Posted on November 22, 2011

Flash Mob Shoplifts at Silver Spring 7-Eleven

Matthew Stabley, NBC Washington, November 22, 2011

About 50 people simultaneously shoplifted from a Silver Spring, Md., 7-Eleven Saturday night.


The shoplifters–described as teens and young adults–took items including snacks and drinks, police said

Police stopped a group of six people ages 16-18 near Tech Road and Broadbirch Drive. Each had items from the 7-Eleven but no receipts, police said.

Detectives are investigating whether the shoplifters had attended a birthday party in the area, police said.


Flash mob crime in the county has prompted lawmakers to consider teen loitering legislation and a teen curfew.


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29 responses to “Flash Mob Shoplifts at Silver Spring 7-Eleven”

  1. Hirsch says:

    These mobs are going to try these tactics when the wrong white man (re: one who wants to defend the defensless) are present. I recently called to make an appointment at a Conceal & Carry workshop, and was told that as a veteran who had served within the last six years that I could get my permit expedited without the classes.

    A few days ago on Amren there was video of a pack of savage black thugs sucker-punching an old black man and knocking him unconscious. Some said that it was not relevant to our cause, as he was black, but I would not have gently abided such an abuse of the elderly.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    Start at 0:50. Notice some parents are calling for a U18 curfew. Which will work as well and be enforced as vigilantly as laws against shoplifting. This is the People’s Republic of Maryland we’re talking about here, young black men are pretty much exempt from criminal law.

    Why should these parents ask the cops to enforce a curfew? Why don’t they lay down and enforce a curfew?

    One other thing — I’m not justifying what happened here, but by the same token, I get the feeling karma is at work. The owners of this 7 11 are probably Patel types who scammed the Federal government out of SBA loans to buy this place from each other over and over again.

  3. Ben N Indiana says:

    Be patient.

    In time some stupid White kids will mimic black mob robberies. Then, the media will note the race of the perps and declare such group thefts ‘cross racial lines.’

  4. the Soviet Republic of New Jersey says:


    This right is in the 33 Amendment to the US Constitution and has been pre-law upheld by the US Supreme Court. Rape is also sanctioned as long as its a white girl.

  5. Brutus says:

    A curfew for “teens”? So young Whites are to be penalized for the crimes of Blacks. I’m afraid we need to bring back segregation.

  6. white is right, black is whack says:

    Yes, ’50 teens’ but we can’t mention their race because that’s ‘racist’ unless the people doing bad deeds are white that is.

  7. Larry The Liberal says:

    Seven Eleven needs more diversity training. The African American children are shell-shocked from 400 years of opression! They deserve free hot fries and orange pop!

    Those may have even been white kids in black face! Stop the hate!


  8. Vengador says:

    Sure pass a curfew for ALL teens. Not just for Dah youfs. Same old damned story. The innocent pay for the perpetrators.

    It reminds me of the priest in my old parish back in Filthadelphia who used to berate the people in church about those who didn’t attend and support the parish.

    As usual we suffer for the criminal activities of the Mau Mau.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Teen loitering laws? Being teens is part of the identifier, but to date there have been no indication of Asian or white flash mobs. Apparently the authrities don’t want to be discriminatory, so all teens will have their rights curtailed.

    I also note the 1960 and forward theory that blacks commit economic crimes borne of impoverishment no longer holds true. These are crimes of borne of amusement and seem to be racially motivated toward non-blacks.

  10. anonymous says:

    I watched the video, read several news reports…….

    hello? no one mentioned that They Are All Black……….

    I fear for this cowardly nation we are

  11. Anonymous says:

    If these stores would cease stocking Kool, Newport, and Orange soda it could possibly help.

  12. HH says:

    This is a “Flash Mob” :

    This phenomenon started out as benign and inoffensive as anything in this day and age could be. What the media have deceptively been calling flash-mobs are, of course, just Black marauding criminals doing what they do en masse!! The cowardly media cynically adopted(co-opted)this term to throw people off the trail – to hide the reality of who and what these “teens and young adults,” aka “youths” really are. As if everyone didn’t know anyway…

  13. Robert Binion says:

    “Time to put on yuh robbin’ shoes!” In the interest of honeyed euphemism, how about “youthteen” for the NBC style manual?

  14. Sonya says:

    While enforcing the curfew for all “teens” may not be fair it could help wake up the teens that are unfairly affected by it. You can be sure they will TALK about why the curfew is in place and WHO is responsible.

    Could be a good thing to help wake up our youth.

  15. olewhitelady says:

    By now, nearly every American knows that flash mobs are comprised of blacks and that the non-mention of race is as good as code talk for “black”. Almost everyone I have ever talked to about crime says that blacks commit a large part of it–and that includes black people saying so. The only people I’ve ever known to deny it are liberals who I’m sure were lying.

    As for curfews, they will do little good because black criminals obviously don’t care about the law! Retaliation by the police, whether with clubs, rubber bullets, or live rounds is the only thing that will curtail mobs of blacks, other than vigilante action by civilians. Both of these worked well in the old days.

  16. Pat says:

    No. 3 – Ben N Indiana – ‘In time some stupid white kids will mimic black mob robberies. Then the media will note….’

    Did you not hear of the London/British riots this August? If the BBC show clips of this it is always the ‘stupid whites’ who tagged along for the thieving that get shown. Any other colour carefully edited out.

  17. Seek says:

    “Teens,” “young adults” and “shoplifters” — the fact that all the perps were black had nothing whatsoever to do with it. And to think I thought they were Thai!

  18. DBAllyn says:

    Brutus (above) makes an important observation – and we have seen this happen so often before. There is a breakdown in law and order, so the remedy is for all to give up their God given rights for the sake of some “security”.

    If there is any curfew imposed, it should be on all coloureds in certain neighborhoods at certain hours.

    In the meantime, all sensible Euro-Americans will be armed at all times, ready for such a problem.

  19. Question Diversity says:

    Related news:

    Knockout Martin Luther King strikes St. Louis again. This past weekend, there were two K/K incidents in St. Louis City.

    The St. Louis media are defending its characterization of K/K as a “Game.”

    Between the first public appearance of K/K in St. Louis, the infamous incident which killed a Vietnamese elderly man back in the spring, and this past weekend, there were several other K/K incidents, all in the southern half of St. Louis City.

    Every person the SLPD has arrested for K/K incidents thus far has been black.

    The favorite tactic of the local media is to describe K/K as a “game” where “youths choose random victims to assault for no reason.” Translated into English, that means where thug blacks pick random non-blacks to assault for reasons of racial enmity.

  20. Vengador says:

    Another White man was badly beaten in St. Louis yesterday and a woman was beaten and kicked on a street in Boston in broad daylight while no one lifted a finger to help her.

    When some of these people are left bleeding or dead on the pavement, these incidents will cease.

    One of the questions from last night’s debate was what the candidates thought was the greatest threat to our national security. I can answer that with one word.

  21. whiteflight says:

    In the ghettos and black areas all stores have bullet proof glass or only allow 2 people at a time. So whites will close this store and run and open it elsewhere. Whites are going to run out of places to run and relocate and eventually have to fight. Blacks will go farther out into white areas and just keep taking over stores. This is a turf grab by blacks.

  22. Thomas says:

    The Media is the Enemy.

    The Media is the Enemy.

    All Americans have to understand this and act accordingly.

    The media are bought and paid for and controlled by the Marxists.

    The media is staffed with “journalists” brainwashed at Marxist controlled Universities.

    That’s why America is disintegrating. Our cultural institutions have been taken over and being used against us and our children.


  23. sonofagun says:

    video of black mob attacking white woman on monday in bostan broad daylight in front of symphony hall kicks and punches her in the head nobody helps

  24. Californian says:

    What amazes me is how, with all the states that allow concealed carry, and all the other armed Americans who carry regardless of the law, that no “youth” has yet been shot in one of these incidents. But then again, maybe they home in on the defenseless. Might be a vice for this.

    The favorite tactic of the local media is to describe K/K as a “game” where “youths choose random victims to assault for no reason.”

    Ah yes, the famous “youths.” Must be an international movement, given all the rioting by “youths” in London and automobile burning in France by even more “youths.”

  25. Michael Collins says:

    I had a rather bizarre experience in a local mall this afternoon. I am a 44 year old white male, with a strong resemblance to Conan O’Brien or David Caruso. I have never been arrested and do not drink or take drugs. I was wearing a leather jacket and a Washington Redskins cap.

    I was in a local mall, Lake Forest Mall in Gaithersburg, Md, shopping. This mall is about 1/2 hour from the site of the “Flash Mob” mentioned in this article.

    At one point I took out my cell phone and took a photo across the center of the mall of a Godiva store (to text to my girlfriend as part of a funny text message, i.e. ‘so what would you like me to get for you from Godiva”).

    Well, a few seconds later two mall security (a Latino man and an Asian man) came up to me and told me I was “not allowed to take photos in the mall”. I asked to see this in writing. Mall cop #1, the Latino man said ‘I am the authority here, if I say you are not allowed to take photos, you have to listen to me.” I said again ‘I want to see this in writing”. He said “You can go to the main mall security desk and see the rules”.

    I didn’t feel like arguing so I made my way to the center information desk. While standing there waiting to ask my question, I observed several women and men (white, black, asian, latino, mixed) taking pictures of their kids against a Christmas type display.

    So when it was my turn at the desk, I said “What is the rule on taking photos in this mall”. There was a white woman and a black woman behind the desk; the white woman said to me “you are not allowed to take photos in here” and showed me a list of “mall rules”. When I pointed out to her that many people were taking photos in the mall, within 50 feet of the main desk, in plain view of her and the mall security standing next to her, she said “oh well we generally allow parents to take photos of their kids”. I said “if you have security going around enforcing this rule, they have to enforce it against 100% of people, otherwise it comes across as harassment of certain individuals.”

    She looked puzzled and said ‘would you like to fill out a comment card?” I said “No I am not coming back to this mall again”.

    Let me related another weird experience in the same mall, less than one week previously:

    I was in the same mall (Lake Forest in Gaithersburg, Md) at about 6pm on a Monday night, November 21, 2011. I ate in the food court and after dinner wanted to get some ice cream. I knew there was a Dairy Queen in the mall, so I walked over there. When I got to the counter, there was a hand written sign on the counter stating “be back in a few minutes”. I waited from 6:00 to 6:20 and there was no human presence behind the counter. About five sets of customers came and left without making a purchase in the time I was waiting.

    I know from previous experience the workers at this store are minorities.

    At about 6:10 I asked a black male security guard who was walking around nearby if it was normal for a mall establishment with the cash register right on the main walk up counter to be left unattended; he said ‘oh well they may be in the bathroom”. In the next few minutes three other black male security guards walked by and paid no attention to the unattended cash register and counter.

    At 6:12 I called the main desk of the mall to file a complaint; a black woman answered and told me I’d have to come there in person to fill out a form.

    About 6:20 I gave up waiting, and as I was walking away, a young black man from across the mall, working in a shoe store, came up to me and said ‘hey I just called them, they will be back soon, wait around”. I said “if they worked for me they would be fired right now, I am going to file a complaint.”

    When I got to the main desk, about 6:25, a black woman behind the desk was very rude and told me “you were the guy who called (13 minutes ago), uh, security is not here yet, but if you wait around you can file a complaint”. I said “I have already talked to security, who won’t help, I am leaving and will file a complaint directly with Dairy Queen Corporate Offices.”

    I sent Dairy Queen a complaint and got a generic email back, stating they will “notify the store” of the complaint. I am not counting on getting any real satisfaction here.

    Well long story short, after 2 unprofessional encounters/experiences in the same mall in the same week (unattended businesses, harassing mall security) I am no longer giving them my business. It seems I am the wrong “race” to be taken seriously as a customer, and of course “taking cell phone cameras while a white male” is the new “driving while black”.

  26. Question Diversity says:

    24 Californian wrote:

    What amazes me is how, with all the states that allow concealed carry, and all the other armed Americans who carry regardless of the law, that no “youth” has yet been shot in one of these incidents.

    Because the kind of person who would get a permit to carry concealed, then actually start doing so, is also the kind of person who never made a habit of hanging out on the wrong side of town, where these flash robs take place.

  27. Anonymous says:

    At least 7-11 reports the crime. 2 girls that work for me watched 15 black “youths” flash rob the H&M in Dulles this Sept. and, because the security guards are not allowed to stop anyone, they all just ran out of the mall. Police were on site at the mall but were too late, and since no arrests were made, no police report was filed.

    The mall refuses to talk about it, as do the deputies assigned to the mall. Same thing happened at the Spencers 3 weekd earlier and no arrest/reports either.

    The mall has a policy of “no gossip” for employees and security guards as well. They may not discuss ANY security issues with each other or the tenants for fear of termination. All to protect the Mall’s image.

  28. Ken Kavanaugh says:

    Any white person should avoid these malls in Maryland/DC/VA

    1. Lake Forest in Gaithersburg – total hood mall. I was there in the summer and I saw maybe five white people – three were store managers, the two others were an elderly woman pushing her husband in a wheelchair.

    2. Wheaton Plaza, Wheaton MD. I was afraid for my life. Wow has this changed since I worked there (retail sales) in the mid 90’s.

    Even bus drivers are not safe there:

    3. City Place Mall, Silver Spring – the new Harlem.

    4. Prince George’s Plaza, Maryland.

  29. Anonymous says:

    They’re “working to identify the students…or the, uh, teens involved”? HA! “Students”?! Of course a govt-mandated curfew is necessary; who else but the state can raise children? About 5 mins away from that store is the highest concentration of Latinos in the US, in an area which provides an immaculate case study in the effects of unchecked rapid immigration. Flagrant, intentional littering outside businesses is more common than walking 5ft to the trash can, and since there are at least 5 immigrants standing outside 711 24hrs/day, it really adds up. In line at the grocery store its statistically guaranteed that either the person in front of you or behind you will – with several children in tow – pay with food stamps and not speak a word of English. Rush hours are hellish: 3 lanes aren’t enough when there’s a broken-down jalopy or collision every 10ft. Recently I saw a car pull over, out from which stepped a man and woman who immediately engaged in a full out slug-fest in the middle of traffic in broad daylight. And apparently there’s no right on red in the countries they all came from, nor are there any other traffic laws. If you have a medical emergency, expect to wait several hours at the hospital so the families of non-English speakers can get their free primary care at the emergency room (this has happened to me twice). I’ve been to 3rd world countries that don’t even have traffic lights and seen less daily, tolerated crime. And then I have to go to school and hear about the supreme virtue of diversity all day.