Posted on November 21, 2011

Immigration from Mexico in Fast Retreat, Data Show

Ken Ellingwood, Los Angeles Times, November 15, 2011


But data from both sides of the border suggest that illegal immigration from Mexico is already in fast retreat, as U.S. job shortages, tighter border enforcement and the frightening presence of criminal gangs on the Mexican side dissuade many from making the trip.

Mexican census figures show that fewer Mexicans are setting out and many are returning–leaving net migration at close to zero, Mexican officials say. Arrests by the U.S. Border Patrol along the southwestern frontier, a common gauge of how many people try to cross without papers, tumbled to 304,755 during the 11 months ended in August, extending a nearly steady drop since a peak of 1.6 million in 2000.

The scale of the fall has prompted some to suggest that a decades-long migration boom may be ending, even as others argue that the decline is only momentary.


Douglas Massey, an immigration scholar at Princeton University, said surveys of residents in Mexican migrant towns he has studied for many years found that the number of people making their first trip north had dwindled to near zero.

“We are at a new point in the history of migration between Mexico and the United States,” Massey said in a Mexico City news conference in August hosted by Zenteno.

Experts in Mexico say the trend is primarily economic. Long-standing back-and-forth migration has been thrown off as the U.S. downturn dried up jobs–in construction and restaurants, for example–that once drew legions of Mexican workers.


Alongside the bleak jobs picture is a trek that has grown riskier and more expensive because of stepped-up enforcement on the U.S. side, a crackdown that at the same time has prompted many migrants to stay in the United States rather than try to cross back and forth. Migrants also cite an increasingly hostile political climate north of the border, as expressed in state laws targeting undocumented immigrants.

“It keeps getting harder and harder,” said 35-year-old Joel Buzo, who returned to the central state of Guanajuato after a three-month search in the U.S. turned up only irregular, poorly paid work tearing up old railroad tracks in Utah. He lasted six more months before giving up.


17 responses to “Immigration from Mexico in Fast Retreat, Data Show”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another lying article. ANYONE in ANY urban area (not including Seattle) knows that latinos are EVERYWHERE and increasing in numbers ALL OVER THE PLACE!

    Where I’m at (in the northeast of all places) Latinos have taken over miles and miles of territory. It is, quite frankly, disconcerting to feel like I live in Mexico, especially in the winter with three feet of snow on the ground!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Mexicans aren’t breeding like crazy anymore. Immigration isn’t a long term problem, except perhaps from Africa. It’s Mexican-Americans who are now cranking out lots of babies, the second and third generations. By the fourth they hit a stable population.

    The real issue is the LOW WHITE FERTILITY, especially of the elites! THAT is what threatens the West, not mestizos of decent peasant quality.

  3. anonymous says:

    Drug gangs aside, some say conditions in Mexico are much better now than they were in past decades. Maybe the era of illegal Mexican immigration is truly over.

    If this is so, there could be one good side effect. Without new in-migration, the assimilation of those here already will accelerate. Assimilated Mexican are good citizens. And not crybabies. If they produce cooks, businessmen and middle managers and someone else produces the physicists and engineers, they don’t irrationally whine about it and try to bring down everyone else.

  4. CDE says:

    “Migrants also cite an increasingly hostile political climate north of the border, as expressed in state laws targeting undocumented immigrants”

    What? So it IS working. Hmmm..

  5. rockman says:

    Gee only 34 an hour 24/7 What about the other 20,000,000 illegals Nancy Pelosi said were here while speaker of the House

  6. Anonymous says:

    “It will be back when the economy picks up”.

    Not if we vote Obama out and close our borders first!

  7. Seneca the Younger says:

    I don’t buy this for a minute. Just because 1 million jumped the border last year and only 750,000 jumped the border this year does not mean illegal immigration has had an overall net decline.

    This article is deceiving and false. I have a friend that is a border patrol agent in the Detroit area and another that owns a landscaping company. Trust me, they are not disappearing and they are heading north.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can I believe this,or it to put our minds at ease..Here in Naples the number of Hispanics in the schools is 48%…

  9. Jack Krak says:

    In related developments, unemployement decreases, quality of life increases and Democrats fear low voter turnout will hurt their chances in the next election cycle.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Another lying article. ANYONE in ANY urban area (not including Seattle) knows that latinos are EVERYWHERE and increasing in numbers ALL OVER THE PLACE!”

    You are so right. They are spreading everywhere.

  11. Luke says:

    I agree with the other posters who correctly and suspiciously see this article as being deceptive bull manure – coming from the usual anti-white leftist circles.

    The objective is clear. Try to defuse the illegal alien invasion issue that millions of White Americans see as a major crisis that threatens the continued existence of this nation, by writing these kinds of deceitful articles that make it appear as though the crisis is over. If they can get away with this, then the urgency to pass new and far more restrictive and harsh laws might also fade away, and the sheep will go back to sleep. Plus, if the heat can be turned down on this issue – they might be able to sneak amnesty through while we’re not watching.

    The boil the frog slow technique. Don’t fall for it. Keep putting massive amounts of HEAT on these politicians and do NOT LET THEM side-step or ignore this issue.

  12. The Bobster says:

    What’s with all the pro-Mexican comments today? Mexican pathologies like out-of-wedlock births, low graduation rates and violence are very similar to the black ones. Do we really expect our future engineers to come from the ranks of 89-IQ Mexicans?

  13. Mexican ( white ) says:

    It is a fact. Net migration from Mexico has been close to zero for a while already. After Nafta free trade agreement was signed, large amounts of cheap US grain were exported south putting milions of small mexican farmers out of businness. This people had to do something to make a living. Millions migrated to large mexican cities and millions move north of the border. Knowing the situation, american authorities tolerated their illigal presence. Please don’t forget that in Mexico very important changes took place in last 20 years. The nation become much more urbanized ( migration to urban areas) and much more industrialized ( heavy investment from US as well as from Cananda and Europe). Families became smaller. 20 years ago typical mexican female had 6-7 kids. Today they have 2. Fertility rates for US and Mexico are at the moment the same. There is much less preassure to look for work north of the border when families are small. Industrial wages of 8$ per hour are becoming more common in Mexico. I never looked for work in US. I’ve got great job here, in Mexico. I’m accually in Canada right now, on business trip. I hope Mexico will continue it’s development and growth in standard of living. Migration slowdown is for good. In the future Mexico will be just trade partner for US. Like Canada.

  14. Mr.White says:

    They’ll continue to come, so long as this country continues to subsidize the reckless breeding habits of illegal invaders by granting US citizenship to their anchor babies. The typical mestizo border jumper has on average a 6th grade education and is likely the bottom of the barrel from Mexican society. No matter how bad they claim it is in this country, it’s still 10 times better here than in Mexico for these illiterate peasants.

    Moreover, the money they receive in the way of welfare, WIC, Section 8, cash assistance, etc., on behalf of their numerous anchor babies is a fortune to these people! They never had it so good!

    Throw in a job being paid under the table and these invaders are living like kings in this country. They are stealing us blind!

    Like hell illegal immigration from Mexico is in fast retreat!

  15. rjf101 says:

    Its entirely logical to say that immigration from Mexico will eventually become negligible.

    If you look at past immigration trends of the United States, this has happened to the migration levels from all countries that produced large numbers of immigrants in the past. Originally, it was Ulster, England, and Scotland that sent us large numbers numbers of immigrants (during colonial times and the following few decades). Afterwards, large-scale immigration from Germany and Ireland began (around 1840). By 1900, migration from the mother country had greatly declined, especially as a percentage of total migration. Immigration from Germany and Ireland also had begun to decline in relative numbers. These older immigrants were replaced by a hoard of Italians, Slavs, and Jews, as well as large numbers of Scandinavians. But, by the mid-1900’s (and beginning around the Great Depression), even these countries stopped sending us large numbers of immigrants. By 1980, immigration from all European countries had fallen to insignificant levels. They were replaced by the immigrants we see today, primarily from China, Korea, India, the Caribbean, and, of course, Mexico. However, why should we not assume that, eventually, immigrantion levels from these countries will decline as well? And naturally, without any change in immigration laws? I do of course advocate a pro-white immigration policy, but realistically I think immigration is a problem that may just solve itself.

  16. Anonymous says:

    In my area of NW Arkansas, there were virtually no blacks or Hispanics five years ago. Now, I see them every day. The Hispanics are very dark and only speak Spanish, so these are NOT third or fourth generation.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mexicans are in a severe demographic decline. American are now out-breeding Mexicans. Take away welfare and Mexican-American fertility drops to Japanese levels. Shut down immigration, force the illegals out, and shut off the welfare tap and we’ll see our problems go away very rapidly.