Posted on August 26, 2011

Hispanics Surpass Blacks in College Enrollment

Daniel de Vise, Washington Post, August 25, 2011


The number of Hispanic college students ages 18 to 24 rose by a remarkable 24 percent in one year, to 1.8 million, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center. The federal Current Population Survey found 7.7 million white college students in that age group, 1.7 million black students and 800,000 Asian Americans.

Black students still outnumber Hispanics in the overall college population, which includes older adults.

The population of young Hispanic college students more than doubled since 2000. And the reason is not just growth in the overall population of young Hispanics, which grew 38 percent in that time.

Hispanics are succeeding in U.S. schools at unprecedented levels. The share of young Hispanics completing high school hit 73 percent in 2010, up from 60 percent in 2000, according to Census Bureau data. The share of young Hispanics attending college reached 32 percent last year, up from 22 percent in 2000.


The population of non-Hispanic young adult white college students, in contrast, declined by 320,000 in 2010. The overall population of young non-Hispanic whites peaked in 2008 and is in modest retreat. Whites were more likely to attend college in 2010 than in 2000, but the gains have been comparatively small.


22 responses to “Hispanics Surpass Blacks in College Enrollment”

  1. Lucas says:

    How many of them actually graduate? Probably less than 50%.

    How many are jamming the colleges just to get a hold of some “Dream Act” legislation that might be passed and they can then sponsor their whole extended family into the great American Welfare State?

  2. FormerBarrioTeacher says:

    After a decade of teaching in a local barrio, I noticed that the second generation Hispanic kids did 100% better than the first generation Hispanics. The #2’s learned English faster, got MUCH higher test scores generally, and left the #1’s in the dirt overall. Colleges are now getting more of the #2’s, and of course they will do better than blacks. (Doesn’t everyone???) I think it won’t be too much longer and 2nd-generation Hispanics will equal whites in performance in school. 1st gen. will still be way behind, and blacks will bring up the dregs as usual.

  3. Patrick says:

    For a country that is supposed to be post racial, it seems like quite a few people are still obsessed with race.

    Hispanics enroll in college at a higher rate than blacks now? Well they are a higher population in this country than blacks so isn’t this one of those stand to reason facts? Like, sort of a non-story? Like sort of unnecessary?

    We have like 3 times as many Hispanics and we’re writing a story about how they’ve surpassed blacks in college enrollment – blacks, who haven’t been notorious brainiacs when they were the only minority game in town?

    What’s next? Hispanic frisbee golf participation surpasses blacks? Hispanic purchasing of best sellers surpasses blacks? Hispanic sneezing surpasses blacks?

    Who cares?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Hispanics will equal whites in performance in school.”

    And it will be a shame. Schools more than any other institution ruined white America. Hispanics avoid the Anglo media and (re)education and therefore thrive.

    It’s race replacement, granted, but the PC monster isn’t something to be wished on anyone. I won’t shed a tear when La Raza takes over the Left Coast. Well, perhaps for the innocent, naive Midwestern states that will accept Leftist refugees.

  5. anonymous says:

    “2 — FormerBarrioTeacher wrote at 7:26 PM on August 26:

    I think it won’t be too much longer and 2nd-generation Hispanics will equal whites in performance in school. 1st gen. will still be way behind, and blacks will bring up the dregs as usual.”

    A lot of merit in this view, but it valid only as far as it goes. Don’t expect so many of your math and physics Ph.D.’s and top engineers to come out of this group. Hispanics are at least more often forthright about this reality, and willing to live with it. To a very great degree, not so with blacks, who too often are unwilling to acknowledge the autonomous capabilities of other people.

  6. sbuffalonative says:

    Blacks demanded diversity and they got it. They also shot themselves in the foot.

    Blacks were never very good at reasoning through an issue. Now, all the slots they thought would go to them by screaming ‘diversity’ are going to others.

    As they say, be careful what you wish for. And as I say, the best way to destroy blacks is to give them what they want.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Do remember that some hispanics are actually white.

    The numbers differ(some optimistically claim 40 %, I think 15-20 % is more likely if you are stringent about it), but it is likely that these people are overrepresentated among this group.

    Just like in Latin America. But even if they look white, they often have quite mixed ancestry even so. Which is why they do worse. Argentina is supposedly ’98 % white’ but if you look in the streets, less than 30 % looks so to me. Many look more Turkish(or Greek, who have been mixed with Arabs for centuries now) to me.

    It is likely that some of these white-looking Hispanics will do much better than blacks but still fall some way behind undiluted Europeans. And the vast majority of hispanics will most likely get better than blacks too, but still lag behind. It will be like Mexico.

    Far from a third world African country but still corrupt, inefficient and lazy.

  8. Madison Grant says:

    To Former Barrio Teacher (#2):

    You’re correct that 2nd generation Latinos get better grades than their parents; it’s because they speak better English and know more about US culture.

    But they’ll never have equal test scores as whites (unless you’re thinking of white Cubans). Here in NYC we have 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and even Mexicans and they’re not exactly setting academia on fire.

    Though some of them have set their school buildings on fire…

  9. Anonymous says:

    FormerBarrioTeacher wrote:

    “I think it won’t be too much longer and 2nd-generation Hispanics will equal whites in performance in school.”

    If it ever gets to the point that Hispanics equal Whites in college achievement, you’ll know just how far our standards must have been lowered for this to happen.

    Those second generation Hispanics you taught could never have succeeded in high school and college thirty years ago–the standards were still much too high. All standardized tests have been made easier to allow for Black and Hispanic “inclusion’.

    Just like Blacks, on a truly level playing field Hispanics will never be able to equal White achievement. If you don’t believe that, just wait until these former students of yours get into power positions in this country. It won’t be a country that you’d recognize.

  10. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The number of Hispanic college students ages 18 to 24 rose by a remarkable 24 percent in one year, to 1.8 million, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center.

    Notice how these articles NEVER mention graduation rates of Hispanics (or blacks) only those enrolled in college, many unqualified and admitted under government-mandated/enforced AA.

    College Board reports:

    Here are some hard facts: Since 1975, there has been only a 2 percent increase in Latino college graduation…51 percent of Latino full-time students nationally earn a bachelor’s degree within six years compared to 59% of Whites.

    I could not find any information as to the differences in majors between White and Hispanic graduates, although EVERY article I read about Hispanic college graduation rates (after I got past the ubiquitous, overwrought sob stories whining over “overcoming great odds” and “being the first to go to college” – gimme a Break, for God’s Sake!!) featured Hispanics who had majored in communications, social work, social justice or chicano studies — not a one was studying applied math, engineering, pre-med, microbiology, chemistry or physics.

    According to Hispanics: A Statistical Portrait:

    College graduation rates are only slightly better among US-born Hispanics than the foreign-born — 11 percent versus 9 percent — and the rate stalls at 11 percent for both second and third generation US-born Hispanics… Hispanics who have been in the country for three generations or more are still less likely than blacks to graduate from college.

    Hispanic doctor? Might want to get a second opinion!! Steve Sailer reports:

    The acceptance rate (43%) for Mexican-Americans is virtually the same as for non-Hispanic Whites (44%) even though Mexican Americans average around the 26th percentile of the White distribution in MCATs and college GPA.

    Articles such as these always emphasize quantity over quality and leave out crucial information. When dealing with a Hispanic or black college graduate, caveat emptor.


  11. Madison Grant says:

    I posted here that IMHO Hispanics will never have equal grades as whites. However, posters #9 and #10 (Bon) reminded me that it could happen thanks to massive grade inflation and test fraud a la Atlanta.

    Not to mention a dumbed-down curriculum where high school students in the ghetto get a diploma if they can count to 10 along with Big Bird.

    I should have predicted that Hispanics will never have IQ scores equal to whites.

  12. Anonymous says:

    #2 FormerBarrioteacher

    You are comparing students who were born in a wealthy English speaking country to those who were born in countres which native language is not English, and many may have started school

    late or may have not been to school in their countries. The tone of your comment not only lack compassion because of this (for a teacher) but it appears that you are happy(or dont mind as if you wish they were not around) that the first generation

    Hispanic students(assuming it is true. it may not be) perform poorly in comparison to the second generation Hispanic students. But since many Hispanic students are second generation (and many

    of the first generation Hispanics are adult anyway), then the school will be filled with Hispanic students with the same

    academic performance as whites (since you stated they do just as

    well as white).

    I think, however, that it is not first generation Hispanic that you are against (but you included this group as a cover). I think it is the blacks since you praised the academic abilities of the second generation Hispanic students so much .

  13. jojo says:

    Back in my college days, I noticed that the Hispanic students brought their books back to the dorms and were seen in the library, so at least there was an attempt at assimilation. The Black students sat in the back of the shuttle bus, calling us “Crackers” and laughing that they didn’t have to do anything cause they were getting gov’t money to go to school and party. True story.

  14. chuck says:

    it is to be expected for Hispanics to outperform blacks because their drive to be upwardly mobile is greater. Hispanics don’t have the crutch of playing the race card…something blacks do often when it becomes a little to difficult for them to compete. They do not intend to stay on the bottom rung of society by any means.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well, let us all vote in Rick Perry. That will save us Whites.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Over at the website, the education section, there’s an article by the new education chief over there, a white liberal named Deasy. He was telling the teachers to do more with less money. In the article, here is his quote:

    “What happens in Los Angeles is hugely important and consequential,” Deasy said. “L.A. is America, only sooner … We had better figure this out so we can lead.”

    Now what are we to make of that!

  17. sbuffalonative says:

    Jared Taylor has researched this issue and he found that Hispanics do worse academically in succeeding generations when compared to other immigrants past and present.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I once studied martial arts in a S.Cal Mexican barrio to improve my self defense abilities. I figured that I may as well go to a tough neighborhood to learn fighting. Getting there was always scary, because of near miss accidents, road rage, etc. The class was entirely Mexican and half my age. I did not expect them to like me all that much, but there was never a problem. They were actually a wonderful group of young people, and they were exceptionally good to me. I learned some things and eventually moved on to another class. They were great kids though, not thugs are gang members, etc. I think those types typically don’t have the discipline for martial arts. Anyhow, the good ones actually are good, and intelligent as well. We need to keep the criminals OUT.

  19. Anonymous says:

    There is no such a thing as hispanic race! This people are whites, amerindians or mix of these two ( mestizo). All these races are way more itelligent than blacks. Term “hispanic” was invented and exists only in US.

  20. Anonymous says:

    #19 wrote ‘ There is no such a thing as hispanic race!’. ‘This people are whites , ameriindians or mix of these two (mestizo).’.

    Are you changing the definition of ‘hispanic’ because you have the authority to do so?. So we should look for the new defintion of the word in the dictionary? Words dont give themselves meaning human beings do. The word ‘hispanic’ (before you change the defintion) includes, blacks too (Asian and any other race of people). So are you changing the definition or are you hoping that blacks are not included in that definition?

    Or maybe you are not changing it , but you just feel that readers are dumb enough to just take what you stated and abandon what they already know?

    ‘The term(Hispanic) also has been used to denote the culture and people of Spanish and Portugese colonization of the Americas countries formely ruled by the Spanish and Portugues Empire..'(Wikipedia:Hispanic)

  21. Anonymous says:

    There is no such a thing as hispanic race! This

    people are whites, amerindians or mix of these

    two ( mestizo).

    Practically all of them have sub-saharan african ancestry as well.

  22. Ed says:

    Black out number whites in the fifth grade, in the 18-24 year old age bracket–fyi