Posted on August 12, 2011

Jury Deliberates in Physician’s Sex Assault Case

Ricardo Lopez, Los Angeles Times, August 12, 2011

Dr. Kevin Brown was a prominent South L.A. physician with an impressive international resume. He was also the son of the former premier of Bermuda.

He organized charity fundraisers at the Playboy Mansion attended by celebrities like Don Cheadle and Khloe Kardashian.

Authorities, however, allege that Brown was also a predator who sexually assaulted nearly a dozen patients, including a 15-year-old and an undercover Los Angeles Police Department officer. After a nearly three-week trial, the jury began deliberations Thursday in the case.

L.A. County Deputy Dist. Atty. Ann Marie Wise said Brown used his Crenshaw Boulevard practice as “his personal playground,” where anyone who came in “was his prey.”


Defense attorney Edi Faal called the accusations outright lies and said authorities had a vendetta against Brown because he had previously been acquitted in two other sexual assault cases. They also allege bias because one of the women was the niece of an LAPD officer.


Brown is charged with 29 felony counts. If convicted on all counts, he could face life in prison.


Wise told jurors that some witnesses were reluctant to report Brown because he was a respected doctor. Prosecutors said some witnesses encouraged Brown to turn to God so his career would not be ruined.

One woman who claimed Brown kissed her and touched her inappropriately during a 2005 exam said she wrote the doctor a letter urging him to seek spiritual help. That letter was later found in her medical records and portions were read back in court.


The defense also pounced on discrepancies in the testimony of Stacey Young, an undercover vice officer who posed as a patient during the 2008 visit.

Young told jurors last week that when Brown pulled her tank top up, exposing her left breast, she pushed him away and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa–what are you doing?” But Faal showed that the exchange was not recorded on LAPD undercover tapes of the encounter.


7 responses to “Jury Deliberates in Physician’s Sex Assault Case”

  1. Mike says:

    Racism,racism, racism, here we have another example of a fine young black man being on trial just because he is black.

    Heck you can look at his angelic face and see he is as innocent as he can be. Sure he has victims who can prove he molested them but that is only because they are racist.

    If he was back in Zulu Land he wouldn’t even have been charged?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Without a doubt his crimes can be waved away as the product of poverty and a deprived upbringing.

    Wait, what’s that? He is a “prominent South L.A. physician with an impressive international resume” and “son of the former premier of Bermuda”?

    OK, give me a moment while I think of some other excuse that shifts the locus of responsibility away from the offender onto “society.” Oh, I know it, I’ll blame “institutionalized white racism,” that ubiquitous invisible force responsible for all the world’s ills. Yeah, that’s it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry “Doc.” No jury of your “peers” would ever find you guilty. You won’t server a day, and you can get right back to molesting white girls. Aren’t they the reason you came to the US in the first place?

  4. Intelliboy says:

    Look at Dr. Kevin Brow. What is your first impression? Do you see any traces of intelligence in those eyes? Do you see the penetrating look of someone with vast knowledge of biology and physiology? The only thing he can cure is the incredible stupidity of those ignorant enough to seek medical help from someone looking so blank and dumb!

  5. Cid Campeador says:

    So much for higher education . Primitive instinct cannot be educated out of sociopaths. I find it hard to believe because in the movies and TV series it’s always the Black guy who had to save the White woman from being ravished by a White guy.

  6. Paul says:

    I wonder how many more qualified white people missed out on becoming a doctor so this guy could study?

  7. madison grant says:

    Unfortunately, this sleazebag may be aquitted as he’s being defended by race-baiting attorney Edi Faal.

    Faal successfully defended many of the black LA Riot defendants including the thugs who attacked Reginald Denny.