Posted on September 19, 2011

Administrators Sue VVUHSD

Natasha Lindstrom, VV Daily Press, September 18, 2011

Five white male administrators who were demoted or allegedly forced to resign are suing the Victor Valley Union High School District for race and sex discrimination.

The lawsuit alleges three black women in a bloc on the district’s Board of Trustees “have developed an agenda to achieve what they characterize as ‘equity’ to remove Caucasian administrators from the district,” according to a complaint filed Sept. 7 in Victorville Superior Court.


In the spring, the district notified several administrators they were being demoted or involuntarily transferred, stirring tension among both employees and parents questioning the moves.

The complaint states that administrators were demoted in spite of stellar performance evaluations. The plaintiffs say they believe the board majority wanted to increase the number of black administrators and wanted “more equity in discipline for minority employees and minority students.”

“It is truly shocking that in 2011, a group of publicly elected officials can publicly espouse a blatantly discriminatory agenda on the basis of race and sex, and implement that agenda,” the complaint states. “This outrageous conduct cannot, and must not, be tolerated.”


The complaint alleges black female administrators with less experience were left alone, and that white administrators were replaced with black administrators with fewer qualifications.

The complaint paints a picture of the reverse discrimination emerging when a new board majority took over after the November 2010 election, comprised of new members Duneen De Bruhl and Evelyn Glasper and returning member Barbara Dew. The complaint states the three black women are personal friends, attend the same church and “regularly discuss district business together.”