Posted on October 28, 2011

Gold Coast Mosque Protest Turns Ugly with Pig’s Head Posted on Fence

Paul Weston, Courier Mail, October 23, 2011

The battle to stop a mosque being built in a Gold Coast hinterland estate is turning nasty, with a pig’s head posted on a fence and signs publicising the Islamic project vandalised.

The Sunday Mail believes police were called after a pig’s head splattered with red paint was hung on a fence at the site.

The incident has sparked fears of a protracted hate campaign against the Muslim community.

The words “terrorists” and “Go back to Afghanistan” were scribbled across planning signs outside the property in Alkira Way at Worongary.

A resident, who asked not to be named, told The Sunday Mail: “This place will become a war zone. There are old people living here who are scared.”

Police at Mudgeeraba were called to remove the pig’s head and have spoken to residents about the unrest in their quiet rural suburb.

“We’re aware of an incident at that address. We are continuing to investigate,” a police spokesman said.

Concerned neighbours said developers arrived in BMWs with security guards, when they first attended a packed protest meeting to discuss their planning application to the Gold Coast City Council.

Property records show that until March 2009, a four-bedroom home on the 8263sq m site in Alkira Way had been on the market with an asking price of $1.15 million. Photographs used in advertising the home showed its tranquil rural setting.

Residents understand the owners later entered an agreement with a company linked to the Islamic Multicultural Association conditional on council ruling that the home could be used as place of worship and a caretaker’s unit be built beside it.

Council planners recommended approval, noting the house exterior would not be changed. However, after receiving a record 1600-signature petition and 539 public objections, councillors voted against the Islamic Multicultural Association application last December.

An appeal will lead to a hearing at the Southport Court starting late next month, which residents suspect they will lose unless the court is convinced of their safety concerns.

6 responses to “Gold Coast Mosque Protest Turns Ugly with Pig’s Head Posted on Fence”

  1. Bill R says:

    Gee. The muslims don’t much like it when somebody does to their mosque or property what they themselves do to Christian churches and Jewish synagogues in their own countries, do they? Boo hoo.

  2. Jeddermann. says:

    They the Muslims probably did it themselves. False flag to create an incident and cause all sorts of teeth gnashing among the liberals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wonder where the money comes from? The Saudis?

  4. A Comment from Australia says:

    As I write this coment I have just heard of more tragic deaths of both American and Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Is the Islamic world condemning these deaths? No way!

    Over the past few weeks there have been constant reports of Islamic atrocities against Christians in Egypt, have Hillary and Obama been crying out over these human rights abuses? If they have been I have not heard them. Has the Vatican been allowed to establish a chapel in Mecca to promote “Interfaith Dialogue”? I do not think the Vatican would even bother to ask! Are missionaries allowed into most Islamic countries, what about church burnings in Indonesia and Malaysia? I could go on and on. Where are all the western political and chuch leaders who should be protesting about these human rights violations?

    Now we have Muslims wanting to build their mosques throughout the western world. Any one who protests against these mosques is promptly labeled as a Nazi bigot or worse. If building permission is refused for any reason the Muslems then take us to our courts using our human rights laws so that they can get their own way re building mosques and Islamic schools etc.

    Now remembering that these people (Muslims) were certainly not invited to our western countries I feel that it is quite understandable for ordinary people and especially local residents to protest loud and long about any proposed new mosque which like Muslims and multiculturalism in general are just not wanted here.

    The pigs head and the grafitti seem like a good down to earth Australian way of sending a strong message about all of this. As for our politicians they just do NOT listen to the people on these issues.

  5. SS says:

    White People need to pool money and purchase all land surrounding every single non-white everything. From their communities to their shops to their worshipping places.

    We need to surround them instead of us allowing them to surround us. They are very deliberate when they move into White Areas and especially small White Areas and we all know this.

    Now, how to get our fellow people to understand the need to purchase land and property (includes stockpiling)…. We need something more than just the facts. Facts are abundant but are abundantly ignored.

    How do you ‘unbrainwash’ people?

  6. Peter of Sydney says:

    We should allow mosques in the west on a one-to-one rate with every church/synagogue allowed in the moslem homelands