Posted on October 14, 2011

‘Thousands of Children’ Sexually Exploited by Gangs

BBC, October 13, 2011

Thousands of children in England are being horrifically abused by gangs, the deputy children’s commissioner has said, as she launches an inquiry.

Current estimates say up to 10,000 children could be affected by the sexual abuse, but it is feared the true figure could be much higher.

Sue Berelowitz said: “Right now thousands of children are being horrifically abused by gangs.”

She is mounting a two-year inquiry into the scale and scope of the problem.

The exploitation involves children as young as 11 being targeted by groups of men or gangs. They are given gifts and attention, then sold or passed on to others once they are trapped.

The issue reaches across all races and classes, said Ms Berelowitz.

‘Horrifically abused’

The Child Sexual Exploitation–Gangs and Groups Inquiry (CSEGG)–will attempt to discover how many children are being sexually exploited by both organised gangs and groups of people.

“Children are being failed up and down the country–in every village, town and city,” said Ms Berelowitz.

Maggie Atkinson, the Children’s Commissioner for England, described the inquiry as “a wake-up call for us all”.

“Emma”, who was 12 when she was targeted, said at first she was flattered.

“They then started to get nasty with me, really nasty, it wasn’t fun anymore, it wasn’t nice. They had full control over me, they got very violent and threatening, I’d get raped one a week, every week. I’d have to sleep with other men as well,” she said.

Ms Berelowitz said that although there was a lot of anecdotal research, there was a serious lack of reliable data.

“It is critical to have accurate data in order that government, police, local authorities, the youth justice sector and health professionals can properly identify and protect child victims,” she said.

It comes after a University of Bedfordshire report looking at how the sexual exploitation of children is being prevented suggested much more needed to be done.

Three-quarters of England’s local safeguarding and child protection boards were not recording information on child sexual exploitation, the report said.

Diverse mix

It also concluded that children were coerced into sexual activity in a number of ways including grooming, pressure from a sexually exploited peer or older boyfriend or girlfriend, or pressure from young people in a gang-affected neighbourhood.

Children in local authority care were more than four times as likely to face sexual exploitation than those who were not.

A snapshot survey of 33 out of 144 local authority areas identified more than 1,000 children being sexually exploited on just one day.

And the Office of the Children’s Commissioner believes that gang and group-related sexual exploitation is a risk in all parts of the country.

“It would also be wrong for anyone to conclude or assert that this is an issue for one particular ethnic community,” said Ms Berelowitz.

“The emerging demographic of the children and perpetrators involved is very diverse and seem to reflect the local demographic of where the abuse is taking place.”

Corrosive problem

Rebecca Einhorn, of the NSPCC’s Street Matters project, which is based in London and works with children who have been sexually exploited, welcomed the inquiry.

“Many girls’ lives are seriously damaged by gangs who run this type of grooming,” she said.

“It is a corrosive problem that needs serious research and action to help those affected.

“Each year we work with up to 250 girls–four out of five of them have been snared by these predatory offenders.

“We know this type of sexual abuse affects many communities across the UK and has a devastating impact on the young victims.

“But hopefully this inquiry will give us a clearer picture of just how big the problem is and help those working in the field find solutions to protect these vulnerable children.”

Barnardo’s chief executive, Anne Marie Carrie, said: “Sexually exploited children are right under our noses, yet many are still slipping through the net.

“In this telling new research, it is abundantly clear that, despite victims being amongst the most vulnerable children in society, we still have a long way to go to save them from the clutches of these vile abusers.

“We need to act now to stop more children being failed.”

The investigation team will gather evidence from police, local authorities and health and youth justice workers until early next year, publishing an interim report in July.

The final report will be released in September 2013.

Meanwhile, the government is due to publish its strategy for dealing with the problem in November.

10 responses to “‘Thousands of Children’ Sexually Exploited by Gangs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea what is going on here. Are these Pakistanis, or what? And are these pre-teen children not living with parents who would prevent this?

  2. John Engelman says:

    I disagree with those who say prostitution is a victimless crime. The victims are the underage girls who are forced into this horrible trade.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, the government is due to publish its strategy for dealing with the problem in November.

    Oh it is, is it?

    I am not holding my breath.

    Whatever happened to children being taught not to take candy from strangers? This shows how messed up families are. 13 year old girls are awfully well developed, never mind what is between their ears. And they don’t mind mom and dad anymore. Quite a few of those victims would not be victims if they had been victims of a bit stricter upbringing.

  4. Question Diversity says:

    Daily Mail version said this:

    [The Inquiry] will study the appalling phenomenon of Asian men grooming white girls for sex and how teenage girl gang members can be forced into prostitution.

    Why bother with the inquiry at all? Why take two years? We already know what the problem is, they just admitted it right here. You can’t solve a problem unless you first identify a problem, and you can’t identify a problem if you’re prevented from doing so by the dictates of political correctness. In a random act of sanity, Official Britain is admitting the anti-white nature of this.

    Therefore, the solution is not only easy, it can begin right now — Deport the “Asians” (Middle Eastern and South Asian mostly Muslims), and don’t let any more legally immigrate in to begin with.

    This vindicates the BNP. They were the first to bring this up.

    Also, we here in the Good Ole US of A are experiencing something similar: Black gangs regularly cajole/lure/kidnap young white women, mainly Scandinavian ethnicity, from the Upper Midwest, then truck them to the black cities and force them to be prostitutes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “The issue reaches across all races and classes, said Ms Berelowitz.”

    — It’s like they do over here. There will be 99%+ black faces in any crime scene or mini-riot, but if there was some clueless white there on the periphery, all the cameras will focus on him and the reporters will shout with glee that it was a diverse ‘crowd’ of criminals. Remember the London riots how every photo strained to focus on the lone white face here and there among the see of blacks rioting?

  6. Nick K. says:

    The BBC has been covering the “grooming” of these young (usually white) girls by gangs of rapists for some time now. The coverage itself is telling. Sometimes the article will explicitly identify the rapists as being South Asian/Muslim (as they disproportionately tend to be), other times the article will conspicuously fail to mention that this sort of crime has a more typical offender.

    Even in the articles where the South Asian/Muslim variable is identified, there will almost always be the obligatory quote from some constable or another cautioning us against the dire perils of stereotyping. Therein lies the tragedy. White Britain, including the public safety officials who should be doing anything and everything to defend the citizenry, would rather kowtow to multicultural orthodoxy than a) provide the public with needed information to identify predators and b) actually target one group which produces this specific kind of sex predator with a higher incidence than others.

    I guess in Britain- just like America- it is more important to protect the sensitivities of Muslims (or blacks, whoever) than to protect young white women and girls from life-destroying sexual abuse. Just one of the many ways that the faith of multiculturalism is satanic.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Problem is not a problem. The Black Africans are experiencing the consequences of over-breeding in a overpopulated world and are simply using the children as a surplus commodity like corn or diamonds.

    We should request they apply for a permit to import human blood from African and body parts and leave the kids at home.

    It’s the only polite thing to do and it will save the English from spending taxpayer money rounding up black rug rats.By the way the CHinese in recent history ate babies during famines.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Daily Mail version said this:

    [The Inquiry] will study the appalling phenomenon of Asian men grooming white girls for sex and how teenage girl gang members can be forced into prostitution.

    at this point, many whites would rather allow white girls to be exploited and rape to increase rather than be thought of as racist. that is how morally wacked we have become.

  9. Anonymous says:

    these young (usually white) girls

    Usually? nearly exclusively. They won’t do it to their own.

  10. Rebelcelt says:

    My daughter is thirteen and knows the dangers of “diversity”.Why because I taught her from the time she was about 6 that God loves them also but, they are different.

    I do not have to have arguments about we are all the same, but….

    We are difrerent and they are very dangerous.Simple.