Posted on November 23, 2011

Failed State: Can DR Congo Recover?

BBC News, November 21, 2011

As the Democratic Republic of Congo prepares for just its second general elections in four decades on 28 November, Congolese affairs analyst Theodore Trefon considers whether this failed state, still recovering from a war which led to an estimated four million deaths, can ever be rebuilt.

People in the Democratic Republic of Congo expect very little from the state, government or civil servants.

In fact, ordinary Congolese often repeat expressions like “the state is dying but not yet dead” or “the state is ever present but completely useless”.

It seems they also expect little from the upcoming elections and there can be little argument that DR Congo is indeed a failed state.

Ordinary citizens are poor, hungry and under-informed.

The government is unable to provide decent education or health services.

The country–two-thirds of the size of western Europe–is a battleground.

The citizens of DR Congo pray to be delivered from the brutal militias that still control parts of the eastern provinces, where rape has become so commonplace that one senior UN official called the country “the rape capital of the world”.


I asked a university colleague if he thought things could get worse.

Start Quote

“When you are rock bottom, you can still dig deeper,” was his response.

Public administration is in shambles. Civil servants have mutated into predators.

Ferdinand Munguna is a retired railway worker in Lubumbashi, the mineral capital of DR Congo in the south of the country.

He has to bribe the man working in the pension office who requires “motivation” before processing the old man’s file. Mr Munguna complains that his pension is “hardly enough to buy soap”.

Starting a business in DR Congo takes 65 days compared to the sub-Saharan African average of 40 days. In neighbouring Rwanda it takes three days.

And guess which country has one of the worst air safety records worldwide?

The prestigious Foreign Policy magazine’s Failed States Index puts DR Congo in the critically failed category. Only Somalia, Chad and Sudan (when it included South Sudan) have worse rankings.

The recently released UNDP report on human development indicators put the former Belgian colony at the bottom of the 187 countries it surveyed.

On the political front, President Joseph Kabila has shown much more interest in regime consolidation than implementing his five-point development agenda–which most Congolese consider more as a political slogan than a development initiative.

When criticised, Mr Kabila’s henchmen resort to the ultimate force of dissuasion.

Take Zoe Kabila, the president’s brother, who ordered his Republican Guard escort to beat up two traffic officers because they did not give his 4X4 priority.

Usually immune to the brutality of the security forces, even people in Kinshasa were shocked by this incident at a busy downtown intersection.

Numerous cases of journalist beatings and killings have also been reported.

Floribert Chebeya, a highly respected human rights activist was murdered, allegedly by members of the president’s inner circle.

Unfair Congo bashing

Poor leadership is a major problem for DR Congo.

There are few figures on the political landscape with vision, leaders able to bring an end to corrupt government, reduce poverty, solve the country’s security problems or improve the well-being of ordinary people.

DR Congo bashing has become a mantra amongst academics, humanitarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and policy makers.

But I think that this is unfair.

While it is important to maintain pressure on Kinshasa’s unabashedly corrupt political establishment, we also have to consider the country’s troubled past.

Few societies have accumulated so many woes.

Those old enough to remember say the whip and chain is what they associate most with Belgian colonialism.

Others however are nostalgic and wish for the Belgians to return to solve the country’s problems.

Cold War policies facilitated the maintenance of the brutal dictatorship of Mobutu Sese Seko.

He ruled what was then named Zaire for 32 years, supported by the West because of Cold War strategic interests.

Two wars–the liberation war that toppled Mobutu and “Africa’s first world war”, from 1997-2002–are overwhelming obstacles to development, state-building and well-being.

DR Congo is also victim to what is commonly referred to as “the resource curse”. The central government cannot control borders with its nine neighbours.

Much of DR Congo’s coltan, a mineral used in computers and mobiles, is illegally exported through Rwanda. Precious tropical hardwoods are siphoned off through Uganda.


DR Congo’s financial and technical partners–the so called “international community”–are also to blame.

They have no master plan for reform. They do not share a common vision and often implement contradictory programmes.

Belgium supported the idea of decentralisation arguing that it could bring government accountability down to the grassroots level. The World Bank blocked the process.

Bank experts have some control of the treasury in Kinshasa but they have absolutely no idea of how resources in the provinces are managed.

Data collection is a surreal concept in DR Congo–many offices do not have electricity, let alone computers.

Absence of national sovereignty is another hallmark of a failed state.

DR Congo is a country under international trusteeship. Important decisions are taken by World Bank technocrats, UN officials and increasingly by international NGOs.

When the electoral campaign officially opened last month, candidates travelled to Europe and the US to garner support.

The UN mission, Monusco, is playing a key logistical role in the elections by transporting ballot boxes across the vast nation. People would not be able to vote without this kind of support.

Whatever accountability there is in DR Congo is directed towards international backers, not the Congolese people.

Congolese authorities have abdicated from the development agenda.

Road rehabilitation and bridge building have been delegated to the World Bank and Belgian Technical Cooperation.

Monusco is supposed to look after the security sector. The World Health Organization and medical NGOs try to deal with the public health challenges.

The UK is involved in reinforcing governance programmes, while churches provide primary education.

The state is an absentee landlord–outside partners do its work.

Dynamic survivors

So DR Congo is on an artificial life-support system. But replacing the state, or acting on its behalf, is not viable in the long-term. It undermines state-building momentum.

DR Congo and its partners are clearly confronted by the tragedy of powerlessness.

The system is such that when things do not work, go wrong or do not move forward, it is never really anyone’s fault.

There are plenty of good excuses. A colleague told me when asked why he did not show up for an appointment: “Well, there was an eclipse that day.”

While DR Congo is clearly a failed state, Congolese society has not failed.

On the contrary it is strong, vibrant, dynamic, tolerant and generous. People have a sense of taking charge of their own destinies.

Women form rotating credit systems to compensate for the absence of an accessible banking system.

Farmers band together to hire a lorry to get their cassava or charcoal from the central city of Kikwit to market in Kinshasa.

Bebe, who lives in the Paris suburb of Griney, sends money home to Kasai via Western Union. Some months it contributes to school fees, others it pays for medicines for her ailing mother-in-law.

Her father will spend some of it on Primus, the beer of choice in Kinshasa.

“Elikia” means hope in Lingala and there is much of it throughout the country.

Hopes for positive change will come from the people, not from the Congolese political establishment, and certainly not from outside interventions.

45 responses to “Failed State: Can DR Congo Recover?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its not just the Congo. Lets be fair. I would argue that every majority-black country on earth is a failed state. Indeed every majority black place is failed. Detroit is a failed city.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    “Can the Democratic Republic” (insert laugh tracks here) “of the Congo recover?”

    Recover to what? Its heady days of world superpower status and first world economic prosperity?

    What this article describes as day to day life in the “failed state” of Congo/Zaire is basically another day in paradise. There are no “good ole days,” at least not counting Belgian rule.

  3. AvgDude says:

    Once again, it is shown that the problem with Africa is that it is filled with Africans.

  4. Michael C. Scott says:

    Why don’t they just wait until Chinese business interests take over? The Congo has lots of coltan, the ore tantalum and niobium (a.k.a. “columbium”) come from. The oxides of these metals are very important in the manufacture of microelectronics chips. Belgium is pretty much out of the colonial business.

    As for Congolese society being “strong, vibrant, tolerant and generous”, which of these words describes the massive epidemic of gang-rape the country is undergoing?

    I’m betting it’s “vibrant”, since we frequently see violent, crack-addled slums in the US referred to in this way.

  5. Detroit WASP says:

    “Public administration is in shambles. Civil servants have mutated into predators.”

    Sounds like Kwame Kilpatrick and the entire city of Detroit !

    Detroit City Councilwoman, Monica Conyers (wife to John Conyers) is still in prison for taking bribes as well. So is her side-kick Sam Riddle.

    You can’t trust blacks in charge. NPR even did a story on this asking “why are so many black politicians in jail” ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Can DR Congo Recover?”


  7. Anonymous says:

    rape has become so commonplace that one senior UN official called the country “the rape capital of the world”.

    That’s a title the Bantustans of South African might wish to contest. To the rape-happy residents of Soweto, them’s fightin’ words! “Rape capital of the world”? We’ll SEE about that!

    Want MORE Congo? The entertaining, erudite and racially-aware blogger Unamusement Park has done a fantastic multi-part series on this most pathetic of pathetic African “countries.” Part I is here:

    More fun and fascinating facts about rape, pygmies, and the raping of pygmies, than you’ll ever be able to use in an entire lifetime’s worth of polite cocktail-party conversation!

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Elikia means hope”. 4 more years of Hope here and we’ll be well on our way to looking like DR USA

  9. ATBOTL says:

    The Congo is bad even by black African standards. People in neighboring countries hold it in scorn.

  10. Ryan says:

    How can a state recover when it was never stable or prosperous in the first place?

  11. Ludwig says:

    The assertion that this pitiful country’s present woes are due to past wars got me to reflecting on the topic of war and civilization.

    I know in wwii and wwi the wars caused great technological innovation which ended up being a great boon for society. I suppose for those races that have the ability to respond intelligently, it makes sense that war should have this effect.

    But what we see in Haiti or Africa is disaster and war without any positive responses to these terrible events.

    In America the plight of the blacks is also blamed on or excused by the historical woes of slavery and racism. The Jews were slaves but that didn’t seem to have any lasting effect on their ability to cope with life creatively and successfully. Parts of Europe have been subjugated by muslims for 100s of years, and the continent has rarely been without war. Why didn’t the enslavement and subjugation of these people lead to a perpetual inability to better themselves?

    I guess for those of us who care about African people because they are still people after all have to wonder what if anything can be done to help them. It’s not as if everything hasn’t been tried already. We have tried colonialism, but that never lasts, because human pride and resentment rejects the help of others when it is clear that the person helped is inferior. When we have tried to help through charity there is such tremendous waste, fraud and abuse that it is not fair to the helpers, and those we attempt to help usually don’t receive the help anyway. If we try to integrate them into the world economy, they show that because of their lack of intelligence that they are not able to participate in that economy in a way that helps them.

    So really, what can be done?

  12. Sylvie says:

    While DR Congo is clearly a failed state, Congolese society has not failed.

    On the contrary it is strong, vibrant, dynamic, tolerant and generous. People have a sense of taking charge of their own destinies.

    Women form rotating credit systems to compensate for the absence of an accessible banking system.

    Are those the women that haven’t been gang-raped yet? Or are they the survivors?

    Seriously, how can a country that has been referred to as “the rape capital of the world” be ‘strong, vibrant, dynamic, tolerant and generous’ as well? The only cure would be a full-scale invasion that resulted in the eradication of all the rival militias and the vultures that are in power. Then the whole country (it is a huge country) would have to be controlled by some sort of ultra-effecient fascist dictatorship that basically left the everyday people alone to live their lives and got down to the very serious business of building the economy.

    Now is anything like that going to happen?

  13. patthemick says:

    Well ok we should immigrate and and make their country function. No complaints now or we’ll pull a North America on you.

  14. B J Deller says:

    It is Africa stupid! What else can we expect based on historical facts?

  15. Distant Observer says:

    Please let us not solve the problems of Africans by moving them all to Western countries.

  16. olewhitelady says:

    Everyone should read the book Racism, Guilt, Self-Deception & Self-Hatred by Gedaliah Braun (look at left column ad titled Amazing New Book About Africa). In his years of experience on the continent, he found that the majority of people there believe whites more capable and favor a return of white rule. The reason nations with elections don’t vote in a return is basically because powerful blacks threaten the common people with black magic (no pun intended), telling them that they know who they vote for and will retaliate when appropriate. The only African countries with their heads still above water are those in which white men still control commerce and at least part of the police.

    Another good source of info is the film “White King, Red Rubber, Black Death”. It’s actually a hand-wringing leftist sob piece, but the documentary is full of inadvertent truths about the Congolese. It becomes obvious, as one watches the film, that the only progress to ever touch the Congo was brought by the Belgians and missionaries from various white nations. Two villagers tell the black narrator that they were civilized by the Belgians, and it’s obvious that the narrator, who speaks perfect-sounding French, wears Western clothes, and travels around Europe, received all his advantages from the influence of whites. The blacks who now control the country have let it fall to wrack and ruin, and the documentary unwittingly makes this overly obvious. They took statues of King Leopold and David Livingston out into a deserted area, where the latter now lies upon an abandoned (naturally!) railroad track. One village allowed a building erected by missionaries to simply fall down–and the ruins remain where they fell. The narrator states that these people are “forced” to use the same schoolhouse the missionaries built. And just who is supposed to build a new one? He doesn’t say. I got this film at the library, and it’s well worth watching if one has the fortitude to sit through the propagandistic nonsense.

    And let me add a comment about the Chinese in Africa. From all indications, they are there simply to get natural resources and food to supply the motherland. They treat the natives like expendible serfs and are probably not a bit interested in actually colonizing the place and running it politically.

    The only hope for sub-Saharan Africa is a return of white rule. Otherwise, it will eventually succumb to a decimation of population through famine, disease, crime, and war.

  17. neanderthalDNA says:

    70 average IQ.

    No more need be said…

    This Thanksgiving, no matter how “dark” things may be…

    I give thanks for not having a 70 IQ.

    Though I hear the benefits are decent…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Fascinating travelogue of a couple traveling through Congo…great read, reflects poorly on their govt. Some would welcome the Belgians back with open arms….

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am amazed that the left wing liberal pc BBC journalist who wrote the report did not blame the DRCs woes on “the legacy of apartheid”. Just about every other loser in the western media has done so in order to get noticed.

    All is not lost however.

    There are solutions.

    Give the truckers who haul freight in and out of South Africa via Zimbabwe access to the DRC. Aids will spread like wildfire returning the country to ground zero from where rebuilding can start.

    Then follow the Australian precedent. Between 1788 and 1850 162,000 “convicts” (some had stolen as little as a loaf of bread) were given a one way ticket to Australia from Britain. It was sink or swim for them.

    Work and eat and survive or starve.

    These rejects from British society laid the foundations on which the modern nation was built.

    It can be done again.

    Provided the white man is in the majority and in Govt the country will prosper

  20. Lauren says:

    Some years ago, I read KING LEOPOLD’S GHOST, a book about Belgium’s brutal initial colonization of the Congo. Leopold was a ruthless narcissist, part of an extended family of swarthy ‘Crowned Heads’. These ‘Crowned Heads’ barely looked European, and ruthlessly exploited the populations of the countries they ruled. Alexandra of Russia was one of them. Her exhortations to her Husband, Nicholas, including “Be Ivan the Terrible!”, did much to cause the Russian Revolution. Other members of that extended family caused the WWI, which led to WWII, and all the fallout (literally and figuratively) left in its wake.

    Leopold and his kin are early examples of an alien, parasitic elite, exploiting Western Europeans.

    Leopold’s horrific exploitation of the Congo, a scheme entirely motivated by his desire to expand his personal wealth, was made possible by his appropriation of the lives of countless Belgian men. How many huge, beautiful Flemish men lost their lives, or had them ruined by disease and psychological trauma, in order that Leopold might collect his Rubber?

    The primary theft was of Belgian lives. This was the greatest pool of ‘wealth’ stolen by Leopold. Leopold’s theft of Belgian lives made possible his theft of African lives and resources. Yes, he was able to sell some Rubber. But the cost in Belgian lives surely would have totaled vastly more than Leopold’s Rubber ‘profits’.

    And how much of Europe’s wealth was poured into the country via Missionaries? Again, the parasitic elites were using the lives of ordinary Europeans, to stabilize their for-profit empires. Ordinary Europeans gained little and sacrificed much.

    In any event, Belgium’s colonization of the Congo was exceptionally brutal. It speaks much of the character of the Congolese, that even the horrors of Belgian occupation were preferable to the WORSE horrors of rule by their own countrymen.

    “…strong, vibrant, dynamic, tolerant and generous…”??? Yes. That so reminds me of ‘Football Hero’ Prince Shembo, whose parents came to America from the Congo. Prince Shembo’s alleged pawing of beautiful, altruistic blonde Lizzie Seeberg, is thought to have contributed to her suicide (her subsequent ‘handling’ by ‘authorities’ at Notre Dame was surely the primary cause of her demise).

    In researching Seeberg’s suicide, I came upon articles describing Shembo’s school conduct prior to college. Years of reported violent behavior…complaints and pleas from parents of the other students… Throwing a little girl across a classroom apparently was not bad enough to have Shembo expelled. Only when he threw a desk at a teacher, was he suspended. ( )

    Definitely “vibrant and dynamic”. Imagine the intensifying synergy of a whole nation of Prince Shembos. If one of them is problematic, imagine the aggregate effect of an entire country full of them. So, yes, I can see how being subject to the authority of Belgian soldiers might be preferable to being at the mercy of one’s own countrymen.

  21. Ned N Indiana (AWG) says:

    When the White infrastructure collapses, what will become of Third World cultures?

    We need to understand that diversity and multiculturalism that is destroying Western culture is simultaneously eroding the support base for non-Western societies.

  22. Anonymous says:

    While the Africans MAY welcome the Belgians back, the Belgians would be wise to avoid the Congo altogether.

  23. george00 says:

    What can be done to help them? Why would we want to help them? It’s because of white people helping them that their populations grew and caused a lot of their problems. Give evolution a chance to work.

  24. john says:

    Why is anybody treating DR Congo as some sort of phenomenon? It’s merely the repetition of what invariable occurs when black Africans gain control of any village, town, city or nation, whether here in the US, the Caribbean, Latin America, or Africa itself.

    They not only cannot create any form of advanced society, they can’t maintain one created by others. Ever. Not once in recorded history.

    Yet we keep searching for the “root causes” of consistent black failure.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I am always amazed with these stories of how Africans want their “Oppressor” Whites back to run the Congo, former Rhodesia, and too many other snake pits to mention.

    No, these types didn’t appreciate what they had, when they had it, nor do they now, in Europe, Canada, and the US. It is just that life has become so miserable when they are in charge, that they would even welcome another Race of people back to run things.

    Well, Belgium, and the rest of Europe, doesn’t need the added headaches that come from dealing with the wild men of Africa.

    They already have enough problems with blacks scourging the European Continent.

    Perhaps they should invite China into their country to run things. If the Africans thought the Europeans were “Oppressive”, then they are in for a rude awakening when the Chinese take over.

  26. Laager says:

    @ Lauren

    You could say pretty much the same about the British in what eventually became South Africa.

    They went to war and forcibly took the Cape from the Dutch – twice

    1795 Battle of Muizenberg

    1806 Battle of Blaauwberg

    1795 Crushed Boer Republic of Swellendam

    1801 Crushed Boer Republic of Graaf-Reinet

    1815 Crushed Boer rebellion at Slagters Nek

    Went to war against the Xhosa – Mandela’s tribe – to extend the Cape eastwards

    7 Battles between 1799 and 1879

    1838 British settlers militia defeated by Zulu

    Went to war against the Voortrekkers and took their republic of Natalia from them

    1842 Battle of Congella

    British refuse to recognise Boer Republic of Orange Free State

    1848 Battle of Boomplaats

    Went to war against the Griqua and Tswana to acquire their lands

    1878 to 1879 Korona Wars

    British go to war against the Zulu – Pres Zuma’s tribe

    1879 Anglo-Zulu War

    1880 British annex Griqualand West to gain the Kimberley diamond deposits

    Britain attempts to annex the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek [Transvaal]

    1881 1st Anglo Boer War – Boere defeat British at Battle of Majuba

    1887 British annex Zululand

    Failed attempt against the Boers to gain the Transvaal goldfields

    1895 Jameson Raid

    Britain goes to war against the two Boer Republics of Orange Free State and Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek to gain the gold fields of Johannesburg

    1899-1902 2nd Anglo-Boer War

    Not a very impressive track record is it?

    The 2nd Anglo-Boer war included creating the worlds first concentration camps where the Boer women and children were incarcerated. 27,000 perished as a result of malnutrition and diseases due to neglect by the British authorities.

    When the Boere / Afrikaners gained political power through the ballot box in 1948 the British launched a global media campaign which successfully villified the Afrikaners for creating Apartheid.

    The truth is that this was a British creation starting in the Cape in 1806

    You can follow the legislative trail as they entrenched the system over the next 155 years on:

    O’Malley – The Heart of Hope

    South Africa’s Transition from Apartheid to Democracy.

  27. Jim says:

    It’s the evil white man’s fault … somehow. I recently heard a white American academic attribute South Africa’s decline to “the distortions caused by white rule.” They’ll play the same game with the DRC.

  28. Lauren says:

    @ Laager

    I totally agree, and appreciate your very concise timeline. I once spotted ‘Colonial Houses of South Africa'(Alain Proust) in our Architect’s office, and borrowed it.

    What struck me, aside from the wonderful Cape Dutch architecture, was the reflection in the houses, of the change from Dutch to British. Much of the history of the country was included. Between the lines, and looking at the houses, I could see that a warm and wonderful population (the Dutch) had been subjugated by a narcissistic, ruthless, and essentially psychotic imperium.

    The British houses are so ugly, so stylized and pedantic…so cold. The Dutch houses are warm, happy, and imaginative.

    As a descendant of Scotsmen, I am all too aware of the ruthlessness of Britain’s (alien) elites. I suppose we should take comfort in the knowledge that with their empire gone, ‘Great’ Britain’s insane elites must confine themselves, largely, to devouring what is left of the white populations of the British Isles, Canada, and Australia.

  29. Jeddermann. says:

    “The only hope for sub-Saharan Africa is a return of white rule. Otherwise, it will eventually succumb to a decimation of population through famine, disease, crime, and war.”

    This is what this professor Niall Ferguson suggested just a few years ago. And you can well imagine what the reaction was.

    This is never going to happen and we all know it. NO MORE whitey rule in Africa. Let things go as they are and things will sort themselves out in a bad way, but at least sort themselves out.

    2,000 years ago areas of the Congo, etc., were heavily populated with agrarian communities and they disappeared for some reason. This is all part of the natural cycle, whether we like to admit it or not.

  30. Laager says:

    @ Jim 27

    If you want to get an insight into “the distortions caused by white rule.”




    read the series Pandora’s Box

    This lifts the lid off the true facts about the apartheid era in South Africa.

    In short, everything the black man is in South Africa today is thanks to the white man. The highest profile example is Nelson Mandela. Educated in institutions created, funded, staffed and maintained by white people he progressed from herd boy to Lawyer to President of the country within a democratic structure that did not exist before the white man came to Africa.

    The first thing that he and Oliver Tambo did upon graduating from white academic institutions and serving the legal articles in white law firms was to open their own law practice. They earned their living practicing Roman-Dutch Law. This code of law and its supporting institutions did not exist in Africa until the white man arrived. To the best of my knowledge there were no white employees on their staff. Yet they accuse the white man of oppression and racism.

  31. Sylvie says:

    Want MORE Congo? The entertaining, erudite and racially-aware blogger Unamusement Park has done a fantastic multi-part series on this most pathetic of pathetic African “countries.” Part I is here:

    Thanks for the link Anon. I read it, it’s terrible! ‘Tintin In The Congo’ was way too kind!

  32. paul rim says:

    All black states are failed states, they only reflect civilisational norms as far as white influence is present. Left alone all sub saharan cos. would simply disintegrate. Africans can only cope with tribal localism & primitive subsistence economies. Resources are a curse that only trigger theft & war for blacks. Islam is looking to move in for slaves & converts as the West declines.

  33. Englishman says:

    More half-truths about the “English” oppressing other Europeans, e.g. south Irish, Afrikaners, etc. In South Africa the real flies in the ointment were first the Randlords and then the SA Communist Party. Rhodesia was a brilliant British success story brought down by the “white” USA and USSR, with the acquiescence of some Afrikaner politicians after a half-breed communist assassinated the great Dr Verwoerd.

    There are good and bad in all races, even “democratic” Congolese. But what we need now is white solidarity against future dangers from Islamist and Chinese expansionism. How ironic that anti-fascist, anti-racist journalist-historians like Ferguson and Andrew Roberts should urge an impracticable return to colonialism in Africa, when Oswald Mosley was excecrated after the war for his then practicable and far-sighted version of the Europe-Africa project, in friendly co-operation with the Afrikaner statesman Pirow, which would have fairly divided the sub-Saharan continent and ensured the white future economically and geostrategically – in partnership with Canada-Quebec and then White Australia-New Zealand.

    Now New Zealand wants to join central Asia in the Moscow-run Economic Union, Canada has one of the worst multi-cultural regimes in the hitherto-white world, and black Africa is falling into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party and its PLA which alone has enough infantry to keep brutal order there!

    Forget our past wars and think about our common future – White Alliance – or Yellow Peril?

  34. John Engelman says:

    When an empire imposes civilization on barbarians the results are usually good, unless one prefers constant tribal warfare, human sacrifice, and illiteracy to laws, science, great literature, art, and symphonic music. The Roman Empire imposed civilization on France, Spain, and the Balkans. The Holy Roman Empire imposed civilization on Germany. If Charlemagne’s descendants had inherited his leadership and military ability Scandinavia would have been conquered when the Viking raids began, and the Dark Ages would have been brighter.

    Civilization does not only breed civilized customs; it breeds civilized people. Over a period of centuries the criminal justice system of a civilized nation removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool. That is why whites and Orientals have lower crime rates than third world peoples.

    When the Second World War was over India, Algeria, Indochina, and perhaps Indonesia were ready for independence. India, Algeria, and Indochina had histories of civilization that antedated the European empires. Sub Saharan Africa did not. The European empires there ended several centuries too early.

  35. Ludwig says:

    Mr. Engelman, have you ever read De Gobineau? Your criminal justice theory of genetic purification is interesting. However it poses a chicken or egg question: since, in order to have a civilization, one race must conquer another, and the conquering race must already have within itself sufficient ability to civilize itself before it civilizes the one it conquers, whence this ability within the conquering race itself in the first place?

    Second, I think it highly dubious that, for instance, England became the most civilized country in the world simply because it executed the most criminals. Is there any evidence that the civilized countries executed large numbers of criminals before they were able to reproduce, so that the ‘criminal gene’ could not be passed on?

    Amren has some interesting reading on the subject of the rate of psychopathic personality disorder in different races that you should consider some time. I suspect that the relationship between race and behavior is complex and that criminal tendencies within a population are not easily remedied simply by the imposition of a civilized justice system.

    Some counterfactuals to your post: I observe that advanced civilization in the Balkans predated the civilization of Rome. Most historians consider the civilization of the former to have been superior in most aspects, save the area of administrative law.

    Certainly you cannot assert that British rule has created a permanently civilizing impact upon Indonesia and India, nor French rule a permanently civilizing impact upon Indochina or Algeria, such that the civilization of the ruled became as exalted as that of its former rulers? It seems that the impact of the rulers was transient. After the rulers left, the people that were ruled reverted to being their old selves again. Their civilization did not become raised, through the imposition of the justice system of the rulers, to being on par with that of the rulers, contrary to your theory.

    Comparing say, the Norman invasion of England to the English invasion of Afghanistan is comparing apples to oranges. Whereas the Normans were similar racially to the Saxons to begin with, the same cannot be said for the British and the Afghanis, or Indians, or Jamaicans, etc. While your theory might be relevant to the the betterment of similar races, it is probably much less relevant where the races are more dissimilar.

  36. s says:

    Congo is failing – to what? Living up to our standards? Oh yes, but what is the standard of being such a failure that no government will care to say anything if it suddenly becomes invaded?

    When a government fails completely, in education, health, economy and also policing, shouldn’t the population also be held responsible?

    I think UN should create a standard for failed states, where the state which reaches such a low is being auctioned to another well functioning state for repopulation.

  37. Jeddermann. says:

    “a half-breed communist assassinated the great Dr Verwoerd.”

    Blackie TSAFENDAS. Was ALSO an illegal alien working in the parliament building as a page. And no one was able to determine the man was an illegal alien who should have not even been in the country much less had access to the PM.

  38. Jim says:

    What’s really unfair about this, other than millions of civilization-building whites being displaced in sub-Saharan Africa, is that whites will now be BLAMED for DRC’s decay. As always, Western whites will be the biggest apologists and economic contributors to those “poor DRC people whose country was destroyed by evil white rule.” The truth is that without white civilization, black African existence would be universally nasty brutish and short. We artificially prop them up wherever we find them, and they want to destroy us.

  39. John Engelman says:

    36 — Ludwig wrote at 1:33 AM on November 27:

    Mr. Engelman, have you ever read De Gobineau? Your criminal justice theory of genetic purification is interesting…

    Some counterfactuals to your post: I observe that advanced civilization in the Balkans predated the civilization of Rome…

    Certainly you cannot assert that British rule has created a permanently civilizing impact upon Indonesia and India.


    My ideas on the genetic benefits of urban civilization can be found in “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” by by Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending,

    although I anticipated them before reading the book. Greece and Macedonia had urban civilization before the Romans conquered them, but I do not believe the Balkans did. The British did not rule Indonesia. They unified India. The legacy of the British Empire, except in Africa, has been representative democracy and well functioning economies.

    If you look at the following website you can see that populations that have practiced urban civilization for at least a thousand years generally have lower murder rates than populations that have been more recently introduced.

    “The 10,000 Year Explosion” explains the evolution of racial differences found in “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,” by Professor J. Philippe Rushton,

    although Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending have a different explanation of how they evolved.

  40. Ben N Indiana (AWG) says:

    African nations are propped up by the White infrastructure of Western culture.

    When the White infrastructure is destroyed by multiculturalism, black African nations will suffer irreversible cultural, civic and economic default.

    Conclusion: By destroying White culture, multiculturalism is condemning Third World nations to a stone-age existence.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I know many of you are imagining the U.S. rapidly decaying like Africa. Although that is happening, eventually the decay will stop. Enough whites (and their supporters) will rise up and create their own governments and countries again. White liberals are already a dying breed. Eventually, they will have completely lost any credibility. Anger, rage, and passion from the white community will erupt, and we will rule our own destinies once again. It will be a long time before we have “Mayberry” again, but never underestimate strength, bravery, and perseverance. A nation can be destroyed and build itself back up again in a lifetime.

  42. Anonymous says:

    #35- “Civilization does not only breed civilized customs; it breeds civilized people. Over a period of centuries the criminal justice system of a civilized nation removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool. That is why whites and Orientals have lower crime rates than third world peoples.”

    If this were true, then do you think that African Americans are getting progressively less criminal? I mean, they have been under white rule for over 200 years, and per-capita incarceration rates in the US are the highest of anywhere in the world.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Why is it necessary for the Belgians to have a physical presence

    there in order to guide and direct (safety engineer) the conduct

    of the natives? Contemporary technology makes it possible to

    have omniscience about what’s going on. The Euros could sit before wide screens and monitor the whole scene.

  44. Anonymous says:

    43 — Anonymous wrote at 3:17 AM on November 29:

    “If this were true, then do you think that African Americans are getting progressively less criminal? I mean, they have been under white rule for over 200 years, and per-capita incarceration rates in the US are the highest of anywhere in the world.”

    The existence of blacks in the United States does not take away the validity of John Engelman’s hypothesis concerning civilization. “Civil rights”, as a legal concept, is a phenomenon of the latter part of the 20th century, as is the move away from capital punishment by Western societies. In U.S. states that still allow capital punishment, the exhaustive appeals have rendered it a joke. How many times do you need a court to reaffirm someone’s guilt?

    Civilization, a true civilization, is a compact between individuals to respect each other’s rights and property. Those who stray from that compact do so at their own peril.

    “The laws relating to illicit or entertainment drugs are strict and the penalty for breaking them is severe. Malaysia strictly enforces its drug laws. Malaysian legislation (sale of Drugs Act 1952 revised – 1989) provides for a mandatory death penalty for convicted drug traffickers. Under Malaysia’s anti-drug laws any person found in possession of at least 15 grams of heroin, 200 grams of cannabis is presumed, unless the contrary is proven by the accused, to be trafficking in the drug.”

    In times past criminals, especially vicious criminals, were likewise dealt with summarily here in the West, as well. While those in the East acknowledge the fact from time to time an innocent person may be wrongfully executed, they do not “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. The West has become an effete mess!