26 responses to ““British Flag Flying in Britain Is Offensive””

  1. Anonymous says:

    The black in this video ought to be deported. He obviously hates the flag of the country that gave him shelter. He can’t understand the simple idea that flying a foreign flag in a nation is completely the opposite of the display of a national flag in that nation. Single digit IQ with the logic he applied here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When a man cannot even raise his own flag in pride of the nation that his forefathers created, is the day that nation dies.

  3. Caleo says:

    The British have clearly lost their minds. The older folks seem to be disturbed, but due to English manners, won’t actually do anything about it.

    The retard from the Caribbean can’t even handle basic logic. How would people feel if you put up a Caribbean flag ? You’re not in the Caribbean you idiot !!!

    This ungrateful clown only feels comfortable voicing this opinion, and then acting on it, because the spineless English people of his generation never stop groveling before him and telling him he has a right to be offended by the flag of the nation that allowed him and his people to emigrate into the evil land of Albion and live a life several orders of magnitude better than he lived in Jamaica, or whatever broken down backwater he came from.

    This video is stunning, and quite sad.

    I personally feel England is lost. Too many Brits just don’t have the guts to stand up for themselves. It’s over.

  4. GenX ANZAC says:

    I find the logic of the black guy in this video offensive, can we have him removed?

    Like the older lady in the video said, just imagine the amount of White men who faced the horrors of War for that flag, who did so apparently for nothing.

    It sure is getting harder to be patriotic or nationalistic in the West, they’re not leaving us much to ‘hang our hats’ on.

  5. Dutchman says:

    The obvious answer to the Caribbean man’s question is: I would not mind you flying the flag of Jamaica or Trinidad every day as long as you kept it flying in the Caribbean where you belong.

    If the national flag of Britain is so offensive, I’m sure there are flights leaving from Heathrow for your homeland several times each day.

  6. ice says:

    “Authorities agree to fly it only on special days.”

    Yes, but afterwards they must apologize if they offended anybody from another country.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have trouble in believing what I have just seen.

    There you have two left wing loony females ashamed of the national symbol of the land of their birth bending the knee to the immigrant population.

    And as for the Afro-Caribbean – give me a break!

    He voluntarily chose to come and live here (although he speaks with a northern English accent) and now finds the flag offensive. Boo-hoo!

    I doubt if the Brits would be offended if he flew his national flag outside his home.

    They are a pretty tolerant bunch.

    Somebody please stop this political correctness insanity before we all go mad.

    I suppose the next thing the immigrants will object to his indigenous Britons walking around in their white skins.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is the message here, that black guys aren’t patriotic? Or that the average black guy available for comment isn’t quite sure what country he’s in?

  9. Cogitator says:

    I’ve never been a big flag waver, but I do respect that others are, and I would think it would be a disrespectful and contemptible act to go to another country and complain about them flying their flag.

    When the black man who did not have the intelligence to see the difference between the people flying a flag in their country being compared to him flying his flag in their country, someone should have called him on it. But I guess that would not be politically correct.

  10. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    Yes maam, thats right..”political correctness gone mad.”

    Send the little whiner back to where he came from! Wake up America, we are next. Someone should remind him what country he lives in. If he is on any form of government assistance, take it away!!!

  11. Englishman says:

    The problem for the English people is that “racist” speech has been made incrementally a criminal offence, but its precise definition and prosecution are uncertain. The only way to change the situation apart from a mass “martyrdom” is by repealing the law. The LibDem and Labour Parties with the so-called “conservative government” in ideological agreement (immigrant votes) stand in the way of this change; and parties who wish to change it are themselves restricted by the law, as well as by lack of funds, infiltration and “splittism”. There are people of all ages and social levels, however, who will not just lie down and die; and resistance strategies are being worked out, slowly but surely. Don’t write us off just yet.

  12. Anonymous says:

    In other news, it’s no longer legal to post your own name on your mailbox.

  13. Mr.White says:

    Can our country be far behind in regards to the rag of mexico being hoisted all over this country and the offense many illegal invaders from mexico have with our own flag?

  14. angry mike says:

    Ill be bet the afro caribbean doesn’t find british welfare offensive, He probably is home all day long looking at that flag all day waiting on his food stamps. Go back to where you came from save the brits taxes.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You can’t make this up!

  16. Anonymous says:

    When the UK faced invasion in WWI and WWII, it was compulsory to fight the enemy (although most volunteered). In this bizarre new world, it is actually against the law to fight invading enemies…or to even speak of it. How did this happen? How did whites become so spineless?

  17. Cliff Yablonski says:

    Black guy at end “well, how would they feel if I was to fly a Caribbean flag every day”?

    You’re not in the Caribbean, you’re in ENGLAND, STUPID.

  18. Deniz says:

    I’m personally in favor of flying it only on special occasions but if the people want to have it up, let them have it up. No discussion needed.

    The logic of the black in the video is simply stupid. He’s not in the Caribbean. But the interesting point is, although he’s speaking with a thickset Northern accent (it can be assumed he was born and raised in Britain), he’s still loyal to his homeland somewhere in Central America and would like to fly that flag.

  19. Veritas says:

    Absolute, total insanity. How is it possible to offend someone when flying a flag of a country within that country? How? Someone please explain it. The moron black guy going on about flying a Caribbean flag makes me shake my head in complete astonishment. I’ll retire to Bedlam.

  20. A Swain says:

    I’m from the UK not too far away for the area in question.

    Don’t worry as they say on RT

    “We’ve got it covered!”

    Clocking, clocking, clocking (it all down on record)!

  21. A Swain says:

    Oh, and by the way!

    Did anybody clock the fact that the young White female was speaking from the same living space?

    She is obviously a friend or lover of the Caribbean interloper and most likely initiated or at the very least, encouraged him to make his racist complaint and at the same time, get themselves their moment in the media limelight.

  22. Antidote says:

    What about the money or the stamps? They all feature portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II……and the most horrible part of all—-she’s White! It’s time for a black monarch. Let’s have a bloodless revolution and a new act of settlement. Perhaps Queen Latifah could ascend the throne as Tawana I of the House of Jive.

  23. Johnny says:

    An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject. For a long time now, the(White)inhabitants of the so-called British “empire” have been subjects, even more thoroughly brainwiped than the subjects of the American “empire”. But try as they may to keep the lid on the boiling discontent, the harder it becomes. Soon, very soon, the lid is going to blow off. God help the ones who have been holding the lid. The tide is turning in other European countries. Slowly, but it is turning.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “Black guy at end “well, how would they feel if I was to fly a Caribbean flag every day”?

    You’re not in the Caribbean, you’re in ENGLAND, STUPID.”

    Given that the black guy speaks with a strong northern English accent we must ask the question:

    Has he ever been to the Caribbean?

    I think not.

    For if he has he would know there is no such thing as The Caribbean flag

    Jamaica – yes. Trinidad and Tobago – yes. etc, etc

    But Caribbean? No way

  25. Frank says:

    This is sad and stupid. When a country cannot fly its flag everyday because it might offend someone, that nation is on the way out.

  26. François says:

    @ Cogitator (9):

    «When the black man who did not have the intelligence to see the difference between the people flying a flag in their country being compared to him flying his flag in their country, someone should have called him on it.».

    But if someone had tried to explain that to him, would he have understood any better?

    Please keep in mind that such Blacks come from Third World countries, where the average IQ for the entire population is very, very low. One example? In Ghana, if I remember correctly what I read, the average IQ is 64. No kidding!