Posted on November 29, 2011

Baby, 7 Others Shot as Gunmen Target Rapper’s Van

MSNBC, November 29, 2011

A one-year-old boy was undergoing surgery Monday night after he and seven others were wounded in a hail of gunfire in Oakland.

Television footage showed a van belonging to an Oakland rapper, Kafani, that was riddled with bullet holes. The vehicle had apparently taken some of the victims to the hospital.


In a Twitter message, Kafani said to “send y’all prayers to @hirolla900_bfa its his son who was shot.”

He also asked people to “Pray for my lil cuz.”

Kafani tweeted that he had not been shot and said news reports that he had been shooting a music video when the shooting took place were incorrect.

The wounded were taken to local hospitals by others at the scene before officers arrived to find dozens of bullet casings near the parking lot where the crowd had gathered early Monday evening, police said.