Posted on November 8, 2011

MPs to Press for Immigration Debate

Google News, November 7, 2011

MPs are to press for a Commons debate on measures to curb immigration after an online petition gained the 100,000 supporters required for consideration.

Campaigners hailed their success in securing a six-figure backing within a week as evidence of acute public unease about the growing population.

Official projections show the UK’s population is on course to reach 70 million within 16 years.

An opinion poll commissioned by pressure group Migration Watch UK, which submitted the petition, suggested four fifths of English people think the country is crowded.

Labour MP Frank Field and Tory Nicholas Soames, co-chairs of the cross-party group on balanced migration, said they would push for it to be discussed in the chamber.

The popularity of the “No to 70 Million” petition will put pressure on the Backbench Business Committee to devote parliamentary time to the issue–though a debate is not automatic.


6 responses to “MPs to Press for Immigration Debate”

  1. Hans Schneider says:

    it woulod be better to put that question on the ballot box in the next federal election.

  2. white is right, black is whack says:

    Would have been nice to see the Western world do something about this, like, 20 or 30 years ago, have bigger (white) families, stop affirmative action, etc. Nice to see everyone waking up, but it seems too late now.

  3. David Ashton says:

    A reluctant parliament may not permit a proper debate, and its outcome would anyhow be limited. Field and Soames are good MPs but their own proposals for a net migration balance are somewhat inadquate and race/culture “neutral”. Losing white middle-class engineers overseas and importing African mullahs is not an ideal exchange.

    But this nevertheless starts a roll-back towards democratic patriotism.

    A quarter of a million (legal) immigrants reportedly arrived in Britain last year.

    A quarter of a million petition signatures this year would be an even more impressive response than the requisite 100,000 minimum already rapidly and successfully reached.

    American readers will find a concise summary of how Britain got tricked into its multi-mess in “Why there is bedlam at UK border control” at

    Ignore those who dismiss Melanie as “an old Zionist battle-axe” -this article puts the whole problem brilliantly in a nutshell.

  4. NBJ says:

    An opinion poll commissioned by pressure group Migration Watch UK, which submitted the petition, suggested four fifths of English people think the country is crowded.

    I suppose this is a starting point at least, but I hope they don’t get too carried away with their “it’s about space, not race” ideals. They should make it known loud and clear they are sick of being displaced and replaced in their own country, their culture being slowly stripped away, and demand those no go zones be busted up, and if necessary it’s occupants deported if they give trouble. If they can get this thing going, they should be honest about how they really feel.

  5. G-98/40 says:

    White people can petition and write letters to their hearts content because it will change nothing. The powers that be don’t care what we think or what we want. The only thing that matters to them is creating their new world where brown and black are king and the spark of the white race has burned out.

  6. Jason Robertson says:

    Re # 5.

    Who are these “powers that be” who wish to make Africans and Asians dominant & wipe out the whites?

    How many are just “limousine liberals” or “anti-fash fashionistas” or “guilt-ridden parrots” themselves of white extraction, who see diversity in terms of Filipino maids & Thai restaurants, and who subscribe to magazines with expensive food, clothing, houses, holidays and jewellery adverts sustaining pictures of starving black babies or unlucky “asylum claimants” on other pages?

    These people will crack as soon as they have no personal escape from the muggers and mullahs, and/or an electoral WN breakthrough in just a few constituencies, despite lack of money and extreme obstacles in the path of candidates. Analyse the enemy weaknesses accurately and go for them at all levels of social, political, economic and communication opportunity – using similar methods, overt and covert, to those communists have used against the west. But with honesty, decency, knowledge, freedom, democracy, patriotism and cultural quality on OUR side.

    Meanwhile, (1) keep breeding bright and beautiful white kids, (2) secure the heritage in safe storage, (3) master cyberspace in control and content.

    Nil desperandum – don’t fight one another and don’t give up at the last hurdle.