Posted on September 26, 2011

Whites-Only Group Is Canceled

Erin Sherbert, SF Weekly, September 8, 2011

In a world where things aren’t so black and white, any group formed exclusively for white people will almost certainly not last.

Which is why we weren’t too surprised when we woke up this morning to find that the controversial Anglo Saxon-only group had disappeared overnight.

On Sept. 3, a user that only goes by “k.” formed a new group for Bay Area professionals over the age of 40. The group’s description read normally enough, inviting professionals who like food and fun–except the part where it called for only white people who like food and fun, which didn’t seem so inviting after all.

Here’s what the group description said before it was taken down this morning:

This group was created for Bay Area Professionals of Non-Color to network, unwind, and have a great time. This organized group is to help people come together to meet new friends, unite with old friends or even spark up a new relationship and in some cases all of the above.


Joel Goldfoot, a San Francisco professional, was one “highly offended” user who immediately jumped on the group’s purpose–and he wasn’t the only one. Shortly after the group’s creation, site users fired off comments, calling this all-white meetup inflammatory and, well, racist.

“Presuming there is a cultural difference between you and me because of skin color doesn’t fly,” Goldfoot told SF Weekly yesterday evening. “It’s pretty offensive and pretty shortsighted, and I don’t think that’s the way the world works in San Francisco.”

But then another user, who goes by the name of Caroline, defended the group. “This group is no more racist/discriminatory than the groups who include only biracial couples, Latina/Latinos, East Indians, LGBTs, and so on,” she wrote on the group’s thread before it was removed.

The exclusiveness of this particular group was drawing too much negative attention, and at some point on Wednesday, the group changed its descriptor from “non-color” to “Anglo Saxon.” The founder of the group then posted the following message, presumably to ease tensions:

Thank you all for your comments. If find the terminology of “Non-Color” offensive, feel free to exchange the term with Anglo Saxon. (“Anglo-Saxon” is used to refer to peoples descended or associated in some way with the English ethnic group). This site was copied word for word from an “Asian Professional” meetup group. The only difference is the word “Asian” was removed. It is meant for like minded people from similar backgrounds, upbringing, cultural and life experience, social morals and orientation, come together and enjoy each other’s company. This group is NOT racist or for racists, all non-racist people are welcome.

Goldfoot says the change in terminology didn’t make the group itself any less offensive, and he’s pretty certain that this violates hate speech policy. “I’m no attorney, but when I read their terms of hate speech section, it seems like it could be a violation,” he told us.

{snip} It is not yet clear whether the group voluntarily disbanded or whether removed it.