Posted on October 20, 2011

White-Owned Businesses Must Pay: Zanu Youths

The Zimbabwean, October 19, 2011

Zanu (PF) youths have resolved to force white company owners in the city to contribute cash towards the hosting of the party’s national annual people’s conference scheduled here in December.

The resolution to solicit cash from white-owned companies was reached at the party’s Bulawayo province annual youth conference held at Davies Hall last week.

According to party sources who attended the meeting, all the party’s organs which includes the women’s league, the youth and the main party wing are required to raise specific amounts of money for the hosting of the conference, which the party’s President Robert Mugabe has declared will be turned into a congress.

“Bulawayo youth province has been asked to raise $5,000 for hosting the conference. There is no way we can raise that amount except to get donations from the Americans and British who are plundering our own resources while the local people are suffering. We have compiled a list of all whites who owns mines in the city and next week we will start moving door-to-door demanding cash for the conference,” said a Magwegwe party district official who attended the congress.

During the meeting, all party youths who are illegally occupying white-owned buildings in the city were ordered to surrender to the party all the rental proceeds they are getting.

“There are some of our comrades who are individually benefitting from the buildings which we liberated from white capitalists. As sons and daughters of a revolutionary party, we agreed during the meeting that no individual should benefit from those buildings but instead the money should go towards the hosting of our national conference,” said another youth who attended the conference.

The youths also endorsed the octogenarian leader as the party’s presidential candidate in next year’s elections.

Representatives from all the province’s District Coordinating Committees attended the meeting, together with politburo members.