Posted on September 29, 2011

Sheila Jackson Lee to Conservative Bloggers: ‘Shut Up!’

Joe Newby, Examiner, September 27, 2011

While speaking with Tavis Smiley of PBS, Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee said conservative bloggers should “shut up” and “stop playing racial politics.”

This from a member of the caucus that does little else but play the race card.

Seconds later, Jackson Lee went on to say that buy American should be “buy African American.”

She also said that if Obama’s jobs bill is passed, that contractors who “do not look like” her need to make sure that if they get federal money, their workforce “better be reflective of those suffering double-digit unemployment.”

“I don’t consider it discrimination, I don’t consider it affirmative action,” she added.

Smiley and Jackson Lee were responding to recent headlines over the President’s remarks to the Congressional Black Caucus last Saturday.


Several conservative blogs noted Obama’s words, but they all amount to the same thing–“stop complaining and get in line.” Smiley may not like it, but that was the thrust of President Obama’s message to the Black Caucus.