Posted on October 13, 2011

Swiss People’s Party Extends Lead as Elections Near, Poll Shows

Leigh Baldwin, Bloomberg Businessweek, October 12, 2011

The Swiss People’s Party is likely to gain the most votes in this month’s general elections, followed by the Social Democrats, the Gfs.Bern polling institute reported, citing a survey.

The People’s Party may win 29.3 percent of the vote, while the Social Democrats would get 19.9 percent, the Bern-based institute said in an e-mailed statement today, citing a telephone survey among 2,007 participants conducted Oct. 1 to Oct. 8. {snip}


The SVP gained 1.3 percentage points since the institute’s last survey published Sept. 9. Swiss voters will cast their ballots on Oct. 23.

6 responses to “Swiss People’s Party Extends Lead as Elections Near, Poll Shows”

  1. Snowhitey says:

    In my view, Switzerland has always been a highly desirable place to emigrate to. Its neutral political stance, extremely high standard of living, beautiful landscape, clean cities, and its citizen preparedness in the event of a hostile attack. This is the icing on the cake. I just wish I has some Swiss ancestry for which I could claim dual citizenship, eventually dropping my American citizenship when the decline of this country starts to escalate. And, it will.

  2. highduke says:

    Switzerland is that one country that succeded ideologically where America & France failed and they’ve managed to let in a lot of foreigners without buying into too much multiculty propaganda. They stayed out of WW1&2 and managed to stay rich and cohesive despite ethnic diferences. I HOPE a nationalist govt inspires them into a more visible leading role in the European renaissance.

  3. Dee says:

    What has saved Switzerland is their refusal to be “PC”-politically correct. For example, a Muslim couple kept their children out of school because they didn’t feel it was right to have the girls and boys in the same swimming class. The Swiss fined them for each day that they children missed school. So, the Muslim couple took it to the courts. The Swiss won, and the Muslim couple had to pay the fine which was in the thousands. The Swiss stated in so many words that “we aren’t going to create parallel societies. Boys and girls swim together until puberty begins. There’s no reason for their children to miss swimming class.” Switzerland isn’t afraid to “snip things in the bud and call a spade a spade.” The people running the country are intelligent. And one of the most wonderful things they didn’t do was “join the Euro!”

  4. Nick K. says:

    I hope the People’s Party trounces the socialists. It seems they will. The question that will be raised by a probable SPP victory is whether or not it will be a signal event for Europe. Let us hope so.

  5. WR the elder says:

    Good for the Swiss. There are many things about that country that I admire. (I sure wish we had their foreign policy.) The only recent action by the Swiss I find disappointing is their decision to peg the Swiss franc to the Euro. That left gold as the only safe haven currency left. It seems no country can resist the temptation of competitive inflation.

  6. rjf101 says:

    Switzerland is a wonderful country. Isolationist, anti-immigration, highly-religious, beautiful architecture and landscape, NATURALLY multicultural (as opposed to multicultural by immigration)…its just such a great country.