Posted on August 3, 2011

White Male Sues Tulane University Claiming Racial Discrimination

Michelle Keahey, The Louisiana Record, July 29, 2011

A field specialist for Tulane University has filed a lawsuit that claims he lost his job due to racial discrimination.

Claiming violations of his civil rights, Bruce Mears, who is Caucasian, filed suit against Tulane University on July 27 in federal court in New Orleans.

Mears was hired by the University in September 2006 as a salaried employed until January 2008, when he became an hourly employee.

He states his supervisor, an African American female, only allowed him to bill 37.5 hours per week, even if he worked overtime. The supervisor is accused of forging Mears’ signature on a time sheet. Mears states that he worked an extra project at the request of his supervisor in June and July 2009 but he was later told that due to budget restraints, he would not be paid overtime wages but be allowed to use the time as comp time. After he filed a complaint with the EEOC in 2010, he received his overtime pay.

Mears states he was forced to resign to avoid further discrimination, retaliation and the hostile work environment.

The defendant is accused of racial employment discrimination, discharge on the basis of race, conspiring to discharge on the basis of race, disparate application of work assignment and rules, retaliation for complaining about disparate treatment and discrimination and the disparate application of policies and procedures on the basis of race.


13 responses to “White Male Sues Tulane University Claiming Racial Discrimination”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Obviously there’s the racial angle, and that’s the most important to push here. But I find the bit about 37.5 hours a week interesting — Most of these universities are rolling in money, yet they do everything they can to keep as many employees classified as “part timers” as possible, so they don’t have to pay them benefits.

  2. Chicagoan says:

    This is what happens when blacks are promoted to positions of authority. They abuse their power, whether it’s harassing white subordinates, using their job as a dating service for themselves, ripping off expense accounts, the whole nine yards. Those jobs are mostly gained through affirmative action and not by any particular merit but that doesn’t stop them from acting officious and haughty.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why the newspaper decided to use the word “male” instead of “man” in the title of the article. And in the text the article they use the clinical term “Caucasian” instead of everyday word white. It sounds like a lab report from a biology class. Are they trying to dehumanize white people?

  4. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Mears states he was forced to resign to avoid further discrimination, retaliation and the hostile work environment.

    Do you think the DOJ will take up Mr. Mears’s case as it did for black and hispanic NJ police officers who couldn’t pass the test for promotion?? The test was declared RAISCT because of disparate impact, the state may have to pay out $1 million dollars to the aggrieved non-Whites and “give them priority for the next openings for sergeants.”

    Thomas Perez, the assistant attorney general in charge of the Civil Rights Division, said:

    The Department of Justice will challenge discrimination in employment on the basis of race or national origin, whether that discrimination is intentional or the result of promotional practices that have discriminatory impact.

    Except if one is White.

    Get used to it Whitey!! You have NO RIGHTS in the NWO. Your roll is to hand over your job, wealth and property to non-Whites and then DIE!


  5. Seek says:

    On libertarian principle, I oppose anti-discrimination laws. But this is a matter of white survival. I say the plaintiff should give this hoodlum — er, African-American university administrator — a taste of the very medicine she and her co-racialists have been inflicting on us for the last four decades. Hopefully, this woman will be fired as well.

  6. No Apology says:

    I agree with the comments above. The one thing I like about the BHO administration’s obvious class war is that the fight finally gets out into the open. There are a lot of us Caucasian Males out here who are ready to take the fight to them. Unfortunately, too many Caucasians have drunk the koolaid of diversity. The sooner this becomes an official class war, the sooner the gloves come off.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This sort of treatment is an everyday fact of life if you happen to be white in New Orleans. I deal with this sort of treatment in employment (and pretty much everywhere else) all the time. This has made me want to move away for a long time. Living in this area involves a very careful and conscious avoidance of “them”. This is not the first time whites have stood up against this here.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That should read: “White Man”

    They always try to dehumanize Whites by referring to us and “male” or “female” while referring to nonwhites as “men” and “women”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I used to work at Tulane.

    37.5 hours per week is considered full-time there, and includes benefits. Darn good benefits, too, like free tuition for family members of employees, and medical care at Tulane Hospital and Clinics with no deductible.

    The comp-time instead of overtime is standard there, too.

    There’s no way this guy is going to win, even if his former boss is the world’s worst racist.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I worked in a state position under a black female director. While she was pleasant enough to the employees, including whites, we also noticed differences in the “extras”. For instance, mostly blacks received achievement rewards even though those rewarded were working less complicated cases and did not work OT or ever volunteer for additional work. Blacks were the only ones to receive special pay increases, topped off by a relative that worked in her area but not directly supervised by the director. Over the years we also noticed that as anyone left, only blacks were hired in the vacancies. This was becoming very obvious especially when she began hiring African and Carribean non-citizens. Finally she left for a better position but the years of discrimination against the white employees took its toll. Tired of never receiving raises, recognition and of always working harder, most whites moved away to different positions and agencies. The government suddenly found this large group of people with little enough skills and no one to do their work. This entire function was transfered elsewhere and the workers found different positions. Of course one last sharp stick in our eye was in order, those blacks that couldn’t or wouldn’t work were all given promotions somewhere else. That’s the government way.

  11. Jack says:

    “There’s no way this guy is going to win, even if his former boss is the world’s worst racist.”

    “Comp time” swaps, although common, are not always legal. A company I do business with in CA just lost a half million bucks on one of these deals. Everybody said the employees would lose.

    He has already won with the EEOC, which is next to impossible for a White person, plus it will be a jury trial.

    The EEOC loss sets them up and is rock solid proof they were wrong.

    I would not write off a win just yet.

  12. Mike says:

    Actually, I hate to have to say this , but this story sounds suspect. 37. 5 hours a week is almost full time, given that 40.0 hours is a full work week. Moreover, he admits to a great benefit package as well.

    Sorry, but something is not adding up here.

  13. Al C. says:

    I’m glad he sued. More of us should.

    Of course, these events don’t get reported in the mainstream media, so minorities and companies never become fearful of discrimination suits towards white men the way they are towards minorities.

    Another angle- sexism against men. Over the years, I have observed that to be a bigger issue, probably because it is more likely that white women will be in a position of power to abuse than a black individual. These feminists get indoctrinated into hate in the University, and think they are being righteous in persecuting white men. More suits like this can only help to put an end to that.