Posted on October 13, 2011

The Terrifying Moment Hundreds of Sikh Protesters Smashed Their Way into a Community Centre in Protest at It Selling Meat and Alcohol

Claire Ellicott, Daily Mail (London), October 12, 2011

Pouring through the gates, these men are part of a mob of religious zealots who went on the rampage in protest at the sale of meat and alcohol in a Sikh community centre.

The CCTV image has been released by police in an attempt to bring to justice the vandals who stormed the building and wrecked the kitchens.

The trouble erupted after managers at the centre agreed to serve alcohol and meat at a private party that night, but practising Sikhs heard about the plan and organised a demonstration.

The protest, in Dudley, West Midlands, is believed to have been attended by members of the UK Sangat organisation. The hardline movement campaigns to prevent the consumption of meat and alcohol, and the breaking of other Sikh rules, on holy land.

After a peaceful start, the protest turned violent and police were unable to hold back the crowd.

In the newly released CCTV images, protesters can be seen forcing their way through a cordon of police officers and storming through the centre gates.

One image shows an angry rioter with a chair raised above his head, as other protesters rampage through the centre causing devastation.

Police from all over the West Midlands were drafted in to calm the situation and a police helicopter monitored the violent scenes on May 29 this year, while roads around the building were closed for five hours to allow emergency services access to the site.

Specialist officers were dispatched to the scene to help negotiations between the militant Sikhs and under-siege staff. But the mob’s numbers quickly spiralled.

One policeman was left with head injuries and another suffered dental injuries after the protesters began pelting officers with bricks, bottles and missiles.

After forcing their way into the centre, they barricaded themselves inside and trashed it, causing ‘significant damage’.

A tense five-hour stand-off followed which ended only after managers at the Sikh Cultural Centre gave in to the protesters’ demands and cancelled the sale of meat and alcohol.

At the time, protest organisers told reporters: ‘All Sikhs should be aware of the basic Sikh tenets that meat and alcohol are not permissible in the Sikh faith.

‘The centre owners have insulted the Sikh faith and violated Sikh Maryada [code of conduct] by allowing a party to take place at the Sikh Cultural Centre.’

Inspector Richard Jones, from Dudley Police, said: ‘What started as a peaceful protest soon turned to violence when a minority of people started throwing missiles at officers and then forced their way inside the centre.

Significant damage was caused to the premises and our investigation into what happened on the day continues.

‘Detectives have trawled through CCTV from the site and the vicinity as part of the inquiry and we now ask for help in identifying some of those people we would now like to speak to. We urge anyone with information to assist with identification to come forward and help us at their earliest convenience.’

16 responses to “The Terrifying Moment Hundreds of Sikh Protesters Smashed Their Way into a Community Centre in Protest at It Selling Meat and Alcohol”

  1. professor says:

    I can remember when the British press raked us over the coals for our supposed mistreatment of minorities during the post (no) civil-rights (for whites) era. We tried to tell them. How’s your veggie pie or faux sausage with that malt vinegar now?

  2. Seek says:

    They don’t look English to me, mate. Sikhs anywhere have a bad track record for tolerance everywhere, including their home turf. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, if one remembers, was assassinated in 1984 by two Sikh bodyguards. The current and future British prime ministers might take heed.

  3. Bardon says:

    Sikhs are as narrow minded as Muslims, notwithstanding their long (ca. 300 yrs) common history of violence and persecution. Evangelical Christians are the closest approximation to these Afro- Asiatic lunacies (Voodoo, Santeria, Rastafarianism, Sikhism, Wahabi Islam, Falun Gong, ..)- yet, even craziest fundamentalist Christians are, by Afro-Asiatic standards, enlightened rationalists & essentially modern people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    At least it’s a refreshing change, not Muslims for openers and not a race riot either. But it does underscore how unassimilable 3rd world cultures have no place in Western countries, due to, among other things, their rampant intolerance of things they don’t like in their host countries and general contempt for the rule of law in the way they express their displeasure with the things that bother them.

  5. Pat L says:

    I thought vegetarianism was a diet of peace!

  6. Anonymous says:

    As the Sikh Tradition states, God loves the anger of His Saints. I have no problem with men fighting to uphold their Tradition. Catholics should have stormed their Cathedrals and dragged out the Pedophile friendly Bishops long ago. The problem is that they’re doing it in Britain and not back in India where they belong.

  7. SS says:

    Were I rushed at like that, I’d probably be dead but so would several (as many as I could get) non-whites…

    To Submit in any manner whatsoever is to hand over, and on a silver platter mind you, Your Life and from there, you Cease to Exist.

    I for one will NEVER Give in, Bend, Be Tolerant, Be Inclusive or Appease any Non-White for anything. Nor will I EVER GIVE UP Fighting, and to The Death if need be, for My American Way.

  8. Anonymous says:

    These people just do NOT belong in Great Britain. They shouldn’t be there.

  9. Ryan says:

    I’m not sure if it was in the 80s or 90s, but in a suburb of Vancouver Canada, there was a dispute over tables being used inside one of their temples. Well it got so violent that they brought their swords out and were hacking at each other. Sikhs are very organized through their temple, and if anyone picks a fight with one at a high school, that day, or the next expect there to be a few hundred of them looking for you. And I don’t just mean teenagers, but full grown adults.

    Researching their religous origins, you will find they are like a mix of Hinduism and Islam and were only created in the 17th century. They are very militant due to defending their original homeland of northern India from Muslims. This last part is all from memory so please if interested look them up yourself.

    Though I would certainly prefer they all go back home, I for one if had the choice, would take them over muslims, because at least Sikhs don’t demand that I convert to their religion, they for the most part do their own thing. Their members work very hard, though they are highly corrupt and get into all sorts of scandals, and many of them are into illegal activities.

  10. Sylvie says:

    I’m feeling a bit ‘let down’ here people. During the London riots, all I heard about the Sikhs was how bloody great they are!

    Now here they are being intolerant just like us! Leaves a chap feeling a little sad…might have another drink.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I should wonder if these people are constantly getting tolerance shoved down there throats. A forward thinking minds knows we are doom to destruction unless the tides can be turned back. We need people who are not career polit – icians who do not fear to speak the truth.

  12. Anonymous says:

    There’s no making these people assimilate, just send them home and be done with it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Pat L wrote at 9:34 PM on October 13:

    I thought vegetarianism was a diet of peace!”

    No. It’s a diet of peas…

  14. Anonymous says:

    #5-“I thought vegetarianism was a diet of peace!”

    Sikhs are not vegetarians, but meat is banned in their religious places. Talk about hypocrisy!!

  15. Spirit Wolf says:

    Hahahahahahaha. I love this. I’ve known Sikhs are not what they make themselves out to be since the Air India bombing. Can someone send this to Robert Spencer of JihadWatch? He thinks Sikhs are saints – I argued otherwise, and he doesn’t listen to me anymore.

  16. True Blue says:

    Everyone Please take note how a ‘community center’ became ‘holy land’.

    Now bear that in mind whenever you hear the left’s lies; particularly the lie about how the Ground Zero Mosque is really just a ‘community center’.

    Something’s going to give soon; don’t know exactly what/when but it looks like some turbulence ahead…