Posted on August 30, 2011

‘Libyans Don’t Like People with Dark Skin, But Some Are Innocent’

Patrick Cockburn, Independent, August 30, 2011

Yassin Bahr, a tall thin Senegalese in torn blue jeans, volubly denies that he was ever a mercenary or fought for Muammar Gaddafi.

Speaking in quick nervous sentences, Mr Bahr tries to convince a suspicious local militia leader in charge of the police station in the Faraj district of Tripoli, that he is a building worker who has been arrested simply because of his colour. “I liked Gaddafi, but I never fought for him,” Mr Bahr says, adding that he had worked in Libya for three years laying tiles.

But the Libyan rebels are hostile to black Africans in general. One of the militiamen, who have been in control of the police station since the police fled, said simply: “Libyan people don’t like people with dark skins, though some of them may be innocent.”

Going by Mr Bahr’s experience, any black African in Libya is open to summary arrest unless he can prove that he was not a member of Colonel Gaddafi’s forces.

Fathi, a building contractor who did not want to give his full name and was temporarily running the police station, wanted to know why Mr Bahr had a special residence permit that an immigrant worker would not normally obtain. “You must have been fighting for Gaddafi to have a permit like this,” he said. Mr Bahr said that three years earlier he had walked through the Sahara and crossed the Libyan border illegally with other West Africans looking for work. They had been picked up by the Libyan police, but he had eventually bribed them to get a residence permit. He had been watching television with nine other African immigrants when they were arrested, though no arms were found in the house.

Racism against black Africans and Libyans with dark skin has long simmered in Libya. Before the war there were estimated to be a million illegal immigrants in the country, which has a population of six million and a workforce of 1.7 million.

In 2000 there were anti-immigrant riots in which dozens of workers from countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Nigeria and Burkina Faso were killed. The war has deepened racial hostility. The rebels claim that many of Colonel Gaddafi’s soldiers were black African mercenaries. Amnesty International says these allegations are largely unproven and, from the beginning of the conflict, many of those arrested or, in some cases, executed by the rebels were undocumented labourers caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But there is no doubt that all black Africans are now under suspicion. The head of the militia in Faraj, a short bearded man in a brown robe named Issam, explained how well-prepared local insurgents had taken over the area on 19 August, telling Colonel Gaddafi’s supporters to hand over their weapons and stay at home. There was almost no resistance from the demoralised regime and few people had been arrested. Then Issam added, as an aside, that his men had also detained “tens of Africans whom we sent off to prison”. He did not explain why they had been jailed.

Black African immigrants in the past benefited from Gaddafi’s aspiration to be a pan-African leader. The position of illegal immigrants was always uncertain, but they were essential to the economy. With the fall of Gaddafi, those who have not already fled face persecution or even murder. Last weekend 30 bodies of mostly black men, several of them handcuffed and others already wounded, were found after an apparent mass execution at a roundabout near Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziya headquarters.

Issam, the temporary chief of police, insisted that Mr Bahr had not been mistreated and was being fed well. Any interview with a prisoner must come with a health warning, since he or she are unlikely to speak freely about their treatment while still under arrest. Mr Bahr confirmed that he was being well treated, but he did look very frightened.

38 responses to “‘Libyans Don’t Like People with Dark Skin, But Some Are Innocent’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some may be innocent, but as in this country, most are not. Go to it Libyans. We’re with you!

  2. June Warren says:

    This article is very, very interesting. A few years ago Earl Hilliard, a black Democratic congressman from Birmingham, Alabama, was caught making secret trips to Libya with his expenses paid by Gadaffi. When confronted by the press, he howled RACISM and complained that he was a black man visiting a black African country. And that anyone who questioned it was a RACIST.

    He was finally voted out of office a few years ago, but his current replacement isn’t much better.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Libyan rebels = NWO mercenaries.

  4. sbuffalonative says:

    I was watching a panel discussion about Libya on c-span. One of the panelists said that Gaddafi saw himself as a Pan-African who wanted to united the people of Africa.

    To this end, he encouraged Africans from other nations to move to Libya to gain favor with the people and their leaders.

    Of course, the average Libyan wasn’t consulted and didn’t like it (sound familiar?). This is what has led to the racial issues in Libya. Libyans don’t want black Africans in their country.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    Related news:

    The international community is pressuring Quadaffi to step down or encouraging his ouster, based on human rights abuses. They don’t do one percent of this when it comes to Mugabe, whose human rights abuses are far worse.

  6. Kingoldby says:

    Is there anywhere in the world where black immigrants are welcome, well intergrated and a positive, liked addition to the local population?

    Anywhere at all?

  7. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Recall that Gaddafi advocates a United States of Africa.

    Apparently the Libyans disagree!

  8. GetBackJack says:

    What’s the surprise here? Even people with dark skin don’t like people with dark skin. And,the closer you live to blacks, the more you dislike them.

  9. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Yet another story where the left has to pick which minority group they love more. Of course they are only minorities, these Arabs and blacks, in the White Western world. This is going to boil over here in the US one day. Arabs have always had a strong disdain for blacks here in America. Over there, though, the Muslim faith keeps them relatively civil. But according to the Quaran, Arabs are the true race. There is a caste system that people who may not be educated , figured out. So it is an illusion that blacks and Arabs and SE Asians White Muslims all pray together. I’m actually surprised libbers haven’t tried to shove that down the Muslims’ throats. Oh that’s right. The Muslims will hypocritically use the weak White liberals to get access to their lands and rights, then turn around and stab them in the back after they are done. Well libs… What comes around goes around.

  10. The land of the Vandals says:

    Michael Levin, in his “Why Race Matters” (a great book! you can order it from AmRen, if you don’t have it in your personal library), points out that North African Arabs have long experience with blacks, and have developed a stereotyped view of them as brutal, unintelligent, and over-sexed. That view resonates with Levin, who reports on study after study that delivers much the same message.

    Anyway, North African Arabs have long disliked blacks, and this has little to do with Qadafi.

  11. Jeddermann. says:

    The Colonel at one time declared himself to be: “King of Africa” and often in the past gave aid to such dictators of Bantu Africa such as Idi Amin Dada and Robert Mugabe. It is reputed that in exchange for Libyan oil that many wealthy Libyans were given in return farms in what used to be Rhodesia. I suppose some of the fleeing Libyans will show up there.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Then Issam added, as an aside, that his men had also detained “tens of Africans whom we sent off to prison”. He did not explain why they had been jailed.

    Issam should be commended. Recent evidence suggests incarcerated blacks lead longer, healthier lives.

  13. David the redhead says:

    we must not be shocked at this. I know many ethnic Arabs and they look at ethnic Sub-Saharan Africans as nothing if less than animals, if even that. In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and areas of the former Caliphate, the supposed religion of peace treats Somalis as nothing than cattle for their oil fields, processing plants, etc. The Libyans, in this supposed democratic movement, have had evidence of shooting Berbers for no reason. Evidently, black Americans are choosing the wrong religion in the form of Islam

  14. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    Blacks are disliked everywhere in the world they move. This is because the stereotype against them is more than a stereotype. It is a description of the truth.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “David the redhead wrote at 5:43 AM on August 31:

    The Libyans, in this supposed democratic movement, have had evidence of shooting Berbers for no reason. Evidently, black Americans are choosing the wrong religion in the form of Islam”

    Berbers are genetically the whitest NA ethnic grouping, with the exception of the Tuareg (the largest Berber group who long took-and still take- Black Africans as slaves and assimilated many). Sans Tuareg though, Berbers have essentially a long-skull phenotype similar to that of southern Frenchmen.

    If by Berber you mean Tuareg though, yes they are Blacks, and hardly innocent folks. One of the most ruthless African tribes.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Isnt it common knowledge that these despotic leaders recruit black africans to fight on their behalf whenever their rule is challenged? And like moths to a flame the black africans, lovers of chaos, mayhem and violence, flock to the conflict.

  17. Deniz says:

    Arabs are among the most “racist” people on earth although they are probably the most racially mixed people (it’s nothing but Muslim and Arabic speaking, nothing racial).

    The word “abed” means both black and slave. Prophet Mohammed was known to have white skin, like the other original pure Arabs who can still be found among upper class towards Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon, old Levant). Christian Arabs are “whiter” than their Muslim counterparts in total.

    However, miscgenetion has gone too far in North Africa and all phenotypes can be found there. The invading Arabs, despite their hatred of blacks, couldn’t resist to inbred with sub-saharan woman and North Africa, once a white territory, has become a Berber-European-Arab and Sub Saharan mix. However, there are still pure whites, especially among Rif Berbers who are known to have rosy skin and light hair.

    By the way, it’s not surprising that sub-saharans ara disliked everywhere for whatever reason….

  18. Anonymous says:

    “North African Arabs have long experience with blacks, and have developed a stereotyped view of them as brutal, unintelligent, and over-sexed.”

    How conformist of them. They have the same opinion as the rest of the world.

    My big concern is that the American refugee industry will grab these africans, get millions of funds from the taxpayer and liberal foundations and bring them to America where they will get affirmative action goverment jobs and add to the crime rate.

    That is probably why the media is publishing these sob story articles about the mean Arabs and the innocent black africans.

    In a few years ACLU will be suing small school districts because the district does not have credentialed teachers fluent in some obscure african language to teach the children the africans will bear on the taxpayers dime.

  19. Michael C. Scott says:

    Perhaps this hostility has been exaccerbated by the fact that many of the foreign mercenaries hired by Ghadaffi to shoot unarmed civilian demonstrators in Libya were… you guess it: black Africans.

    I must admit, I would not be happy about being stuck in a country as a foreign mercenary after a lost civil war with an infuriated population that would recognize me on sight as a non-native.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Early modern European diplomats, businessmen and travelers to Turkey could not help but notice that although there were many black african slave women in Turkey, there were absolutely no mulattos seen in Turkey.

    European women who visited the harems noticed that there were plenty of black slave girls, some pregnant, but no black or mulatto babies or children in the harems.

    Abortion was practiced in Turkey but what with infection the Mother did not often survive. Slaves were property, why subject property to an operation that could result in death?

    So as soon as a black slave woman gave birth the midwife killed it.

    The only black male slaves allowed in Turkey were eunuchs. They were all slaves. It was the black african slave sellers, not the Turkish and Arab buyers who castrated the boys before sale.

    According to Turkish and Arab sources, only about 30 percent of the boys survived the operation. Lie down kid, slash,slash with a filthy knife or sharpened piece of scrab metal.

    Early modern Italian boy singers were castrated to preserve their voices. The operation was carried out with the best of medical procedure existing at the time. None died. Both local (on the skin) and by mouth narcotics were employed.

    Same operation, different results and different methods.

  21. Bantu Education says:

    When France and Britain began helping the Libyan uprising Gaddafi threatened to flood Europe with Africans, as if he were sending a biblical plague. Much as he sponsors and claims to like them he seems to be aware that the presence of large numbers of blacks is detrimental to white countries.

  22. Bantu Education says:

    @No 10,

    “Why Race Matters” seems to be no longer avail at Amren. I’d like to buy a copy, preferably from a UK source, but Amazon UK only has copies for £70+ ($115).

    btw – why do we never hear anything from Michael Levin? How has he managed to keep his professorial tenure? Is he lying low?

  23. HJGrant says:

    >>>17 — Deniz wrote at 11:41 AM on August 31: The invading Arabs, despite their hatred of blacks, couldn’t resist to inbred with sub-saharan woman

    Perhaps you can explain one thing to me. If the Arabs hated blacks as you say, why did they want to breed with black women? Do people have sex with people they hate, or with people they are attracted to? Perhaps I am missing something in this discussion.

  24. ice says:

    ‘Libyans Don’t Like People with Dark Skin, But Some Are Innocent’

    Most people north of the Sahara feel the same way, but it isn’t “dark skin” they don’t like, it’s blacks. They regard them as inferior.

    In Iraq captured Iraqis admitted they would prefer to ambush US patrols if they included blacks, because they felt humiliated to be dominated by blacks as part of US forces.

    Incidentally, it is the liberals who want us to believe that only the color of their skin differentiates blacks from others, wanting to create the impression there are no other differences, which, like all things PC is patently absurd.

    But, regarding the blacks being killed in Libya, there were several news stories published in the beginning that verified Ghadafi had an entire defensive force of blacks, and threats were made for paybacks by the rebels at that time.

    Now, it’s payback time. The blacks there had to know it was coming. If they stayed, they’re fools for doing so.

    It wouldn’t be a pleasant thing to watch family members eviscerated and killed by black mercenaries. Only a fool would pass up a chance for paybacks.

  25. Anonymous says:

    How messed up does your homeland have to be for you to sneak…*INTO* Libya?!? And on top of all that, to live as an obvious foreigner?

  26. Justin says:

    Nobody wants to live near Blacks. Even Blacks don’t want to live with other Blacks. Why do you think they move to White suburbs when ever they get the chance? Why do they push for desegregation?

  27. Anonymous says:

    “Perhaps you can explain one thing to me. If the Arabs hated blacks as you say, why did they want to breed with black women? Do people have sex with people they hate, or with people they are attracted to? Perhaps I am missing something in this discussion.’

    Men are men are men are men.

    It was the custom in N. Africa that when a young couple married and the wife got pregnant the family would buy the young husband a black slave girl for housework and other services. It was especially important after the baby was born, especially if it was a boy.

    As soon as a nursing Mother gets pregnant, the milk dries up. If the baby is a year old it is ok. But if the baby is under about 8 months it will die unless a wetnurse is found.

    That’s a good reason for polygamy one pregnant, one nursing, and 2 for sex.

    Supposedly the Tauregs started out as just another light colored Berber tribe. But after a few centuries with the black slave girls, they were as black as their sub saharan slaves.

  28. Anonymous says:

    In that region , there are also lot of ‘dislikes’ between shiites

    and sunnis. And it is not because one of sects consists of too many blacks.

    Though most Libyans are sunnis thus limiting the amount of conflict between sunni and shiite, there are conflicts due to tribal affilication.

  29. Anonymous says:

    To Anon#27 HJ Grant is correct . People do have sex with those they hate. And anon#27 I am not certain you explain that which

    you have in quotation from HJ Grant. I am certain no one will be

    convinced by whatever you are saying. And beside if Libyans(or Arabs) hate you, then you are no good or it is deserving?

  30. The land of the Vandals says:

    @22 — Bantu Education

    What a surprise–a book for which I paid maybe $30, is now $354! (on Amazon–used). Your best bet might be to check with your public library–even if they don’t own it, they might be able to get it through inter-library loan. An even better option, of course, is if AmRen prints up more copies. Is there a problem with that?

    You know, the same problem exists with Richard Lynn’s books–his well-worth-buying “Dysgenics” is now about $240 (used) on Amazon.

    I’ve never looked on the pirate websites (Pirate Bay, etc.) for torrent files with these books, since pirates tend to be left-anarchists, opposed to people like us. But as we become a larger share of the White population (as is clearly happening), some of us will no doubt begin to use torrents to make more of our canonical texts available.

  31. The land of the Vandals says:

    @Bantu Education

    Levin’s website is still up at CUNY: , so he must still be an active faculty member. Nevertheless, his CV has not been updated since 2004, so he might not be as active as he once was.

    He’s already done a huge amount for White people–try to think of another academic who has done more, and one can only come up with a few names: Jensen, Rushton, Lynn. And he paid a greater price than all of the others–CUNY’s President was Black, and did everything he could to get him terminated–Levin had to pursue a federal lawsuit to keep his job. Plus, to our undying shame, a few Nazi jerks treated him disrespectfully at an AmRen meeting. So if he’s chosen to keep a low profile, I say that he more than deserves it.

  32. Anonymous says:

    “Perhaps you can explain one thing to me. If the Arabs hated blacks as you say, why did they want to breed with black women?”

    Because race relations in the Arab world were/are not anywhere near as simplistic as some here would have you believe.

    Also, race mixing wasn’t just between between Arab men and black women. Genetic studies show substantial paternal sub-Saharan Afican ancestry in most Arab/North African populations as well.

  33. Deniz says:


    #27 explained it already but you don’t have to like people to inbred with their women.

    Spaniards who went to Central and Southern America were only male, so only Indian women were available. And yes, men are men and hormones are hormones.

    Black girls were taken as slaves or concubines in Arab societies and Arab men couldn’t resist to have sex with them. So they created a racially very mixed population in North Africa. Check for Haplogroups, the sub-saharan origin is almost exclusively on the maternal side.

    Perhaps it also explain the slender built, tall and Caucasian looking East Africans present in Ethiopia and Somali. Whether it’s prehistoric or recent, I don’t know.


    European women who visited the harems noticed that there were plenty of black slave girls, some pregnant, but no black or mulatto babies or children in the harems.

    I’m of Turkish origin. Turks often don’t distinguish Arabs and Sub-Saharan blacks (both are called Arabs, sometimes jokingly) although it’s -of course- not correct. And yes, there are no mulattos in Turkey.

  34. Bantu Education says:

    @No 31, Land of the Vandals (wasn’t that Tunisia, btw?)

    Thanks for the info on Levin – what a great shame he also has been silenced by the forces of darkness. Do you know of any news-links to the lawsuit you speak about. What year was that? Didn’t seem to get a fraction of the opprobrium heaped upon Jenson, Rushton, et al. Presumably because being Jewish he was given more slack by the usual suspects.

  35. The land of the Vandals says:

    @Bantu Education

    Here’s a law review article about Levin’s troubles with CUNY:

    And yes, when pushed out of Spain by the Visigoths, the Vandals occupied most of the Maghreb–Tunisia, with its rich grain fields, was the great prize.

  36. Trainer Joe says:

    It now seems Tony Blair was in cahoots not only with Gaddafi, which we suspected all along because it was known they communicated, but he was very deeply involved with Rupert Murdoch too, being Godson to his child. Incredible – is there anyone the man in the street can trust to represent his interests?

  37. Anonymous says:

    We don’t like them, either.

  38. Anonymous says:

    The Lybian Rebels are the Muslim Brotherhood, the same group that took control of Tunisia and Egypt, and now has its eyes on Syria.

    The Dictators that are being targeted are not on the same page as the Globalists who have orchestrated this mass revolution in the Middle East.

    We knew there would be vast riots and the overthrow of Governments, as it was predicted years ago. Few listened. Now people can see it unfold for themselves. And it will get worse, as one country after another falls to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    You can read more about it, and watch the related videos at and .