A&M Sociologist Sees Shift in Immigration Trends

Jeannie Kever, Chron, November 19, 2011

Dudley Poston, a sociologist at Texas A&M University, began to study China in the early 1980s, when that country started sending larger numbers of students to the United States. Helping a handful of Chinese students learn the demographics of their own country was contagious; most of his scholarly work now involves the Asian nation. Poston says his work, coupled with research from Princeton University’s Mexican Migration Project showing a dramatic drop in illegal immigration from Mexico, suggests Chinese immigrants may replace those from south of the border as the go-to workers for landscaping, construction, agriculture and other unskilled labor here. {snip}

Q: Why might Chinese immigrants overtake Mexican immigrants in low-wage, unskilled jobs here?

A: Mexico for decades has supplied our country with low-wage laborers, legal and illegal, but that’s grinding to a halt. Increased border surveillance and high unemployment are keeping people away from the United States. Other things are holding people in Mexico. They have a lower unemployment rate than we do. And what a lot of people don’t realize is that their fertility is dropping to 2.2 children per woman. It used to be six or seven children a few decades ago. There are fewer young people available (to take jobs), and fewer mouths to feed. There are about 4 million or 5 million undocumented Mexican immigrants in our country (and about 11 million illegal immigrants total). They pick up garbage, work construction, agriculture–all the things in big cities that the local people don’t want to do. Who’s going to do that work? There’s already a network of migration from China to our country; probably 200,000 to 300,000 undocumented Chinese are here. They’re mainly on the East Coast, in Houston and Los Angeles. They’re mainly doing restaurant work. Undocumented Mexicans are much more visible.

Q: Why would they leave China for the United States?

A: You have all of these rural-to-urban migrants inside China who are essentially driving the Chinese economy, doing all the work in the big cities, doing all the construction, the nanny work, the low-level jobs. They’re not going to do that forever. The economy is starting to slow down in China. The first people to lose their jobs will be these rural-to-urban migrants. In China, to move from one place to another, you have to get permission at both ends. That never happens, so people move unofficially. There are already 10 million unemployed rural-to-urban migrants. There’s already a China-to-U.S. network of undocumented migrants.

Q: Won’t Mexican immigration rebound if the U.S. economy improves?

A: If the economy improves, you’d still have the increased border surveillance and the things in Mexico that will keep people there. The only reason anybody is coming (to the United States) is economic opportunities. If you have those in your home country, you’re going to stay there. Chinese immigration isn’t crossing the river. Most is by airplane, with false or stolen passports. Most Chinese immigrants are flown into New York City or San Francisco or Los Angeles. Making taller fences isn’t going to keep out the Chinese.


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13 Responses to “A&M Sociologist Sees Shift in Immigration Trends” Subscribe

  1. Stiv November 21, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    Welcome to the Old West. Maybe Irish will be the next wave of immigrants needing jobs. I would enjoy that.

    Among other things, using Mexicans then Chinese is one way of avoiding using blacks all-together.

  2. Anonymous November 21, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Do you really think the Chinese with an average 105 IQ are going to want to leave china ? The last I heard China is luring in large numbers of high skilled foreign workers in to its rapidly expanding high tech / R&D and finance sectors. The low skilled factory jobs they used to do have already been boxed up and sent to Vietnam, Cambodia ETC.

    One day the social elite in the US is going to have to accept that “Jobs Americans wont do” actually means “Jobs americans are not legally permitted to do for less than $8 an hour”.

  3. Anonymous November 21, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    “Among other things, using Mexicans then Chinese is one way of avoiding using blacks all-together.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. My brother works as a manager for a construction firm in the Tri-City area, he claims Blacks are the most entitled(and undesired) workers.

    He says usually the best performing workers are Eastern European, Mexican, and Central American.

  4. Anonymous November 21, 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    San Francisco, New York and the asian suburbs of Los Angeles are full of illegal food processing and factories using chinese indentured servants already. Thousands of those small houses on top of garages in San Francisco house illegal workshops and worker barracks.

    Historically from the earliest California and New York chinatowns, the illegal cheap chinese labor remains confined to chinese employers. I doubt we will see them hanging around home depot or posting cleaning service flyers on telephone poles.

    The chinese employers like to keep close tabs on their captive work force.

  5. Anonymous November 21, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    Mexico for decades has supplied our country with low-wage laborers, legal and illegal, but that’s grinding to a halt. Increased border surveillance and high unemployment are keeping people away from the United States.

    As with most academics, to get at the truth of a PC Prof’s proclamations, what you need to do is to assume the OPPOSITE of everything they say. So let me unpack your statement for you, Professor, and translate it into real English for real Americans:

    Mexico for decades has INVADED our country with low-INTELLIGENCE laborers, legal and illegal, and that’s NOT grinding to a halt anytime soon. INDIFFERENT, SLOPPY, VIRTUALLY NONEXISTENT border surveillance and high WAGES are keeping people POURING INTO the United States — both from Mexico AND from China. As bad as economics may be in the US, it’s still better than either of those other countries, so expect millions upon millions of covetous, grasping Third Worlders to continue barraging our borders by hook or by crook.

    There — doesn’t MY version sound more like 2011 America as you experience it on a daily basis? Yes, I thought it would.

    I knew this Poston guy was full of it as soon as I read that “There are about 4 million or 5 million undocumented Mexican immigrants in our country (and about 11 million illegal immigrants total).” Even our duplicitous, traitorous, Immivasion-enabling FedGov admits to 12 million illegals, and the real number has to be at least 20 million. Some estimated as high as 30M. So any self-proclaimed expert in the field who will admit to only 11M illegals — out of USA’s current 300M+ pop’n — is simply not to be trusted.

    If an academic’s basic numbers are skewed and tendentious and ideologically-driven, then so will be EVERYTHING ELSE coming out of his mouth.

  6. Bill R November 21, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    Stiv- even if all mexican and chinese were deported, and none allowed in at all, blacks would refuse the jobs. They don’t want to work unless it is in affirmative action jobs or jobs in government where whites do the work for them. Hard to get somebody to do your work for you when you are ripping up old railroad track, or pouring and smoothing hot asphalt, etc. And gee, picking ANY kind of crop is offensive to all blacks. After all, images of slavery, ya know.

    IF anybody wanted to hire blacks, no blacks would come. They only form long lines to get housing vouchers, free fried chicken, and to vote more than once for Obama under their various aliases.

  7. Seneca the Younger November 22, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    Before anyone comes on here and says “lesser of two evils” understand this:

    These hypothetically new Chinese will always hold true to their motherland and will only want to dismantle the U.S. for China’s benefit. They steal as much technology as possible, look up Chinese Americans selling military secrets to China or my favorite, the iStore clones popping up in China.

    Lastly, not every Chinese immigrant will be a polite short kid that is good at math. The Chinese have their social duds too, and that is who will be streaming across the borders much like the Mexicans. How many doctors, accountants, and judges are jumping our border to the south? The same will hold true for most of the Chinese. Prepare for Chinese gangs to be displacing whites for a community of their own, more so than Silicon Valley as of right now.

  8. Jupiter7 November 22, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    It doesn’t make a difference whether the Chinese come to our America are illegal or legal..both are waging a vicious race war of race-replacement against the Native Born White American Majority within the borders of America.

    There are no demographic,economic,cultural and ecological reasons for importing Chinese into America.

    When America was 90 percent Native Born White American, America managed to put 12 alpha Native Born White American Males on the moon..NASA was 99 percent Native Born White American. So how did Native Born White Americans manage to survive when there were hardly any Chinese in America? Apparently very well thank you.

    And don’t forget this:a lone Chinese immigrant introduced a pregnant snakehead fish into the Potomac River setting into motion the ecological collapse of Virginia’s riparian ecosystems..there have been multiple introductions of Asian snakehead fish species-including the vicious Asian snakehead fish-into rivers and streams across America by Asian legal immigrants

  9. The Bobster November 22, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    The back rooms of the Chinese restaurants in Houston are full of of illegal Mexicans. Apparently, they will work for less than a Chinaman’s cousin fresh off the boat…or maybe he doesn’t want future competition.

  10. Crystal Evans November 22, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    I wonder if the next wave of Chinese migrants will be those who are currently working in the factories. These folks come from the rural areas of China and are not as well educated as those who live in the cities. Many of these workers are young girls who work long hours for little pay to support their families in their countryside. These young workers are not content to work long hours for low wages. As a result, many of these factories could relocate to Bangladesh or India to get a more complaint work force. This would leave a lot of these young Chinese out of a job that could force them to come illegally to the US.

  11. Anonymous November 23, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Personally I doubt this will happen. The Chinese economy, despite a slow down, is still booming in comparison to the U.S economy right now. As the last part of the article says: “The only reason anybody is coming (to the United States) is economic opportunities.”

    But WHERE are the economic opportunities in the U.S these days? Even the Mexicans are beginning to learn this. There simply isn’t any point illegally migrating over to the U.S unless you want welfare.

    I think this article is nonsense. I cannot see it happening.

  12. Anonymous November 23, 2011 at 1:22 am #

    ah wow … did anyone get that what we don’t need is any more foriegn nationals coming to the US? How about Americans for American jobs and let the Chinese and mexicans stay home

  13. Anonymous November 29, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    We have plenty of White poor who can fill ANY job. These elitists want us to “think” that Whitey will not do the jobs, so as to give them an excuse to bring in millions more nonwhites to replace Whites in their own nations.

    Folks, there is an agenda and has been for decades now, to destroy White America and Europe by flooding our lands with nonwhites. Everyone on Amren should all know this by now. Do your research since we all have the internet now. Don’t fall for all those links we get from our enemies through google, etc. Go to the links that don’t go along with the same ole pc garbage and pc history that we have been fore fed for decades now.

    I have learned one thing over the years. That is go for the links that are lambasted by our media, whether it be from the right and the left.