Posted on November 29, 2011

Coppin State University Moves to Improve Its Low Graduation Rate

Daniel de Vise, Washington Post, November 26, 2011

Few American colleges would mark a 15 percent graduation rate as a turning point.

But at Coppin State University, 15 percent is two points better than last year’s rate–a first, tentative step out of the graduation gutter.

Coppin, a historically black institution founded in 1900 at what was then called Baltimore’s Colored High School, has the lowest graduation rate of any traditional public college in Maryland.

In the past 10 years, the quotient has declined from the mid-20s to the mid-teens.


Coppin has the lowest graduation rate in the state system partly because it attracts the least-prepared students. Top black students from Baltimore city schools are lured to the University of Maryland or the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Three-quarters of those who enroll at Coppin require academic remediation.


The University System of Maryland pledged to halve its “graduation gap” by 2015, which means narrowing the 21-point spread between completion rates for underrepresented minorities and other students. {snip}

Twelve percent of freshmen at the University of the District of Columbia graduate within six years, according to a Washington Post analysis of completion rates for three recent class years. The graduation rate is 32 percent at Norfolk State University, 34 percent at Morgan State in Baltimore and 36 percent at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. All four are historically black institutions.


17 responses to “Coppin State University Moves to Improve Its Low Graduation Rate”

  1. Seek says:

    We all the answer to the dilemma: If “historically black colleges and universities” (HBCUs) really wanted to boost their graduation rate, they would admit far more whites to the point where the designation would be meaningless. That won’t happen, of course.

    But that raises a related point. If HBCUs can exist, and receive extensive federal funding for that purpose alone, why can’t this country set up historically white institutions? The answer, of course, is that this would constitute “segregation,” an Ugly Reminder of a distant past. The media would be all over such colleges. See how we’ve been trained not even to blink an eye at double standards?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another thing Coppin State University doesn’t have is a white studies department or a white student union or affiliation of any kind on campus. Apparently diversity isn’t truly valued at Historically black or majority black universities or schools, or job places. Except that it is valued very highly, but when they teach ‘diversity’ they mean even more respect and special favors for those who look and think exactly like themselves.

  3. Question Diversity says:

    The University System of Maryland pledged to halve its “graduation gap” by 2015, which means narrowing the 21-point spread between completion rates for underrepresented minorities and other students.

    If Coppin is an HBCU, then that’s probably code words for 100% black student body. How can Coppin have a “graduation gap” between blacks and other races when black is the only race?

  4. Lee says:

    The only way to “fix” the low graduation rate is to lower the standards so much that a complete idiot could pass. Heaven forbid you hire one of these semi-illiterates.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shocking indeed when one considers the grade inflation that has occured from the 1960s (initially to keep leftist radicals out of the draft)through to the present time. Also shocking considering the increasingly radical curriculum taught in Universities where a politically correct attitude is the most important step toward high (inflated) grades.

  6. Detroit WASP says:

    Here in Detroit, Wayne State University, one of the blackist universities in America, the graduation rate is 34%.

    See link:

    Graduation rates were not broken out by race in this story but I promise you, the low admission standards are designed to get blacks in the door with their fat government financial aid checks in hand.

    THIS story did address race in the WSU graduation rates.

    “From The Detroit News: The graduation gap between white and black students at Wayne State University in Detroit is the worst in the nation among public universities, according to a report by the Education Trust in Washington, D.C. Fewer than one in 10 of African-American students at the university graduate; the rate for white students is four times higher.”

  7. MAJ says:

    Honestly, why bother? Why not save the embarrassment and just shut the place down. This isn’t a college. It’s a joke.

    I looked at the web site. On the home page it proudly proudly proclaims, “Nurturing Potential, Transforming Lives.” I think they should add “15% at a time.”

    The web site further notes: “The university has a long history of producing some of the most talented and committed educators, nurses, criminal justice professionals and entrepreneurs in the country.”

    Really? If you’re going to lie, I suppose, why not lie big?

    The point is – it only emphasizes the academic and intellectual incompetence of blacks. The money wasted on keeping this high-priced middle school afloat is a travesty.

    When will White America wake up?

  8. Rhialto says:

    It’s difficult for me to take these HBCUs seriously, but for what it’s worth: If Coppin State has a place, it is in giving blacks who have some potential and ambition a “last, best hope” at academic success. In today’s America, there is so much demand for these blacks from non-HBCU colleges, that few blacks that can possibly benefit from college will attend Choppin. Most who enroll will be deluded or loafers.

    So if Choppin could actually give 13% of the students, who enroll, a college level of education, it would be a truly amazing accomplishment. Something Coppin’s leaders should be proud of.

  9. Anonymous says:

    When I graduated from City College in 1981 and they had all the Biology majors stand up there was one Black. When they had all the Sociology majors stand up they were all Black.

    Tells you something, no?

  10. Jack Krak says:

    When I lived in Tallahassee, I worked with a girl who went to FAMU (Florida A&M University – another HBCU). I stopped counting the number of stories I had to listen to from her about how she had been given three or four times more financial aid than she needed – grants, of course, not loans. That money paid for a lot of nail jobs, hair chemicals, loop earrings, and a nice Acura, as I recall. In fact, most of the (government) office where I worked was staffed by exactly the kind of blacks who could never work anywhere else. Hair straightening, what was on BET and sweet rims for cars were the main topics of conversation, well above whatever was going on with the actual work of the office. One woman there told me to my face that the only thing she admired about white people was their hair. For the younger people, being enrolled in FAMU was strictly a mark of social belonging. Any questions about academic matters would have been met with an open-mouthed blank stare. This was all before I had my race realist awakening & I can only wonder how many hilarious/depressing stories I missed because I didn’t know how to look.

  11. rjp says:

    Since were all bragging about our local black colleges:

    Chicago State University posts record gains in graduation rate

    Enrollment and retention efforts credited for student success

    The six-year graduation rate for first-time, full-time freshmen has grown to a minimum of 21 percent and a maximum of 23.2 percent from 13.9 percent a year ago and 14.1 percent two years ago, according to the criteria defined by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

    Chicago State is a large provider of educators to Chicago Public Schools.

  12. Howard W. Campbell says:

    Generally, the only whites who attend HBCU’s are those who cannot travel outside of the area for school or those recruited for sports. Yes, it does happen occasionally; I went to school with a guy recruited to a HBCU for baseball. He later became a cop.

    Is a degree from Coppin State any more valuable than a high school diploma?

  13. rjp says:

    Here’s the best probably, but it’s not a HBCU, City Colleges of Chicago:

    The head of the City Colleges of Chicago says she is seeing small signs of progress, as she and the system’s leadership try to reverse some disturbing trends at the community colleges.

    As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, when she was named as Chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago in the spring of last year, Cheryl Hyman took the reins of a system that only graduated 7 percent of those enrolled, and enrollments were way down.

    Now, Hyman says, the City Colleges are making changes. Enrollments are up, and the graduation rate is creeping back.

    “In this last year, we did see a 1 percent increase in our graduation rate,” Hyman said. “Now, some people may say, ‘Oh, that’s just 1 percent.’ But 1 percent of 120,000 is an impact on a lot of lives.”

    Now I don’t know but I think an 8% graduation rate for a 2 year (Associates Degree) college is pretty abysmal. I just hope that the for-profits being sued point out some of these pieces of crud and the HBCUs when they get to trial.

  14. john in germany says:

    At least they’re not giving degrees away. With a 15% graduation rate it appears you have to earn it.

  15. Tell me about it! says:

    14 – John in Germany

    That was a funny comment! Certainly appears this way, but don’t let the libs hear you take that angle!

    As an undergrad in the early 90’s UK you had one chance to graduate within time. If you failed more than 2 courses of 12 in a year, you were out. If you failed 2 courses, resat and failed one, you were out. If you passed the resits you would get the lowest passing percentage towards your final grade. You were only allowed one resit per course failed.

    You either earned your degree or you did not get one. My first degree was in Chemistry and 1/3 of the class were out after the first year; not for having not worked but for either not being good enough or for not working hard enough. At that time the curriculum for the degree in the UK had 2-3 times the content of the best US Chemistry degree.

    As a Prof. in the US, I am shocked, you are absolutely not allowed or able to fail a student; in fact not having a research student pass becomes a personal black mark.

    I have an MS student who turns up to do research a maximum of 2 hours a day … what the crap does he think he is playing at??? I have practically handed him his research project on a platter, I have made it so damn simple, but he just won’t show up! One week he will put in a lot of time, the next two weeks I will not see him and then it will be cameo appearances!

    I am at the point where I will no longer hire research students and only hire proven postdocs.

  16. Southern Man says:


    Jack, as Gunny Highway said to the general, “Then we must have chewed some of the same dirt”.

    I never left Tallahassee but did become a state auditor for the then SUS- State University System. Well I guess you know where I am going with this! Ah yes, FAMU. Our audit of FAMU was conducted by five white folks. We were all well aware of the fun that this two week audit would entail. We scheduled it for a holiday period. What we found was a list of all the items you wouldn’t want to find in an Audit Report. Corruption, nepotism, incompetence for starters. We didn’t even touch the problems that are in the headlines today about FAMU- hazing leading to death and serious injuries. Anyway, we were told to rewrite our audit report by the democratic governor’s office not once but three times. We were told any complaints would be dealt with harshly. So it wasn’t worth losing a job, they wouldn’t do anything about the issues anyway. Funny thing, that report of about 30 years ago could be dusted off and the same problems of FAMU would be there today.

  17. Slovakia says:

    Slovakia is one of the most corrupted countries in the world. I know, because that’s where I am from and where I live. I guess it’s a common burden of most post-socialist countries. Their nations got morally destroyed by communism.