NAACP Vows to Challenge N.J. State Police over Low Black Representation in New Recruit Class

New Jersey Real-Time News, August 15, 2011

When the New Jersey State Police’s first class of recruits in two years reports for training today, only five of 123 will be black, a striking failure in the division’s decade-long effort to achieve greater diversity.

Now the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which settled discrimination claims with the State Police in 2000 to force greater minority recruitment, says it will return to court to argue the state has given only lip service to the problem.

And the governor’s office, in response to inquiries from The Star-Ledger, said the issue will get attention from the highest levels of state government.

“We are concerned with diversity in the State Police ranks, and will be examining the matter with the attorney general and State Police,” said Michael Drewniak, spokesman for Gov. Chris Christie.


“It’s actually going backwards rather than forwards,” said James Harris, president of the New Jersey chapter of the NAACP. “The state doesn’t keep its promises.”

Harris said the state should cancel the recruit class, but Attorney General Paula Dow, who oversees the State Police, said it will proceed. The State Police and the Attorney General’s Office said overall diversity is improving but acknowledged concern about the few black recruits.

“We will continue to partner with clergy, community leaders, and others to improve on those numbers,” State Police Supt. Rick Fuentes said.

{snip} As minority recruiting backed by millions of dollars continues to fall short, there’s a new round of finger-pointing.

The NAACP says the state is not trying hard enough. The Attorney General’s Office says the African-American community is not referring enough qualified recruits. And the troopers union says the company that scores the written tests for recruits uses a secretive system that may exclude good black candidates.


The State Police has tried to change that by sending troopers to black churches, colleges, job fairs and cultural events. It also courted African-American community leaders like the Rev. Jethro James of Paradise Baptist Church in Newark. James said it’s discouraging when he invites troopers to speak, but so few blacks make the class.


The Attorney General’s Office said the community shares some blame for not referring more qualified candidates. “We need the community to step up,” said Paul Loriquet, spokesman for Dow.

Of the 263 candidates for the incoming class who passed the written exam, 33 were black, the office said. Of those 33, six dropped out and 22 were disqualified for failing a background check, the office said.


Some things, like a drug conviction, prompt automatic disqualification. But others, such as a poor credit history, are part of a subjective review Harris said hurts blacks.


Harris said background checks and all other parts of the selection process must be reviewed. “The screening mechanism clearly has a component of bias,” he said.

With the exception of background checks, the Attorney General’s Office declined to say how many blacks began the process for the new class and when they flunked out.

As part of the 2000 settlement with the NAACP, the State Police agreed to revamp its written test and suspend the four-year college degree requirement that could unequally eliminate minorities. It also hired Connecticut-based APTMetrics, Inc.–which has been paid $2.2 million since 2000–to score the test in a more fair way for minorities.



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  • ice

    “Only a handful of blacks passed the written test, and most of those failed background checks.”

    Camden and Newark both laid off nearly a third of their police personnel. It’s strange that any city in NJ is purring along with new recruits as if they have funds unlimited.

    I’d rather have no police than black criminals serving. Citizen defense groups can better handle their own protection anyway.

  • Whiteness: Endangered Species

    Until the media runs to the nearest NAACP office and starts interviewing the “officials” about the black latest flash mob, black on White beat down, etc., we’ll always suffer under the afro-thuggery and danger that makes our White Privilege so unsustainable.

    Do you know your White owned local businesses that financially support the NAACP? What are you doing to hold them accountable for the NAACP’s failure to advance blacks into civilization?

  • A Comment from Australia

    I will say this once again, that by doing this the NJ or any other police department, is putting persons who have no right to be there in a position of AUTHORITY over WHITE people. I would even suggest that this is a very dangerous folly.

    Perhaps it is a bit like putting used car dealers in charge of consummer protection laws or having the KGB overseeing human rights. I also understand that in the final days of the Roman Empire they had Barbarian generals assisting in some campaigns, that certainly did not help save the western part of the Empire.

    At present the Kentucky Police are assisting the NSW Police with a very nasty bomb hoax/extortion case. It was somewhat reassuring to see on our TV news that all the Kentucky officers were white!

  • Retired Cop

    Before the ‘Crying Times’ or ‘What America Was’

    I remember reading a news story in the mid ’60s about an Asian who wanted a police job in CA. Departments across the US had height requirements, often 5’8″; he was a partial inch too short. Before his physical he hung upside down in gravity boots. Then he had his friends bring him in on a stretcher so he would not ‘shrink’. He met the height requirement and was hired.

    Moral: he found a way to meet the requirement and did not whine and cry that the standard should be changed for him.

  • Tom Iron

    I happen to live in this never, neverland known as N.J. Of course the whole thing is nonsense, but nonsense is right up our alley. This is the home of nonsense.

    Having said that, it is sad that these poor people are so unfit to live in the society they find themselves in. No matter all the covering up that goes on for them, everybody, more or less, at some level understands blacks are deficient. I’d imagine blacks even know it.

    Tom Iron…

  • Anonymous

    The powers-that-be REQUIRE those type of unintelligent, drone-type cops, because they’re the only ones who will carry out orders without question, when it comes time to disarm citizens or do mass arrests and send people to concentration camps.

    Intelligent cops would realize what’s going on and turn on their masters. This is the ultimate reason for all of the programs to dumb down not only police, but society in general. A dumb, uninformed and unintelligent citizenry can be led to do anything, even the destruction of themselves and their interests.

    Don’t we see this on a grand scale in today’s America?

  • Miss Whitey

    I cannot convey to you, readers, how sick and tired I am of race hustling groups like the NAACP.

    I am formerly from New Jersey and on a constant basis the NAACP and other race hustlers would incessantly cry racism and discrimination over every little thing. Most of the time it was so clear that they were in the wrong, yet NJ government officials always seemed to take their side. It got so that I stopped listening to a radio station dedicated to New Jersey, even though it was supposed to be “conservative.”

    Blacks do not make up a major part of the New Jersey State Police because many, if not most, cannot pass the written exams. You have to have at least average intelligence. If they do pass, they cannot pass the rigorous training in the academy. I read about this training. The recruits are to be absolutely obedient, quick minded, and tough enough to be on those dangerous streets and the infamous New Jersey Turnpike. Many Blacks can’t handle this, particularly because they probably see obedience as being a “slave” to the White man. So, it is not surprising that they make up a very small portion of the NJSP.

    I say if the White man is smart enough and tough enough to go through this intense training, he DESERVES to be on the force and in the majority. Why should this organization be diversified to the detriment of the state?

    I wouldn’t want a weak,ignorant NJSP in the beautiful state of New Jersey.

  • Frank

    Most of this test is probably multiple-choice. How do you score it to be more favorable to blacks? I suppose the NAACP does not think drug convictions should disqualify a black candidate. The taxpapers are going to get hit again with new testing, etc.

  • Antidote

    Simply deputize the Bloods and the Crips; they’re already heavily armed and in uniforms, and there would be excellent community relations. New Jersey would have so much manpower under such a plan, that there would also be peace officers for every town police force, parks police, and perhaps corrections officers.

  • NBJ

    Harris said the state should cancel the recruit class, but Attorney General Paula Dow, who oversees the State Police, said it will proceed.

    Ah yes, punish all the whites because some blacks can’t pass a

    few tests. Did they not learn anything from the New Haven case?

    The NAACP says the state is not trying hard enough. The Attorney General’s Office says the African-American community is not referring enough qualified recruits. And the troopers union says the company that scores the written tests for recruits uses a secretive system that may exclude good black candidates.

    The STATE is not trying hard enough? As per usual, it’s everybody’s fault except the blacks. As for this secretive system, does it not state at the end of this article that a company has been paid over 2 million dollars to score the tests in a more fair way (cheating) for minorities? Which is it already? More ridiculous blaming.

    Harris said background checks and all other parts of the selection process must be reviewed. “The screening mechanism clearly has a component of bias,” he said.

    Ah yes, by all means lets give these people a gun and a badge and put them in a position of authority when they can’t pass a simple background check. You won’t even be hired at a grocery store or be allowed to go on a field trip with your child without passing a background check, yet these fools want to make them COPS!!? God help us all!

  • sbuffalonative

    “But others, such as a poor credit history, are part of a subjective review Harris said hurts blacks.”

    If the credit check hurts blacks, is that an admission that the stereotype of blacks being irresponsible with money is true? Aren’t they admitting that they know blacks have bad credit histories?

    Looking at someone’s credit history is not wholly subjective. Knowing how deep in debt someone is may prompt them to accept bribes or steal evidence and property.

    Knowing that someone is responsible with money will likely translate into being responsible in other aspects of life.

    You know what? I say give them what they want. NO STANDARDS what so ever. Anything goes. No questions. No judgments. No health checkups. No physical endurance challenges. No tests.

    Anyone black man or woman who walks in the door and says they want the job, give them a uniform, badge, and a gun and let them serve their community.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks still cannot pass dumbed down tests and the few that do can’t pass the background test. Why in the world does this give these failures standing to sue for discrimination?

    These lawsuits are all over the country alleging discrimination because blacks can not pass police and fireman tests.

    From the article:

    “As part ofthe 2000 settlement with the NAACP, the State Police agreed to revamp its written test and suspend the four-year college degree requirement that could unequally eliminate minorities. It also hired Connecticut-based APTMetrics, Inc.—which has been paid $2.2 million since 2000—to score the test in a more fair way for minorities.

    Many other locations are doing the same as Connecticut and blacks apparently still cannot pass the tests. Where is the discrimination? Would it be asking too much to hire police officers who could read and write?

  • Snow Walker

    “five of 123 will be black”

    There’s NOTHING wrong with that. The percentage is perfectly normal. I wish the NJSP would read this article to find out why Affirmative Action is an inevitable disaster:

  • Anonymous

    The NAACP sues often and in cases without merit

    Whites don’t sue even when the discrimination against them is obvious.

  • john

    This is an outrage, and begs the question of why blacks aren’t equally represented among the ranks of nuclear physicists, MDs, molecular biologists, aerospace engineers, and mathematicians.

    Clearly, something’s going on here, something which deserves investigation by federal authorities.

  • SF Paul

    The troopers who are sent into black neighborhood functions to recruit for these jobs are most likely discouraged knowing that very few if any will be qualified. Probably like going to the animal pound wanting to get a show quality dog. If you try long enough eventually it might happen. It is hard to imagine a black from an inner city telling their homies that they want to join the state police. He or she would be assaulted real fast. This entire issue raised by the naacp is wrong on so many levels. Blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites, shouldn’t the naacp work on that?

  • Anonymous

    I detest the NAACP. The local chapter where I live got me fired from my job that I held for 23 years.( a local government job) On a local form I commented on interracial marriage (which was the topic, btw) and made evident my disdain for such marriages. No name calling, no rudeness, nothing of the sort) but there had to be a black on that forum who was married to a White woman who hated my comment and called me the usual names. Well come to find out they got my ISP (or whatever you call it) and found where I worked and I was called in for an “investigation”….long story, short…I quit before being fired.

    Most of those at the “management, human relations” side of the agency (those who “talked” to me) were now, of course Mexicans and blacks……they treated me like the scum of the earth for being so “racist”…I hated each and every one of those in charge and I couldn’t wait to get out of that place. THEY were the real haters (of Whites, that is). They said nothing about that black guy who called me all kinds of names on that forum. I “deserved” it, you see.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t they let the NAACP devise a test that is non-discriminatory across all groups? And if they can’t they get a substantial financial penalty.

  • Preparation H-Bomb

    When is the NAACP going to challenge ITS OWN PEOPLE to stay in school, get post-high school education in addition, DON’T have babies until you have a settled career, dress moderately and decently, stop being so loud and obnoxious, and TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES instead of expecting the guv’m’t to do it for them free?

  • Mr.White

    “We will continue to partner with clergy, community leaders, and others to improve on those numbers,” State Police Supt. Rick Fuentes said.”


    Too many police agencies across this country have become bastions of political correctness and fronts for the social doctrines of multiculturalism and diversity.

    #3 – Being from California, I would add it’s akin to allowing hispanic anchor babies to serve as Border Patrol agents. Boggles the mind.

  • Lex Concord

    There are good and bad aspects of state police agencies, but several aspects of them tend to keep blacks from getting into or staying in them. They definitely have higher overall standards than many municipal and county agencies. Their academies are more rigorous and strict than many police academies. They are generally held to higher standards of conduct both on and off duty. Last but not least, they tend to stay pretty busy-no place for loafers.

  • Anonymous

    A trivial point: Blacks who would make good state police officers, because of Diversity will become semicompetant lawyers, M.D.’s, managers, etc. This same Diversity is forcing intelligent white men to lower their employment aims. For them, being a state cop is now the best job they can get. This may be a reason for the racial imbalance, 118 non-black to 5 black.

  • Anonymous

    @ 3 — A Comment from Australia

    Not sure how it is in Australia, but what happens in the US a lot of times is the “diversity” hires will get funneled into some department or desk job where the amount of harm they can cause is minimized. There was an article here in AR just this week I believe about the Chicago FD, and how a certain office within the fire department (something called Fire Prevention Office or something) was predominantly black while the FD itself was 70% white. You can bet that mostly black branch of the FD isn’t out fighting fires. Other than embezzling money from the city, their primary function is probably to simply provide black faces for publicity events and community outreach.

    You’ll see this in the civilian world too. A lot of corporations and universities will have “diversity departments” or some such where a lot of the blacks have a way of accumulating. It’s a sad farce and one wonder how even the blacks themselves manage to keep a straight face.

  • Chris

    Just as they did with the Dayton Police Department, the passing grade will be lower to F. Because we’re all equal.

  • Anonymous

    To me, this is the beginning of the ruination of that department. The NJSP has been a department that has very high standards. Therefore, the officers who are part of this department are of high standards. Once the naacp forces the department to hire unqualifed blacks, the enviornment there will surely go downhill and the corruption will become a large problem. Im sure that some of those white officers upon hearing of this stor will resent the black candidates. I know I would.

    I also find the naacp’s idea to cancel the class laughable. Like others have stated, punish the white men for sucessfully passing the required background checks and written exam.

  • Detroit WASP

    “The State Police has tried to change that by sending troopers to black churches, colleges, job fairs and cultural events.”

    The unspoken fact is that there is keen competition for black males who have a little brains and no criminal backgrounds. The liberals want these black males to go into teaching, police work, social work, any and all government jobs, skilled trades, professional sports and the sciences…of course.

    Not to mention all the black men that are murdered by other black men. There just ain’t enough to go around!

    85% of all youths in prisons grew up in a fatherless home (Source: Fulton Co. Georgia jail populations, Texas Dept. of Corrections 1992)

    2003 Bureau of Justice Statistics analysis shows that 32 percent of black males born in 2001 can expect to spend time in prison over the course of their lifetime. That is up from 13.4 percent in 1974 and 29.4 percent in 1991. By contrast, 17.2 percent of Hispanics and 5.9 percent of whites born in 2001 are likely to end up in prison.

  • Bandmo

    Probably were forced to do that do the fact the African cops they have now have to call for “Back-up” everytime they need to write a speeding ticket.

  • hokie

    The whole “spoils”[racial,ethnic,service,genitalia,etc] system is garbage. Our miltary[teachers,police,gov,etc] is one big jobs program.

    I like to listen to “Johnny Comes Marching Home”. You choose what you listen to. You choose the work you do. You choose the books you read. Choose ANY THING and stop trying to be EVERY THING.

  • Mirek Nowicki

    I have a solution to the problem. Why not to send their answer sheets to Atlanta Public Schools or Philly. Seems like teachers found the way to improve students grades.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about giving the whip hand over whites to the black. Enoch was right.

  • MrGJG

    This is madness! When are we going to throw up our hands and admit what everyone, including blacks know to be the truth.

    Blacks are by and large a deficient race. They come up short in intelligence, morality, humility, and perseverance.

    These attributes cannot be learned, they are part of our DNA.

    There comes a time for our very survival as a people, when we must face this uncomfortable truth.

    We’re throwing it all away in the name of a malignancy called political correctness.

    God help us!

  • Anonymous

    Crooked dumb cops, just what we need more of. There is something very evil going on in all forms of our government. The more brown and black it becomes the more it scares me. When the Teleprompter in Charge declares Martial Law and all Hell breaks loose the natives will get restless. Black and brown in charge will only target Whites. Blacks are not interested in equality, only REVENGE.

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t the NAACP suing to stop the investigation into black corruption in Atlanta’s school?

    Criminal probe of APS cheating has now begun in earnest, subpoena shows

  • Anonymous

    They aren’t going to get anywhere.

    Let me tell you something about NJ.

    A few months ago, the NJ cops were looking for someone for some reason. They had a few cruisers fanned out in a neighborhood. Unfortunately, one of the cruisers had an officer in it that wasn’t paying attention, and the guy they were looking for walked up to him and shot him dead on the spot.

    The police went berserk. Choppers in the air, hundreds of officers all over the place. For about two hours, they stormed the neighborhood and went door to door and to hell with the warrants. Then, they suddenly disappeared. One minute there was intense news coverage of all this going on. The next, not a single officer was on the scene….and reporters were pontificating what it all meant. A couple hours later the chief of police released a statement saying no such event had happened. The media was like, what do you mean, we have all this recorded coverage. Ten minutes later, they were apologizing for the misunderstanding, that there was no coverage and there was no actual incident. So what if thousands of us saw what was happening live. It did not happen. There was no guy they were looking for and the death of the officer was just some random event. Nothing to see here. All reference to it disappeared that day and has never been raised since.

    Meanwhile, any NJ residents with any intelligence understand that, somewhere in NJ, someone is still being worked over with an acetylene torch and a pair of pliers, for daring to kill a NJ cop.

    That’s how NJ is and how the NJ cops roll. Oh they still pretend the rule of law matters. But they are just pretending. Everyone understands that, in reality, each faction involved does whatever it wants for its own, with impunity, up to the level of real power they wield. And the NJ cops wield REAL power, and know it.

    The NAACP is dreaming if they think they are going to get the NJ police or any element of ultra-corrupt NJ politics to do anything they want. They might as well be dealing with the mafia. They’ll get the yes treatment by some brown nosing sycophant, then whatever they want will be tossed in the circular file.

  • Anonymous

    When the NAACP sues, does the organization employ exclusively black attorneys?

  • Frank

    Idea: Have Harris take the test and see how he does.

  • W74

    Oh good Lord.

    So 33 of them passed the test. Exactly 2/3rds of them were flagged on the background check. That leaves 11. One over half dropped out leaving 5.

    That’s sad, but then again you can’t expect much out of the black “community”.

  • Snow Walker

    In the same line of incredible AA stuff:

  • French

    I don’t understand why blacks would even need to train to be policemen? Heck they know the routine from personal experience don’t they? Plus they know the correct (sic) way to hold a weapon is on it’s side and they know and speak the language of most of the criminals they will deal with?

    I wonder what would happen if all officers in black areas were black themselves?

  • Question Diversity

    39 French wrote:

    I wonder what would happen if all officers in black areas were black themselves?

    I think you know your own question is rhetorical and self-evident. Just in case you were wondering, the answer is that black cops tend to be horrendously corrupt. All the horror stories that blacks have about the evil brutal “white po-leeceseses” actually tend to happen when blacks patrol other blacks. Black cops tend to be bad in two areas: 1. Shaking down prostitutes for “free samples” in exchange for not arresting them, and 2. Shaking down dope dealers for money, sometimes going so far as to become part of the drug dealing scene themselves. Any quantitative or qualitative measure of bad or corrupt law enforcement, you’ll always find the affirmative action black cops at or near the top.

  • Anonymous

    The entire Los Angeles Rampart Police Station scandal was brutality and corruption by affirmative action black officers who failed the written tests and background check but were hired anyway because of a Federal court order that the department hire these criminal morons.

    One was named Perez but he was black. Most of the department now consists of obese mexicans 50 pounds overweight but of course they can’t be ordered to keep their weight at the department standards.

  • Anonymous

    A couple years ago Los Angeles Police Department announced that because so many hispanic and black candidates had felony records it would disregard “minor felonies” in the background check so as to achieve its aim of a 10 percent black and 50 percent hispanic police force.

    LAPD is useless for enforcing the law. The only way a criminal can be caught is if the victim knows exactly who committed the crime and one of the few White detectives is assigned to the case.

  • rockman

    Living in a small Oregon town the local officials hired coal black cop to protect the mostly white community. At that point I did my business in a neighboring town. True to form the cop only ticketed white people and often the tickets were borderline issues. Finally the local officials had to admit the cop was racist and fired him. I knew just looking at him that he was bad news. Who gave the NAACP authority over anything what so ever? Why does everyone kowtow to them like they are big news? Why play that game?

  • Major

    “That’s how NJ is and how the NJ cops roll”

    Are you just discovering that NJ is not only one of the most corrupt states but also one of the least free?

    Try to get a CCW to protect yourself from the hordes of criminals in any major city in NJ.

    Plus…I’ve always thought that Jersey troopers acted and looked like they were dressed to invade Poland…their uniforms are definitely styled after the SS.

  • Michael C. Scott

    The credit check makes sense to me; existing financial problems would obviously make a new police officer more prone to taking bribes.

    I used to know a TSA passenger screener who was turned down for the federal Sky Marshal program because of miserable credit.