Posted on November 22, 2011

The White Party

Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times, November 21, 2011

In the wake of the 2008 election, conservative Republican strategists like Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and William Kristol warned that their party faced even worse defeats if it continued in its anti-immigrant posturing.

“An anti-Hispanic attitude is suicidal,” Rove wrote. The decision to “demagogue” the immigration issue was a “totally self-inflicted wound by House Republicans,” Kristol declared. Beating up on immigrants,” Grover Norquist said, “loses you votes.”

Their advice was rejected. Republicans running for the House and the Senate defiantly calculated that they could win in 2010 with a surge of white voters, affirming the Republican role as the default party of white America. Initially, this approach appeared quixotic. A demographic tidal wave of African-American and Hispanic voters threatened to wash the Republicans out to sea.

But many Republican candidates–incumbents and challengers–did not budge. They not only held firm in their adamant opposition to immigration reform (despite its crucial importance to many Hispanic voters), but they also became even more hard-nosed. Former apostates on the issue, like Senator John McCain of Arizona, who had proudly backed immigration reform in 2004 and 2005, saw the light–in other words, read poll data on Republican voters–and moved to the right.


The decision to carry the banner for conservative white America paid off in the midterm elections–helped enormously, of course, by a dismal economy under a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress, as well as conservative hostility to the administration’s health care program and economic stimulus legislation.

{snip} But the scope of success went far beyond expectations.

The percentage of non-Hispanic whites voting for Republican House candidates in 2010, 62 percent, set a record for off-year contests, beating even the 1994 Republican rout when Republicans got 58 percent of the white vote. {snip}

Another way of looking at it is this: fully 88.8 percent of all ballots cast in 2010 for House Republicans were cast by whites, compared to 63.9 percent for Democrats.


In the Jan. 19, 2008, South Carolina primary, 96 percent of the Republican turnout was white, 2 percent black, 1 percent Latino and 1 percent other. The population of the state is 64.1 percent white, 27.9 percent black and 5.1 percent Hispanic.

Now, moving toward what has all the markings of a historic ideological and demographic collision on Nov. 6, 2012, Republicans are doubling down on this racially fraught strategy.

While the subject of race and of the overwhelmingly white Republican primary electorate are never explicitly discussed by Republican candidates, the issue is subsumed in blatant anti-immigration rhetoric. As Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, learned the hard way, voicing sympathy for the plight of the undocumented is a sure way to lose ground.


The major threat to the Republican “white” strategy is a revival of the high turnout among minorities that carried Democrats to victory in 2008. {snip}


With less than a year to go until the election, poll data suggest that the Republican “white” strategy has a chance of working. Since 2008, the Republican Party’s biggest gains, and Obama’s sharpest declines, have been among white voters.


The non-partisan Pew Research Center reported in July that measurements of partisan identification showed increasing Republican margins among white voters. In 2008, 46 percent of whites said they were Republicans or generally voted for Republicans, and 44 percent were Democrats, a virtual tie. By the summer of 2011, however, the Republican advantage had grown to 52-39.

The shift, Pew noted, was “particularly pronounced among the young and poor.” Whites under 30 in 2008 favored Democrats by seven points, but by mid-2011 gave the Republican party an 11 point edge, a substantial 18 point shift. Similarly, whites with incomes under $30,000 had favored Democrats by 15 points in 2008, but in 2011 tilted Republican by four points, a 19 point shift.


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  1. Hirsch says:

    Hey NYT

    If you thought you saw a record for white turnout in 2010, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    The math is obvious. Save the odd election won with a sub-majority plurality, you need a majority of the vote to win elections. According to CNN’s racial data in its exit polling, whites were the only racial group in 2010 to vote at least 51% Republican. Ergo, only white votes led Republicans to victory.

    Now the next trick is to get Republican politicians to start doing for white people. Far easier said than done.

  3. white is right, black is whack says:

    Hey, GOP! The whites are the ones who have voted for you and are responsible for your parties’ success. Appeal to them instead of invaders and people who hate you and will never vote for you.

  4. Ben N Indiana says:

    White people would be wise to study the playbook from Jewish Demographic Policies. See link below.

    Jews understand their numbers are decreasing and are actively planning to counter their demise. Whites should do the same.

  5. Ben N Indiana says:

    Republicans may be able to pull off a win with Whites in 2012. However, Whites will be a minority in 2041. Long before 2041 the insurgence of non-Whites who vote for left-leaning Democrats will tilt the government towards socialism.

    How does this bode for the future?

    Some point to the economic depletion of California, for example, that correlates with the ‘Hispanization’ of that state. They point to areas of Haiti, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Jefferson County, Alabama as harbingers of America’s future.

    Sadly, their predictions are short sighted.

    When we consider that American regions plagued by Black Undertow are maintained by White Infrastructure, we must face the fact that our future will be much worse. We face a future America that is dominated by Black Undertow, but without White Infrastructure. The same is true of Europe, Canada, Australia and all of the Eurosphere.

    Without White Infrastructure, human civilization is doomed to an future not dissimilar to that of pre-Columbian black Africa and the Americas. In other words, the demise of Western Culture and its infrastructure may be the permanent end of advanced human civilization.

    Granted, the Chinese have adopted and exploited Western ingenuity. The Chinese, however, have contributed little to new innovation and invention. That lack of contribution may be attributed to excessive government domination. But innovation and invention has been lacking in other East Asian nations where economies have been free from government intervention.

    Furthermore it should be considered that East Asians tend to lack the benevolence evident in Western Culture. It is doubtful that East Asians would donate massive food and medical aid to sub-Saharan Africans. It is difficult to imagine a contingency of Chinese medical professionals descending on future crisis points such as Haiti. It is doubtful that Chinese television will ever feature heart-tugging advertisements pleading for donations for poverty-stricken brown children.

    The conclusion

    White people who support the balkanization of the Eurosphere and cheer the destruction of their own race are inadvertently destroying the very infrastructure that provides non-Whites with an extraordinarily high quality of life. They are also unwittingly pressing towards the destruction of human civilization.

  6. Seek says:

    So calling for limiting the number of immigrants who can come here legally is akin to “beating up” those who have to stay home — as if migrating to the U.S. were some sort of human right. And you wonder why Sam Francis (R.I.P.) called the GOP “the stupid party.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well, here we go again! It is the rogues gallery of neocons! Surprise, surprise they are lying again! This time they are calling a rational immigration policy based on the best interests of current legal American citizens “anti-hispanic.” That is a lie! An immigration moratorium and repatriation of foreign nationals is in the best interest of ALL current American citizens except for a few elitists who make illegal fortunes through crime by employing foreign nationals who are here illegally instead of honest American citizens. In addition, the neocons promoting their illegal policy are promoting the divide and conquer strategy of pitting foreigners against Americans on American soil! When will they cease their illegal activity?

    Please note that the neocons are in many cases “former” socialists and even “former” communists! Look into the background of the prominent neocons like the Crystals and you will find a communist skeleton in the closet. Outside of their Israel and corporate proxy wars they are still advancing communist and socialist agendas and a divide and conquer ethnic policy.

  8. paul rim says:

    Whites abandoning Obama! All he wants is their taxes, their jobs & their homeland so he can provide for the poor people of color who are now just too big & laid back to provide for themselves. No sir, Mr. Whitey the big state bonanza is not for you! Just keep toiling to pay those govt. Bills.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Tea Party (and who knows where they get their funding) are the only thing keeping the republican party from extinction. Since it does come from funding, it might be a reminder for common folks to stay active in politics.

  10. Pale Face says:

    We have a home in the Republican Party. Let’s do what we can to make sure all of our fellow Whites know this. Speak up!

  11. margaret says:

    I stopped reading when I saw non Hispanic whites. Hispanic capitalized and whites lower case. They really do want us exterminated don’t they?

  12. ice says:

    “An anti-Hispanic attitude is suicidal,” Rove wrote.

    Here’s the typical fat, pot-bellied party boss who wants to stay in power and would sell his soul to the devil in order to do it. He doesn’t know what principles are, and he wouldn’t give a rag for them if he did.

    He’s the reason the Republicans put in place cardboard figures who can’t articulate, like Dole and McCain, instead of principled individuals who do what they believe to be right and to hell with being politically correct.

    Certain precautions have to be taken, but these Rove types concentrate so greatly on making sure their candidate holds his mouth right and parts his hair to their satisfaction they lose sight of the desire people have for a statesman to represent their views, not a lackey who is afraid of doing the wrong thing, so he grovels and apologizes.

    Newt Gingrich may not be all people on the right want, and he’s not very charismatic, but he comes closer to having a fire in his belly and telling it like it is than anybody the Republicans have put up so far.

    Note that it was after he lambasted the leftist moderators two or three times that his poll numbers shot him into first place. People are sick to death of spineless cardboard cut-outs who can’t articulate properly and would be afraid to even if they could.

    At least he has a bit of fire in his belly, and he’s definitely very intelligent.

  13. HH says:

    The “White” party that does nothing for Whites…terrific! You knew this article was useless the minute they trotted out the likes of Rove, Kristol, etc., as “conservatives” rather than the full-blown Neocon clowns they really are! And Norquist is married to a Muslim woman.


  14. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    This article in a nutshell:

    Not all Whites are anti-Whites who support White Genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  15. rjf101 says:

    The shift, Pew noted, was “particularly pronounced among the young and poor.” Whites under 30 in 2008 favored Democrats by seven points, but by mid-2011 gave the Republican party an 11 point edge, a substantial 18 point shift. Similarly, whites with incomes under $30,000 had favored Democrats by 15 points in 2008, but in 2011 tilted Republican by four points, a 19 point shift.

    The young are the voters of the future, and the poor have a lot of clout simply by being such a large group. So, these substantial shifts to the Republicans are excellant news for the party, and, considering the motives suggested by the article, it is a good thing for nationalists as well.

  16. Fritz says:

    I think Republicans are overlooking the potential gains they might make in the Black community if they exploited the truth about how illegals have swollowed up those initial level jobs Blacks used to take as a stepping stone to further advancement. The “unskilled” jobs these open border advocates like to claim Americans won’t do, are the very jobs Blacks with limited education used to take. Those Black mouthpieces that claim they speak for the Black community, hardly ever bark about the jobs illegals have taken from Blacks. Maybe it’s time Republicans start to at least attempt to exploit that issue. Maybe then, at least some Blacks might consider that maybe, just maybe, Republicans might be right about something.

  17. rockman says:

    nancy pelosi stated there were 20,000,000 illegals when speaker of the house. Allowing these folk to get amnesty and to vote is suicide for the GOP for the next century at least. Obama knows this and will give them amensty in a dramatic move to ensure power for the Democrats for ever. They will not need white people ever again to keep power. Power is where it is at in the final analysis Our country, culture and history will be destroyed in one stroke of the pen. With the failure of the super committee our military power is down the toilet. We stand on the edge of disaster so huge it is almost beyond comprehension. Social and economic chaos await.

  18. Jack Krak says:

    Using the same logic, I guess Republican candidates should drop the “tough on crime” routine for fear of alienating the criminal element. Ditto with abusing welfare, dropping out of high school, getting pregnant at 14, smoking, beating your wife/kids, etc. I mean, going on about how those things are bad for us all offends anyone who has done it or plans to do it and the descendants of those who did it. Why risk pushing those people away from the party and driving them to Democrats? The Republicans should be like the Dems – believe that everything is ok and the worst thing you can do is stand up against something or someone who has done something wrong. The only rule is that there are no rules.

  19. Berin says:

    Whites have to contend with the white liberal – like the ACLU, SPLC, etc. No other group has the equivalent race traitor, they are not tolerated. The crazy white liberal approves of the racial solidarity of others but would condemn the same spirit if exhibited by whites.

  20. gary says:

    What good is a GOP that wont stand up for Whites? Does Rove think that we are in such thrall to the plutocrats and banksters that we will do anything to ensure their victory. I care not a fig for the GOP. I care for my children and their destiny. If this aligns with republicanism,fine. The dustbin of history is waiting for Rove and his cohorts if the GOP betrays us yet again.

  21. olewhitelady says:

    Naturally, politicians want to get as many votes from as many groups as possible. The problem with Hispanic votes is that they’re not yet as predictable as black votes. Strategists of both major parties apparently advocate fence-sitting until more can be figured out about the Hispanic vote and its effect on white voting. It’s up to white people to convince pols that we’re still the majority and must be heeded. If we don’t vote in huge numbers, we weaken our position.

    I live in SE Ohio, in an area that’s culturally Appalachian. The vast number of folks here are pro-religion, pro-gun, and anti-gay marriage. And that includes blacks as well as whites. When they feel that a vote matters, they go to the polls.

    I believe that there are many common white people in this nation who are just like those where I live. Is there anyone who believes that, if the vast majority of eligible whites voted, we couldn’t put whoever we want in office? And most whites do not hold the same views as those espoused in the media by elites who don’t represent anyone but themselves.

    I know a leftist who’s simply sitting around waiting for the revolution. He doesn’t bother to vote. Conservative whites must not be the same, waiting for secession or any other long-term solution.

    Our biggest problem is illegal Hispanic immigration. We can put people in office who will vote for measures to make it nearly impossible for illegals to be hired. Just the enactment of such statues has proven to frighten many illegals away. We need measures to frighten employers. We need solutions that will matter right now.

  22. Fr. John+ says:

    When the Huffington Post tells people to get behind Ron Paul, I think the Whites are waking up and smelling the coffee.

    And, for the holiday, FYI.

  23. Bo says:

    It is one thing for the diverse white American voters to coalesce behind Republican candidates, and another thing for Republican candidates to respond. Immigration, while important, isn’t the only thing. Here are some other responses the white community should demand:

    1) An end to Asian wars in which the deaths of young white soldiers are vastly disproportionate to their share of military personnel as well as to their share of the American population.

    2) Special tailored health services to afflictions that show large over-representation of diverse white kids: tobacco, binge drinking, and meth abuse & addiction.

    3) Speaking out against lies and slurs spoken against the diverse white American peoples. Have you ever heard a Republican elected politician, careful as always about some demographics’ sensitivities, speak out against hate speech designed to denigrate and demoralize young white kids?

    And there is a lot more, some small stuff, some big issues like immigration and affirmative action, but without measures like the three listed above, the Republican Party is objectively anti-white.

  24. Greg says:

    to ice:

    I completely agree with you on Newt, but with one caveat–illegal immigration. Although very smart, he is too much like any other beltway conservative. He doesn’t understand the economic and cultural toll or gravity of the situation. For me this is a deal breaker, but who else is there to pick from? None of them seem to understand the problem (except maybe Bachmann), and all of them can’t tell us quickly enough how great legal immigration is. As the descendent of someone who wasn’t an immigrant (he was a colonist) and fought the British in the War of Independence, this is offensive to me.

    For Republicans it is this simple. Immigrant and minority groups overwhelmingly vote Democrat–even if they appear to be socially conservative. The only chance the GOP has is with whites. Thus, it should ensure whites continue to make up a majority of the population. This can be done by ending birthright citizenship, brutally enforcing immigration law, building the fence, and passing voter protection acts which prevent voter fraud and ex-cons from casting ballots.

  25. Jack in Chicago says:

    I hope most folks here spread the truth that we don’t care what Karl Rove has to say about immigration or really anything.

    Karl Rove was the brains behind the George W Bush administration….

    That’s not a great claim to fame – kind of like being the captain of the Titanic.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the Whites under 30 who shifted from +7% Democrats to +11% Republicans, I submit that many of them entered the real world work force, following years of social indoctrination into egalitarianism and multiculturalism by the mass media during their youth, and promptly received a series of brutal kicks to the face courtesy of the corporate policies of affirmative action and the Federal government’s constant pandering to Blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, and illegals.

    There is nothing quite like reality to shake up and correct a young White person’s twisted and conditioned mindset. There is probably nothing quite like the wake-up call of working alongside a minority who produces vastly inferior ideas and products, has an abysmal work record, and yet receives all of the accolades, raises, and promotions, courtesy of the affirmative action disgrace.

  27. Question Diversity says:

    QD’s axiom about Karl Roverrated:

    George W. Bush won two national elections in spite of him and his advice, not because of it.

  28. Question Diversity says:

    26 Anonymous:

    I’d like to think you’re right, that reality is slapping young whites in the face. But I have perhaps a more practical explanation:


    Young people like those “alternate channels” to acquire movies and music, and Obama is against those, because the RIAA/MPAA types funded his campaign. Now, the copywrong extremists have gotten full of themselves, and are, with Lamar Smith’s help, trying to push through a “let the Feds censor the internet at any time for any reason” bill. The hateful anti-White left is on board, for the obvious reasons.

  29. Anonymous says:

    #7: You just wrote what I have been saying for years, and it is refreshing to see that someone else is on board with the real problem, which is, that Liberals and Neo-Cons are of the same cloth.

    You have no choice with either Liberals or Neo-Cons. Pat Buchanan is not a Neo-Con, therefore he has been marginalized by this group which has mananged to take over the Republican Party.

    Ron Paul isn’t a Neo-Con, he is the bane of the Neo-Con, with his anti-Interventionalist, anti-Nation Building, anti-UN, anti-Federal Reserve platform, all of which scares the hell out of those pursuing a North American Union, and the demise of the American Constitutional Republic.

    I recommend that readers here obtain a copy of “The Insiders” by John McManus and learn which notable Politicians and Corporate Executives are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The only pro-White Party of any note today, is the American Third Position Party.

  31. Anonymous says:

    olewhitelady says…

    Our biggest problem is illegal Hispanic immigration. We can put people in office who will vote for measures to make it nearly impossible for illegals to be hired. Just the enactment of such statues has proven to frighten many illegals away. We need measures to frighten employers. We need solutions that will matter right now.


    Your first sentence is not correct. ALL nonwhite immigration is the problem. That includes blacks, btw, who you seem to think are a-okay in your neck of the woods. Get out in the REAL world.

  32. WR the elder says:

    If our politicians would actually deport illegal immigrants they wouldn’t have to worry about strategies to get their votes.

    Republicans are only getting the white vote by default. They primarily want war and tax cuts for the rich, so they don’t offer much to the average white voter. But the Democrats are worse.