Posted on August 12, 2011

Annette John-Hall: In Admonishing Teen Mobs, Nutter Pulls Out Shame-Game Shackle

Annette John-Hall, Philly, August 9, 2011

Once again, Michael Nutter is not messin’ around.

You know he’s not playing when he pulls out the black vernacular.

And there was a whole lot of it during his 30-minute rant–I mean, sermon–from behind the pulpit to a packed congregation Sunday at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia.

Disgusted by the mobs of African American youths who have been terrorizing folks in City Center lately, he gave the black community a good old-fashioned whipping.


He chastised black fathers for being nothing more than “sperm donors.” He called out “doggone” hoodie-wearing teens who’d never get jobs with their underwear or the “crack of your butt” showing. And he came down on neglectful parents who “need to get a hold of your kids before we have to.”


We can deal with the public tongue-lashing, even if his intended targets were nowhere to be found among the law-abiding churchgoers in their Sunday best. But what really bothered me was when Nutter fired the age-old salvo that has historically evoked head-hanging shame among black folks:

“You’ve damaged yourself,” the mayor accused. “You’ve damaged your peers, and, quite honestly, you’ve damaged your own race.”

There, he said it.

In a way that his white constituents would hear him loud and clear. At that point, he wasn’t talking to black people anymore.


Nutter expressed in no uncertain terms the sentiment that so often shackles black people–that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.

Just as they never have to live up to the expectation of being a credit to their race. Whatever that means.

Don’t get me wrong. Nutter deserves credit for taking a strong stand against a troubling brand of violence that first erupted last summer, when groups of black youths randomly attacked and robbed pedestrians downtown.


On Monday, Nutter announced a holistic approach to mob violence–increasing police presence, implementing earlier curfews in Center City and University City, expanding weekend hours at rec centers, and being tough on perpetrators who District Attorney Seth Williams said would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nutter got the message out via urban radio.

I’m guessing that might be more effective than admonishing a bunch of thugs for damaging their race. As if they care.


37 responses to “Annette John-Hall: In Admonishing Teen Mobs, Nutter Pulls Out Shame-Game Shackle”

  1. Phil says:

    Yeah, isn’t it always the way? It’s a shame when the 38 million ruin everything for the other 90,000.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    In an earlier story here on AR about Nutter’s sermon, I said I couldn’t quite put my finger on what bothered me about it, even though I agreed with most of it. I listed three major theories to explain why, but then said that all three of them were imperfect.

    This article is a segue into what is a fourth and probably best theory. Nutter seems to be pandering to white voters with a message he knows that its intended targets will never heed. Therefore, it must be near election time. A Wikipedia search bears this out — Election day is in November, although he will probably win easily.

  3. Seek says:

    Annette John-Hall (let me guess her race) delivers agitprop masquerading as journalism. She complains about the black mayor “shackling” his own kind with old-style Jim Crow rhetoric about blacks being “credits to their race” — as if such rhetoric harms anyone. Even Mayor Nutter had it only half-right in denouncing the black flash mobs as damaging their race. It’s OUR race they’ve damaged most of all, dummy! We whites are the ones getting attacked and robbed. But he can’t say that, of course. This is Philadelphia.

  4. Mike H. says:

    “that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else”

    She’d have a point if it was only a ‘few’ blacks being unlawful. When black males make up over 50% of the prison population despite being ~6-7% of the population, we’ve gone far past the point of pretending that we’re talking about a “small segment” of the black “community.”

    As for blacks apparently not needing to be a credit to their race, that’s good news for them – as so very few of them are. So few, in fact, that I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

  5. olewhitelady says:

    This sister may be from Berkeley and live in Philly, but she knows all about the “age-old salvo” leveled by blacks at other blacks. Whether teenage punks know anything about it–or care–is one thing, but it hasn’t been so long ago that a black male co-worker lamented to me about blacks who “shame this race”. The poetic “disgrace to the race” used to be commonly spoken among both blacks and whites, at least in Southern-culture areas. Several years ago, I heard a black woman, on a TV talk show, admonish another with “White America is listening to you!” Only a couple of years ago, a black female co-worker told me that her preacher told the congregation not to blame white folks for their troubles.

    But white liberals–along with their black co-conspirators like this writer–assure blacks that they hold no accountability to either whites or their fellow blacks. The fact is, though, that decent people of all ethnicities blame black criminals for black crime, and when 2/3 or more of felonies are committed by this 12% of the American population, people definitely notice!

  6. Aaron says:

    “Nutter expressed in no uncertain terms the sentiment that so often shackles black people—that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.”

    Her definition of “few” must be a bit broader than mine. Also, is she actually trying to say that whites never have to worry about a few whites making them look bad?

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Just as they {whites} never have to live up to the expectation of being a credit to their race. Whatever that means.”

    She’s kidding, right? Whites have high expectations of other whites. No white, for example, likes a “failure” or a “deadbeat.”

    Four hundred years living among us and blacks know nothing about us. Maybe they just don’t want to mimic our high standards. It might shed a bad light on them; as if they need another bad light.

  8. Bret says:

    Actually, I agree with the author one this one. He should have directed his speech to the Blacks that were causing all the trouble. I doubt that any of us would appreciate a speech denouncing all Whites, as opposed to only targeting the Whites who were the source of the problem.

  9. Tim in Indiana says:

    The twisted “logic” in this piece told me it was written by a black.

    Nutter expressed in no uncertain terms the sentiment that so often shackles black people—that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.

    Utter nonsense of course. This woman is obviously getting race mixed up with merely being the majority/minority of any particular country.

    If whites are in China or Japan or Singapore or any other country in which they are the minority, they certainly do have to worry that their actions could tarnish others of their race.

    The woman with her typically myopic black point of view obviously thinks black/white race relations are the only ones that exist or matter in the world.

  10. Mr Jones says:

    This article belongs on the ‘inverted world’ website. Only blacks are oppressed, is that the way it is? Only blacks live in fear of being stereo-typed?

    It only comes at the very end, but she’s right about one thing, they probably don’t care. That’s because they don’t fear admonishment, punishment, or of all things, being considered ignorant. Whites are afraid of those things. Blacks do bad in school, commit crime, do violence and whites are the ones afraid of being ‘ignorant’.

    The preacher was ‘right’ to appeal their racism by saying ‘you’re damaging your own race’. Because that’s all they do care about, that’s all they’ve been told to care about, by writers just like this one, who is apparently, encouraging them to care EVEN MORE for their race. Unfortunately, they think these violent attitudes and bouts of menacing help their cause. Yes, ‘patriarchy’ still exists in the modern world in 2011, at least in some segments of society. Blatant broad daylight attacks on whites. . . there’s no downside. Since in this race-obessed society someones created, no one advocates for those of the white race.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was not completely impressed with Mayor Nutter’s “sermon” because he did not mention that these attacks was basically a race riot. A formula I use to determine if something like this sermon was racially honest is to reverse the races. So if the attackers were white and the victims were black, would Mayor Nutter neglect to mention that the attacks were race related?

  12. Anonymous says:

    When a mob attacks people minding their own business & heads are cracked open,

    it’s not just “nonsense” & “foolishness” as per Nutter. It’s a felony & the perps need to be rounded up & locked up.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Prior to these nightmare years of multi-culturalism, Whites did, in fact, expect adults to act as role models for our children–and older children were expected to be role models for the younger.

    And yes, we did have high standards of behavior to live up to–contrary to what Ms. John-Hall contends. The difference is that Whites are disciplined enough to impose those standards upon themselves whereas Blacks are incapable of it.

    She has clearly forgotten that wonderful White expression, which we used to use to praise someone for their exemplary behavior: “You are a credit to your Race.”

  14. The Great Unwashed says:

    Can you imagine a prisoner at the tower of London being forced to pay their own executioners? That is what whites are expected to do. We are forced to pay blacks welfare and SSI to keep them from killing us. I’m reminded of an old Rodney Dangerfield joke..”When I was a kid I was so ugly my mother had to tie a pork chop around my neck so the dogs would play with me!” This is what the white race has become ad blacks know it.

  15. Dallasite says:

    This is nothing but Nutter putting on a show for whitey. Blacks have done this for ages: my wife is a teacher, and when a black parent is called in for a conference to discuss l’il DeAndre’s or DeKeisha’s behavior, they are always full of big promises: “You call me the next time she_______, I’ll put an end to that”, etc. But nothing ever changes.

  16. sbuffalonative says:

    This is the standard response to black crime; wait for someone to slip up and blame the messenger. Blacks are just looking for a distraction and Nutter gave them one. You see, Nutter is the problem. It’s Nutter’s attitude that causes blacks to look bad’.

    Same old stuff.

  17. Trickster Mage says:

    So, reverend Nutter appeals to their black nationalism. The reporter responds, saying, my black nationalism kung-fu is stronger.

    Unfortunately, the black race can never be civilized. Not at this stage.

    But they can be fooled. They can be tricked. Hoodwinked. Misled. Bamboozled. If they could somehow be convinced that being kind to ‘whites’ is in their own best interest. . . If they could be fooled into this thinking pattern. . . that being kind, upfront, and fair to ‘whites’ serves the cause of black nationalism, and is in their own best interests. .

    Fortunately, fooling them shouldn’t be hard.

  18. Jessica Arrington says:

    Black politicians have betrayed Black America. 87% of African Americans hate the illegal Mexican invasion, and are fully cognizant that politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have acted in a treasonous manner that has cost Black Americans most of the advancements that it has taken Black America centuries to attain. Note that black youth see the political favoritism given to these invading foreigners that has put at least 10 Spanish-speaking TV channels on our English-speaking airways. They see hispanics of all ilks, teens and adults, working while there is up to 60% unemployment among Black youth in many area of our nation. They see our politicians giving governmental positions and making laws to give American tax dollars to the children of illegal aliens while their Black parents can’t get work or their parent’s jobs are being taken away to pay for the advancement of these illegal foreigners.

    Daily Black youngsters are forced to share the same schools with Mexican gang members who have been known to require the rape or the death of a black person as a gang initiation ritual. Is there any wonder that the Black kids at the bottom are forming flash mobs? White and Black treasonous politicians and corporations have made sure that Black underclass and disenfranchised youth have acquired enough resentment and have enough time on their hands to express their rage collectively on our streets. There is also resentment among white youth. We now have the highest incidence of white youth unemployment ever recorded in American history!

    Democrats have set up lawless “sanctuary cities” that officially endorse disrespect for the law of our land. If foreign Mexicans can come here and get education, medical care, social services, government housing, jobs, illegally vote, steal identities, hijack citizenship and get treasonous politicians to try and pass a Dream Act for their children, why should the legitimate youth of our nation respect the law? If their own elected representatives advocate the lawlessness of foreigners in our nation, why shouldn’t lawlessness be acceptable for American youth?

    Black politicians should ask themselves why they have betrayed their black constituencies in favor of expanding the Democrat vote by advocating open borders and fighting the states that attempt to stem the tide of low wage illegals that are destroying the American middle class. It is time these black grand-standing hacks repent of their duplicitous ways, and join with true Americans who are trying to restore order to our nation and way of life. As it now stands, they have no right to yell at black youth; for they themselves are the source of the problem. Examine thyself Michael Nutter, you have fallen short. You are a bigger problem than the kids you are name-calling.

    Jessica Arrington

  19. Jonas says:

    There is so much foolish ideology in this article,its hard to know where to begin.

    “Nutter expressed in no uncertain terms the sentiment that so often shackles black people—that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.

    Just as they never have to live up to the expectation of being a credit to their race. Whatever that means.”

    – No, whites NEVER are smeared by the actions of one. As usual, the leftist line is the opposite of the truth. It is blacks who are never smeared by their actions- liberals always come up with a million and one excuses, like the author here do in the blatant race riots. In fact, they usually try to hide the fact that blacks were involved in a crime at all. The reverse is true for whites. The actions of 1 are played on forever to shame all whites. Tim McVeigh? Whites are terrorists. Same deal with Brevik. Hitler? Whites are evil racists. And so on. And never mind that in reality, blacks are far more crime prone, far more racist, contribute far less to society, technological advances, charity, taxes, etc.

    Whites never need to worry about being credits to their race? That is because they work hard to pull their weight and achieve. If the average black were living up to being credits to their race, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  20. Un-Indoctrinated says:

    This is classic hypocrisy. Blacks shouldn’t be a credit to their race. Only when it benefits them, they are a credit to ALL races. For example, in MLB Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color barrier. We hear endless kudos from blacks and liberal apologists everywhere. Example two (I know there are thousands) are the oh so classy Williams sisters in professional tennis. Oh how wonderful that these African-Americans dominate a White European and American game. You can hear the lefties now.

    Yet when blacks are in the news for the wrong reasons, it SHOULD NOT be about their race! Yeah, I was born during the day but not yesterday. If you are going to take the glory for groundbreaking achievements, you have to take your lumps for savage street crimes.

  21. Steven Broiles says:

    Well, so Mayor Nutter wasn’t talking to his own race alone, anymore? Who cares, as long he is right insofar as he goes.

    I was a teacher in New York City for a number of years. I did my best to teach these students, of all ethnic backgrounds, and I did what I could to give them guidance. On two separate ocassions, at two different schools, black students interrupted me and said—politely—that their “own parents teach us race hatred.” I am not making this up.

    Regardless of one’s skin color, people want the right to be left alone in public or private, and I am devoid of any empathy whatsoever for these criminals. Just as in golf, play the ball where it lies: These young punks would be just as guilty if they were white, and Mayor Nutter would be just as right if he were white. So he speaks to a point where the other side cocks its ears up? So What?

    And as far as being a credit to one’s ethnic group is concerned, if one breaks the law, he is a disgrace to his community, to his neighborhood, to his parents, to God and Country. So let us give credit where and to whom it is due, and let us stop giving the benefit of the doubt to criminal cretins.

    To wrap it up, all right, I’m white. So What? The ideological reasoning of the Left does not intimidate me any more. Does that make me racist?

  22. Alexander says:

    Let me get this straight. Ms. John-Hall is black (Google search her) and complaining of racism against blacks for comments by a black man that seek to improve blacks by instilling responsibility after black youths repeatedly committed violence. She puts a cherry on top by spewing off racism against whites, who are the victims of the very blacks whose behavior started off this whole discussion. I’m getting very tired of hateful, insane nonsense like this.

  23. Anonymous says:

    So I drive a pickup, speak with a Southern drawl and she doesn’t refer to me as a redneck, peckerwood, honky? Please, Ms. Annette John-Hall, you can count on one hand the number of times you’ve been “dissed” by guys like me. But guys like me have been assaulted by people of your color.

  24. Screamin' Ruffed Grouse says:

    Nutter expressed in no uncertain terms the sentiment that so often shackles black people—that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.

    Huh? The number of whites involved in the American slave trade was an infinitesimal fraction of their population, owners even fewer, and all of them have been dead for over a century. Yet whites are supposed to be uniformly ashamed & hang their heads over the sin of slavery which tarnishes us all. Not to mention how we must all apologize for everything any one of us ever says or does that might “offend” blacks (things which very rarely involve violence, like the Philly flash mobs).

    Interesting breed of logic this one practices.

  25. Anonymous says:

    18 — Jessica Arrington wrote at 8:53 PM on August 13:

    “Black politicians have betrayed Black America……. and etc.”

    Everything you wrote is to say that blacks resent what they consider their hard won right to extort from whitey being transferred to other, newly arrived extortionists of whitey.

    If black had really been seeking for improve themselves “for centuries” why is it that so many foreigners arrive and find success without any help during that same time? And how does that fit into the fact that these blacks, young adults as well as teens are attacking whites?

    The real answer is that black youth has been raised in a society that revels in its disrespect of whites, both men and women. The men are dorks, and devils, and the women are “hos” and “b#!&ches.” The MSM black history presentations have hammered in an emphasis of American history as ALL about black suppression and the evil of white men. These black youths find no reason to not attack whites since they have also found from practice that they are rarely prosecuted for it, and feel they have a moral right to some vague sense of vengeance. Black history has shown that if blacks act out, they are rewarded with AA, protected groups, and easy college admissions, where they can basically rule the campus. Since 4 of 5 blacks who are employed in this country have government jobs, they have an added attitude of untouchability because once on, it is very difficult to fire anyone, but especially a black from a government position.

    There is not excuse and no way to apologize for the predictable result of 40+ years of giving and giving to blacks. Nothing improves them, they just get worse and affect white society and America worse.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “Unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.”

    I am a white person born in the South. I can assure Ms. John-Hall that the unlawful actions of a few whites long ago is held against white people today.

  27. SNAviatrix says:

    Jessica Arrington:

    Blacks are upset that Mexicans are invading their neighborhoods? Well, now they know how the white man felt when THEY did it to US. There’s a word for what’s happening, and it’s called KARMA.

    “They see hispanics of all ilks, teens and adults, working while there is up to 60% unemployment among Black youth in many area of our nation.”

    If Hispanics steal jobs from anyone, they steal them from white people. Black unemployment is high because blacks don’t want to work.

    “Daily Black youngsters are forced to share the same schools with Mexican gang members who have been known to require the rape or the death of a black person as a gang initiation ritual. Is there any wonder that the Black kids at the bottom are forming flash mobs?”

    Care to provide proof of those wild-eyed claims? And even if they’re true, how does that explain the fact that black flash mobs are targeting innocent white people and not Mexican gangbangers?

    “There is also resentment among white youth.”

    And yet, white youth manage to refrain from rioting.

    Jessica Arrington, I’d love to tell you where you can put your fantasies about a black-white alliance against Hispanics (and probably Asians and American Indians too. Black people have a virulent hatred for Asians that rivals their hatred for whitey). But that would be rude and crude. So instead, I’m going to tell you about the time a black “youf” sucker-punched me and ran off with my purse. I’ll tell you about the time a black “lady” responded to my request not to talk so loudly on her “sail fawn” on the bus with a threat to “get muh knife an cutchoo up good.” I’ll tell you about the endless vulgar sexual advances I receive from black males, and how they generally need to be told at least six or seven times for “no” to mean “no.” I’ll tell you about the cold chill I felt when I read about the Wichita Massacre and the Knoxville Horror.

    I’ll also tell you that I’ve never been the victim of a violent crime by Asians, American Indians, or Hispanics. Yes, Hispanics have high rates of crime, but they’re far lower than black crime rates, and Hispanic criminals mostly attack other Hispanics. Black-on-white crime, on the other hand, is all too common. The Mexican invasion is a big problem, but the white man is capable of solving it without begging for help from some mythical Magic Mau Mau All-Star Team (TM). (With Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, and Will Smith! Also starring Morgan Freeman as the all-knowing wise old man, AKA Every Role He’s Ever Done. Coming soon to a theater near you!)

    Also, there are white Hispanics (people of Spanish blood, many of whom have been living in Texas and New Mexico for six or seven generations) who are very different from the brown hordes from south of the border. If you think I’ll make an alliance with blacks against my white brothers and sisters just because their last name ends in “ez”, I have a bridge to sell you!

    If you’re upset now, fear not. There are plenty of Amreners who have a soft spot for blacks, especially when the blacks play the Scary Mexican card to try to fearmonger whites into an alliance. I’m sure some of them will be along soon to pat you on the back and tell you how special and wonderful you are.

  28. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Oh yeah, I can tell this “nutter” is not messing around!! This time he’s serious!

    What I took away from this article is this: Talk is Cheap!

    So this “Nutter” is full of bravado and bluster and…. and….? (Will anything change??). NOOOOO!! He’s done, said his piece and…Black violence and rampaging will continue apace!

    That’s the end of it! No talk about black hate crimes directed at Whites, no talk about ending these wildings once and for all, that mob violence will be met with force, that innocent Whites will no longer be the victims of black mobs.

    Nutter expressed in no uncertain terms the sentiment that so often shackles black people—that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.

    Is he that stupid and/or clueless?

    We modern-day Whites are PERSONALLY held accountable for many things by blacks, even perceived things, such as slavery, Jim Crow Laws, school segregation, lynching — things that have been blown FAR out of proportion and kept in the spotlight by the media, government and schools. We are PERSONALLY held accountable for continued black failure and high black crime rates.

    No matter if you’re of Italian descent, you are a Nazi!! Never mind that your ancestors fought for the Union — you are a slave holder and plantation owner!! You may have come off a dirt farm in Indiana but you still are unjustly privileged because you are White!!

    Gimme a break lady!!

    Neither YOU nor this “nutter” know A THING about us, our history or our civilization or the FACT that we have thrown BILLIONS of dollars at blacks to “lift them up” — Billions that were taken from our families and given to blacks with NOTHING to show for it!! We’ve had to give up our jobs and promotions to unqualified blacks, our children’s college admissions have been handed to you blacks, we have to walk on eggshells lest we be accused of “racism” and lose our jobs. Yet you can call us the most VILE names imaginable and everyone cheers. You are oppressed after all according to the media, schools and government!

    How do blacks show their gratitude toward White largesse? By attack us, raping our beautiful daughters, hitting us from behind, wrecking our schools, smashing our businesses and destroying our property — then blaming US for your perfidy, violence and malfeasance.

    And you wonder why we don’t want to live around you? be around you? want our children in school with you?

    You blacks have a lot to learn. We Whites are fed up and aren’t going to take it any longer. Try attacking my daughter and see what happens.


  29. John Engelman says:

    Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, who is black, gave a sermon at a black church on Sunday that could have been presented as a talk at an American Renaissance conference.

    Nevertheless, nearly all of the comments about the sermon in this thread are negative. Do most AR posters hate all blacks? I hope not.

    I have been robbed at gun point and mugged several times. So have friends and relatives. All of the criminals were black. I do not idealize that race. Nevertheless, a black woman I know may have saved my life during one of those attacks. I like every black person I know by name.

    If I lived in Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter would get my vote.

  30. Anonymous says:

    “Nutter expressed in no uncertain terms the sentiment that so often shackles black people—that the unlawful actions of a few smear everyone else. Something whites never have to fear.”

    There is a lot of White race smearing going on in the Mainstream Media. But there is something worse going on than smearing the White race. It is creating the skinheads; they have to be a creation of the $PLC or ADL. Then branding anyone that criticizes Non-Whites as a skinhead.

    How many times have you seen the MSM inform Americans that American Renaissance and Jared Taylor, according to $PLC, (a non-partisan hate group tracking organization), are at one with the skinheads? American Renaissance, Jared Taylor, and readers of American Renaissance, that’s you, all are shackled with skinhead mentality.

    The MSM never conflate White race critics MLK, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, and Al Sharpton with famous White race critics Colin Ferguson and the Carr brothers.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Just continue with black lawlessness, disrespect for everything and excuses for all of their failings, and as one poster KARMA or payback is coming. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sensing that whites like myself, especially in “red states” like the one I live in, are getting increasingly fed up with non-stop bad behavior at all levels. See a highly obnoxious and dangerous black driver on the road, call the police, see bad behaviior at work and/or school, don’t back down,if possible,just politely and firmly explain that it won’t be tolerated. Have a rude black store employee or any other black in a public position-complain. I’m not saying every skirmish must be fought-but whites need to start sending out firm messages that bad behavior won’t be tolerated. As for violence-learn self-defense, carry mace if nothing else, get licensed to carry a firearm, and DON’t Look like a victim. Ultimately, and unfortunately, force or the threat of it is the only thing too many blacks only understand.

  32. The Rat Race says:

    Is there any wonder that the Black kids at the bottom are forming flash mobs?

    Yeah, but they’re not attacking illegal aliens or Latinos, are they?

    They attack us whites because they can. Hispanics will fight back with deadly force or are pro-active against blacks. THEY will not be held accountable for driving blacks out of their communities, unlike us whites.

    When we whites fight back we are labeled as vigilantes by the media and WE are the ones who are held to account.

    The rest of your comment was spot on. Blacks continue to elect traitorous black politicians that are 100% open borders, we whites don’t like it, but for the black community, it is utterly devastating.

  33. Jack says:

    “…even if his intended targets were nowhere to be found among the law-abiding churchgoers in their Sunday best.”

    Law-abiding churchgoers?


    Going to “church’ for blacks has nothing to do with Christianity or religion and everything to do with entertainment.

  34. Question Diversity says:

    29 John Engelman:

    I don’t follow your logic. Because one black woman helped save your life after the numerous times you were a victim of violent crime at the hands of other blacks, any criticism of Nutter’s mawkishness is therefore off limits.

    Here’s someone else in Philly who didn’t get the message:

  35. margaret says:

    Nutter’s speech has been soooo effective. Must be an election coming up.

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police have arrested a male after he allegedly stabbed a teenage girl following a sponsored event at Erie Lanes Bowling Alley Saturday evening.

    Corey Maxey, 18, was arrested without incident at his home in the 1300 block of N. 10th Street Sunday morning after police say he stabbed a 16-year-old girl in the hand the night before.

    The “Teen Night” event at the bowling alley, where Mayor Michael Nutter bowled with teenagers in an effort to stop the violence, had just ended when several hundred teenagers were released in groups before heading home.

    According to authorities, Maxey approached a female in another group walking toward Erie and Torresdale Avenues. He reportedly attempted to talk to the victim, but when she ignored him, he returned moments later and allegedly stabbed her in the arm with an unknown silver object.

    The suspect then fled the area on foot, police said.

    The victim was able to reach out to family members and call police. She was transported to St. Christopher’s Hospital for treatment and is in stable condition. Police said the victim claimed she knows the suspect.

    During Maxey’s arrest, police recovered a small retractable knife blade from his home. Maxey is charged with Assault, Simple Assault and Terroristic threats.

  36. Anonymous says:

    33 — Jack wrote at 11:30 AM on August 15:

    “…even if his intended targets were nowhere to be found among the law-abiding churchgoers in their Sunday best.”

    Law-abiding churchgoers?


    Going to “church’ for blacks has nothing to do with Christianity or religion and everything to do with entertainment.


    Ain’t that the truth. They are like 2 year olds pretending to be Christian.

  37. Anonymous says:

    the remaining whites are their tax base. Lose them no more freebies. However, he did speak out and he is no hero. He did what the absent father, and welfare queens should have been doing months ago.