Posted on October 21, 2011

Racial Gap Continues to Widen in Education

Fox 42 (Omaha), October 20, 2011

The latest report from the State of Nebraska on schools says while students overall are improving when it comes to writing and science, minority students are falling behind in Math.

As a part of the study, 11th graders were evaluated on proficiency in Math.

The report says only 19% African American students met or exceeded standards in math. Only 20% of Native Americans and 29% of Hispanic students were proficient. Students from migrant families fared the worst at 17%.

That compares to a 69% proficiency rate for white Nebraska students in Math.


The growing gap is not just a state problem. It has been a national trend that has drawn concern for years.

“Our education system is falling short,” says Omaha Public School Assistant Superintendent Renae Kerhberg. “We’ve talked about it for decades but we know we have not made the progress we need to make.”