Posted on November 4, 2011

‘We’ve Got To Do Something About Aboriginal Youth Crime’–O’Callaghan

Perth Now, November 5, 2011

WA police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan wants a public debate on Aboriginal youth crime following the horrific bashing of an elderly man over the weekend.

‘The 73-year-old great-grandfather, known as Wally, was brutally beaten with a baseball bat in an unprovoked attack while looking for the owner of a lost dog in the eastern Perth suburb of Camillo on Sunday night.

The man described his main attacker as a young Aboriginal man who was with a group of six Aboriginal youths.

He is recovering in hospital with two broken ribs, fractured vertebrae, a fracture to his forearm and cuts to his head.

The elderly man claimed he would have been killed if not for the intervention of a nearby resident.

WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan told 6PR radio today that Aboriginal youth crime needed to be addressed urgently.

“There are a lot of Aboriginal people and Aboriginal groups who really want to do something about this Aboriginal youth crime problem that we’ve got,” the police commissioner said.

“These types of assaults–and we’ve seen assaults on people in wheelchairs–these things transcend all the taboos that we’ve got in our society.

“The most vulnerable people–elderly and people who are disabled–are being attacked.

“We’ve got to do something about this–we’ve got to have a public debate.” Mr O’Callaghan said intervention was needed to prevent Aboriginal children from roaming the streets at night and getting into trouble.

“The issue for these kids is that we need to provide some intervention for them and we need to provide it quickly,” he said.

“If we don’t provide that, they’re out on the streets potentially doing more of these sorts of bashings.”

Mr O’Callaghan said many offences were committed by adults in the company of children and teenagers, who were easily influenced and went on to commit crimes themselves.

“We’ve got kids who are quite young, 14 or 15, who are committing horrific assaults and robberies,” he said.

Wally’s attacker is still at large and described as Aboriginal, 20-25, of slim build with dark eyes and about 175cm tall.


20 responses to “‘We’ve Got To Do Something About Aboriginal Youth Crime’–O’Callaghan”

  1. A Comment from Australia says:

    This problem is going to get worse and worse.

    I live in Sydney, there are even areas of this city and the State of NSW which are already “no go” area for whites. (Redfern, some Western suburbs and the towns of Moree, Walgett & Bourke after dark.) Elderly white women have been sexually assulted in their own homes in these towns and recently 2 Aboriginal youths asulted and murdered to duty nurse at Walgett Hospital. Bourke and Walgett have almost been destroyed by Aboriginal vandalism.

    They hate white people. They say we stole their land. Perhaps. But we can not change history and if this continent had not been settled by the British is is possible that the French of Spanish would be here.(I doubt that they would have treated Aboriginal any better than the English settlers)

    In the “bad old days” Aboriginals were looked after under a mission system. It was criticised for being paternalistic but the aim was intergration and Aboriginal children were taught basic reading and writing, hygiene and work skills. They were also protected from alcohol. Yes, they were segregated. All this changed in the 70s and the result is misery with almost total dependance on welfare and severe social problems including alcohol issues, petrol sniffing, disease and crime, usually, bashing, robbery, house breaking and the occasional riot.All attempts at putting them in modern society have failed. In the 70s they started putting aboriginal welfare housing in better white suburbs, that was a total disaster and shambles. (Bolt up your house, your car, your daughters, wear ear plugs and watch out for flying beer bottles!)

    My answer; None really but some sort of segregation needs to be considered with a curfew and a total ban on alcohol.

    The Australian Aboriginals are a stone age people and apart from collecting their welfare at an ATM, talking to each other on a cell phone and driving and usually wrecking a (mining royalty paid for) 4WD they do not want to fit into the 21st century.

    I would also like to suggest that the word “racism” is totally inappropriate when it comes to dealing with, and possibly very harshly so, the very real Aboriginal problems in this country.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s the same anywhere in the world where blacks congregate: pack attacks with no shred of morality.

  3. The g Factor says:

    Australian governments including education authorities have done just about everything wrong in regard to Aboriginal policy over the last three or four decades making the problem of Aboriginal crime worse. Twenty years ago the Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody scapegoated white society for the excessive number of Aboriginals in prison – and not so long afterwards the number of them incarcerated and dying in prisons had increased. Something similar happened after Kevin Rudd delivered an apology of the so-called ‘Stolen Generation’ in 2008 – violence over this matter broke out, the homicide rate went up and a prison census in 2009 found a 10% increase in the number of Aborigines in jail.

    Meanwhile we are fed a lot of propaganda about colonialism and dispossession which gives the Aboriginals a sense of grievance and entitlement – and no doubt justification for crime.

    A little ‘race realism’ would help rather than relying on myths of racial equality but those in power continually take the easy way out so the problems continue.

  4. Terry says:

    This is from my cycling journal of ten years ago.

    With the cold nights I had become very anti my little tent and continued to stay in the small hotels. They were not too expensive. At Casino the camp ground was twelve dollars while the hotel only twenty two. Well I was sitting in this crummy hotel with a gent watching the dogs on tele.. Me wanting to watch the news and he not budging. I said I think I’ll go out for a walk, and he said ‘don’t do that its too dangerous you’ll get yourself killed’. I said I’m not worried but sat down all the same and watched the dogs. Otherwise I was never feared of my safety.

  5. madison grant says:

    Any US police chief who spoke out against black crime would be vilified as a racist by the media and polite society.

    After all, they’d whine, why is he scapegoating one community?

    Isn’t he aware that whites commit crime, too?

    You can expect O’Callaghan to receive similar treatment.

  6. Laager says:

    @ Comment from Australia

    Well, well!

    What goes around comes around

    “My answer; None really but some sort of segregation needs to be considered with a curfew and a total ban on alcohol.”

    I’ve no idea how old this Ozzie is but if he is 40+ he may remember the Gleneagles Agreement – one of the sporting sanction tools used to apply pressure on South Africa in the 70s/80s by all the British Commonwealth countries. Australia and New Zealand were right in the front line of this process.

    The segregation, curfews and ban on alcohol for Aboriginals he proposes existed in South Africa during the formal apartheid era from 1948 to 1990. The western world – with Australia and New Zealand in the frontline – supported the UN resolution to have these laws declared “A Crime Against Humanity”

    They were all abolished by Pres de Klerk in 1990. Black South Africans now have all and exactly the same freedoms as Australian Aboriginals.

    I recall the ban on alcohol availability for blacks being repealed in the 60s.

    Since 1994 blacks have asserted their new found freedoms by slaughtering 300,000 of their own people plus 40,000 whites. About 1m whites have decided that this new utopia is not for them and have emigrated mainly to English speaking countries around the world. Many have gone to Australia. I hope our correspondent is displaying due courtesy and welcoming these new immigrants particularly as many of his countrymen have been directly responsible for their migration.

    As for the casualty photographed in this article – it seems to me that he has got off lightly.

    If you really want to see what black people are capable of – and are doing to white South Africans – take a look at the archives in the following websites:

    If you find the pictures too distressing read the stories on:

  7. olewhitelady says:

    Notice that the article refers to this “20-25” year-old man as the usual “youth”. It’s hard to tell how far the liberal media will push this age range.

    I’ve read that Australoids make up about 2% of the Australian population overall, but it sounds like they’re even more problematic than African-origin blacks. Of course, their IQ is an average of around 60, while American blacks’ average is 85 (and I’d bet more like 70 in the ghettoes).

    At the time of the Western civilization’s civil rights revolution, too many people (including me) believed dark-skinned populations were being held back because of senseless prejudice. If they could just be given an even break, we thought, they could compete adequately with whites and live among us. Well, a half century of failure has proven that, by and large, they cannot. Most whites now realize why the U.S. had Jim Crow and why other Western-culture countries segregated and tried to civilize their dark minorities. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, about the only thing left to do is to lock up the people who won’t follow society’s rules and KEEP THEM LOCKED UP. There have always been members of these minorities who refuse to go along with the white man’s ways, and, in the past, they got long sentences or execution. These people have to have a healthy fear of the long arm of the law, and now most of them don’t.

  8. Jeddermann. says:

    It sounds to be that the Australian dirty war, the low-intensity war, the intifada against whitey Australians has begun. A war, not declared or even realized by whitey that the war has begun. A war the hallmarks of are rape, murder, robbery and associated mayhem of whitey that are old, weak, infirm, solitary persons attacked by packs of miscreants seeking revenge for past “wrongs”.

    That type of war has been waged for over fifty years now in the U.S. by black and again, whitey does not even realize it.

  9. Charles says:

    How can we sleep when our beds are burning?

  10. Comment from Australia says:

    Quick reply to Laager #6. I am in my late 60s and remember very well all the anti-white struggles in Southern Africa. I was TOTALLY AGAINST all the Anti-Apathied push that went on in Oz/NZ/UK those days, in particular by one “conservative” Australian Prime Minister by the name of J.M.Fraser. I thought the whole thing was one great betrayal of white civilisation. Gleneagles was total hypocricy and stupidity. Yes I extend a warm welcome to the many former South Africans and Rhodesians that I come across here.

    Oz has one great advantage over South Africa, that is that whites here are still in the very significant majority, the police are 99% white and while they undergo PC and other “sensitivity” training most seem to have very little time for drunken, lawless Aboriginals.

    As per my previous post, just visit Alice Springs, Darwin or any town in the NSW outback to see the results of giving Aboriginals their western style human rights, it just does not work.

  11. ATBOTL says:

    “You can expect O’Callaghan to receive similar treatment.”

    Other countries tend to allow more open discussion of non-white crime than the US.

  12. Howard W. Campbell says:

    Imagine what would happen to the Aborigines if China were ever to take over Australia? They would probably be wiped off the face of the earth as many Africans will be when the vacuum finally blows open in South Africa. When China moves in to exploit the mineral wealth, what is the western world going to do? Go to war over it? When China shuts off the money tap to the US, we will probably implode; especially in the “urban” areas.

    I wonder if the time has come to move the Aborigines out to something like a high tech Indian Reservation. Yes they were there first, but it was Western Europeans who actually built the country.

  13. Laager says:

    @ Comment from Oz

    Thanks for your honest heads up.

    @ Howard Campbell

    “Yes they were there first, but it was Western Europeans who actually built the country.”

    You could say exactly the same about the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

    For some peculiar reason it is only the RSA that has been singled out by the loony left to hand the country over to the IQ 70s.

    Could it be that the other 4 countries found it a convenient distraction to deflect attention from their own internal race issues?

    Or could it be that with political correctness being fashionable the one man one vote solution was the way to go – regardless of the consequences?

    Whatever the reasons both Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and now South Africa have gone down the pan.

    Who is next – New Zealand?

    It will be interesting to see who the libtard do-gooders target next.

    You talk of a “high tech Indian Reservation.” solution.

    Here are a few facts about South Africa that the left wing liberals went to great lengths not to inform the west about. Allow me to provide a brief history resume’ to arrive at the salient point:

    In 1834 there was a mass exodus – The Great Trek – by Dutch/Boere/Afrikaners out of the Cape Colony to escape British rule. They went into the interior in peace to seek land to establish self determination on their own territory. They did not set out to conquer and rule. In Natal they reached an agreement with Zulu King Dingaan for land between the southern border of Zululand and the northern border of Xhosa lands. This fertile well watered territory was about the size of Switzerland and sufficient for their needs.

    The Zulus reneged on the deal and massacred Retief’s negotiating delegation. The pioneers were caught between a rock and a hard place. They had no desire to return to the Cape and subsequently crushed the Zulu in the reprisal Battle of Blood River in 1938, and proceeded to establish their republic of Natalia.

    In the meantime the British moving eastwards from Cape Town expanded the Cape Colony by going to war against the Xhosa 7 times. They then annexed Natal and after a standoff with the Boere took over their territory. The Boere trekked again into the interior and established the Orange Free State and ZAR (Transvaal) Republics.

    The British then went to war against the Zulu 3 times, conquered them and annexed their territory, Zululand, into Natal Colony.

    Unfortunately the Boere settled on the worlds biggest diamond – OFS (1866) and gold – Tvl (1886) – deposits which the British wanted and went to war over in 1881 and 1899. They then consolidated all their conquered territory [including 9 black tribes] into the Union of South Africa in 1910.

    The Boere/Afrikaners gained political power through the ballot box in 1948 and proceeded to complete their Great Trek. In 1961 the Union became a Republic and all constitutional links with the British Commonwealth were terminated.

    The Afrikaners never had any desire to conquer and rule the black tribes so they set about investing in infrastructure, educational and administrative institutions to build the Native Reserves/Bantustans/Homelands up to become independent nations on the scale of Lesotho and Swaziland – i.e: high tech Indian Reservations as you call them. 56% of South Africa’s tax revenue was invested in this development program. A resolution was passed by the United Nations (i.e. most of the “free world” – including the Communist block) declaring this policy “A Crime Against Humanity”

    For more detail on this benevolent development policy visit:

    Read the Pandora’s Box series of articles for the full untold story

    Now that the USA, OZ, NZ & Canada are coming into the “racially oppressive” frame it is going to be interesting to see who puts the pressure on them to return the land to the “indigenous people” and just how they will respond.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This was a hate crime. The man was attacked soley because he was white.

    I don’t see any solution to the problem of Aborigines. They have the lowest I.Q. in the world. Hundreds of years of history cannot be rolled back. I don’t think they can now be genetically absorbed. Probably allowing them to live as much as possible as they did before outside contact occurred would be the best thing. The Aborigines are simply the price to be paid for having Australia.

  15. Standard Bearer says:

    ‘We’ve Got To Do Something About Aboriginal Youth Crime’

    How about not pretending this Stone Age people can participate in Western civilization and coexist with Europeans. Aboriginals should be allowed to resume their ancestral way of life far from Europeans, that would be best for everyone involved.

    I’m curious are these people real Aboriginals or part-European hybrids?

  16. Laager says:


    The Battle of Blood River took place in 1838 – not 1938

  17. Anonymous says:

    Laager #13: I always believed that South Africa was targeted by the Communist because of its large gold, diamond, and other mineral deposits, as well as being at a strategic location in Africa, where a large portion of the world’s oil flows around the Cape of Good Hope, from the Persian Gulf region, on its way to the Western Nations, among them the US, and Canada.

    The Communists could effectively shut down a good portion of our oil supply that we need by controlling South Africa.

    Strategically, why we ever let this happen is beyond me.

  18. John says:

    I Live in the south east coast of OZ but I intend to go to Perth later this month. Last time I went there 25 years ago some drunken Aborigines verbally abused me and some friends from across the street I was walking on. Hopefully any interracial contact this time will not be abusive or violent as the nature of the article featured

    As other posts have pointed out Aboriginal govt policy is a shambles, a joke.

    Federal army intervention and billions of dollars has done nothing to make the problem any better.

    Anyone in frequent contact,especially in the outback towns knows what I am talking about. Take a US ghetto black and an American Indian and toss them in a blender with some govt subsidized alcohol and voila !you have your 2011 Australian Aborigine.

    Actually last weekend several hundred Aborigine men marched in Melbourne as a sign of Aboriginal solidarity and `bringing` pride back to the Aboriginal race..they better do more than just march through the city if they want to bring some real pride and respectability back to their race!

    (Interestingly the tactics and lingo used reminded me of Farrakhan’s US Black `million men march` several years ago in the States)

    A disproportionate amount of crime in the outback and in Western Australia is caused by out of control Aborigines.I strongly suspect the police commissioner was fed up with all the PC rubbish and wanted to set the record straight regardless whether he was reprimanded or lost his job.

    Interestingly I read these same remarks in the mainstream press and so far he appears to have escaped any `rebuke` or punishment.

    Most probably he has the overwhelming support of the rest of his police force that face this type of crime and antisocial behaviour day after day.

  19. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 17

    By “the Communists” I presume you are referring to the USSR and The Eastern Block

    countries working by proxy through their surrogate on the battlefield – Cuba.

    The fact of the matter is that the small SA Defence Force gave Cuba an almighty bloody nose in Angola and neutralised the ANC, PAC and SACP to being nothing more than telephones and fax machines in offices in distant countries.

    The RSA was not defeated militarily. You may recall that the UN passed a resolution placing an arms embargo on selling armaments from member states to the RSA. Some 25 years later they passed another resolution requesting member states not to buy the world class armaments that the RSA armaments industry was producing.

    What brought the SA Govt to the negotiating table was the economic sanctions, cultural and sports boycotts. Also a huge paradigm shift took place within the white population. They realised that the need for apartheid legislation was irrelevant for to all intents and purposes the country was a multi-culti ethnically integrated nation – especially in the workplace.

    Black and white could co-operate together except from the point of view of the extreme right wing.

    At the time the negotiations started communism collapsed in Europe so it was left to SA black and white to find a way forward. On the face of it Mandela’s generation of politicians were committed to peaceful co-existence. However since his retirement the true face of the ANC has been revealed as we read about on the blogs.

    The reality is that Communism is still targetting Africa. However this time it has come in the form of China who are playing a massive game of spinning a golden honeypot web to ensnare the entire continent and not just South Africa. Massive infrastructural projects are being undertaken throughout Africa South of the Sahara.

    I think that black Africa will wake up in 20 years time and discover they have been re-colonised; this time by the Chinese.

    What the west will do when they discover that they have lost easy access to essential raw materials and minerals (not diamonds and gold) remains to be seen

    Perhaps they will rue the day they sold out their kith and kin on the southern tip of the continent in the mistaken belief that black Africa would accept western style democracy as a viable form of government for their cultures and remain friendly towards the west.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “I wonder if the time has come to move the Aborigines out to something like a high tech Indian Reservation.”

    The American Indian reservation system has worked very well. Indians have not become a low wage criminal underclass like the blacks and hispanics. Indians can live an entirely indian life on the rez or leave work and live in White society.

    Indians have their own leadership. They don’t depend on Whites to run their resevations and tribal councils. They have a higher crime rate than Whites, but they do not go marauding for White prey like blacks and aborgines do. The reservation system means their drunk driving is mostly on empty reservation roads. Off reservation their drunk driving endangers Whites of course.

    It has worked out well. Australia should try it. Most of all, leave them alone to find their own level. The American indians have found their own level and it is not so bad for either them or Whites.