Posted on August 12, 2011

Woman Saw Husband’s Mug Shot on ‘America’s Most Wanted’

Andrea Isom, My Fox Detroit, August 10, 2011

Beverley Dunn, 32, was watching “America’s Most Wanted” one Saturday night, which wasn’t unusual. She rarely missed an episode. However, one show Dunn caught back in 2005 took her breath away.

“I was kind of frozen, dumbstruck,” she said. “It was very shocking and it sent chills up my back because I didn’t know what to do.”

The name wasn’t the same, but she was sure the bad guy on the screen was the man she called her husband, Jacer Medina, who she knew as Santiago Hernandez, and the father of her two little boys. According to the case on “American’s Most Wanted,” the man she married was wanted for murder.

“Wanted for a murder that happened four years before we married,” Dunn told FOX 2’s Andrea Isom. “I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t know who I married.”

Dunn said he came home just in time for the recap.

“The color from his face just (went) away, and I said, ‘That’s you,'” she explained. “He kept denying it, and finally when I just kept on about it, he (said), ‘Okay, fine. What if that is me? If it is me, then I’m going to do exactly what I did to that man to you if you tell anybody.'”


“He would slap me and hit me so hard I went deaf in my ear for awhile, so I knew what he was capable of,” Dunn said. “I didn’t want it to get worse.”

However, in 2008, her family stepped in and broke the silence.

“They called ‘America’s Most Wanted’ for me,” Dunn told us. “(She) said ‘my sister was married to him’ because at the time that she called I had already gotten a divorce.”


According to police in Illinois, in 1994 Dunn’s ex-husband was driving drunk. A good Samaritan saw him and called police. Four months later, he came back, hunted that man down and shot him six times, killing him out of revenge.

5 responses to “Woman Saw Husband’s Mug Shot on ‘America’s Most Wanted’”

  1. NukeNut says:

    Whats the big deal folks? I thought we were told that they were here to only do the jobs that Americans won’t do. Besides they have those good old mexican family values that politicians tell us so much about. And I believe it….

    OK, now back to reality and sarcasm off…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    And to top it off she has two bi-racial children who will grow up to be proud of their Latino heritage and hate their evil racist White side of the family.

  3. Madison Grant says:

    In 20 years she’ll turn on America’s Most Wanted and see her half-Latin kids being profiled.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous wrote:

    And to top it off she has two bi-racial children who will grow up to be proud of their Latino heritage and hate their evil racist White side of the family.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this – the white side doesn’t seem so great either.

  5. The Covers says:

    Mandelson, the Labour politician I remind you, not a Tory one, is eyeing up an eight million pound house. He’s thinking of buying it outright, which means he feels he can cope with the upkeep on the property too. I ask you, where’s the difference between the Tory and the Labour parties these days? They’re all getting wealthy off our backs… I ask you also, how does any formerly financially rank and file politician come to be able to afford something like this? All he had to sell was.. well, was us – down the river, I’m guessing! I’m not too relaxed about that, personally!