Posted on September 29, 2011

Lower Turnover Rates, Higher Pay for Teachers Who Share Race with Principal, Study Shows

PhysOrg, September 26, 2011

With ever-declining budgets, education administrators across the nation have been struggling for years with an increasing teacher turnover rate. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have found that race may play a role in teacher turnover. Lael Keiser, an associate professor at the Truman School of Public Affairs and an associate professor in the department of political science in the College of Arts and Science, and Jason Grissom, who is now an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University, found that turnover rates are lower among teachers who are of the same race as their school principals.

“Teachers are substantially more likely to stay in schools run by a principal of the same race,” Keiser said. “Teachers who share the same race as their principal also report higher job satisfaction, particularly in schools with African-American principals. This association may be driven by differences in how such schools are managed, given that teachers who share the same race as their principal report higher levels of administrative support and more recognition than other teachers report.”

{snip} They also found that white teachers with white principals received more money in supplemental salaries, such as stipends for coaching or sponsoring clubs, than African-American teachers with white principals. In schools with African-American principals, the supplemental salary rates were roughly the same.

The study also showed that African-American teachers reported much higher rates of intangible benefits, such as administrative support and encouragement, classroom autonomy and recognition for good job performance, when they worked for an African-American principal. The rates were roughly the same for all teachers under white principals.

“The data show race plays a significant role in the principal-teacher relationship,” Keiser said. “It appears that African-American teachers generally have a more positive experience when the principal is of the same race.”


15 responses to “Lower Turnover Rates, Higher Pay for Teachers Who Share Race with Principal, Study Shows”

  1. sheila says:

    “It appears that African-American teachers generally have a more positive experience when the principal is of the same race.”

    How cute. I recall looking into my teacher mailbox at school one time and found a fill out form for teachers who wanted to take advantage of a fast track program for administration (read: Be a principal over night) certification…paid for by the city government! Alas, only available for African American teachers…get it? Oh why didn’t I save that form and file a lawsuit on the basis of racial discrimination!? Oh yeah, almost forgot…even then a white person could not find a lawyer with enough nerve to fight “political correctnes”…of course you know that concept was developed long ago in order to manipulate society for *its own good*…how delightful.

  2. tightwad says:

    And why should blacks have a more positive experience when working for a black principal or administrator? Because the principal/administrator usually knows jack about education and teaching. When your superior is unskilled and incompetent (but thinks they are really intelligent because they have a degree ala

    the scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” what you literally have is the blind leading the blind. My daughter wound up with a colored assistant principal in east Jacksonville,Fl years ago and he never, ever backed her when she tried to discipline blacks. She finally moved to another black tribal high school where she was physically assaulted.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel higher satisfaction when dealing with someone other than my black boss too. Because they’re usually not trying to belittle, berate, have fun at my expense, and find ways to take advantage of me and take me down a peg. Because i’m so privileged. There are times when it’s only a minor relief working with fellow whites. Most of them are spending their effort helping people of color. They’re so disadvantaged. They’re certainly afraid of them.

  4. Bob says:

    I found this article quite funny. Although I am sure that there are good and poor principals of all races, I had the unfortunate luck to have a black female principal for my first teaching job in North Carolina. She extorted money from the teachers, threatened me with the K, referred to me as a “northern”, and hired her unqualified black friends to work in the school. I walked out after Christmas.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had a black principal one year. He had 3 years teaching experience IN A RESOURCE ROOM class. He was fast-tracked to ‘leadership’ and was put in my school. He was a mess. He was an admitted former gang member. He could not speak proper English or pronounce (or use correctly) words of three syllables or more.

    He hid in his office for the first semester. No one respected him. Then he came out of his office in the second semester and really harassed all the teachers except for the black ones. Everyone – white, latino, asian – was getting bad letters in their files.

    He was particularly mean to the asian teachers for some reason. I mean, really mean. One asian teacher was ‘observed’ 29 times – harassment like you would not believe.

    He said he would deny me tenure – and he had no reason to offer, nor could he have had one, as I was the best teacher on the floor with the highest state test scores, so I resigned from that school and went to another. Got my tenure right away. I know the black teachers at my old school had a good time. He left them alone, let them shout and use profanity in the class, and he never observed any of them. I know because they told me, and they were perplexed as to why.

  6. PhillyGal says:

    Philadelphia has more black administrators than any school district I can think of – and it shows in our test scores and in the way our animals – I mean, our pupils – comport themselves. First, we fall all over ourselves congratulating our “Renaissance” schools and our “Empowerment” schools for their remarkable success at raising the state test scores of minority students. And then we (SURPRISE!!!) discover that it’s all a fraud and all due to principal-sanctioned cheating. Like night follows the day… Here in Philly, black admins get fast-track accreditation from historically black colleges like Cheyney University, then shuffle off into highly-paid leadership positions wherein they can destroy whole schools. Once(I kid you not)I heard a black principal explain to an eighth grade social studies class how Presidents Washington and Lincoln would often get into fierce debates over the morality of slavery! (Lincoln always won, of course.) American history is hardly my thing, but even I knew that Washington died years before Lincoln was born. Apparently, our esteemed administrator did not. It’s episodes like this that keep you laughing through the tears. But, of course, it was because of this man’s skin color that I sought out another principal to work under the following school year.

  7. sbuffalonative says:

    Will this research be used to advocate for black schools with black administrators? No. It will be used to advocate for White schools with minorities to have black administrators.

    Anything but segregated schools even if it would benefit black students.

  8. Jim says:

    In other words, the blacks build a home boy network and use it to exploit the situation, just obama and his czars.

  9. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    They also found that white teachers with white principals received more money in supplemental salaries, such as stipends for coaching or sponsoring clubs, than African-American teachers with white principals.

    First of all, I resent that the word “White” is not capitalized in this report yet “African-American” is. This is done on purpose by the media to debase and demean Whites.

    With that said, you will never convince me that the above statement is true. White principals are positively terrified of being called a racist by blacks.. Their hands are completely tied and they are in a no-win situation. They have no trump card for the race card.

    If they try to reprimand, speak to, or write up black teachers who arrive an hour late every day, they’re axiomatically called “racist” and threatened with the EEOC or other black advocacy organizations. If they try to find out why black teachers come to work only two or three days a week, they’re “racists”; If they inquire as to why the roll hasn’t been taken, why grades have not been inputted, why reports have not been done, same thing — “racist.” If a black teacher refuses to show up for mandated after school teachers’ meetings, woe be to any White administrator that deigns to ask — he too will be called a “racist” and threatened with EEOC action.

    That’s how black teachers have been able to get away with behaviors at schools with White principals that would get a White teacher suspended without pay, transferred or fired.

    White principals are like any other White working stiff that finds himself hopelessly mired in the Reign of Terror and Insanity that is the public schools: Marking time until retirement, trying to get by, keeping a low profile, shutting up and toeing the PC party line until he can escape and collect his meagre pension.

    I know because I hear it behind closed doors all the time.


  10. Vito Danelli says:

    Blacks seem to have the Code of Honor thing where if a brother or sister gets into the “boss” position, they are morally obligated to help and promote their own kind plus provide the added bonus of giving payback to whitey for all those years of slavery their ancestors endured. Reading this piece gave me some bad flashbacks of my own experiences with black supervisors.

  11. Howard W. Campbell says:

    Years ago, Dr. Walter Williams was the guest host for Rush Limbaugh. He told a story about a guy who was a teacher and pursuing his MBA at night. This teacher was getting his student loans repaid by serving in an “under performing” school. However, he could see the writing on the wall and didn’t plan on spending his career in this capacity. After a couple of conversations about his profession, Williams stated “You have a very cavalier attitude towards your job.” The teacher stated, “you are correct, however, they cannot fire me, I am the only one there who knows how to teach long division.” As you can imagine, Dr. Williams was aghast.

    I’ve noticed that there isn’t a lot of turnover at my kids school, the principal is White as is all but one teacher (and that one teacher is Asian).

  12. Fritz says:

    Notice how they punch the point that Black teachers had a much more positive experience with Black principals. They could just as well have said White teachers had a much more negative experience with Black/Hispanic principals. I have a teacher friend in Chicago and her Hispanic principal dumped every non-hispanic teacher she could when she came into her school. My friend and the one other White teacher there had over 10 years seniority, so they couldn’t be let go, but that principal was constantly on there backs. That principal also buy the way, replaced the teachers she fired, with her hispanic friends from the school she previously presided over. My friend and her White co-worker constantly rated superior in regards to their classes test scores. This is the same dynamics I experienced in the Postal Service. We had a Black manager from Chicago take over our suburban office. Within 1 year, he ran every White supervisor out and replaced every one of them with his Black buddies from Chicago and of course ran our office down to the same level of dysfunction as the Chicago office he came from. This is the patern of degeneration affirmative action and the quest for diversity has bought every place it is practiced.

  13. patriot says:

    When you look at the clearly failing track record of black students and their black teachers, what this really says to me is that black teachers love working for black principals who shower them with praise and high job performance marks despite the fact that they are not teaching the kids or producing results.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “It will be used to advocate for White schools with minorities to have black administrators”.

    That’s been on the table for all of our lifetimes. More diversity, more uplift, more hires of color. In colored schools they revere diversity too. By which they mean more of themselves and a pat on the back for these efforts.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I worked for a government aganecy in NJ and had to quit due to harassment and bullying by blacks-do you think my union offerred any help? THEY DONT CARE.