Posted on November 29, 2011

NYPD Statistics Show One Student a Day Is Arrested in Public Schools, and 93% Are Black or Hispanic

Ben Chapman and Tracy Connor, NY Daily News, November 28, 2011

Cops arrest an average of one student a day in city schools–nearly always a black or Hispanic boy, newly released data shows.

The New York Civil Liberties Union said the statistics are “troubling” and confirm its suspicions about “over-policing.”


The numbers, released to comply with a new city law, only cover July 1 to Sept. 30–two-thirds of which was summer school.

Cops arrested 63 students–about one a day in 50 days of classes–and issued 182 summons to students–three a day for offenses ranging from robbery to riding a bike on the sidewalk.

Of the arrests, 68% of the students were black and 25% were Latino.

The civil liberties group noted that blacks make up about 29% of the school system’s 1.1 million students and an estimated 37% of summer school students.