly drives home the validity of the taboo that ‘n****r’ is the most awful word in the English language, vile and offensive beyond all others, hurtful and painful to black people to a degree privileged whites can never begin to fully comprehend, a word that wounds like no other, crushes their spirits, denies their common humanity ….. but they use it more than any other word in the video and really, really, really love to say it.

    Watch the video again and pay attention to the clothing. The poverty crushing these poor wretches, as evidenced by their tattered rags, is heart-breaking, except that all the clothing looked brand new and not cheap. Those folks are not poor, not even close. You know they didn’t earn the money. Either their parents are making decent AA and/or govt paychecks while their kids regress to gangsta or it’s your tax dollars on display. Remember we need massively expanded redistribution of wealth via govt. Have you no sense of fairness?

    White flight? Sheer bigotry based on skin color. Shocking in this day and age. What you saw was vibrant, to say the least. Any enlightened white person would want to have this experience in his daily life and for his child in school. I’m thinking these folks may be neighbors of Phil Donahue and that accounts for his enthusiasm for diversity. Can you imagine how sterile and boring mass transit is in Portland by comparison?

    You Amren racists are dying out. Those kids are our future, plus a bunch of Mexicans and such. And it’s going to be great. You should listen to Tim Wise if you doubt it. Or Bill Clinton.

    I’ll admit some their speech was in need of some polish. Nothing that some hi-tech language labs, indoor pools, a lot more administrators and councilors couldn’t fix. But we have to invest in a brighter future. Stop being stingy. Four more years of Obama and Arne Duncan will get us a long way. I wish some enlightened judges would just take the bull by the horns and make it happen. Like that Kansas City deal. Wow, was that a trailblazer and model for closing the education gap. That and some slick moves like in Atlanta. Getting people of color in positions of power is half the battle. Melanin Matters! Wise Latina. MLK meant well but we must admit he was a bit naive about that ‘content of their character’ stuff. But he sure looks great at his new monument, doesn’t he; I mean if you ignore the statue itself.

  11. elitist says:

    For decades, I was the kind of fanatical, reality-denying “antiracist” Amreners love to make fun of.

    Ultimately, it was the unspeakably awful behavior of many if not most blacks which kept crashing through my elaborate system of denial.

    The truth is exactly the opposite of what blacks like to say:

    they’re just like everyone else, but some weird aversion to dark skin color makes us judge them as inferior.

    The truth is that they are mind bogglingly different from whites, and it is only our ideological conditioning that forces us to deny it.

    Ultimately, it is the unspeakably awful behavior of blacks themselves which is going to crash the system of race denial.

  12. Istvan says:

    About a year and a half ago I had the misfortune of visting Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, NJ, for the first time in over 38 years. The emergency room was filled with nothing but gun shot “victims” and obese black women. A previously good Catholic Hospital now in a war zone.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This happens in the Bronx while TCM is running a 50th anniversary special on “West Side Story,” a film where whites were required to depict Puerto Ricans. I am convinced that its popularity in its day, with its song, “Everything’s Free in America,” had much to do with the Hispanic press into the U.S. but you’d think that a film that romanticizes gangs, even with the Shakespearean allegory, would be considered tasteless today – if we were still a society with any standards.

  14. NYC Resident says:

    3 — whiteandoutasight wrote at 6:03 PM on November 10:

    Here is a video of their gang mobbing


    Every other word out of their mouths is N**GA. I know exactly where this was filmed. And the media continues to cover-up for them.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Many years ago when I lived in Manhattan I had a close friend whose husband was an ER doc. Ir wasn’t at Bronx-Lebanon, but it was in a bad area of the city. He came home one morning after working overnight and he was really ticked off. It seems that two gangs of “youths” got into it and tried to shoot each other’s balls off. He told her that the ER docs were so mad they didn’t even bother with anesthetics when they sewed them up.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Whites create 1st world nations, blacks and browns dismanlte them into 3rd world countries almost over night, it’s the same the world over.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I agree completely with Elitist. I too, was once very liberal and even felt sorry for blacks. No more. Everyday I see them provide substance for the argument that STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDn’t BREED!