Posted on November 21, 2011

L.A. County Hate Crimes Drop to 21-Year Low

Sam Quinones, Los Angeles Times, November 19, 2011

Hate crimes reported in Los Angeles County fell to the lowest level in 21 years, fueled by major drops in vandalism and in gang-related crimes, particularly those by Latino gangs targeting African Americans, which had made up a large number of the most violent hate crimes.

The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations’ annual report for 2010 documents a third consecutive year in which hate crimes declined across the county. The total fell from 593 hate crimes in 2009 to 427, the lowest number since 1989.

The drop contrasted with hate crimes statewide, whose numbers remained largely unchanged in 2010 from the year before, the report noted.


A 42% decrease in anti-black hate crimes–from 211 reported crimes in 2009 to 123 in 2010–was “a major factor” in the decline, said Robin Toma, the commission’s director.


One reason for the decline is a decrease in gang-involved hate crime, Toma said. In the past, Latino gangs have been major sources of anti-black hate crime, according to the commission.

And gang-related crimes–particularly between Latinos and African Americans–were a significant part of violent hate crimes. Hate crimes in which gang members were suspects dropped from 80 in 2009 to 40 last year, although two-thirds of the crimes were violent assaults, according to the report.


14 responses to “L.A. County Hate Crimes Drop to 21-Year Low”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Problem is, when a Hispanic commits a hate crime against a black, it gets recorded as a white-on-black HC. When a Hispanic commits a hate crime against another Hispanic (possibilities include a Caribbean Hispanic committing an HC against a Chicano Hispanic for racial reasons, or vice versa), it gets recorded as a white-on-Hispanic HC.

    Maybe one reason why hate crimes in general, and H-on-B HCs in particular, are in decline in Los Angeles County, is because the black population of LA County is being driven out, mainly moving to the Inland Empire in Riverside or San Bernardino Counties, to the high desert areas like Apple Valley, Victorville, Lancaster, Edwards AFB area, in SB County, or out of Southern California for good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The crimes are decreasing because they worked! The black population has been fleeing L.A. for several years now. Ethnic cleansing worked there, and now the latinos are masters of the city and county.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The decrease in hispanic on black crime is due to the fact that so many blacks have moved out of Los Angeles. So called hispanic on black hate crimes were never anything more than hispanics defending themselves against the black thugs.

    Los Angeles, especially the White neighborhoods near freeway off ramps are so much safer now that the hispanics have replaced blacks in S. Los Angeles and other areas.

    Sometimes immigration is not so bad.

  4. Tom S. says:

    The only reason these “hate crimes” have declined in L.A. is that the Mexicans have pretty much run the black thugs out so theres fewer targets. The blacks have moved on to easier pickings in the White suburbs\small towns where they know Whites won’t fight back like the Mexicans because they don’t want to appear to be “racisss”! Theres also a MUCH greater chance of winning the ghetto lottery when they live among Whites verses the Mexicans, so its a win-win for them.

  5. Bill R says:

    I notice nobody is keeping, nor reporting, statistics for non-white against white hate crimes. No surprise. The Obama/Holder Justice Department officially states that hate crimes by definition cannot be committed against whites by blacks or other minorities.

  6. rockman says:

    Were hate crimes against whites counted? Probably not.

  7. madison grant says:

    One reason LA has seen less racial attacks against (and by)blacks is that there are LESS blacks there.

    By some estimates the black population has dropped to 8% from 14% in 1992 (the year of that charming black riot).

  8. Seneca the Younger says:

    I need some help from a local.

    Is this true because:

    A. There are no more whites to blame in LA County?

    B. The blacks and Mexicans no longer fight as much because they have established neighborhoods for their own kind that are no-go zones for the other kind. (Oh my! Segregation might work?)

    C. They are just not reporting them as much. Either because locals are not reporting the crimes or because the authorities are not charging non-whites with hates crimes.

    D. All of the above.

    E. None of the above. (please explain)

  9. sedonaman says:

    I am highly suspect of official statistics of race-related crimes because some jurisdictions have been known to “jimmy” the numbers to produce per-determined outcomes [i.e., to re-enforce a political ideology]. For example, when a Caucasian commits a crime against a Hispanic, it’s counted by the government as a race crime. When a Hispanic commits a crime against a Caucasian,

    it’s counted as a “white-on-white” crime, and, therefore, not a race crime at all. When a Hispanic commits a crime against a black, then it again is a “white-on-black” race crime. What kind of crime is committed by a black against a Hispanic is anyone’s guess.

  10. white is right, black is whack says:

    From my experience, blacks are the ones who usually cause racial fights and racial crimes, be it against whites, hispanics, asians, jews, etc. Then they try to get other races to ‘unite’ with them against the white man? Yeah, sure. They are thugs, have a thug culture, attack all races and then try to get them to ‘gang up’ on whites. Sure. As another poster said, the Mexicans don’t put up with their crap and I wish the majority of whites would fight tooth and nail against these black thugs and black bigots. That’s why there weren’t many, if any, black on white crimes because most white men back then were men and wouldn’t tolerate criminals or anyone trying to harm them or their family.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Curious parallel to “white flight”, where whites left neighborhoods as the black population increased and security as well as other quality of life issues deteriorated. And now the blacks flee as hispanics with a culture hostile to blacks infiltrates their community.

    Groups prefer people of like characteristics. And they dislike groups that threaten their safety. Flight or fight are the two alternatives until such time as a natural Darwinistic blending occurs. But for the governement to force one group to transfer wealth to another group does not result in Darwinsitic forces to bring the most advantaegous behaviors to dominate. And conversely, transfer payments to disfunctional societies does nothing to get them to change.

  12. Mike in L.A. says:

    8 — Seneca the Younger wrote at 12:36 AM on November 22:

    I need some help from a local.

    Yes, there are still lots of White people in L.A. — In Sherman Oaks, Burbank, the Glendale Hills, Silver Lake, parts of Pasadena, Sierra Madre, parts of Long Beach, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, El Segundo, Playa Del Rey, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Aire, Agoura Hills, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana, West Hills, Chatsworth, Calabassas, Studio City, Woodland Hills, Granada Hills, Porter Ranch and then if you go north on the I-5, lots of white people in the suburb of Santa Clarita/Valencia and Saugus. Even further north, the west sides of Lancaster and Palmdale are still mostly white, but the east sides of those cities is where many blacks have settled after leaving the city. Many of the blacks who were pushed out to east Palmdale and east Lancaster are unsettled due to those towns cracking down on Section 8 abuse and some of the blacks there are leaving the state altogether now for places like Georgia, Texas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc. In some of these “White” areas, there are large groups of Persians, Armenians, Arabs, Indians and Russians mixed in with LA’s traditional WASP and Jewish elite Whites.

    It is safe to say that Los Angeles is roughly now about an even mixture of 1/3 Latinos, 1/3 Whites and 1/4 Asians, Blacks are somewhere around 1/10 and shrinking by the month. I predict that there will be maybe 2-4% blacks in all of LA County by 2015 and those will be whatever is left in east Lancaster and east Palmdale.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Blacks are 13 times more likely to murder whites, 34 times more likely to assault whites, over 100 times more likely to rob whites and 600 times more likely to commit a rape across the black/white color line and are even 2 and 1/2 times more likely to be charged with an officially designated hate crime yet this newspaper only cares to note hate crimes that are committed against african americans.

  14. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Hate crimes reported in Los Angeles County fell to the lowest level in 21 years

    Because, as others stated above, LAs black population has fallen, (not that there’s anything wrong with that). While LAs black politicians continue to tell blacks that their biggest threat and worst nightmare are Bigoted White Americans, they continue to support wide open borders allowing unfettered, black-hating Hispanic immigration:

    Los Angeles saw a 31.8 percent decline in its population of black children, far surpassing the 6.9 percent drop in black adults.

    It would be a mistake, however, to believe that Hispanics are friends of Whites; they are not. They and their politicians are completely ethno-centric believing that it is the government’s job to “provide for the people” — provide for their fellow ethnics by lavishing them with benefits paid for by extracting money from LAs businesses and White taxpayers (“The Rich”).

    Between 2001 and 2011, the number of jobs in the county contracted by 7.1 percent… business-strangling regulations proliferate, many of which originate with the environmental movement. Los Angeles remains one of the least hospitable places for business in the country, renewable-energy mandates recently imposed by the state would boost the cost of energy in the region, already 53 percent above the national average, by an additional 20 to 25 percent.

    –Joel Kotkin, Lost Angeles, City Journal, 2011

    Mike in LA writes:

    It is safe to say that Los Angeles is roughly now about an even mixture of 1/3 Latinos, 1/3 Whites and 1/4 Asians, Blacks are somewhere around 1/10 and shrinking by the month.


    Excellent summary.

    I think you are being generous with LA as 1/3 White. I am becoming hyper-aware of exactly how few Whites ARE left in LA — I notice this in the local CostCo, in malls, in supermarkets, in the local parks; I hear little English spoken in these places. I AM the rara avis now, the tiny minority surrounded by a sea of brown faces who stare at me and my family as if we are zoo animals.

    The LA school district claims 9% of its students are White. BUT, LAUSD’s definition of “White” is: Having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. (this is straight from the answer sheet of one of California’s many mandated, “official” state tests).

    Every one of the communities you mentioned above has sky-high housing or brutal commutes on heavily congested freeways or both, making a mortgage plus property taxes (plus confiscatory state taxes, plus car taxes, plus private school tuition, etc.) out of reach for an average White family just starting out. To live in one of LA’s vastly shrunken White areas requires a tremendous and ongoing outlay of money.

    I predict that there will be maybe 2-4% blacks in all of LA County by 2015 and those will be whatever is left in east Lancaster and east Palmdale.

    I don’t think the White population of LA will be much above that by 2015.

    The changes for (as in decline of) the White population in California in the 2000–08 period have been unprecedented in the state’s population history.