Posted on November 29, 2011

St. Louis Teen Charged with ‘Knockout Game’ Attack

Patrick M. O’Connell, STL Today, November 23, 2011

A teen was charged Tuesday evening with second-degree assault in another in a string of “knockout game” attacks, according to charging documents.

Kwame J. Thomas, 17, of the 2800 block of Osceola Street in St. Louis, is accused of assaulting a 54-year-old man Sunday near the intersection of Osceola and Nebraska Avenue.

The victim told police that he was approached by a group of people just after 7 p.m. One asked for a cigarette, but the man said he did not have one. He was then struck in the eye and fell to the ground, where others in the group began hitting him in the head and body while yelling “knockout game.”


St. Louis Alderman Kacie Starr Triplett posted on Twitter that another “knockout game” attack happened over the weekend at Sidney Street and Minnesota Avenue, when four teens jumped out of a car, punched a pedestrian and fled.

[Editor’s Note: A similar attack occurred late last month, but the race of the teenage attackers was unspecified. Click here for a picture of the victim and his injuries.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Even before I started carrying a gun, I wouldn`t let the likes of him get within fifteen feet of me. Now, when I hold my hand up traffic cop style, they see the look in my eye and my other hand in my hip pocket…Works for them so it works for me…

  2. Question Diversity says:

    This same paper is getting flak from its readers for calling Knockout Martin Luther King a “game,” when it’s not a game, it’s an organized campaign of racial hate (hint: All known perps are black, all known victims are non-black, mostly white).

    The Post-Dispatch defends itself:

    Their defense boils down to this: Because the cops say it’s a game, we’re saying it’s a game. When did the P-D get out of the journalism business and get into the business of cutting and pasting SLPD press releases? This is the same paper that has in its mission statement never to trust fully people with power. The SLPD isn’t going to spend the five minutes of work it will take to prove that Knockout Martin Luther King are hate crimes, because the Police Chief is some affirmative action “Ph.D.” in the order of “Dr. Moose” of Montgomery County, Maryland.

  3. Ben N Indiana says:

    Multiply this times a thousand a day. Black-on-White assaults are part of the American black culture.

    This is why we had Jim Crow laws. Not to discriminate against color, but to protect White people from violent black racists.

    Keep in mind that about 50 percent of homicides and violent crimes are committed by 2.5 percent of the population: Black males between the ages of 18 and 49.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, at least he didn’t deliver a “racist rant” like that white woman on the bus in England (whose “victims” were probably FAR more “hurt,” right?), so we can be sure that no “hate crime” charges will be filed…

  5. Anonymous says:

    This future Astronaut or Doctor needs to released immediately. He was only “horsing around” and just got too excited and caught up in the moment.

    Be ready for the the thug’s mom to say all or one of the following.

    1. He was a good boy who never hurt anyone.

    2. He got caught up in the wrong crowd.

    3. He was trying to turn his life around.

    4. He is a good father…at 17.

    5. He was enrolling in the local JC in the fall.

    6. He has been looking for a job for weeks.

    7. He was a HS basketball star/aspiring rap star.

    8. He is a victim of a racist society and the legacy of slavery was too much for him to handle.

    Excuse after excuse for behavior that warrants good ol’ fashioned street justice.

  6. Ronald says:

    “Thomas said he would apply for a public defender to represent him.”

    That’s just great. Not only must the victim suffer what probably will amount to lifelong debility, but he must contribute “his fair share” of hard earned tax money to defend his taxpayer supported Thug assailant. What’s wrong with this picture?


  7. White Mom says:

    The victim told police that he was approached by a group of people just after 7 p.m. One asked for a cigarette…


    That’s called “The Interview” by self-defense experts, and it’s a common set-up by black criminals. Here is an excellent article:

    Black street criminals need to get close before they rob or attack, so they try to get your guard down by engaging you in conversation. They’ll usually ask you for “the time” or if for cigarettes. Sometimes they just say “hey, can I ask you somethin’?” as they walk up.

    Just remember, there’s no legitimate reason a group of black thugs need to “ask somethin'” of a lone white pedestrian. And they sure as heck don’t care what time it is! Better to be called “racist” than be kicked to death on the sidewalk.

  8. Robert Binion says:

    If race of the youthteen is unspoken, consider it black. I am concerned about the hegemony of Wall Street, about our environment and the advance of aphids upon hemlocks in my beloved Smokies, about spending and taxes, education, militarism–I would not sacrifice one American limb to save a thousand Afghanis–transportation and that current “open sesame” infrastructure. Print and radio media present lucid reports on all these things, but I pay them no mind. Why? Because I KNOW that they lie about race and crime.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This problem needs to be aknowledged by whites as the deadly serious problem that it is! Blacks may treat this as a game but whites had better start to treat it as a serious and deadly threat to their children!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Whites need to take serious steps to protect themselves.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How will the court punish him? And the others involved in the attacks? Racist mob attacks and the groups that demand all the “hate laws” refuse to invoke such laws on their pet people.

    Physical punishment should be returned to the American judicial scene to deter those who inflict violence for fun.——–HM

  12. John Engelman says:

    Another one of those “teens,” huh?

  13. Anonymous says:

    “I KNOW that they lie about race and crime”.

    hehe according to the media hate crimes are committed by whites and it’s a serious problem.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just look at the eyes of this “youth”. Soulless and lifeless.

  15. Jim says:

    We need to start playing the “Reality” game and cut blacks off from welfare, affirmative action, re-written history, exaggerated accomplishments, etc. We throw money, job and educational opportunities and social workers at them, practically begging them to please, please act like human beings, and they remain … what they are. Hispanics and Asians don’t play that decadent little game. They will not artificially prop up blacks. I estimate that within twenty-five years, we will begin to see increasing numbers of blacks back in the fields. Can you see hispanics or Asians giving up their jobs and childrens’ educational opportunities to continue the decadent elitist fantasy? No, of course not.

  16. sbuffalonative says:

    He’s the one who looks like he’s been knockedout.

  17. John Engelman says:

    14 — Anonymous wrote at 10:04 PM on November 29:

    Just look at the eyes of this “youth”. Soulless and lifeless.


    And dumb as a rock.

  18. Euroblond says:

    It’s a strange one – this slavery guilt thing. My father joined the army in the 1920’s because he had only pair of shoes – with soles of cardboard. He and his ilk and their parents and grandparents saw no benefit from the supposed riches bestowed upon ‘the White man’ as a result of the slave trade. They were one meal away from starvation. The strange thing is that it would be very difficult to find any examples of blacks in the US or Europe today in any worse shape than my dad was then. Whichever measure you choose – education opportunities (my dad had none), accommodation (my dad shared a room, and a bed, with 4 brothers), income or freedom of movement (to find a job) – these blacks are much better off. And yet my dad became a decorated war veteran and went on to live a giving, law abiding and peaceful life. Whenever I get that disrespectful look from a black ‘yoot’ – you know the one: I hate you whitey for making me a failure. You owe me, big time – and while your at it, this is now MY ‘hood – I just think of my poor old dad. What a wonderful man he was and what an insult to his the memory of hs life it is that his country is now overrun by semi-literate gangstas who, were he still alive, would regard him as easy meat for a mugging – or worse. It’s rare to hear the mother of a black perp – let’s face it, notice how there’s never a father around – say “He did it and must now pay the penalty. Hopefully he will learn his lesson.” No, even she, welfare queen or not, subconsciously blames me and, more infuriatingly, my father and his father for their ‘predicament’.

  19. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “One asked for a cigarette”-White Mom

    Kudos to you lady for giving a name to the technique of beginning an assault or robbery… Asking for the time or a cigarette does two things. It slows the victim down to begin the assault and it test the victims compliance to a request or demand. I`ve never forgotton a 50 year old GE Playhouse where a young Vic Morrow played a juvenile deliquent who would begin each mugging in this fashion. Also, one of the greatest books I`ve read is called “The Gift of Fear” It is FILLED with the same kind of techniques rapists and muggers use to ‘steer” their victims…

  20. angry mike says:

    I would kinda like a couple of these thugs to smack me! There would be three or four dead non causations on a street in cleveland. The politicians have been trying to disarm the law abiding citations for way to long! If and when all states provide ccw,s for all non felons the crime rate will be nil.

  21. WHC says:

    Tim McHugh: Your comments are absolutely correct about how criminials think and Gavin De Becker’s great book “The Gift of Fear: And Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence”.

    If a stranger attempts to engage you in conversation, it very well could be part of the set-up. This would be especially true if it’s a teen to young adult black male. De Becker’s book explains how intuition can protect us from violence. De Becker, in an easily readable manner, explains how criminals think and the methods they use to disarm their potential victims’ inherent survival instincts. Decide not to be a victim.

  22. rjp says:

    Listen to 7 – White Mom above, good advice, and true. But it might not be a group so don’t let ever your guard down for single black males either as they always “want nuttin, jus ta ass yuz a qwess-shin.”

    LOL at what sbuffalonative. – My first thought was that he looks retarded.

    Don’t go to Kacie Starr Triplett’s website (her name .com). My anti-virus blocked me because it has viruses.

  23. Sincerely Concerned says:

    ‘Black street criminals need to get close before they rob or attack, so they try to get your guard down by engaging you in conversation. They’ll usually ask you for “the time” or if for cigarettes. Sometimes they just say “hey, can I ask you somethin’?” as they walk up’

    In my wonderful new city of Tampa, FL, this has happened to me a number of times. I keep walking quickly (I have no car) and never make eye contact. My neighborhood is about 50% black, 45% hispanic, and 5% white. Just blocks away it’s a much higher black percentage and at the local convenience store, I’d say the patronage is 95% black. The Indian owners somehow tolerate panhandlers out front and multiple non-customers inside the store. Maybe there is a gun behind the counter (?)

    I deal with everything by squaring my shoulders, keeping my keys out as if to use them as a stabbing weapon, and keeping my phone out, as if to dial 911. I hope I will stay safe somehow…

  24. Andromeda says:

    I’m stunned they actually caught the guy. There must be a real push for the police to find these Knockout Kingers. I can’t imagine the police devoting resouces to it otherwise. I mean, it’s only white people getting hurt.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “I deal with everything by squaring my shoulders, keeping my keys out as if to use them as a stabbing weapon, and keeping my phone out, as if to dial 911. I hope I will stay safe somehow…”

    I think it helps to really be one of them or at least look like it. At least if you look like you have nothing to steal. . .

    At least, it’s worth a try.

  26. What_I_Believe says:

    You know most unfortunate of all?

    Despite these attacks, and others like them, those disgusting, self-hating, bleeding-heart liberals still kiss their rears.

    Nothing, I mean NOTHING, will ever change that. It’s a real sick disease that these libs have and it’s, in my opinion, what’s hurt all of us the most.

    When I read about incidents like this, I always hope the victim was a typical libtard. Then, sadly, I realize it doesn’t even matter. These disease-ridden libs would still love the blacks.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #2. You make some excellent points. “When did the P-D get out of the journalism business and get into the business of cutting and pasting SLPD press releases?”

    The answer: By the early 1980s they were fully into that business. Look at the state of major media investigative reporting. There is none! They repeat what government and corporate sources tell them. They are microphones!

    This state of affairs followed decades of moving that way due to corporate consolidation of the major media (no competition, free-market forces and viewer preferences are no longer important, it’s a cartel) and the influence of organized crime organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (who’s members own and staff the highest echelons of the major media), the Bilderbergers and Skull & Bones(who’s members OWN the major media), The Trilateral Commission and others, not to mention the fully documented CIA infiltration of American media starting many years ago.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #7. Thank you for bringing that to everyones attention. That is very important and practical information about the interview. Thanks for the link.

    I remember one interview downtown when I went to use the main library but it was closed that day. It is in the middle of a large park-like area near the state capital. I mistakenly thought that it would be open on a weekday. When I got to the library, I not only saw that it was closed but I saw human excrement near one of the windows. I thought, “I am getting out of this dirty place!”

    As I started walking toward the area that had more regular people in it near a major street, 3 black guys came up and started asking me questions. I knew that they were “interviewing” me. I got in the mindset that I was going to “come off” like a nasty individual. I cussed up a storm while I answered their questions and I already had my physical response going through my mind. I was planning to hurt every one of them as badly as I could, I was planning to at least hospitalize each of them. All the while, I was walking fairly briskly toward where there were more witnesses. I am extremely strong (and always have been, even as a child and when I didn’t lift weights, if I do say so myself) and although people consistently underestimate my weight and strength, I am pretty big by weight but not all that tall (just medium tall, a legacy of extreme wrestling training and dieting during my teen years). I was really ready to lay into them with my wrestling, karate, judo, jujitsu and police defense tactics training (but no, I’m not a cop, I assisted my teacher when he taught police defense tactics). The key is that I was really ready to hurt them and I was a credible threat in that regard. Since it would have been demonstrable self-defense, it was legally defensible to hurt them. I guess I failed or passed the interview (I wasn’t attacked). It may have been largely because I got close to the street and the witnesses quickly, too.

    By the way, if you think that the run-of-the mill black ghetto thug is bad, you ought to try dealing with many of the blacks in the martial arts! They are usually bad with a few exceptions, very few. The worst one that I ever knew was a black Puerto Rican. What an ignorant thug!

    The good news: whites dominate wrestling and judo (with mongoloid Asians in judo) and are usually much better at grappling (very important) where longer, tropical arms and legs are not an advantage and a lower center of gravity is an advantage. Whites, especially North Sea and Baltic Sea whites dominate world weight lifting and track throwing events (as well as strong-man competitions). I guess that small Neanderthal and large Cro-Magnon heritage has some benefits! Big brains and brawn to go with it!

  29. Waldo says:

    I was in New Orleans to see my son in a AAA baseball game and had my wife and mother-in-law with me. We had never been to NO and so we went down to Bourbon Street, in the daytime. As we were walking along a young black man came be-bopping up and stuck his hand out as if to shake mine. I looked in in the eye and nodded my head no. He said, “I guess you’re one of them”. I said your right, I am. He left without any incident but my mother-in-law thought that that was very rude of me to not shake his hand. I told her, first I didn’t know him and I don’t know where his hand had been, and really don’t want to know, as I consider most black males to lack proper hygiene. Secondly, and maybe if I had extended my hand to him, he was going to pull me closer and stab me or even hit me. Anyway, he initiated the contact and I didn’t want any part of it. Whenever any black person comes within 20 feet of me my alarm goes off, and I immediately go to Defcom 2,next step to nuclear war. What the black fellow may not be aware of, Florida has reciprocity with Louisiana, and I was armed and ready to defend myself and family to the death, if need be. Thankfully it did not come to that but I would say that most people with ConcealCarry are diligent and mindful of their surrondings and have a sense of impending danger when strangers encroach in their personal space.

    The people who get the short end of the stick are the Bible thumpers and Psalm singers who believe we are all the same just different colors. They are the ones that will kneel down and let the black thugs pump a slug in their skulls with so much as a whimper.

  30. Question Diversity says:

    26 What I Believe:

    What you said is somewhat ironic. The very first Knockout Martin Luther King incident in St. Louis, the one that killed the elderly Vietnamese man, (AR covered it), back in the spring, that probably happened because the SLPD were too busy defending white liberal yuppies in their favorite restaurant district from other black flash robs, as that district is near a light rail stop, the flash robs happening a week to two prior.

  31. Woody Woodpecker says:

    @ 28

    Just curious, but in a street confrontation, would you say that wrestling / judo is better than striking? Especially when you are outnumbered?

    Obviously concealed carry is the best (but almost impossible to do legally in many cities), then knife, then makeshift stabbing device. But given the choice between throwing punches/kicks or wrestling, which would you say is the best way to get out of the situation. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I also live in Tampa around a University which is a thug haven. Walking to the local convenience store can be a dangerous proposition, especially at night and especially if you’re white. When i walk by these thugs I never let my guard down and I absolutely never look down like I’m ignoring them. That’s a weakness and they take that as you’re scared of them or intimidated. I always look up and make eye contact with them like I know something they don’t. Kurt Russel said it best in Tombstone “Your friends might get me in a rush but not before I turn your head into a canoe.”

  33. darnelarulious dequantavious washingtonbamma says:

    if you listen to a police scanner you will realize that for every one of these incidents you read about at least 5 to 10 are being either covered up by police and city officials or not being reported by a surviving victim.

  34. reply 23 says:

    keeping your phone out is actually not a deterrent more an invitation for them to steal your phone the young medical researcher from hopkins recently killed here in baltimore by two black crack addicts was on his phone and his mom heard him die of knife wounds as they robbed him his name was mr pitcairn like pitcairn island 23 years old medical student how many lives could he have saved please read about him. tony from baltimore

  35. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #31. Hi #31! Since you are woody woodpecker, I’m guessing that you like strikes best:) Good question! This question is still much discussed. Your question really deserves a full explanation. First, I went to what was considered to be the premier wrestling high-school in my state. I know that a lot of people from states that don’t have much wrestling do not know about this kind of extreme training. Many Colombians, Venezuelans, and other Latin Amricans and foreigners have no knowledge of wrestling or that many Americans get tough and extensive wrestling training.

    The wrestlers are extrmely tough, fit, aggressive, fast, strong, and tenacious and have very fast reflexes. When the wrestlers that I knew, who sometimes but not always had some boxing too, got in fights with ghetto thugs, and it did happen, they whipped the tar out of those guys and sometimes got arrested for it. I know of one who placed twice in the NCAA nationals in college. He got in a barfight and literally smashed the guys head in by stomping on it. I guess he couldn’t hold his firewater! I find that horrifying but that is what happened. The wrestlers punched a whole lot in fights and they punched hard! Originally, and traditionally judo does contain atemi-waza, strikes, and goshin jitsu, self-defense.

    I wasn’t in the military but one time a Japanese-American kid that I knew from the wrestling team came back to a kegger party from Marine boot camp. I asked him about boot camp and he said that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as wrestling at our school.

    One time I and the other varsity wrestlers (after all of our other drills) had to stay out and wrestle a new, freshly rested guy every two minutes for one hour! No rest at all! There were 3 of them! They got to rest for 4 minutes between bouts. I don’t think that you can understand that unless you do it. We had to hold our breath for one minute bursts of mountain climbers, pepsi drills and other drills during warmup. I recently met an inner city high school Mexican kid who told me that even though he was a boxer wrestling practice was too tough for him.

    The skills are excellent, too. I went to judo and fought black belts in randori in my first lesson. I was required to be able to breakfall properly and I learned to do that well in less than an hour. When I did randori with the black belts I got ippon on them during my first judo practice. Many of the wrestlers could have done that. The Chinese Communists and the free Chinese in Taiwan teach Chinese wrestling as the foundation of their hand-to-hand combat training. A lot of other militaries are similar. How about Russian combat SAMBO?

    I’d say that both stirking and grappling are very important. That’s why I took karate with the other arts. There are a lot of grappling skills (when I say grappling that includes standing techniques, any techniques that involve grasping or manipulating rather than just Brazilian Jujitsu style groud-stalling and squirming) that can be applied very quickly. I would not recommend pulling someone into your guard between your legs on the street. You will be singing soprano if you even survive.

    I would use a lot of strikes and any fast standing techniques that presented themsleves. I would go heavy on strikes and avoid going to the ground when faced with 3 thugs like that (or even the possibility that someone will help your opponent, which is always).

    However, when you consider how much more skilled a very skilled grappler (again, meaning standing grappling, too) is than one who is not skilled at it, it is conceivable for a skilled grappler to break the oponent’s arm over the shoulder in a second. It is possible for the skilled grappler to throw the opponent in a way that something can be broken (possibly even his neck) in a second or two. You could throw a guy while simultaneously dislocating his elbow and throw him on his head and break his neck if you had to do so. I remember well one day when my teacher, an expert in several martial arts including the rare and powerfully dangerous Yawara, the one who taught Police Defense Tactics, explained some of the differences between judo and the ancestral jujitsu styles from which it came, and how easy it is to turn judo into vicious jujitsu again (not that judo is weak, you can quickly diapatch an enemy with it).

    He said to take tomoe nage, for example. Instead of throwing the opponent in a nice circular “flip,” some of the original styles used it to dump the enemy straight onto his head! I do not recomend that move in a street fight because I would avoid going to the ground at all costs! Especially if there are 3 guys. There are other very fast ways of throwing while simultaniously dislocating and throwing the opponent on his head.

    Now consider that in wrestling and judo a relatively skilled opponent (relative to many street thugs) is sometimes defeated in seconds by an even more skilled opponent. That shows how fast you can take down or hurt an opponent with grappling skills.

    Even if you attempt to avoid grappling, your opponent might force it on you and if you do not have the skills, you could lose your life.

    There is a very famous example. The example is that of a man who I believe was a California State Trooper. He stopped 3 (I believe that they were illegal aliens) Mexican men. The trooper was a very tall (maybe 6’6″ or even 6’8″) and large man and he appeared to be complacent with his size as compared to the 3 short Mexican men. He seemed rather arrogantly overly sure of his size being the only important factor. The way I remember it, he was going to search the trunk, he had no backup and he wasn’t even very cautious. One of the Mexican guys did a sloppy leg tackle and caught both of his legs. The other two jumped in, swamped him, got him down, got his gun and shot him to death. When the first attacker did the sloppy leg tackle, the trooper grabbed him from over the back, a very poor response.

    Anybody, even 3rd or 4th string wrestlers at my high school would have cross-faced that guy fast, broken away and could have done a strike or two and escaped and could have drawn their gun and shot those guys if necessary. I have no doubt of that whatsoever. That in a nutshell, shows how important wrestling skills are in real life or death conflict. Google it and you will probably find the video. It is very famous.

    In my opinion grappling skills are much more sophisticated and hard to learn. That means that you might get more for less investment with striking. So after getting a good grounding in striking arts, I think that it is very important to learn grappling skills, too. They are critical.

    In a nutshell, get good at both, use barrages of striking combos in a street self-defense situation and add fast grappling attacks if they are wide open and you can do them very fast and they are debilitating. Have excellent defensive grappling skills at the least. Be able to sprawl and throw a hard crossface if necessary. Have some other standing and breaking techniques, too.

    Keep working your opponents in line with each other when you are outnumbered (by circling and using fast footwork0. Use a wrestling type of shuffle as your main type of footwork but use it from an upright position in self-defense (legs slightly bent and protecting your groin as much as possible). Be strong and fit. One of the great Greek philosophers (I forgot which, Plato or Arisotle, I think) was also a sports fan. He said that the best Pancratiast (practitioner of the brutal Pancration) needs to be the best boxer among the wrestlers, and the best wrestler among the boxers. That is a good recipe for good street defense, too. Even better if you are the best wrestler among the wrestlers and a better boxer than they are.

  36. Anonymous says:

    P.S. Reply to #31.

    P.S. My Granduncle, Grandpa, and Uncle were all excellent boxers and they wouldn’t teach me to box. They thought that I was too strong and too aggressive, I think. They wanted to keep me out of trouble, I suppose. The first two of them knew and trained with Jack Dempsey. The first mentioned was Jack Dempsey’s best friend. I have such a respect for the importance of striking arts that I took two types of karate to round out my skills, especially for multiple attackers:) Hapkido is cool because it recognizes the importance of all types of technique. It has a few approaches that are impractical but most of it is very good. Western boxing is good with karate, almost all Americans do it that way.

  37. Anonymous says:

    P.P.S. Reply to number 31. Paul Vunak of Jeet Kune Do recommends a complete and fast barage to the leader or strongest looking opponent, completely finishing him off and then blasting the next and the next so fast that the others have trouble catching up with you from behind. Check out his JKD Streetfighting video series.

  38. Anonymous says:

    25 — Anonymous wrote at 4:38 PM on November 30:

    I think it helps to really be one of them or at least look like it.

    It helps to look like one of them? How do you do that? Do you use shoe-polish or burnt cork?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Simple rule I learned from living for a long time in a very diverse state and city:

    Avoid the non-swimmers on the street at ALL costs. Don’t engage when they talk to you. Just keep moving but don’t look away from them. If they know you’re alert, aware of their presence, and that they won’t catch you off guard you’re more likely to walk away unscathed.

    Show any weakness or inattentiveness and you’re the next victim. If they start to bother you, my advice is to strike first, strike with all your might. If you don’t you’ll be getting blindsided, dropped to the ground, then stomped by many, just like so many videos we see on youtube. Search youtube for ‘jigga city’ and watch how they fight.

    They aren’t your friend. They view you as prey.

    At Mardi Gras, for example, if you strayed too far from the herd, you were going to be victimized in some way, just like the Serengetti…

    The lions are looking for stragglers, weak, young and sick. They won’t mess with the large group and the strong ones.

    Remember that.

  40. Woody Woodpecker says:

    @ Anon 35,36,37

    Thanks for the info!

    And yes, I absolutely remember that video of the 3 Mexicans vs. the big cop. I believe the announcer referred to that as a common prison takedown. That poor cop did not stand a chance.

    Take care.

  41. WHC says:

    Lots of great comments on this thread. Rule number one when walking or driving in a high risk zone is to BE AWARE of your surroundings. Texting while walking (or even just being preoccupied with your thoughts) is akin to wearing a sign asking to be attacked in these black terrorist war zones. If you live in a state that permits concealed carry (I believe there around around 40 states now that offer some form of legal concealed carry) get one. Place as much emphasis in training with your firearm as you do with striking or grappling. Even a great striker or wrestler can be overwhelmed by multiple attackers unless he has a firearm as well and is aware of his surroundings (don’t let them get close). Carry yourself like a warrior, head up, alert and giving off that very important air of confidence. As others have noted, just like those lions in the Serengeti, these black predators seek targets that look to be easy pickings.