Posted on October 28, 2011

Beaten to a Pulp: Face of the Father Left Unrecognisable by Gang of Robbers Who Stole His Wedding Ring

Gavin Allen, Daily Mail (London), October 27, 2011

A father-of-three was beaten to a bloody pulp by a gang of as many as 15 thugs who stole his wedding ring and mobile phone.

Joseph Frederic, 38, was punched to the ground before the gang repeatedly kicked him and stamped on his head.

Mr Frederic, who was visiting from France, had attended a family friend’s birthday party near the Centaur Social Club in Langley Green, Crawley.

The social club had not hosted the party, but at around 2am Mr Frederic went outside to look for his wife and was set upon by the gang in the club’s car park.

After the attack the gang fled and a local resident said the gang had a taxi waiting for them.

Mr Joseph, who is French Mauritian, was taken to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead for surgery to repair a series of facial fractures.

Because of the extent of his injuries he was not allowed to fly home and instead had to return by Eurostar.

He is recovering well from the attack and is now able to speak and eat again as his horrific facial swelling begins to recede.

Mr Frederic’s friend Sylvio Lynx, 57, said the attack took place around 40 minutes after his son’s 18th birthday party had ended on Sunday, October 16.

‘He went outside because he was looking for his wife,’ said Mr Lynx.

‘They took his ring, his necklace and his phone. He could not see the attackers because it was dark. He cannot describe the faces of those who did it.’

The only description Mr Frederic was able to offer police is that he believes all the attackers were black.

Detective Constable Mike George said: ‘This was an attack on a man visiting this country.

‘The consultant treating him described his injuries as some of the worst she had seen from an assault.’

23 responses to “Beaten to a Pulp: Face of the Father Left Unrecognisable by Gang of Robbers Who Stole His Wedding Ring”

  1. Linda says:

    After having personally witnessed a spontaneous all-black “beat down” on an unsuspecting person (it was something like 12 on 1) I avoid areas with young black males like the plague. Forget clutching your purse! I clutch my very safety!

  2. Bandmo says:

    He must have been thinking the “N-word” as they came upon him and they had to take action, ‘he had it coming’, in “their” thinking.

  3. ATBOTL says:

    This is why the focus on Muslims only is misguided. Blacks are a large and rapidly growing part of Europe’s immigration problem. In London, blacks cause far more problems than Muslims.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In 1975 I visited London with my brother as a high school graduation present. London was an all White unbelievably safe big city. It was civilized and it was one of the greatest big cities in the world. Now it has a higher crime rate than New York City. Something that would have been beyond imagination at the time. Now 35 years later we have the new and improved multicultural London. I guess the only question is what will London look like 35 years from now. Maybe it will get better as New York has. Though I kind of doubt it.

  5. Kenelm Digby says:

    Apparently this attack occurred in Crawley, Sussex.

    Crawley lies deep in the Sussex countryside, but contains within its environs Gatwick airport and an industrial center built up from the 1950s onwards.It was redeveloped as a London ‘overspill’ town, and I thought most of the residents were traditional old stock Londoners and/or Sussex natives.

    I am mightily surprised that there any blacks at all in Crawley.

  6. Jeddermann. says:

    This “beating” is the use of lethal force. NOT just to rob. And taking the wedding ring is an afterthought. They did what they did for the sake and pleasure of just stomping a man nearly to death and enjoyed doing so. Theft and stealing the wedding ring had nothing to do with it. Evil evil people.

    “Now it [London] has a higher crime rate than New York City.”

    YES, and other parts of Europe are now the same way. That Europe our ancestors left generations ago now is gone forever and is much the worse for it too.

  7. Iron Helm says:

    At poster #5

    There are lots of asylum seekers in Kent and Sussex, these were probably recent arrivals from Africa.

  8. BerekHalfhand says:

    Kenelm Digby

    Crawley has a fairly substantial Pakistani Muslim population. Not a large black presence to my knowledge, but, well, it doesn’t take many does it?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good thing the blacks stole some of their victim’s belongings. That way their enablers in the “news” media can report that this savagery appears to be a holdup gone wrong.

  10. Jesse Swede says:

    3 — ATBOTL

    Muslims are a problem. Blacks are a problem.

    That one is a problem does not exclude the other.

    The greatest problem however, are people like Somalis, who are both black and Muslims.

    Not very surprisingly, Somalis are one of the most troublesome immigrant-group in pretty much any country that has a significant number of them.

    But you shouldn’t stare yourself blind at just one group. Gypsies are another group that can be defined as a very major problem, and they are neither black nor Muslim.

  11. Democrat says:

    He was clearly outvoted.

    From each according to ability, to each according to need.

    Redistribution of wealth.

    Vibrant diversity can be enriching especially for the have-nots.

    Explosion of rage against 300 years of racial injustice.

    More multi-cultural education is needed.

    “Punishment” will only make “offenders” resentful.

    Why were they not allowed to train as engineers, physicists, astronauts and brain surgeons?

    They should have had somewhere to go in the evenings, but their local library was closed.

    We should not get these events out of proportion.

    A stricter control on racist hate in so-called news reporting is needed.

    Everyone knows the Daily Mail is a right-wing rag.

    Look at all the lovely black athletes our girls fancy.

    Aristotle and Jesus were really black.

    You couldn’t enjoy gangsta rap in London 50 years ago.

    You cannot make a revolution without breaking heads.

    What about the K?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is this victim white? He doesn’t look it to me. The article states he is a “French Mauritian”, whatever that means. My point? It just shows that blacks are a menace to all groups.

  13. shaunantijihad says:

    “This was an attack on a man visiting this country.”

    Great police-work! That will help us find them, eh?

    It reminds me of recent attack and rape of a white couple near me, when the police gave extensive descriptions of where it happened, what happened, at what time it happened etc. and were asking the public to be on the lookout for… “a male”.

  14. Fred from France says:

    Is this victim white? He doesn’t look it to me. The article states he is a “French Mauritian”, whatever that means.

    Whites account for 2% of the population of Mauritius. They speak French historically, although they all know at least some English. They run the economy. They often have dual citizenship, like with White Zimbabweans and Britain.

  15. Dave says:

    Boy, have you seen some of the comments published on there? Well worth a look. People ARE starting to wake up.

    Mr Frederic. Please accept my apologies for this. BTW: The people (if you can call them that ) were NOT British. – Dave,Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham,UK, 27/10/2011 14:08====I’m surprised this was published. They ignored mine for being too honest.

    – I, Veritas, England, 27/10/2011 13:16

    Why am I not surprised to learn which section of the community they come from! – masterstroke, weston-super-mare, 27/10/2011 16:25 ——————— you took the words out of my mouth – pmm, London, 27/10/2011 17:27======== Me too

    – Patricia, Hampshire, 27/10/2011 16:36

    Hasn’t multiculturalism enhanced our beautiful country? We have been nothing less than utterly ruined by the open-door policy. Day after day after day we are letting these thugs flood in. And a lot of them have no idea how to behave in a civilised country. Just how bad will it get before a light goes on in our leader’s head?

    – Caro, England, 27/10/2011 18:14

  16. Anonymous says:

    ATBOTL, you dont have to fuss over the Titanic’s chairs like that. I would say Muslim fecundity is likely the greater threat.

  17. Tom S. says:

    #15 – Boy, have you seen some of the comments published on there? Well worth a look. People ARE starting to wake up.

    Well I did go to the comment section that showed 469 comments had been made but after only showing six comments they state that they’re “no longer accepting comments”. I wonder why? My guess is they also saw that Whites are waking up and decided to put a stop to it. Had the races been reversed in this beating you can be sure they would’ve accepted comments from now till doonsday!

  18. Laager says:

    @ No3 & No10

    “Muslims are a problem.

    Blacks are a problem.

    The greatest problem however, are people like Somalis,

    who are both black and Muslims.”

    Sorry Guys, you are both wrong

    The biggest problem is the “libtards” [retarded liberals] who believe in diversity, multi-culturism and consequent enrichment who are responsible for making the regulations which are allowing these people into Europe and thus effectively giving their countries away.

    Stop all 3rd world immigration now. No exceptions, and hopefully the trend of anti-social behaviour will be arrested.

    Alternatively house all the incoming immigrants in the neighbourhoods where all the libtards reside.

    Perhaps that will be the quickest and most effective solution to turn the issue around.

  19. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    There is no reason for a country to allow black immigration. Blacks are not all dangerous and inferior, but enough are that there is little point in making exceptions.

  20. Standard Bearer says:

    “Alternatively house all the incoming immigrants in the neighbourhoods where all the libtards reside.”

    I would add the open borders Capitalists to that list, too. Whatever your reason for wanting to import non-Whites, a bleeding heart, Christian love, cheap labour, if you want them, you live with them.

  21. Fargo says:

    There is only one solution to gangs of blacks attacking one person to commit that kind of violence. As the article stated this was not about robbery, It was about the sense of power they attain , not considering the fact that they always have to fight 10 on 1 at least.

  22. Anonymous says:

    “French Mauritian”,”

    Mauritenia is a small Arab country south of libya and north of mali. The people are arabs. Some are mixed french arab. It is hard to tell what the victim looks like.

  23. Laager says:

    @ No22

    Mauritius and Reunion are French islands off the East coast of Africa.

    Along with The Seychelles group of islands they are to Africa what Hawaii is to the USA

    Most of the residents are white caucasians but miscegenation from the slave era has taken place.

    @ No 21

    Quite correct.

    If you read up on the murders of the white farmers in South Africa you will find exactly the same modus operandi

    Individuals overpowered by gangs of at least 5 or 6

    Most time it is older females and the old and infirm males that are targetted.

    Rarely are young robust males attacked

    Before being slaughtered the victims are normally gruesomely tortured for some time

    Rarely is anything stolen.

    The geniuses within the police describe these slayings as “a robbery gone wrong”