New High: 65% Oppose Automatic Citizenship for Children Born Here to Illegal Immigrants

Rasmussen, November 18, 2011

Voters oppose more strongly than ever granting automatic U.S. citizenship to a child born to an illegal immigrant in this country.

Now, nearly two-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (65%) say if a woman enters the United States as an illegal alien and gives birth to a child here, that child should not automatically become a U.S. citizen.


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  • Anonymous

    In a democracy, policy is set by the will of the majority of the people. In a dictatorship, the will of the people is ignored, and a single dictator or a small group of elites make the rules, even if they harm the people who are being governed.

  • Dave C

    Since when do we have to defend this? This law was written assuming that only whites would be let into the country.

    Children who are already citizens of illegal Hispanic immigrants should have their citizenship revoked and should be sent home pronto.

    This would save the country BILLIONS of dollars in prison costs, welfare, etc.

  • Question Diversity

    I think common sense comes into play here. Just like AZ SB 1070, and other similar laws from other states, most people thought that those provisions were both already law and already commonly enforced. I think the average person who answers with the 65% on this issue already thinks that a child born to illegal alien parents on American soil isn’t automatically a citizen.

  • Anonymous

    It is absolutely insane for us to allow our nation to be colonized by another.

  • Mvsn

    65% may oppose it but what will they do about it?

    Nothing, that’s what.

    And the politicians know it.

  • Anonymous

    Of course Americans oppose this! Who in their right mind would’nt. As our country sinks lower & lower because of the problems and mindset (ignorance) of these third world people,these illegal immigrants are now aware of what the blacks already knew, it’s a free ride so jump on the gravy train.Of course White’s, foot the majority of their free ride, and the nobama regime wants to raise our taxes and use the money to support illegals and the governments careless spending of tax dollars.Obviously they have no respect for our laws or our government. The government’s unwillingness to do their job and enforce our constitution, will eventually lead to a revolution. History does repeat itself, and a revolution could be the only solution.

  • Anonymous

    Most Americans are disgusted that our borders are still open, illegal immigrants are being catered to by Obama’s government and our politicians, and we get lied to on a daily basis by our main stream media outlets who are pushing this pro immigration policy.

    Americans are not stupid, even though we are treated that way by our own media. We know pregnant women come here just to give birth to their infants in a desperate move to gain a foothold in this country. Why? Because only the US and England give out free food, medical care, section 8 vouchers, you name it. We can no longer afford to save the whole world. We are now broke ourselves. Whose going to ride to our rescue? We can’t even get a panel of our top politicians to agree on what to do about our national deficit, the idiots.

    The US needs to halt ALL immigration until we can do something to help our ailing country. All our politicians and immigrants want to do is take, take, take without putting anything back. That fool Obama with his lacky Holder are doing their best to destroy this country. Our number one priority is to vote Obama out in 2012. He’s using our tax money to pay for his campaign! After he is voted out him and Holder need to be brought up on charges of treason.

  • Jack Krak

    I want to know who the remaining 35% is. Seriously, unless they took this survey on the streets on Los Angeles or New York, why isn’t the figure around 90 or 95%?

  • sedonaman

    I saw a debate once between justices Scalia and Breyer and remember a part about “the evolving standards of American society” being used to interpret the constitution [hence, the “living” constitution]. Now, the people “oppose more strongly than ever granting automatic U.S. citizenship to a child born to an illegal immigrant in this country.” Are the likes of Breyer et al going to re-interpret the 14th Amendment to conform with a standard that has clearly evolved, or was Breyer’s excuse just that, an excuse to find in the constitution whatever he wishes to be there?

  • Bob Turner

    I would guess that about that percentage (65%) know little of technical politics and constitutional law. However, I think their instincts are right on target, while probably for various reasons. It really is a lot like asking if a house should be rid of cockroaches. Anything about illegal immigrants will be met with a negative reaction and favoring of a rationale to support it.

  • Anonymous


    I want to know who the remaining 35% is. Seriously, unless they took this survey on the streets on Los Angeles or New York, why isn’t the figure around 90 or 95%?

    Because there are too many whites lacking any shred of common sense.

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying this for years about immigration in particular. Politicians just ignore what the people of the U.S want. Since nothing is more important than who lives in a certain country, how can we be called a Democracy? We are in fact a Plutocracy/Oligarchy that is trending toward outright dictatorship. To illustrate how out of control and absurd our current system is look at the case of the Federal Reserve. They printed out of nowhere 17 trillion dollars In 2008. That was like taxing all the wealth someone has by 30%. Yet people continue over an argument whether 1% of the people have a tax raise of a few percentage points. While everybody’s entire net worth lost about 30% in 2008. Nobody even discusses who gave the Fed the right to print money that equals like the last 20 years budgets of the U.S.they just up and did it because they felt like it.

  • Anonymous

    The elite property shareholders want a growing population of non-white serfs, hence, they want illegal immigration and anchor babies.

    They know that a majority non-white underclass will consume but never accumulate wealth, and they can be played off against native whites.

    The minority whites will be too occupied running things and preserving their position on the heirarchy to challenge the establishment.

  • Jack in Chicago

    Yes, the people are with us on the issue of “birth right citizenship” – now our best people here need to learn how to make this issue….


    Put a name and a very ugly, scary face to the issue of birth right citizenship.

    My poster child/propaganda enemy for this issue is….

    Yemen al Qaeda cleric al-Awlaki

    He was born in New Mexico USA to two ugly Muslims in the US on student visas (student visas – same as 9/11 mass murderer Mohammed Ata) . Now, I hope all American Renaissance readers will understand that there will be confused, idiot/traitor Libertarians like Ron Paul arguing that this Al Qaeda Yemen cleric Al-Awlaki really is a US citizen with full Bill of Rights protection, but regular White Americans will not go for this nonsense/treason.

    Here’s a photo of birth right US citizen Yemen Al Qaeda cleric Al -Awlaki who tragically died a violent death this year.

  • sheila

    I am especially opposed to those who *flop* across the boarder…great line, JT.

  • Mr.White

    For me this issue is one of simple logic. It simply defies logic (not to mention the rule of law) to believe for one moment, our founding fathers would have intended to bestow citizenship to the spawn of those who entered this country in violation of our immigration laws; (as well as sovereignty) while denying the same benefit to the offspring of diplomats, who would have been here legally at the time of a child’s birth.

    If anyone thinks an illegal invader from Mexico has any less loyalty to their motherland because they pumped out an anchor baby on US soil; then I would say they’re delusional!

    The 14th Amendment was intended to grant citizenship to newly freed slaves, not the offspring of those who are actively invading our country!

  • Anonymous

    Poster 16 says,

    The 14th Amendment was intended to grant citizenship to newly freed slaves, not the offspring of those who are actively invading our country!


    The 14th should be repealed, period. Blacks were never meant to become citizens according to the Founders and the Constitution. Free Whites only. The black slaves should have all been sent back to Africa and never freed while in this country.

    Who was behind that 14th in the first place? That might tell the whole story of why it was instituted.