Posted on August 17, 2011

Migrants Need 415,000 New Council Homes

Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun (London), August 17, 2011

Forty-five council homes a DAY will have to be built to house the tidal wave of immigrants, a shock report reveals.

This means 415,000 extra homes will be needed over the next 25 years–at a cost to taxpayers of £1billion a year.

The findings in the report by pressure group Migration Watch UK are a startling illustration of the immigration timebomb.

The building rate will be the only way to keep families off the streets–unless the current influx of 200,000 a year is stemmed.

Waiting lists for social housing in England have mushroomed by 60 per cent over the past eight years, largely due to immigration.

The report claimed just 17 per cent of people born in the UK live in properties owned by local authorities or housing associations. That compares with 80 per cent of migrants from Somalia and 49 per cent of those from Turkey.

Migration Watch UK accused politicians of covering up the problem. Chairman Sir Andrew Green said: “Either the Government must cut immigration very substantially as they’ve promised or they must invest very large sums in the construction of extra social housing.”

The crisis has been worsened by the Labour government’s failure to replace council houses that have been sold off. That slashed the number of homes available to the needy by almost 500,000 between 1997 and 2007.

The two worst affected regions are both immigration hotspots.

In London, 12 per cent of all families were on housing waiting lists in 2010, and in Yorkshire and Humberside the figure was 11 per cent.

13 responses to “Migrants Need 415,000 New Council Homes”

  1. Lucas says:

    Western Governments like the UK keep encouraging wanton immigration because of a drop in their own native-born birth rates. They need an ever increasing young population to fuel the social welfare, tax based Ponzi scheme systems they have created. Since we are not producing enough young to maintain the paradigm, immigration would seem to be the answer.

    There are a few problems however. We assisting in destroying Western civilization as we know it by allowing hordes of anti-Western subcultures onto our shores and into our homes. The government does everything to appease them in hopes that the increased population will one day pay a dividend and feed the insatiable welfare and tax based Ponzi beasts. Unfortunately, immigrants are consuming resources far faster than they can be replaced. They will one day represent a majority of the voting block and will continue to vote themselves more benefits.

    Simple math is the real enemy here. There has to be a breaking point where a society can no longer support a huge and ever increasing population. The UK is especially vulnerable because it is after all, only an island society. It is sad that political correctness has blinded us to simple math. How long can the Brits hold out? Time and math will tell. Hope the rest of us learn the lesson that many of us already know.

  2. margaret says:

    The Western governments claim that they are replacing elderly natives with young working age immigrants.

    But the young immigrants are life long benefit lay abouts. They don’t work. The native elderly worked all their lives to qualify for the old age benefits. The young immigrants will go straight from child benefit, to incapacity and job seekers benefit to old age benefit without ever having worked.

    So what is the use of all these immigrants other than to forward the communist program of destroying Europe.

    Funny,from the end of WW2 every European government tried to increase the birth rate. First child benefit so the Mothers would not have to work. In Europe everyone gets child benefit no matter how high the income. They don’t however get the dependent child tax break we get. Then the free health service.

    Then the low rent government housing.

    Then the wonderful school vacations; in most countries week long free ski trips and 1 or 2 week vacations at the end of the school year. The British state schools don’t have these anemities though.

    On and on these programs go but native Europeans just don’t have children.

    One thing I have always wondered. There is high unemployment in Europe, especially for young workers just out of school. So why do the European governments claim they have a labor shortage.

    They don’t, they just want to replace Europeans with non White third world rejects.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Just want to help. Simple math isn’t the enemy, what it does is reveal the problem. The enemy is the system that thinks this will work and the immigrants it is bringing in that is destroying Europe and every other Western County. No one seems to say anything to non Western non white nations about doing something about their populations, they just send them off to invade our countries. Of course you are right. In a short time, the whole thing will collapse because it is unsustainable.

  4. Kenelm Digby says:

    A simple cost/benefit analysis will show that the massive, uncontrolled immigration the Labour Party foisted on Britain is economically ruinous.

    – The fact is that ‘council housing’ is intended for low-income persons (it is strictly means-tested on application). It is obvious that if immigrants use council housing on a huge scale then they cannot be contributing much wealth, and secondly they probably will never justify the huge construction cost of the property in the first place.

  5. Tom says:

    Great Britain seems hell bent on societal self-destruction. There appears to be a decidedly purposeful campaign to destroy the native British (white) culture with all the major news outlets (the BBC and the Guardian newspaper especially) complicit. This has gone beyond far political correctness and trying to make up for a colonial past. Will there be a tipping point? Perhaps not – (Mainly) black teenagers burned and looted big chunks of London two weeks ago and the one guy who pointed this out, the respected historian Richard Starkey, was pilloried universally in the press as a “Racist”, with even moronic bobbleheads like Piers Morgan weighing in to decry him.

  6. fred says:

    As #1 Lucas says, governments are trying to cram western countries full of immigrants to keep the ponzi scheme afloat. What they fail to realize is that the immigrants are net users rather than net contributors. The first thing they do when they get in is sign up for benefits. And most of the ones willing to work are low-wage labor. All that does is drive wages down and steal jobs from the poor people already living there. What a nightmare of ignorance and incompetence.

  7. B J Deller says:

    I was going to write a comment but Lucas has just about said it all. But in addition , I do wonder at the stupidity of the UK/European politicians who are engineering this fate, Liberals and Socialist who perhaps are hoping that the new immigrants will vote for them in the future. Fat chance when Muslims will be able to vote in an Islamic society with Sharia Law etc. Then it may be too late but Nostradamus did predict a big “war with the anti-Christ” which will be resoundingly won by the Christians but why go to that extent? Just keep them in their own countries as they were doing a good job of murdering each other with their battles of the differing sects of Islam.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Brits keep electing politicians that keep lying about reducing immigration. They need right wing politicians the only one who will do it but the Brits are such suckers about being afraid of the phony racism charge. So their offspring will pay dearly and despise them for their cowardice.

  9. Anonymous says:

    One billion pounds a year, 45 new council homes a day. What would the savings be to go one day without immigration?

    (1 000 000 000 / 45) / 365 = 60 882.8006

    Over sixty thousand pounds in a single day. Immigration groups could get behind that if some or all of the money went to services for those already immigrated. Anti-immigration groups could get behind that as 1/365th of a reduction in immigration is greater than no reduction in immigration. One day without immigration serves everyone except would-be immigrants… who must wait all of one day more to get a lifetime of social services and a lifetime opportunity to contribute to society (as many immigrants do, again to the benefit of all).

    One day without immigration. Think of the possibilities.

  10. ATBOTL says:

    Notice the huge difference in how the media in the UK covers immigration as opposed to here. An article like this in a major national US newspaper would be unthinkable.

    The UK is in a much better position than us. Their demographics are no where near as bad and the Conservatives have promised to cut overall immigration dramatically(in this country, we can’t even get the GOP leadership to oppose massive illegal immigration).

  11. Anonymous says:

    “One thing I have always wondered. There is high unemployment in Europe, especially for young workers just out of school. So why do the European governments claim they have a labor shortage?”

    Easily answered.

    When the wealthy investor or property owner is running out of tenants for the investment properties he owns, mass immigration saves him.

    When the banker needs more borrowers in order to create money, immigration saves him.

    Immigration feeds the capitalist growth machine, which serves the laziest shareholders of society.

  12. Dougal says:

    I live in London and yeah, it has been repatriated. Far too many of the immigrants coming to the UK are from the EU, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria. Non indigenous whites are a drain too. They don’t assimilate as well. One Polish woman had her infant nearly burnt to death on the beach at Brighton last year by nort keeping him out of direct sunlight and laughed when the old bill showed up to cart her off. Low IQs from some former EU countries. Those Polish jokes are actually the truth. No more burquas or Poles please.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To Dougal at #12:

    I disagree strongly with you. Polish immigration is an excellent long-term investment in the future of a white community. I see no comparison between Poles and the Burqua wearers.