Posted on October 17, 2011

Harris Perry: Pointing Out Only 53% Pay Federal Taxes Is “Racism”

Real Clear Politics, October 15, 2011

MSNBC race relations commentator extraordinare Melissa Harris Perry explains it is racist when Michele Bachmann points out only 53% of Americans pay federal income tax and says we all need to pay.

“What that is meant to imply is that there is a whole group that is dependent,” Harris Perry analyzed.

Harris Perry says that 53% talk is just codeword for the “2011 version of the welfare queen.”

Harris Perry also has this interesting theory that some words appear less overtly racialized because those words have been effectively racialized. For example, according to Harris Perry, when someone says “crime” they really mean black people.


[Editor’s Note: See the original article to watch the clip.]

33 responses to “Harris Perry: Pointing Out Only 53% Pay Federal Taxes Is “Racism””

  1. Myopic Governance says:

    So She said it’s racist to point out a fact.

    The white guy says it’s covert, institutional racism…..

    So basically conservatives can’t argue ANYTHING anymore; it’s not what you said, but how you say it, and your thoughts behind saying it. Basically Liberals are Jedi-knights, capable of amazing feats such as collective societal mind-reading.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    “What that is meant to imply is that there is a whole group that is dependent,” Harris Perry analyzed.

    Charlie Rangel once said that tax cuts were racist because black people depended on government welfare. Bill Richardson said that Hispanic voters tend to want “fully funded welfare programs” first and foremost from the political process.

    And where would anyone get the silly idea that “crime” and “black” are somehow related? Oh, I know:

  3. neanderthalDNA says:

    LOL! She’s one of the worst of the “advocacy studies” liberal mandarins who makes her living lending her mighty social “science” doctorate to the same-o lame-o “blame whitey” game.

    It’s the woman’s entire career – blaming all the problems on whites and leading the charge to make white people so demoralized, defeatist, and self flagellating…

    That we cease to exist?

    I used to post over at The Nation magazine – where she has a blog – a lot. Although I haven’t been very active there much recently, for many reasons, I was recently drawn in by her posts first blaming white racism for Barry O’bama’s poll numbers dip – then proceeding to launch into a bizarre screed in response to the large (and largely negative) response to the piece.

    Both blog entries were riddled with the simplistic projection of liberal mandarin race theory, of white inter-generational turpitude as the cause of all non-white misery, blah blah blah… Both were also riddled with a sickening dose of self flagellating white liberals amongst the commentary.

    But…both were also riddled with more than a few who took the pontificating, phd’d, demagogue to task and inexorably laid out the case…

    Eventually she must have read the responses and found me. I used to have totally free posting privileges there. Not any more…LOL! Not a wordy dirty in any of my posts – just a spirited and logically laid out repudiation of her racial ideology.

    Can’t have that now can we?

    What a typical affirmative action, set-aside fraud.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad Harris Perry understands the truth: whites are supporting blacks, and blacks commit almost all the crime. She gets it – she just tries to push the blame back on whites who speak the truth. The easy response to this woman is: you’re absolutely right, and will you do anything to help fix these problems?

  5. hugo says:

    Melissa Harris Perry, you are right. Blacks pay disproportionately less in taxes, use disproportionally more in benefits and services, and commit a disproportionate share of crime, including violent crime. Looking at it in the shoes of a white person you would be the racist not they.

  6. Bill R says:

    And if blacks ARE the majority of people not paying taxes and on welfare, and blacks ARE the ones doing the majority of violent crimes and drug crimes………what?

    Facts are facts. Get over it Harris Tweedledum. Code words used or not, blacks for the most part pay no taxes, are on welfare, and commit most of the crimes done in this country. If the statistics change anytime soon, it’s only because the hispanics are competing for welfare and prison space, and our FBI kindly calls hispanics white when reporting crime, but calls them hispanics when government wants to give them minority preference and affirmative action.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Perry, it’s not an implication. It’s a fact.

  8. A REALIST says:

    Harris Perry also has this interesting theory that some words appear less overtly racialized because those words have been effectively racialized. For example, according to Harris Perry, when someone says “crime” they really mean black people.

    He may be right. Every time I think of crime, I also think of black people

  9. Anonymous says:

    Harris Perry also has this interesting theory that some words appear less overtly racialized because those words have been effectively racialized. For example, according to Harris Perry, when someone says “crime” they really mean black people.


    What a total moron. Figures he is black, no reasoning skills whatsoever. OF COURSE when we think of crime we think of black crime. WHY? Because blacks commit MOST of the crime! You blacks will never learn. Everything is White racism to you people. Even your OWN crimes that you commit is Whitey’s fault somehow.

    Doesn’t work anymore Harris. Most of us have gotten over the White guilt syndrome and that word: racist. It is time for the well deserved BLACK guilt syndrome to become the norm.

  10. Integration Anxiety says:

    Well what a surprise. Now this imbecilic woman can read minds. You are the one who interpreted crime with blacks, you moron. No wonder so many people have long past had it up to the moon with black racists. It’s all around us. Keep reading AmRenners. These people like Harris are the enemy.

  11. Urban Teacher says:

    Actually , LESS than 53% of Americans pay income taxes. That is because those of us who work for the state are living off the taxes paid by others.

    When I file my income tax, I think of it as giving my state and federal employers a rebate.

  12. Tom S. says:

    Everything she said is true – there IS a whole group thats dependant, the “53% talk” IS a codeword for welfare queen and when people say “crime” they DO mean black people! The liberals and blacks somehow want people to be ashamed to state the obvious!

  13. Urban Teacher says:

    Yes, that video is worth watching.

    I found the most interesting comment to be that those people who take a mortgage deduction are in the same boat as those on welfare. In other words, a tax break that allows one to keep some of their hard earned money is really a welfare payment.

    It makes sense only if we are all slaves who are owned by the government. Then, any money the government lets us keep is a welfare payment.

  14. generalquagmyer says:

    Just about any terminology or concept that’s negative or undesirable comes to be associated disproportionately with black people eventually. Hmmm, you have to wonder why that would be.

    Then the term or concept itself becomes “racist.”

  15. Welfare Donor says:

    Hey, I noticed that too: when someone talks about criminals, or drug addicts, or Section-8, TANF, SNAP, WIC, etc., they are really talking about black people!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well, if the shoe fits, Harris Perry…if the shoe fits…

  17. HH says:

    No, those aren’t codewords – they are something you Blacks wouldn’t recognize…namely the truth. It’s an entirely alien concept, I know, but try to warm to it if you can.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Simple solution to get rid of racism, have everyone pay taxes, stop the welfare, affirmative action, and social programs.

  19. Wacht am Rhein says:

    If enough White people stayed up on the news, this trend of “everthang rayciss” would have lost steam long ago, being laughed off as the childish black claptrap it is.

    What a shame so many of our people care what some idiot sports “analyst” or professional floozy thinks rather than say, Jared Taylor.

  20. Hirsch says:

    Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod is going to make Karl Rove look like Mother Theresa by the time 2012 rolls along. This is going to be the most hideous display in the history of American politics, including that one incident where a senator bludgeoned another on the floor.

    Brace yourselves: All opposition to Obama is racism. Anyone who doesn’t want Obama to have a second term yearns for the reinstatement of Jim Crow. Anyone who suggests a reduction in entitlements wants black babies to starve. Any large gathering of Caucasians for any cause that isn’t left-wing (up to and including church events and stock car races) is really nothing but the K without the robes.

    You haven’t begun to hear hyperbole yet, and the democratic party’s Pravda apparatus (particularly Chris Matthews, Paul Krugman, etc.) will help spread this bile.

    What’s more is that after this interpretation of opposition to Obama reaches black ears, if he should lose the election, and they begin to riot as James Carville predicted, the media will have blood on their hands. Don’t expect them to own up to it.

  21. Jim says:

    Nothing racism about the truth, blacks work very,very hard to maintain all the stereotypes.

  22. Seneca the Younger says:

    Something popped into my head that I heard when I was younger: Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. If they weren’t mostly true they would be called lies.

    When I think of a drive I think of blacks (I bet even blacks do). It simply a common association with a group due to constant instances. No one instantly starts thinking of Mexicans when the NBA is brought up. When you hear Viking do you think of Koreans? For a normal person’s perspective all she is doing is admitting all of these stereotypes are justified. I would love to debate this woman, it would be a hoot.

    Lastly, if anyone is skeptical that at least extreme liberalism does not have some sort of connection with a mental disorder, watch this video.

  23. Sylvie says:

    Harris Perry says that 53% talk is just codeword for the “2011 version of the welfare queen.”

    She cracked the code – Damn!

  24. ward9son says:

    This sick woman is now a tenured proessor at Tulane. She meet and married a fellow racial hustler, the truly obese, mediocre, irresponsible and worthless “Fair Housing” program director in the New Orleans area, James Perry, and moved to New Orleans recently. She was immediately rewarded with a rare, coverted tenured Tulane professorship.

    The husband has unsuccessfully (Thank God) run for public office twice in two years, from his $140,000.00 a year job where having three hour lunches are the biggest decision he gets to make each day. He was exposed for having dozens of unpaid traffic tickets, multiple arrests for no lisence or insurance, and claimed the police were following him in a big conspiracy. When he made the runnoff for State Representative against a White/Hispanic TV personality, he accused her in mailouts of having “murdered” someone who ran a red light and caused an accident involving his opponent. When he was trounced in the runoff, Melissa Harris Perry wrote an article accusing the voters of racism in rejectuiing this crass, idiot slob

    She and he were recently rewarded with a wonderfuul, front pge Sunday paper tribute as a new “power couple” in New Orleans by the daily paper – the Times Picayune. A true slobberfest. Sickenning.

    I tried to watch Harris-Perry on C-Span two weeks ago giving a lecture to some “racial awareness” lecture at a NY college – the Chatewhwa Institute or some mess like that. She literally talked in circles and literally choked up and cried about racial slights and slang going back to the Civil War and the refgerenced the term “Mammy” as if t were yesterday. Hundreds of entranced ELDERLY White liberals gave standing ovations and ate it up. It was an incoherent, worthless harrangue of all that is based on merit, and anything remotely relevant to today’s perroblems with race, with Blacks or with anything. In a sane world, her noteriety and tenure would be unbelievable, In today’s Planet of the Useless, it is to be expected.

  25. noneknown says:

    “What that is meant to imply is that there is a whole group that is dependent,” Harris Perry analyzed.

    Well, yeah……

  26. Madison Grant says:

    To #24 (ward9son):

    Wow. I’d never heard of this slimeball James Harris before. I see that during the campaign he put out a flier featuring a photo of his Latina opponent tending bar at a charity fundraiser and requesting the voters “Ask her about her [alcohol] addiction”.

    And even though Harris has over 100 moving violations/ parking tickets he still received 90% of the black vote due to his skin tone. Since the district is majority black he should’ve been elected except his supporters were too shiftless to actually show up and vote.

  27. Aaron says:

    If facts are racist, that would mean that racism is factually correct. These idiots are shooting htemselves in the foot.

  28. Anonymous says:

    It becomes more and more probable every day, with the weak field of candidates and the eagerness of the “Respectable Right” to assuage its own white guilt, that Americans could find themselves choosing between two black men for the presidency.

    And still Melissa Harris-Perry sees the K around every corner and behind every rock. This will not ever end. It can’t because it’s how people like her make their living.

    She’s convinced Obama’s popularity slide can be explained away as racism. The Nation actually ran that piece. Didn’t a significant number of whites have to vote for Obama for him to become president? Does she really believe that they suddenly became “racist” after the fact?

    This can be chalked up to the hubris of the elitist mind. Melissa Harris-Perry can’t admit that her president stinks. To do so she’d have to admit she was wrong. And there’s just no way a tenured professor of political science at Tulane could be wrong. There’s nothing wrong with Harris-Perry or Obama. It’s those white folks again, The Man doing his dirty deeds.

  29. Kenelm Digby says:

    I believe it was George Orwell who first wrote something along the lines of “In a time of universal deceit to tell the truth is a revolutionary act”.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I looked at the Wikipedia entry for Harris-Perry, and wouldn’t you know it, born in Seattle to a white mother. And of course she doesn’t consider herself biracial, she’s black.

    My home city is notorious for miscegenating race-traitor females. In fact, a much-hyped but little-accomplished resident of a swank mansion in Washington DC who also denies half of his heritage had a mother who spent some time growing up in the Seattle area.

    “I’m black, I’m black, I’m black, pay no attention to the whites who actually raised and taught me!!!” Are they trying to convince the rest of us, or themselves?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad Perry is saying this on national TV. The more people throw around the accusation of racism, the better for us. Being accused of any taint of racism used to be the worst possible accusation in American society. No longer. For an increasing number of Americans, “dats rayciss” has become a joke. I’m one of them. Call me racist, I will just smile and take it as a compliment. And the more gasbags like Perry and “Rev” Al Sharpton and so on label people as “racist” the more impotent the term becomes, which is the best thing they could be doing for us.

    That’s especially true when they say “dats rayciss” about concepts which are deep parts of American society. The more they say free markets, private enterprise, low taxes, etc, are “rayciss”, the better for us.

  32. interesting times says:

    She paints with an overly broad brush, but if she would only replace “-ist” with “-realism” we’d be on the way to start discussing stats.

  33. Paleface 6 says:

    23 — Sylvie wrote at 2:44 AM on October 18:

    “Harris Perry says that 53% talk is just codeword for the “2011 version of the welfare queen.”

    She cracked the code – Damn!”

    We obviously have a security leak. All White people will immediately report to the nearest polygraph station for testing. [email protected] that Wikileaks site!