Posted on August 10, 2011

Reclaiming the Streets: Sikhs Defend Their Temple and Locals Protect Their Pubs as Ordinary Britons Defy the Rioters

Daily Mail (London), August 10, 2011

Some armed with swords, some carrying hockey sticks, defiant Sikhs stood guard outside their temples last night.

More than 700 men, some in their 80s, took to the streets to protect the homes, businesses and places of worship in Southall, West London.

The residents rallied together in a show of unity against looters echoed in other parts of the country as ordinary Britons attempted to reclaim the streets.

Pictures of the crowds emerged as the Met Police today urged the public against forming groups intent on vigilante justice.

Many of those who gathered in the late night public patrols had done so after becoming frustrated by the lack of police response to the riots.

It was only on Monday night that police tactics changed and armoured vehicles called Jankels were used to disperse the crowds.

Large groups gathered in Enfield, north London, and Eltham, south east London, last night and joined police in patrolling the streets.

One video filmed in Enfield shows a huge crowd surge through the streets near the London suburb’s Southbury Road station.

But while many pictures this week have shown crowds clashing with police in destructive stand-offs, the video clearly shows officers and crowds running in the same direction in a bid to ward off looters.

However, Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh told Sky News: ‘What I don’t need is these so-called vigilantes, who appeared to have been drinking too much and taking policing resources away from what they should have been doing–which is preventing the looting.

‘These are small pockets of people. They’re frustrated, they’re angry, and that’s totally understandable.

‘The sadness of those images through the night and the night before last will affect everyone.

‘But the support that we need is to allow those officers to prevent looting and prevent crime.

‘I have personally spoken to members of our community and business owners, who have lost their livelihoods. I want communities to engage with us, and support us.

‘We have seen some outstanding acts of courage, youth workers, community leaders, teachers and alike taking to the streets with our officers to stop those people out there from breaking the law and persuading them to go home.

‘Ironically, when you see those images with no police available, the police are now having to go and do the vigilantes as well as the other problems that they’ve got. That needs to stop.

‘I do not support vigilantism and we do not want to see more violence on our streets. I would urge everyone to remain calm.’

One of those involved in the Enfield patrol, Nick Davidson, told Sky News: ‘We’ve had enough of the police just standing there . . . while people are looting and ruining the whole area.

‘Everybody here pays tax and we’ve all had enough of it. We’re sickened by the police doing absolutely nothing.

‘They’re not policing our streets, we have to police them.’

One man in his 20s, who would not give his name said: ‘We won’t stand for it. If anyone wants to come down here and start looting tonight, let them try–we’ll be ready for them.

‘We’re here to protect the town. What went on last night was a disgrace. It shouldn’t be allowed.’

In Southall, the locals rallied to keep the rioters at bay following reports of a planned attack on the area. It is just a few miles from Ealing, which was targeted on Monday night. Each of the Sikh temples was guarded by around 200 men.

Amarjit Singh Klair from nearby Hounslow, who helped rally the men, said: ‘We are working along side the police, they’re doing what they can but they are stretched.

‘Why shouldn’t we defend our homes, businesses and places of worship? This is our area. There’s lots of talk about it kicking off here. But we’re ready for them.’

Hooded youths could be seen scouting the area but appear to be have frightened off. Only a handful of police could be seen patrolling the area.

The Sikh community were running a military style operation to protect themselves after almost 100 rioters tried to attack the heart of the area early on Tuesday.

With few police around, elders at London’s largest Sikh temple in Havelock Road resorted to telephoning male worshippers for help.

Last night groups of Sikh men stood guard at different parts of the town, keeping in touch via their mobiles.

One man in his 20s said: ‘They caught us off guard last night but we still managed to get people together to protect the area. We saw them putting on their balaclavas preparing to jump out of three cars but we charged at them and managed to chase them off.’

Turkish shopkeepers who stood guard outside their businesses and chased off looters on Monday night have been hailed as heroes.

When the gangs of youngsters arrived to wreak havoc in Dalston, East London, on Monday night, the men, armed with baseball bats, snooker cues and even chair legs, sent them packing.

Trouble started about 8.30pm when a group of 15 youths set fire to a bus. Later another mob of around 20 arrived. Kebab shop owner Omer Asili, 29, said: ‘The police were telling us not to chase them, but it was only down to us that they went away.’

32 responses to “Reclaiming the Streets: Sikhs Defend Their Temple and Locals Protect Their Pubs as Ordinary Britons Defy the Rioters”

  1. olewhitelady says:

    Of course the liberal press won’t dare to criticize non-Anglo groups like the Indian Sikhs and the Turks. I wonder if they’re using film of the EDL, however, to claim that white people are the ones doing the rioting.

  2. JT says:

    Not sure what angle AR is taking here, but I applaud the Sikhs here. Seems the EDL has as well. If all of our immigrants were like the Sikhs we wouldn’t have a problem. I will allow that maybe I am uninformed, as I have seen a few other posts that were seemingly anti-Sikh. Until I know different, they are alright with me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nonwhites are allowed to defend themselves and their businesses. Whites NEVER are allowed to do the same. We become the target if we do from the media and from every nonwhite on earth! Including from these Sikhs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh I understand now: It’s just the Whites that are racist, drunk vigilanties. All the rest are just concerned citizens protecting their homes and properties. Silly me, sometimes I’m a little slow. After all,…I’m White, what’d ya’ expect.

  5. Mike H. says:

    Indian sikhs and african tribals fighting it out on the streets of formerly white and civilized London.

    It’s like the movie Rufus Jones for President. Something older whites used to make jokes about because they were sure it would never, ever happen.

    It would be funny, if it wasn’t so horribly depressing.

  6. Trucker says:

    Sikhs are good people but the fresh off the boat ones are corrupt. But over time they get better and are very respectable and we could learn from them in terms of family unity, honour. They are the warrior class of India and served the British well. I watched a youtube documentary on them and they are actually the most respectable Indians in my opinion. Wish I had the youtube link… they had equal rights for women before we did. But man are they hairy lol

  7. Detroit WASP says:

    Powerful video on black rule.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let me provide a non-human analogous behaviour. On the African savannah, when a large animal is dead or moribund, many animals gather to scavenge its body. There may be lions, hyenas, jackals, diverse buzzards, etc. These animals do not show any interspecies comradeship; they quarrel and fight with each other, trying to get some juicy meat before its all gone.

    Key: U.K.

  9. Jeddermann. says:

    As with the predatory animal in Africa, once the approaching rioters saw that they were going to meet resistance, the rioter turned and fled. NOT worth the effort. The predator looks for the weak, enfeebled, the sick, the lame, etc. NOT the one holding a sword.

    Wanna take a vacation in England?

  10. fred says:

    However, Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh told Sky News: ‘What I don’t need is these so-called vigilantes, who appeared to have been drinking too much and taking policing resources away from what they should have been doing—which is preventing the looting.

    I’d say Kavanagh’s weak response to the looting has made him ineligible to criticize vigilantes. Until the boy pulls his panties up and restores law and order I suggest he keep his criticism of those doing the job he hasn’t to himself.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well, good for them. Not sure I’m on board with them being in England in the first place, but at least they show backbone and character, which is a lot more than most immigrants to the U.K. show.

  12. rjf101 says:

    Are native Britons also banding together and protecting their communities like this? If not, then perhaps they could learn from the Sikh’s example.

  13. SF Paul says:

    I have some sympathy for honest law abiding people in England who are unable to own a gun to protect themselves, their families and property. Buying a baseball bat for protection sure would not make me feel safer. Glad I live in the USA and have a 12 gauge shotgun.

  14. SS says:

    As usual, Whitey does all the work.

    If asians are so great then how come they aren’t participating in the clean-up and why are they only interested in protecting their “own neighborhoods”? (please remember, no neighborhood in any White Country is theirs since the fact is, before they took over, it did belong to White People)

  15. SS says:


    Then you pay for them and you live with them.

    Americans, Brits and all other Natives are sick and tired of paying for all these Third World Aliens and this includes your Third World Aliens who did NOT help the Brits but ONLY helped themselves and guess what jt? Those Third World Aliens you love so much, ALSO receive tons of welfare.

    Before you spout such UnGodly Love for Third World Aliens, please research what these people actually pay in vs. what they get from their host Countries and don’t leave out their remittances and the depressed wages that coincide with their arrival to every industry they take over and then compare that to what the Natives pay vs. what they receive.

  16. Kenelm Digby says:

    Actually, I admire these Sikhs tremendously.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There are a lot of Sikhs in the part of Canada I live in. They tend to be very entrepreneurial, though they often have shady business practices. But they don’t form an underclass the way blacks do. And they don’t make a lot of demands for special food in the schools, etc., the way Muslims do. We also have a lot of Chinese in this area, but very few blacks. I think the Sikhs and Chinese discourage the blacks and Muslims from coming here because they won’t put up with politically correct nonsense the way white people do.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You wouldn’t get any of these blokes stripping off for a black. I hope there are a few would-be looters with limbs missing in tomorrow’s report.

  19. ATBOTL says:

    “If all of our immigrants were like the Sikhs we wouldn’t have a problem.”

    Nonsense. White people should not be replaced by anyone. If you knew more about British history, you would know that Sihks have brought their own problems and that the area this happened in is one where whites were ethnically cleansed during the 70’s.

    If you support colonization of white countries by Sikhs or anyone, you are anti-white.

  20. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Here’s a video of Whites defending their neighborhood in Britain.

  21. Mike says:

    those fellas look like decent dudes. look at the two guys on the right, the red shirt and jeans and the guy in the orange thing. you can just tell when someone is a good person from looking at them, and i get that vibe from those two especially.

  22. Scott of the Arctic says:

    The Sikhs have not been infected with the virus of political correctness, and are not under its hypnotizing spell. They have nothing in common with London’s blacks, and have decided to make a stand to protect their homes, shops, and places of worship from the black rioters. I applaud the Sikhs for that. They are role models for English whites who have forgotten about the real world while under the spell of political correctness.

  23. patthemick says:

    Well it seems that the author hates not saying the whites are only interested in protecting their drinking establishments while the Sikhs are protecting their business and homes and temples too.

    I wonder sometimes if the press just can’t say anything without subtle ant-white leanings.

  24. Rat in a Maze says:

    Whites defending their homes and villages are called vigilantes, if the EDL deigns to help, whites and the EDL are called “right-wing extremists” by the British press.

    Meanwhile, Sikhs are given a flattering photo of triumph and portrayed as heroic defenders of their temple and “their neighborhood.”

    “This is OUR area”, said one.

    I second ATBOTL : White people should not be replaced by anyone.

    What do you think would happen if large numbers of whites immigrated to Sikh homelands to replace them? Would they not be (correctly) met with swords and driven off?

    Anyone who is pro-Sikh immigration, is pro-white genocide.

  25. SS says:

    To third world alien lovers,

    Why is that you people are the very ones will NOT pay for them, give them homes, feed them, educate them and give up your job to employ them?

    Why do you expect White People to pay for your Traitorous Ways? Why do you expect White People to pay for Aliens? Shouldn’t that be your responsibility since you like, love, admire and respect them so much?

    And when are you Third World Lovers going to clean up all the messes they always leave behind and when are you going to replace all the Natural Resources they’ve consumed and when are you going to replace the rivers they’ve trashed and when are you going to pay for and fix all the mistakes they’ve made on the job they supposedly were so much better qualified for than White People?

    Love your aliens all you want, just stop pretending like you care about White People.

  26. Dennis says:

    While I accept that Sikhs may have a higher IQ, better work ethic, better morals and ethics than most other Third World invaders, it doesn’t matter: at the end of the day they are still Third World invaders of White lands.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The Sikhs I have met are courteous, and even eager to show their friendship and harmlessness. However, having said that, I also must say that I agree that they are good in their country and not as a replacement for white populations.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Several commenting on here have remarked on the way in which the media in England have praised the Sikhs, the Turks, the Moslems, for defending their “own” patches (in fact English districts only recently colonised) while the white English doing the same are vilified as right wing extremists and “drunks”. The police have diverted resources from dealing with the rioters to attacking these same unarmed whites while leaving the heavily armed Sikhs etc. strictly alone.

    Believe me, this anti-white bias has been well and truly noticed, for perhaps the first time. There is a widespread feeling that this white resistance may be the start of something new and big, that we can’t go on like this, that these events mark a sea change in public attitudes towards political correctness and social liberalism. Well, maybe, we can but hope.

  29. dying breed says:

    Like them or loathe them, these Sikhs could just as easily have taken to looting, burning and making wimpish whites strip naked.

    They chose to stand and protect what they valued.

    This comes from a guy that considers the demographic changes forced upon us whites as nothing less than treason.

    Give them a little credit and reserve scorn for those more deserving.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see how this is a plus for whites at all. Why should Sikhs be in Britain at all? (Or Canada? Or Australia?) This is just one more group displacing whites. In the long run I see no good for us from it at all. As for the Sikhs showing “guts” here, don’t forget, unlike whites, they don’t have to worry about the police and courts arresting them and charging them with “hate” crimes like a group of similiarly minded whites would be. With no legal flak to worry about and never being exposed to any P.C. nonsense, its easy for the Sikhs to act “tough”.

  31. Intelliboy says:

    I wish someone could photoshop that picture and replace the hairy faces with Genuine British faces! That could have served as an educational guide for the repressed whites how they should act against invasion of their land.

    Better late than never! Wake up and be proud of your identity as the greatest human race on the planet.

  32. Jupiter7 says:

    Some of you here have a soft spot in your hearts for the Sikhs. Consider this: the Sikhs are not our kind. They are not interchangeable with European people. At election time they vote enthusiastically for the race-replacement of European people. There are no economic, cultural, environmental-ecological and demographic reasons for importing Sikhs into England, Wales, Scotland ,Northern Ireland, Canada, and America.

    If you want to live the Sikhs, then pack up and go move to the Punjab region of India. Don’t impose Sikhs on the rest of us.