Posted on October 28, 2011

Population to Hit Seven Billion: Experts Warn of ‘Bachelor Nations’

Telegraph (London), October 26, 2011

Many demographers believe the resulting shortage of adult women over the next 50 years will have as deep and pervasive an impact as climate change.

The statistics behind the warnings are grimly compelling.

Nature provides an unbending biological standard for the sex ratio at birth of 104-106 males to every 100 females. Any significant divergence from that narrow range can only be explained by abnormal factors.

In India and Vietnam the figure is around 112 boys for every 100 girls. In China it is almost 120 to 100–and in some places higher than 130.

And the trend is spreading: to regions like the South Caucasus, where Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia all post birth ratios of more than 115 to 100, and further west to Serbia and Bosnia.

Global awareness of the problem was raised back in 1990 with an article by the Nobel Prize-winning Indian economist Amartya Sen that carried the now famous title: “More Than 100 Million Women Are Missing.”

Demographers say that figure is now more than 160 million–women selected out of existence by the convergence of traditional preferences for sons, declining fertility and, most crucially, the prevalence of cheap prenatal sex-determination technology.

As many as half a million female foetuses are estimated to be aborted each year in India, according to a study by British medical journal The Lancet.

“Earlier villagers had to go to the city to get a sonogram (ultrasound),” said Poonam Muttreja, executive director of the non-profit Population Foundation of India. “Today sonographers are going into the villages to cater to people who want sons.”

Even if the sex ratio at birth returned to normal in India and China within 10 years, Guilmoto says men in both countries would still face a “marriage squeeze” for decades to come.

“Not only would these men have to marry significantly older, but this growing marriage imbalance would also lead to a rapid rise in male bachelorhood . . . an important change in countries where almost everyone used to get married,” he said.

How that change might manifest itself is hotly debated, although nearly everyone agrees there is no foreseeable upside.

Some forecast an increase in polyandry and sex tourism, while others predict cataclysmic scenarios with the rise of male-surplus societies where sexual predation, violence and conflict are the norm.

A particularly alarmist note was sounded several years ago by political scientists Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Boer, who wrote that Asian countries with too many men posed a security threat to the West.

“High-sex-ratio societies are governable only by authoritarian regimes capable of suppressing violence at home and exporting it abroad through colonisation or war,” they said.

UN agencies have issued similar warnings about the correlation between a scarcity of women and increases in sex trafficking and marriage migration, albeit with certain caveats.

“The data is really limited,” said Nobuko Horibe, Asia-Pacific director of the UN Population Fund. “It is very likely that this marriage squeeze would lead to these phenomena . . . but it’s very anecdotal at this stage.”

But while more and more red flags are being raised over the long-term implication of skewed sex ratios, few solutions are being offered.

Sex-selective abortion is illegal in both China and India, but officials say the law is incredibly difficult to enforce.

28 responses to “Population to Hit Seven Billion: Experts Warn of ‘Bachelor Nations’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    And here at home blacks especially prey upon white women and the result is more black babies like Obama who have no more whiteness and reject any notion of it. I met a female second cousin for the first time recently ans she was a pretty blond with – you guessed it – two half-black little boys – and of course the man had taken off long before. The boys were so low IQ I almost cried, especially remembering how my first cousin (the girl’s father) was such a real stand up white guy.

  2. Courtney from Alabama says:

    The liberals make a big deal about this, and they enjoy telling people like me not to have more than one kid, so that we can conserve Mother Earth. I tell them in response ..”you understand, don’t you that a third of the world lives in India and China, and AT LEAST 90% of the world is non-European. Meanwhile, most of the population growth occuring in Western nations is from Third World immigration. Now, tell me again why I as opposed to they shouldn’t be having more than one child”.

    Everything they stand for is inverted. Does it make sense to tell people who pay taxes not to have children because “there are too many people in America”, while at the same time allow immigrants to pour into the country? This sort of idiocy only exists in white countries. I am losing all patience for whites who think this way.

  3. Sonya says:

    Some forecast an increase in polyandry

    Polyandry will be absolutely horrid for the poor female victims. The poorest females will be sold off as slaves, then be forced into having sex with 2 or 3 brothers.

  4. History Grad says:

    All in all, I find this to be a positive development. Most of the countries where sex selective abortion is common are overpopulated anyway. This will help bring down their populations quicker. I read on the BBC I think that the population of southern India (predominately Hindu) is already declining due to a lack of women and higher earning capacities.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where is Sureesh when you need him. He needs to go home and tell them. If there is no girl to marry, then the man’s family won’t get a new TV, motor scooter, new dishes or whatever else a new bride has to bring. Shooting yourself in the foot fellas. Joking aside,

    on a smaller scale, Mormon fundamentalists create similar problems, Of course they have it easy, the top honchos kick the boys out of the communities and voila, no competition for the females.

    My guess is, China will start a major war and get all those unwanted and unneeded males killed off. Canon fodder. A few millions more killed will only help them. Drop in the bucket.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Having visited the Nordic countries Sex tourism by Africans is rampant and dangerous. There is an abnormally large amount of them in the cities. I have witnessed with my own eyes the grabbing and groping behaviour of packs of African males towards blonde girls in Nordic cities. These large packs of Africans make it dangerous for everyone.

    It saddens me because these are lovely countries. I hope something is done within the next decade at least to get Africans out of Europe.

    Curiously though Baltic countries frequented by many Russians are devoid of Africans…

  7. Sissy White says:

    This is not such a big deal since homosexuality runs rampant in these nations and is accepted as the cultural norm, as opposed to a an aberration, as in the Christian West.

  8. Istvan says:

    7 — Sissy White wrote at 10:31 PM on October 28:

    This is not such a big deal since homosexuality runs rampant in these nations and is accepted as the cultural norm, as opposed to a an aberration, as in the Christian West.

    An Indian male I work with told me there are no gays in India.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s not the end of the world if European population declines – as long as it can stay white. After all, the European population has been even lower in past centuries. There is no “time bomb”.

  10. Elitist says:

    Both left and right seem totally brain-dead these days on population.

    Current populations are already crashing the global ecosystem, leading to mass extinctions, the death of the oceans, and runaway climate change.

    The civilized West should adopt the following policies immediately:

    INCREASE white birthrates worldwide – otherwise European civilization will disappear.

    Cease all Third World immigration into the first world.

    Fund family planning in Asia and Africa on a massive scale to reduce fertility, but for in a generally contingent on negative population growth in those countries.

  11. Anonymous says:

    War was invented to get rid of surplus males. Did anyone notice that the Arab spring marches consisted of thousands of young dark males? The ones that raped a blond white reporter in Cairo?

    Well, it’s the problem of overpopulation, and yes we will have many more wars because we have too many people on this planet.

  12. neanderthalDNA says:

    I’ve always been ambiguous on the abortion thing.

    On the one hand I’m morally disturbed by the use of it as simply the nuclear option of birth control when responsible K-style breeders have a plethora of options in the realm of modern contraceptives and the forethought and planning skills to utilize such. Also rather disturbed at the attitude that the product of trivialized sex is regarded as nothing beyond a lifestyle crimping tumorous growth…

    On the other hand very disturbed at the billions of precious lives multiplying like flies, driving us toward a Malthusian nightmare…

    But ultimately I still don’t think abortion is the answer. Obviously, as practiced in certain societies, widespread, wrongheaded use of the practice has OBVIOUS bad results.

    All developed nations need some kind of heavy public support for contraception – education and logistic support. Another area where a meritocratic public health system could be as important as military security. And if any charitable organizations insist on fighting the Ragnarok-like struggle to really help the worst of the third world – this is where they should be spending money. Condoms, pills, vasectomies, tube ties…

    But although abortion may be called for in the direst of Malthusian scenarios (which do indeed already exist in largely black and certain Muslim regions), advanced, civilized societies need to SERIOUSLY rethink reliance on abortion, with the existence of inexpensive and reliable methods of determining the gender of a baby before birth.

    Perhaps my only instance of favoring one group or the other, here, but perhaps the Chinese could, for example, relax their regulations on one child per couple for a few years – if the second child were a girl? See what results?

    They have the forethought, planning, and brainpower to try such things, after all.

  13. Jason Robertson says:

    “A unique coalition of religious fundamentalists, bigoted and craven politicians, and ‘politically correct’ NGOs in the West. have contrived to keep population off anybody’s serious ‘to do’ list…. Damage to soil, fresh water, forests, biodiversity

    and fisheries…cannot any longer be blamed on ‘over-consumption in the West” (Jonathan Porritt, The Independent (London), October 27.

    The most important danger comes from overpopulation in the “third” world migrating peacefully and/or violently even further into the Euro-American “vacuum”. From different motives, both socialists and capitalists raise no objection.

    If whites are reduced to kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party for a financial bail-out, for instance, how can we object if Beijing wants more of its surplus males to follow their nubile girls into the “west”?

    “The battle for the planet has begun…. The colored man sees through the white man when he talks about ‘humanity’ and everlasting peace. He scents the other’s unfitness and lack of will to defend himself… What if, one day, class war and race war joined forces to make an end of the white world… It would make no difference if the voice of Moscow ceased to dictate. It has done its work, and the work goes forward by itself. We have waged our wars and class wars before the eyes of color, have humiliated and betrayed each other; we have even summoned it to take part in them. Would it be anything to wonder at, if at last color were to act on its own account?” (Oswald Spengler,


  14. Anonymous says:

    “Fund family planning in Asia and Africa on a massive scale to reduce fertility, but for in a generally contingent on negative population growth in those countries.”

    ” heavy public support for contraception – education and logistic support….. help the worst of the third world – this is where they should be spending money. Condoms, pills, vasectomies, tube ties…”

    The best solution would be to just stop feeding the third world.

    We have fed Ethiopia for 40 years. In those 30 years the population has grown from about 30 to 77 million. Kenya had a population estimated at 1 million in 1900 when the British arrived. It now has a population of 40 million.

    Stop feeding the third world. Stop building them clean water systems that they cannot run when the westerners leave. End all medical care to the third world. End the food research and the green revolution that gives them miracle extra nutritious rice.

    We won’t need to spend endless amounts of money on contraception or abortion programs or then.

    Let nature take its course. The west is responsible for the third world population explosion. The west can end it by withdrawing from its position of doing everything for the third world from direct food aid, to building sewers and bridges, to sending our medical people, machinery and medicines to them and stop interfering with their wars.

    Killing and aborting baby girls keeps population down because men can breed from 13 to 90 with the help of viagra, another western invention. Men can in theory get 350 women a year pregnant. If he hits the right time of the month, a man can breed a lot of babies in a year.

    Women’s fertility ends at 45 and plunges at 35. Realistically, a woman can at most have 15 children in a life time. If she nurses them herself instead of being given baby formula by the American taxpayer the number that survive will be far lower.

    BTW the feeding practices of Muslims, Hindus and Asians are feed the men and boys first and let the women and girls, even when pregnant starve. These women can’t feed their babies unless we give them infant formula.

    The S. Korean national health started charging the equivalent of $5.00 for vaccines. To save $5.00, millions of Koreans stopped getting the vaccines for girls. That is how little value is placed on girls even in oh so superior and advanced S. Korea with its 105 IQ supremacy.

    Eliminating girls means the population will go down every generation because there will be less girls every generation and a girl can have only so many children in her life.

    Every time I see a TV ad to save some cute little African all I can think is that in 10 years the boys will be priapic weapons toting mass murders and rapists and in 5 years the raped girls will be giving birth to the next generation of mass murders.

    Mexico and South America don’t have a population problem. Their problem is the culture of corruption and the uncontrolled greed of the upper classes. We have been giving massive aid to these countries since the 1930s and nothing has helped.

    Did you know that the John Kennedy administration set up a school lunch program for all of South America and Mexico? Food supplied by us and distributed and cooked by people paid with our tax dollars.

    A friend grew up in Guatemala. Except for fresh meat and local fresh produce virtually all the food her family ate came in boxes marked US food aid. 4 kids. Mom a nurse, RN. Dad an accountant, not a bookkeeper for a government agency.

    Pay was so low they needed American food aid. An American or European RN and accountant are paid enough to feed 5 kids without food aid.

    My parents had lower type jobs than RN and accountant. No food stamps either. They fed 5 kids of their own and their taxes went to feed kids all over the world.

    Now my friend in in America. Because of their Hispanic last names her children will get jobs, SBA and mortgage loans and all sorts of benefits because they are officially designated high caste and my White children are officially designated low caste.

    She and her husband will get jobs and promotions I and my husband will never get. My parents fed them while they were growing up.When a promotion comes she or another non White will get it instead of me because of affirmative action imposed and enforced by government employees paid by my taxes.

  15. elitist says:

    Is absolutely, grotesquely, bizarrely WRONG to imagine that encouraging infanticide of baby girls, and the abominable treatment of women and girls in general, will reduce world population.

    As far as canceling all foreign aid, just a talking point, never going to happen. Nor should it.

    A grown-up conversation about population begins with WHAT HAS ACTUALLY WORKED.

    What HAS ACTUALLY WORKED is empowering women, provision of basic health facilities, food security, education, aggressive family planning.

    Foreign aid should not be discontinued, it should be used as a lever to reduce Third World population growth.

    Fertility levels always dropped to replacement rates when women start making decisions about fertility.

    Even Mexicans have replacement rate fertility in Mexico, their birth rates only explode when they come to the United States to rip off the American taxpayer.

    The grotesquely high Muslim fertility in Europe is a tactic of war and invasion, and is wholly contingent on subsidizing Muslim birth rates with tax dollars.

    Pull the plug on these insanely generous programs, and fertility will plummet overnight to replacement levels.

    These are practical problems that can be solved with sensible solutions.

    It is the autogenocide of the white race that is the source of all these problems.

    Once the European races size it wants to survive on this planet, the solutions will emerge as a matter of course.

    This is not rocket science, but common sense.

  16. Woody Woodpecker says:


    Have to agree with you on America shutting down the food/money/medicine gravy train to the third world, especially Africa. I have been telling people this for years. The American left goes on and on about the environment, but they never talk about the real cause of the rain forests being destroyed – the 3rd world population explosion. Also, as staunch Darwinists, they love theory of evolution but always seem to forget about natural selection and survival of the fittest.

    Another lame argument the left makes is that “we have to give them medicine and medical assistant, otherwise they will spread disease to us”. Well, there is a very easy solution to that problem, FORBID ALL 3RD WORLD IMMIGRATION AND TRAVEL (including vacations) TO THE U.S.!!!

    I agree with you 100%. Let nature take its course!

  17. Jack in Chicago says:

    Here’s one area where White people in urban Lib/Min Blue states can do effective activism:

    Population control, birth control, environmental protection in the 3rd world, American welfare underclass.

    Sure, it’s not as much fun as getting guns, giving in to revolutionary fantasies, neo confederate secession dreams, but this is a topic that will receive very strong support from White Libs and we’ve made very solid progress brining the Black welfare underclass birth rates way down since the 1970s. Now lets work on lower class Hispanic immigrants – it’s cultural, all the things we are taught about “family values” Conservative family issues of pro life, traditional wife and mother are reversed when it comes to lowering the low class, Mestizo birth rate – we want these women to enter the work force, take anti male liberal college courses, push feminism and attack macho Latino male culture everywhere. And it’s OK to bash the Catholic church if it goes Latino/for mass amnesties in your area.

  18. Question Diversity says:

    15 Elitist wrote:

    Even Mexicans have replacement rate fertility in Mexico, their birth rates only explode when they come to the United States to rip off the American taxpayer.

    Steve Sailer had a theory about that a few weeks ago. He noticed that Mexican fecundity in Mexico is at or slightly above replacement level, Mexican legal or illegal recent immigrants are way above replacement level, but future generations of Mexican-“Americans” are down close to replacement level. What explains the bump? Sailer thinks it’s homesickness.

  19. Anonymous says:

    1 — Anonymous wrote at 5:39 PM on October 28:

    And here at home blacks especially prey upon white white women and the result is more black babies like Obama

    False. I guess the mods were snoozing when they posted this advocacy.

    Obama is intelligent and hardworking. He is anything but typical of his kind. He is a freak accident.

    The poor, desperate, but most of all misguided women who breed with black males usually produce thoroughly oafish offspring, nothing at all like Obama.

    The advocates of race-mixing want people to assume that bedding with a ghetto thug will likely result in a baby similar to Obama.

    As usual, what they say is the opposite of the truth.

  20. Brendan says:

    Ironically, Africa and most Muslim countries (except Pakistan and Azerbaijan) are sex-balanced, but predation on white women by men from those countries is still far more common than by men from India or China. I think it has more to do with the black male sex drive and the Muslim male contempt for white women rather than a sex imbalance, although I suppose Pakistani men are somewhat more dangerous since Pakistan is both Muslim and woman-poor.

    We can expect this problem posed by African and Muslim men to increase vastly over the next few decades, as their populations soar. Europe will either grow a pair and tell them to get out, or succumb. The Muslim world in the meantime will also turn black — Gaddhafi’s threat on Europe will hit the Maghreb first.

    An excess of Chinese men doesn’t seem to affect white women much, since white women don’t really fancy Chinese men. Indian men, on the other hand, would be and likely will be more of a problem.

  21. AnonKnowMous says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s all this about ’empowering’ women? IMO, one of the major problems today within so-called ‘White American culture’ is the imbalance of power favoring women. Perhaps emasculated White men in America won’t admit it, but part of the reason for below replacement fertility is the relative status decline among men. Women aren’t attracted to men who are either below or equal to them in status, and so if you artificially raise female status you simultaneously disadvantage men in the mating market. White women are no different from other women in their preference for high status mates.

    I’ve nothing against ‘respecting’ women, but respect can be bestowed while also acknowledging some of the less fashionable aspects of human nature. The fact is that if you don’t pay close attention to male status in relation to female status you will wind up lowering the quality of male/female relationships and, as a consequence, the birthdate as well.

  22. Buridan says:

    #15 Elitist

    #18 Question diversity

    The algerian woman in France has more children than the algerian woman in her country ; so, now, there are more children per woman in France (2) than in Algeria (1,8), the high natality in France being in a large part due to women of North African and Black African origins. France is one of the countries in the world where births are subsidized the most. For each child you receive money, for each child you pay less income tax, and creches are relatively universal, and accept children as soon as they are clean, so usually under three ; anyway, 95% of the three years old children go to school, morning and afternoon (so the mother can work) ; the educative system is free or almost free, even in the higher education (only the business schools are relatively expensive, the universities and the engineeer schools are almost free). The main origin of the system was the will, after WWI, reinforced after WWII, to be as numerous as possible for the next possible war with the Germans… The system is perceived as socially fair ; though left wingers occasionnally criticize the fact that, at a given revenue, the more children you have, the less income tax you pay ; the income tax being progressive, the richest you are, the more you benefit from the reduction of the income tax, so, the more you benefit per child.

  23. Buridan says:

    #21 AnonKnowMous

    Low fertility is not significantly due to many women remaining single (because they have not found equal status or above status males), nor to many men remaining single (because they have not found equal status or lower status females), it is mainly due to couples having fewer children than before. An increase of the difference between the professional status of the man and that of the woman (a coming back to the times were were doctors were invariably men and cleaners invariably women) would probably not alter fertility.

  24. Roberto Ramogida says:

    Personally, I think the best solution would be to tell these people that *all* of their fetuses are female.

  25. Integration Anxiety says:

    I don’t want to tell people how they should think. As far as the poster who said they have a second cousin, pretty blonde with black kids… That may seem like a sad case but you or your cousin (the girl’s father) aren’t responsible for her any more. I have a cousin who lives in Denver and she has three kids by three Mestizo gangsters. She is trashy for many more reasons than that. No one really speaks to her any more.

    I also have a 21 yr old male cousin who dated a black girl. She had a kid with a black man while my cousin was still seeing her. He was still living with and sleeping with her up until she had a second all black baby. He finally learned his lesson. It’s better late than never. He dates a normal pretty White girl now.

  26. Anonymous says:

    In Europe, they now have a blood test that tells you when you are 7 weeks pregnant whether the baby is a boy or a girl. It is about 98% accurate. Within a few years, there will be a pregnancy test stick that works with urine that will tell you if you are pregnant AND whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

    Once the price gets low enough, people won’t need sex-selection abortions. They will use RU-486 or whatever it is called, and they will be able to sex-select in the privacy of their own homes. I don’t think that the ratio will change much for white people, but the Indians and East Asians (other than the Japanese) will undoubtedly end up with a sex ratio even more skewed than what they have today.

    Changing the sex ratio affects EVERYTHING. If you can have your “perfect family” of three boys and zero girls, you end up with a smaller family than you would have had AND the few families in the neighborhood who DO have daughters no longer feel pressured to take the first marriage offer that comes along. They can be much pickier, meaning that the average age of girls marrying and beginning their own reproductive life begins to rise. Each birth prevented or postponed changes the population pyramid.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Something interesting. The author thinks religious American Whites, us knuckle dragging 80 IQ neandrethals might save America.

    Why America might pull through the demographic collapse

    it is mainly religious people who raise children, and more women in America are religious.

    First, the context: Modern political science — which readily understands imperialism, resistance, and clash of competing interests — does not similarly understand “the wasting away of nations.” That, says David Goldman, author of How Civilizations Die: (and why Islam is dying too), is because political scientists tend to assume that people will follow their rational self-interest. In fact, they often don’t.

    From antiquity, he notes, a symptom of a civilization’s decline has been the destruction of children:

    Macedonian poet Poseidippus of Pella wrote: “Even a rich man always exposes a daughter.” A 200 BCE survey of seventy-nine families in Miletus, an ancient Greek colony on the Western Turkish coast, show a combined total of 188 sons but only 28 daughters.

    One Greek author, Polybius, suggested as a last resort “passing laws for the preservation of infants.” But most Greek colonies were finished already.

    Rational self-interest would dictate raising enough girls to keep the population going, but clearly that didn’t prevail. Indeed, it is generally believed that the Christian prohibition of abortion and infanticide was a key factor in how Christians ended up in charge of the Roman Empire 300 years after Christ’s birth. The prohibition worked, one might argue, for rational self-interest, but it was actually motivated by fear of God.

    And without fear of God? If the present low fertility rate continues, three-quarters of all Japanese and half of all Europeans will be elderly dependants. That’s where the collapse comes in.

    Everywhere, traditional Catholic nations, Poland, Ireland, Spain, and Quebec (Canada), for example, are collapsing at the core because, he argues, “faith rooted in blood and soil weakens when people step out of traditional society into the modern world.”

    The average Polish woman now has only one child. Ireland is lost to posterity. Spain has the lowest birth rate in Europe. Even so, who would have believed that by 1982 in Quebec – once famed for its proud Catholic heritage in the teeth of opposition – more than 42 percent of men and women still in their reproductive ages had undergone voluntary sterilization, with 41 abortions for every 100 live births?

    The United States is the one exception in Goldman’s view.

    If a single characteristic makes America exceptional, it is the fact that American fertility has stabilized at replacement. … In the second half of this century most of the great powers of the past – Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, and Japan, among others – will cease to function. A century later they will have ceased to exist. What makes America utterly and completely exceptional among the industrial countries, in short, is that it will still be here in a hundred years.

    It’s easy to dismiss predictions for two centuries from now, but historically, very few nations pull out of a demographic death spin. Of course they could. Double income-no kids couples could suddenly think of the future – but experience shows they rarely do. Having long since ceased to believe in a transcendent religion, they want all the toys now. Instead of buying toys on special occasions for Junior and Little Miss.

    A key reason America may be spared is the persistence of personal (not national) religiosity. As Phillip Longman noted (in alarm), it is mainly religious people who raise children. Half of all American women of childbearing age say that religion is important to them, versus one in six of European women.

    That in itself provides evidence that Americans will replace themselves and Europeans will not: “When children become a cost rather than an asset, prospective parents must identify with something beyond their own needs in order to sustain child-raising.” Especially in a modern welfare state where those who raise no children expect a comfortable retirement based on the labour of the children of others. Raising children then becomes an act of faith with no earthly reward. One undertaken by evangelicals and observant Catholics but not so much by mainline Protestants.

  28. Korean guy says:

    “The S. Korean national health started charging the equivalent of $5.00 for vaccines. To save $5.00, millions of Koreans stopped getting the vaccines for girls. That is how little value is placed on girls even in oh so superior and advanced S. Korea with its 105 IQ supremacy.”

    I was born in a port city in South Korea and grew up in South Korea until I was fourteen and I do keep my eyes on what is happening in Korea regularly, but I have never heard anything like that. And saving five dollars (roughly equivalent to a couple of cups of warm coffee?) by not getting the girls vaccinated will possibly end up costing the parents a fortune in the future, which is the first reason why your accusation is not reasonable, and it is even illegal in South Korea not to get children properly vaccinated. The government of South Korea will always make sure they receive proofs that all parents in South Korea get their children properly vaccinated. If there are some families in South Korea, for some reason, that they cannot get their boys or girls vaccinated, then the government will simply pay for their vaccines.

    If you read the article above, it does not state that South Korea is one of the nations suffering from girls/guys ratio imbalance. That is the next proof that girls do receive their share of love in South Korea. If your accusation that girls are so disrespected and neglected in South Korea was correct, then South Korea would have been included in the list of the “bachelor” nations in the article above.

    Simply put, it does not make sense. The parents of young girls in South Korea are so poor that they would not spend roughly five dollars to get their children vaccinated? let alone having to face the legal consequences of it?