Posted on October 13, 2011

Dozens Storm Female ‘Rapists’ Police Station

New Zimbabwe, October 11, 2011

Dozens of people have stormed a police station where three women are held on suspicion of committing a spate of ritualistic sex attacks on male hitchhikers.

The three women were arrested on Sunday after they arrived at an accident scene in Lower Gweru and asked police officers to be allowed to retrieve 31 condoms–some with semen–from the boot of a car which had run over and killed a pedestrian.

Police arrested the trio, along with the male driver of the Chevrolet, said to be the boyfriend of one of the women.

The arrests of the suspects named as Rosemary Chakwizira, 24, Sophie Nhokwara, 26, and Netsai Nhokwara, 24, is the first breakthrough in a two-year investigation that has bamboozled detectives.

As the women continued to be interviewed by detectives at Gweru Central Police Station, more than 50 local residents massed outside the station on Tuesday, many demanding to mete out street justice.

Local resident Nkululeko Ndlovu said: “People should be given a chance to see these people. We want to know what they were doing with the semen.”

Another resident, Mary Mangoma, added: “All along, I was thinking that they had made it in life yet they were making money through such acts.

“They would change their hairstyles in less than three days and I admired them, but now I have realised that it was not clean money.”

Gweru police say the women will appear in court soon. Detectives have spoken to dozens of victims who have been participating in identity parades.

On Tuesday, more information was emerging about the lifestyles of the three women.

Locals said they frequent a local nightclub, Uptown Nite Club, and have been known to sell cars.

One of the women, Sophie Nhokwara, has a Facebook profile in which she enters her relationship status as “divorced”.

Harry Mohammed Misi, who knows the trio, said: “These women lead flashy lives and almost everyone in the city knows them.

“We are shocked with what is happening in our society where men are now being sexually-abused by women. But how can they make a living through such acts? In this case, let the law take its course.”

Midlands provincial police spokesman Inspector Patrick Chademana said the trio would likely face charges of indecent assault once investigations were complete. No court date has been set.

5 responses to “Dozens Storm Female ‘Rapists’ Police Station”

  1. madison grant says:

    The three women would allegedly pick up male hitchhikers, drug them and then “steal” their semen to be resold on the black market as these primitive people think ejaculate contains magical properties.

    And check out the mob of outraged men complaining about female “rapists”. Could it be that they don’t protest against male rapists since a large % (if not a majority) of African men have committed sexual assaults during their lifetimes?

  2. robert says:

    I think the comment “they would change their hairstyles every three days and I would admire them” speaks about the fact that black people REALLY care about the way they look (at the cost of many other more worthy attributes).

  3. Reformed says:

    A great way to disabuse a race denying liberal of all notions of tolerance and diversity and to disabuse him of a zeal to import Africans is to instruct that person to spend one week reading African newspapers.

    Well, newspapers from the African countries that are somewhat stable enough to support them. It would be a bit hard for them to read newspapers from Somalia and the Congo.

    One week’s comings and going of the backwards, superstitious, indolent, corrupt and serial raping and spree killing people does wonders to white eyeballs.

  4. Lauren says:

    Since when is there a shortage of African Ejaculate? My impression is that African Males produce an overabundance of the stuff, and are ever in search of ways to ‘donate’ it… to Humans of all ages and genders; to farm animals (here in Mississippi, there was recently the case of an black man arrested for raping his neighbor’s fancy Show Hogs and giving them a venereal disease)… Be it Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral, there seems to be some African male eager to ‘donate’ to it the one substance he can consistently produce with any competence.

    So I’m wondering why anyone would need to ‘steal’ what could probably be theirs just for the asking (or for a tiny fee). This is bizarre. Maybe these gals just have an innate NEED TO STEAL…something…anything… and Male Semen is about all in Africa there is left to steal, these days.

  5. Californian says:

    You know, I was in Rhodesia in the last days of UDI, and this sort of behavior would never have been on the table. Whatever happened to civilization? Oh wait, you got rid of the white minority which was running the country…