Posted on August 29, 2011

Foreigner on Korean Bus Verbally Abuses Elderly Couple–All Over a Misunderstanding

LiveLeak, August 27, 2011

“A video is circulating on the Korean Internet of a black gentleman yelling at and threatening an elderly Korean couple. His violent behavior was the result of him misunderstanding the elderly man’s comment to him. The elderly man reportedly said “니가 여기 앉아” (a sign of consideration) (“You can sit here” = Niga Yuh gi anja”), but not knowing Korean, the man in question interpreted “니가” as the N-word which led to his violent outburst.

[ . . . ] Apparently our culprit learned “개새끼야” but couldn’t be bothered to learn simple pronouns. Definitely North American, but if his hair is any indication he’s definitely not a soldier.”


Update: Another account I found holds that “as far as I know, the old korean man just told him to keep it down because he was talking so loud on the phone. It infuriated the black man, and then started swearing. Later, the old korean man said “니가(nigga)” which in korean means “you,” and the black man who doesn’t speak Korean thought he was insulting him and started beating him up.”

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  1. Ljot says:

    Here we have another exercise in how to win friends and influence people by an exemplar of the world’s preeminent hostile and violent race. It won’t have any effect on our Western White diversiphiliacal idiots. But it is gaining allies elsewhere for measures to constrain the Black malignancy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG. I had to stop half way through. It is too terrible to watch. The crowd on the bus doesn’t react, simply because they have never been confronted with this type of scenario and have no idea how to respond. I want to puke. It’s like releasing a vicious dog into a kindergarten.

    For those who travel frequently to far-flung places, do you notice how many countries require photos with visa applications? I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

  3. Whatdiduexpect says:

    WOW! Unbelievable. And no one helps out. What a bunch of wimps! How bold these blacks are no matter where they are. Just reverse the scenario and the Korean would have been mince meat. Or should I say dog meat since Koreans like to eat dog meat. My heart goes out to all the poor innocent dogs and cats who are killed and eaten in the Korean dog markets.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That is pretty much my morning commute every morning. I am guessing by his shouting over and over again “LOOK AT DEEZ ROCKS!” referring, I assume to some kind of gaudy diamond jewelry, he is some kind of rapper. I don’t know why on earth we let such creatures spread across the globe breeding prodigiously and terrorizing us humans.

  5. PhD and Proud says:

    That’s disgusting and STUPID. It’s just about as smart as the blacks who got all huffed up about an academic’s use of the word “niggardly” — Assuming it meant the n-word; they were too stupid to look it up in the dictionary and discover it means “cheap, or tightwad-ish.” Mmmm – and these are the people who think they are equal to whites and Asians in the smarts dept.? Get real.

  6. sbuffalonative says:

    As I always say, black behavior is universal.

  7. Anonymous says:

    unbelievable those koreans just letting the black continue slapping and hitting an elderly couple. but those koreans sure know how to do violent demonstrations.

  8. anonymous says:

    Where are the police? You can hear his companions in the background yapping away and intimidating everyone. These clowns are an embarrassment and I would like to see their passports pulled. Seriously, how “gangsta” are you if you are picking on elderly people? I hope this video is shown far and wide throughout Korea.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Koreans are THIS afraid?

    Why is the black idiot still alive?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Can’t say I have much empathy for Koreans though. I used to visit for a couple of months at a time on business, and I was verbally abused a number of times by Koreans for doing nothing other than walking along the street minding my own business. Sure, they don’t like foreigners, and some people will stick up for them for that, but I at least would still expect a supposed first-world (to say nothing of supposed ‘high IQ’) society to show a little more decorum. From what I saw there, these sorts of incidents on public transport are not too difficult to spark, particularly if you do not have a personality to back away when you see potential trouble coming (eg with blacks, I would imagine).

    Incidentally, the Chinese also have an expression, “nei ge”, which sort of means “um…”, “uh….”, as in when you are thinking of what to say next. It surprises most foreigners when they first hear it, though I never heard of anyone snapping over it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Interesting story but some things really don’t need language to be explained.

  12. Anonymous says:

    During the video the black kept saying “do you see these rocks” was he trying to sell crack on the bus? At least when police were notified he would have been easily identified.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i hope he was arrested what a beast to do that to the elderly

  14. Nick says:

    Typical. Whenever I’ve encountered blacks in East Asia, they tend to be even more ignorant of local languages and customs than most other expats, which is already saying a lot. I guess multiculturalism or pluralism is only desirable when it means other people have to make concessions to them. Embarrassing for all the rest of us who live in the region and try to go through our days with an appropriate level of respect for the host nation.

  15. White Guy In Japan says:

    Koreans tend to be fairly xenophobic in general. And they generally do not think highly of blacks in particular. Go figure.

    Honestly, that video suprised me a bit. Korean men can be rough and willing to get into a street scuffle. Mandatory military service and their PT in university is tae kwon do. That whole bus could have attacked him. And I wouldn’t blame them.

  16. Reg says:

    Why did none of the Koreans attack him? I know they are small but four or five would take him.

    I´ll tell you one thing, this wouldn´t happen on an Irish bus.

    That said, it is great to see this type of behaviour on camera. It makes the blood boil and it is exactly what we need to waken people up. Only a derange white person would act like this, from what I understand this is normal black behaviour.

  17. patthemick says:

    Well considering how orientals hold the elderly in very high esteem this thug will have quite a bit of time to consider his actions. I just hate that no person could help the gentleman being beat up by this idiot.

  18. berin says:

    From the moment they are born, the only question is: Will they become a menace or a burden? Imagine what this country would be like if we never had slavery!

  19. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Riding the Bus…Reminds me of what I heard two businessmen talking about while I was pouring tea. The first guy tells the other what he heard at a play that changed his life. “It`s no sin to be young and poor, only to be old and poor…” And riding the bus would seem a just if harsh penalty for not heeding that advice.

    As to my own bus experience. I was sitting on one when a guy who was obviously wacko but more possibly had Tourette`s started cursing me. Wasn`t in the mood, So I got up and growled at him that he was going down like a cow to the slaughterhouse floor. He then told me he was cursing at an elderly Hispancic lady next to me, not me. “So I told him “Then yell it in her ear, not mine!!’ After I got off I realized That I should have warned him to sit down and shut up period. I didn`t come to the ladys defense and I should have. Blame it on a surprise attack and bad execution on my part. That and being in a self protective bubble while riding.I have always felt bad about that…

    P.S. My no. 1 tip for those of you who have to ride. STAND, never sit at a bus stop…As soon as you are seated you`ll have two guys hulking over you asking for a cigarette and God knows what else.

  20. Kingoldby says:

    No doubt it is all ultimately the fault of white privilege that has resulted in this poor misunderstood black gentleman suffering from inapproriate emotional control.

    He clearly needs sympathy and counselling to help him overcome the problems he suffers that have been inflicted on him by living in a society of pervasive hatred and oppression.

    Who can possibly blame him for ever lashing out when he has suffered so much?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I lived in Korea for many years. Generally they hate blacks. The images of the LA riots burns long in their memories.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’ve spent some time in Korea and studied a little Korean. I remember when I first overheard some Koreans speaking to each other and my western ears distinctly heard “n***a” somewhere in the conversation. As there were no blacks nearby I was pretty certain it was just a linguistic coincidence. Later, I learned its true meaning in a Korean class.

    I was wondering how long it would take for something like this to happen.

    My wife is Korean. She said that the other passengers were telling the bus driver to go to the police station. Dreadlocks there is going to spend a long time in a Korean jail.

  23. Mr. English in Korea says:

    The truly sad thing about all of this is that on the main forum for English as a Foreign Language teachers here on the Korean Peninsula, you have a significant number of the freshly-graduated twenty-somethings fresh from their four-year-long intensive sessions of multicultural koolaide drinking who are teaching English here and are DEFENDING and CONDONING this brute’s behavior with such gems of wisdom such as “Well, he’s black, and he must have faced a lot of prejudice from the Koreans, so it’s kind of understandable” or “The old Korean man must have called him the N-word, so it’s understandable if he was angry.”

    In short, it’s the same old tried-and-true, song-and-dance of the poor misunderstood Black as somehow inherently being the VICTIM that these overwhelmingly white North American kids over here are spouting online. A select minority of us over here, however, expatriated from that-country-formerly-known-as-the-United-States SPECIFICALLY to get our families and children AWAY from the ongoing (and in my opinion now-irreversible) “ghetto-ization” of American culture, American society, and American schools, and also from that group of violence-prone people who promulgate and perpetuate this kind of nihilistic nonsense. Little did we think that the circus with the lions, tigers, and bears and clowns and all would eventually follow us all the way over here too.

    It’s the same Actors, the same scenes, and the same Play, just in a different venue across an ocean in another country. Some things never change. Some things never will change. Change the particulars of place and circumstances, but wherever these people go, this kind of stuff is SURE to follow. As sure as the sun rises. As sure as the wind blows. Wherever you find that group of people, you will find this kind of behavior.

    Maybe this will wake the Koreans up. I hope so. Wherever Blacks go… this kind of junk is sure to eventually follow.

  24. Tired old White says:

    Apparently Asians are as passive in the face of black aggression as whites. I am surprised the other passengers did not beat the crap out of him. Unless I am mistaken he slapped the woman. The only good thing is the rest of the world gets to see the advantages of “Diversity” first hand.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Public transport belongs to the black man. Even in Korea.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The world is lost if the East can’t muster resistance.

  27. Mad Max says:

    One would think he would be on his best behavior being the only black man on a buss full of Koreans. Apparently these people know no shame, or even care how they’re represented to the rest of the world. Then they wonder why they’re virtually despised and looked down upon the world over, even in African countries (ironically enough)!

  28. Taurus689 says:

    Typical of a ghetto thug. Only tough when they’re raping a helpless woman, ganging up on a single White male or as in this case beating an old person. The Koreans reacted pretty much like the cowardly White people here in the US. They stood there paralyzed with fear while the Mau Mau assaulted somebody’s old Pop Pop.

    Why wasn’t there someone on that bus that could have punched his ticket with a roundhouse kick. Gee I thought all Koreans were masters of Tae Kwon Do.

    I wish that the article hadn’t referred to that bastard as “American”.

  29. Al F. says:

    I’m sure this will do wonders for convincing the Koreans of the errors of their way in not opening up immigration to become a multicultural paradise of diversity like the West.

  30. highduke says:

    Nobody likes to be insulted for no good reason but I’m pretty sure the homeboy wouldn’t have been so bold in Eastern Europe.

  31. ProudtobeWhite says:

    I always wondered what kind of reaction I would get if I got on a public bus carrying a copy of Joseph Conrad’s “N****r of the Narcissus.” It would be an interesting sociological experiment…

  32. Deniz says:

    Ahhh, diversity in Korea 🙂

    Why don’t passengers stop him? Such a stupidity would never happen in my home country.

  33. Mr Jones says:

    “the blacks who got all huffed up about an academic’s use of the word “niggardly””

    hehe, when I was in college, a work of fiction we were assigned to in English literature class used the word ‘niggardly’. Our teacher had to discuss this and explain this before assigning us the story.

  34. Uniculturalist says:

    As the commentary at the beginning of the article states, he probably wasn’t in the military.

    Which leads me to wonder: what was he doing in Korea in the first place? Attending university? (Obviously not doing him any good.)

    Tourism? (I can’t imagine why he would want to go to Korea.)

    A US government agent? (I’d like to think our government recruits better people than this.)

    I have to admit, the whole episode mystifies me.

    But as Reg says above, it’s great to get this kind of thing on camera. The Koreans now have an even better understanding of why they would want to keep their society homogeneous.

  35. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    Then blacks wonder why Orientals are prejudiced against them too. Racial stereotypes are usually over generalizations of what is true.

  36. Anonymous says:

    “A video is circulating on the Korean Internet of a black gentleman”

    Notice the word, black “gentleman” in the article? Why is it the media uses “gentleman” when describing black thugs?

    Also that bus was full of Koreans and why didn’t they attack that “gentleman”? Guess for the same reason a bus load of Whites would not attack.

  37. Bernie says:

    Where is “Epic Beard Man” when you need him?

  38. Mike from not-Queens says:

    Man, if there were ever a group trying its hardest to provoke a world-wide backlash against them it is blacks. And they probably actually think they are winning.

  39. Anonymous says:

    It amazes me how some blacks can get into an uncontrollable frenzy over perceived slights.

  40. Shawn (the female) says:

    Lordy, are Koreans like whites – a big audience just standing there and doing nothing? When is the world going to get a belly full of the black attitude?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Here we see the updated version of “The Ugly American”.

  42. Preston says:

    And this, my friends, is why blacks are discriminated wherever they go. It’s not simply because of their skin color, it’s because of their actions and how they conduct themselves among other groups of people. Thanks to amateur video-sharing sites like YouTube, people around the world who haven’t yet experienced the joys of diversity can see what lies ahead. Watch and observe from a distance; this is black behavior unexpurgated. Don’t expect the Koreans to be infected by multiculturalism anytime soon. There is no white guilt in Asia.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how East Asians and Whites are so terrified of blacks. Blacks feel they can do anything they want….and who can blame them when non-blacks react so passively in the face of the utmost aggression.

  44. GreginNC says:

    What is wrong with the other Koreans on the bus. If I had been standing behind him I would have laid him out on the floor before he even knew I was there. Are Koreans so cowardly that they would let an animal abuse their elderly like that without reacting in kind. This video has seriously lowered my opinion of Koreans. Cowards the lot apparently.

  45. Anonymous says:

    How I wish this had happened in North Korea!

    I’d love to watch as they dragged him off after busting out his teeth in full view of the other riders.

    Although, that’s foolish of me….they would never allow Blacks in the “backward” nation of North Korea to begin with.

  46. Allan says:

    This story brought back memories. 50+ years ago, when I was about to be shipped overseas by by the US Army, we were given a lecture by a major about a certain word Germans would use which might sound insulting to the Negro (as we spoke then) soldiers but which was actually perfectly innocent. He never actually used the word Neger, and the Black soldiers came out of the lecture with no idea of what he was talking about.

    Some of the Black guys, who knew that I spoke German, asked me what he was talking about. I explained that the German word for Negro was Neger, and was no different from Amerikaner or Deutscher, which also end in -er in German, but not in English. They seemed very satisfied with my explanation. I hope it may have avoided some misunderstanding once they got to Germany.

    I have often felt that Americans who travel abroad should be required to have some instruction in the language and culture of the country they are visiting.

  47. Antidote says:

    This is a watershed moment in North Asian anti-racim history. Now the inhuman face of Korean race hatred and xenophobia will be showcased worldwide. This black man is a defender and a warrior! This black man is the ROSA PARKS of Korea!

    All Power to the People’s anti-racist collective!

  48. wtheh??? says:

    why didnt the people help them????

  49. white is right, black is whack says:

    Since there wasn’t a group of blacks around, if I were there, I’d nailed his arse to the ground. This is why most people don’t like blacks. This is why most people don’t trust blacks. It’s not the skin color. It’s their behavior and attitude people have a problem with.

  50. Anonymous says:

    For some strange reason I don’t believe he would have gotten away with this in North Korea.

  51. anonymouschgo says:

    i think this guy was telling whoever he was talking to on the phone “look at these R.O.K.s” this use to mean republic of korea

    now it seems to be a form of insulting remark. vets from the

    korean conflict use to say that the ROKs were good tough



  52. Brendan says:

    I´ll tell you one thing, this wouldn´t happen on an Irish bus.

    White people do seem to have a little more fighting spirit. Remember the video about “Amber Lamps”?

  53. Anonymous says:

    “What a bunch of wimps!” No!!! They are not wimps, they are just unable to process what is going on. Totally different. Many times victims of violence don’t react at first because their brain is saying “I can’t believe this is happening”. That’s what was happening (collectively) on the bus, and they really couldn’t believe what’s happening because the idea of yelling at and assaulting old people is BEYOND COMPREHENSION for Koreans. If some little green alien suddenly appeared on the sidewalk next to you and starts zapping people with a laser, you would have a (long) moment of paralysis while your brain tries to process the situation to even understand what’s going on. That’s basically what happened on that bus.

    Koreans are not wimps.

    Koreans here in Los Angeles know exactly what black people are like and how to deal with them. During the Rodney King riots they OPENED FIRE on black aggressors without hesitation, because they KNEW what was going on and what’s the right reaction. I’m sure that all the Koreans in Korea who are watching that vid are having a wake-up moment.

    Koreans are very calm, peaceful people but there’s also some switch, and when it flips, they are merciless, fearless and unrelenting. I’m sure that some of the Koreans woken up by that video, if they ever saw such an incident again (which is unlikely given how few blacks are there) would tear that guy to pieces. If they catch that guy and arrest him (which I bet they will) he will also get to experience the pleasure of the Korean justice system and see how much sympathy he will get from a Korean judge for being a black foreigner making an unprovoked assault on an older Korean woman.

    Here in the US he would get “treatment” and a social worker and foodstamps and section 8 for doing it. The Korean system doesn’t work that way I’m sure…

  54. Tom says:

    Be sure to visit this white expatriot’s blog. Link below. Both he and the commenters are enraptured in gifting the assailant a pass on violent thuggery. All strictly brainwashed and thoroughly hopeless. Koreans should deport buffoons like this too.

  55. Anonymous says:

    “blacks who got all huffed up about an academic’s use of the word “niggardly””

    Blacks, including teachers with affirmatitve action degrees and credentials object to maps of Africa with the country of Nigeria and the Niger river depicted.

  56. Charles B. Tiffany says:

    You have it all wrong. The Korean guy in the red shirt was getting ready to kill the son-of-a bling. I watched his eyes he was waiting for an opourtunity. The fat slob was blocking the kid`s path so it was almost impossible for the kid to jump the freak.I do not know how close the bus was to stopping. Koreans do not fight battles in burning houses.He was the only male within striking distance everyone else was crowding in and most were women.It is a shame you didn`t mention his name since about ten Korean men would have beaten him to death by now. He would be wise to turn himself in. By now at least 50 nephews and cousins are heading his way.The Koreans are like hill billies. Thery never forget or forgive.

    Charles B. Tiffany

    Kissimmee, Florida

  57. SAOIRSE69 says:

    During WWII many NCO guards in Japanese POW camps were Korean.

    The word in Korean for American is “migook” ,other nationalities

    are the word for that nation followed by “gook”

    It is easy to see how this became the N-word for Asians.

    BTW the bad behavior of blacks goes back sixty years in both Korea

    and Japan, specially in Okinawa.

  58. Lauren says:

    As was explained to us during the Hallmark Cards ‘Black Holes’ Holocaust (as explained to us by the wise folk from the NAACP), it does not matter what the intent was.

    If nine out of ten African Americans with big rocks perceive “니가 여기 앉아” to be the n-word, or if two out of ten African Americans with big rocks perceive “니가 여기 앉아” to be the dreaded n-word, then we have a problem.

    This is a matter of quality control.

    I say to Africans who get up in Asians’ Grilles: Keep on! Keep on getting on Asian Youtube menacing people who: A) Have IQs twenty five points above yours, and B) Are not hard-wired for altruism and tolerance, like the white people you’re accustomed to menacing. Keep on.

    Those Korean faces are not registering fear and helplessness. They are registering calculation. “Is it worth risking legal trouble? It would be so easy to dispatch that thing with those moves we learned in the Army. But is it worth it? It seems to be an American. Am I allowed to kill it?” They aren’t scared. They’re weighing options.

    Asians have pets, now, and are ever on the lookout for cheap sources of Petfood Protein. And soon, there won’t be any white people left to protect you from rational resolution, by Asians, of the ‘You Problem’. Nawmsayin, Dawg?

  59. Pro-Patria,31st Inf Rgmt says:

    With increased wealth & goods, plus a more liberal education, things must have changed in So. Korea. In 1971 outside the main gate of Camp Humphreys main gate the Korean citizens of the town of Anjeong-ri settled “their” race problem(s) with black soldiers. After the smoke cleared the US Army placed the village “off-limits” for a lengthy period. This punished the Koreans but as far as I know not the blacks that caused the problems. However, when the off-limits” ban was lifted it was a more civil black that went downtown as the nightclub owners hired Korean thugs to handle any black(s) that stepped out of line. Peace with blacks remained for many years after. Perhaps the Koreans have lost something as their nation prospered. Google “Race Riot, Camp Humpreys, Korea 1971” for more info.

  60. Ken says:

    See what we have to deal with over here in the West?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that you wouldn’t find a white male in the same situation ‘verbally abusing’ a couple he thought used a racial slur against him ?

  62. Anonymous says:

    A US government agent? (I’d like to think our government recruits better people than this.)

    Ever heard of affirmative action? This is exactly the kind of person our goverment has been recruiting since 1965.

  63. generalquagmyer says:

    It would be interesting to see the followup to this story. Korean officialdom–and the general public–isn’t much into political correctness and has its own version of the “no snitchin'” rule. I’d be surprised if this animal is able to intimidate anyone ever again when they finally kick him out of the country.

  64. Tom S. says:

    It seems that blacks seem to “p-off” every race on the planet. I was an Army brat and as an adult worked for the government, so I’ve been around “diverse” people all my life. Of all the racial “dramas” that I’ve had from childhood till now, 99% of them were with blacks, usually got along well with Mexicans and Asians and formed some great friendships with them.

    I’ve talked to alot of Mexicans and Asians about race and there is no love lost as far as blacks. Some of them even had me looking over my shoulder at the things they were saying about blacks. If ever blacks “stupidly” decide to start a race war, I do believe they’ll be in for a rude awakening. It’ll be them against EVERYBODY ELSE!

  65. SciFi says:

    Several people calmly told the driver to go to Police station and the driver went directly to a nearby Police station without stopping. While the bus was moving toward the police station, other people called the police that the bus with a criminal is on the way. The black was immediately arrested.

    The black taught English in Korea. One more incident that degrades the image of black people and black English teachers in Korea.

  66. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Now, imagine the row had a Korean assaulted an elderly black man on a bus filled with blacks.

    Think I’ll drive to Grand Rapids for a moment of solitude in the shadow of the Rosa Parks memorial. Then again, maybe not.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Chinese tend to be more combative than koreans. I have seen chinese coworkers do some crazy things. Once I saw one angry chinese man chasing another chinese man – with a cleaver! (No joke, they were running all through the place of business!)

    I am reminded of that you tube video of a chinese woman on a bus in CA who was yelled at by a big black woman. Most passengers were chinese too. The chinese lady started doing kung fu on the bewildered black woman, whose mouth didn’t stop running.

    To be fair to the koreans on the bus, they looked like middle class office workers, and there would be less of a liklihood of a brawler being among them.

  68. idareya says:

    He was obviously being over the top to intimidate the Koreans and keep himself wired up and it worked perfectly. I think the Koreans were just dumbfounded by his behavior and never having faced anything like it before simply did not know how to react.

  69. waspranger says:

    I believe the constant yelling over and over again “YOU SEE THESE ROCKS, YOU SEE THESE ROCKS” was refering to the fact he threating them with his fist, and would recieve a punch with that bejewled fist.Watching this video is indeed disturbing, it shows with all clarity the absolute ignorance of this “individual”, he keeps on and on yelling english at them. Did he not realise that they did not understand a word he was saying, i say english but it was as we can see mostly ghetto speak,His retort of YEA! THATS WHAT I THOUGHT,THATS WHAT I THOUGHT Was typical as with all the other confrontational phrase etc.I dont really blame those peaple on the bus for not doing anything, in fact those in the imidiate area did grab him several times, but for me it would be a situation of these koreans not know what the hell is going on,i mean just look at them, they were in shock and disbelief i can guarantee that they never saw such in thing in LIVES.

    Like other vistors to AR, I too am wondering what the hell he’s doing there in South Korea.I can only come up with two plausilble reasons,in both cases,he would be a former serviceman,one is that he has hooked up with a korean girl( if this is the case,a very stupid korean girl)and stayed or returned to shack up with her, the second being that he dealt drugs while in the service and stayed in korea or returned to korea to continue dealing,Thats all i can come up with.

    I am not aware of the end result of all this but as far as him being arrested, you can rest assured that are most just justice department would demand a drop in all charges and the imidiate release of this low life come hell or high water, all the usual suspects would come out of the woodwork on this one,you know they would,it do’snt matter what he did you know.Hey maybe they’ll seen old jammay carter over or bill ? NAH,they like to use them only when its appeasing time again for north korea.

  70. Attila says:

    If this happened anywhere in Turkey – this specimen would conceivably beaten into submission. Just look at what happened when the rioters in London TRIED to terrorize the Turkish/Kurdish neighborhoods. HA HA HA!

  71. John says:

    Pretty awful to watch…like a few other observers I was wondering why no Korean males didnt intervene considering

    military service along with Tae Kwon Do is virtually universal

    Used to see a lot of silly fights between drunken Koreans

    while travelling over there many years ago and on one instance

    when a couple of young Korean Punks challenged a girl they

    mistakenly thought was coming on to me in a bar. I wisely played the dumb innocent foreigner.After apparently swearing at her in Korean they `apologized` to me and walked away.

    Koreans, like Japanese, resent the US bases often due to the behaviour of some of the US servicemen,especially blacks.This is a well known fact as true as this video.If its gone viral,good!

    Yes indeed its good to let Koreans them know what happens when `the ghetto` comes to them.Was wondering whether this thug was arrested for beating the elderly couple?

  72. Anonymous says:

    From article ‘ Apparently our cultprit learned ‘ ‘ but couldn’t be bothered to learn simple pronouns’.

    Many foreigners do not even learn the language of the countries they plan to stay live in for years.

    A new survey by Skyscanner found that British tourists who were

    voted as the worst tourists, failed to learn the local language, of the country they are in. Here are some of categories .

    Being rude Being drunk and disorderly

    1.Russian British

    2. Germans Americans

    3. Americans Russians

    4 British


    An offical of Barbados once said some of the tourists(European) in his country acted as if they had no respect for the law of the country by dressing inappropriatey, loud and were nude in areas where it was illegal .

  73. leo says:

    I live in Korea. This is major news here and it happened very close to my city. The guy is a DJ here apparently. He was let go by police after he apologized to the old woman. He may be charged for something by prosecutors… I certainly hope he is. He clearly beat the crap out of someone 1/5 his size, and elderly to boot. If they don’t nail him for this then they’re tolerating what Americans have been tolerating since the 1960’s. And that would make me sick. All this aside, Korean society is way more racist than the US. I’m a tall “German looking” man and I get some hateful stares for going out in public with my Asian girlfriend. I can only imagine how Lil John here gets looked at/treated on a daily basis. Korean society is very homogeneous and ethnocentric. In my opinion, that is…

  74. Anonymous says:

    49 — leo wrote at 9:01 AM on August 31:

    I live in Korea. This is major news here and it happened very close to my city. The guy is a DJ here apparently. He was let go by police after he apologized to the old woman. He may be charged for something by prosecutors… I certainly hope he is. He clearly beat the crap out of someone 1/5 his size, and elderly to boot. If they don’t nail him for this then they’re tolerating what Americans have been tolerating since the 1960’s. And that would make me sick. All this aside, Korean society is way more racist than the US. I’m a tall “German looking” man and I get some hateful stares for going out in public with my Asian girlfriend. I can only imagine how Lil John here gets looked at/treated on a daily basis. Korean society is very homogeneous and ethnocentric. In my opinion, that is…


    You say, I’m a tall “German looking” man and I get some hateful stares for going out in public with my Asian girlfriend.

    Maybe that is because they do not believe in miscegenation? Most of us here don’t like miscegenation either. You call it racist?

    I call it common sense, having pride, morality and survival of one’s own race.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Although it would of been fitting for the black moron to get punched in the face, maybe the Koreans were waiting to arrive at the police station. I dont know why they didnt step in to stop the assault but something tells me that justice might of been done.

    This particular black half-wit does not realize that he is not in America anymore and the race card might not be accepted. He is treading on dangerous ground.

  76. Anonymous says:

    >During the video the black kept saying “do you see these rocks” was he trying to sell crack on the bus?

    He was either referring to the amount of damage that would be be done to their face if he punched them, or he was trying to assert his status by showing his wealth.

  77. Anonymous says:

    This is all over the web. Most speculate that he is a young adult US military dependent or spouse.

    Our wonderful integrated military.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Re the non reaction of the Koreans.

    In a crowded situation like a bus, train station, store, school playground it takes a few minutes to realize something is going on. Then there is the problem of getting to the culprit. I imagine it would be difficult on a bus with standees in the aisles, or even for someone in a window seat.

    A friend was in a big CVS drug store when the cashiers were robbed at gunpoint. She didn’t even realize something was happening until she finished her shopping and went to the cash registers.

    People who have lived through the horrors of schooling with blacks know how the blacks can do a beat down on a playground or hall before anyone but the victim notices.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I was riding a bus. Because it was saturday am the bus had only about 5 passengers.

    For about 10 minutes I could hear a black man behind me yapping away. His pronounciation was so ghetto and bad I could not understand a word. Finally I looked behind me.

    A hispanic man and woman sat together. The man was on the aisle seat. The babbling black was holding a knife to the other man’s neck. It was about 18 inches long, more a small sword than a knife. I’m a small woman so I didn’t say a word or look longer than necessary to see the knife.

    I didn’t tell the driver as I didn’t want the man with the knife to lose control. Also, the driver was black.

    I quietly got off at the next stop and called 911. I didn’t let her ask questions, just man with a knife at another’s throat, route number of bus, ID number of bus, intersection direction and street.

    By the time I got off the phone I heard a helicopter and saw 1 police car chasing after the bus. Then sirens from other police cars. I saw the bus stop.

    But I listened to him babbling on and on for 10 minutes before I turned around.

  80. margaret says:


    Here is something that happened recently in Palma de Mallorca Spain, Gypsy invaders vs african invaders.


    Palma.—The 32-year-old Nigerian apparently fell accidentally as he tried to climb from one balcony to another in the fifth floor apartment in which he lived just after midnight.

    However, tensions between the local Nigerian and ethnic gypsy communities in the area are always tense and the Nigerian section apparently blamed the gypsies for the young man’s death and this sparked a massive running battle between the two communities which lasted until 4am and resulted with at least five people being arrested.

    The situation then appeared to calm but, as it eventually became clear that the Nigerian’s death was an accident and no third party was involved, attention turned to the police with the Nigerian community calling for justice and revenge for the death of their friend.

    And, at 10am, the police came under attack again.

    Over night, at least 30 vehicles were damaged as were a number of shops and waste bins torched.

    According to police sources, a mob of at least 100 people confronted the security forces which were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets to protect themselves and contain the situation which lasted for about three hours yesterday morning before some law and order was restored on the streets of Son Gotleu.

    Further arrests were being made as the police mounted a full investigation into the disturbances and watched video footage of the clashes.

    In one statement, the police were told that a gypsy was seen throwing the Nigerian from the fifth floor.

    But, according to police sources, the victim grabbed hold of a pipe when he tried to climb between the balconies and it gave way, sending him plummeting to the ground.

    But, while detectives tried to get to the bottom of the disturbances, the area was being cleaned up and reopened to traffic within a police ring of steel which remained at the scene throughout the day in the event of the clashes kicking off again.

    Just after lunch, sources say, there was an air of “tense calm” over Son Gotleu and warned that violence could erupt again at any minute.

    The police have made it clear that they will not be withdrawing from the area until they have total confidence that there will be no more rioting.

    The main concern is that the clashes will spark up again tonight and police are ready and prepared.

    This is not the first time the two communities have clashed in the area.

  81. Anonymous says:


    Palma.—The 32-year-old Nigerian apparently fell accidentally as he tried to climb from one balcony to another in the fifth floor apartment in which he lived just after midnight. ”

    I assume it was some kind of free housing project he lived in.

  82. Anonymous says:

    to margaret #80 post. ‘Gypsy invaders vs Nigerian invadeers’

    What does this conflict between Nigerians and Gypsies in Spain has to do with a Korean elderly said to be verbally abused by an Afro-American in Korea? People within or between groups have conflicts all the time . What if Native Americans were to say ‘White invaders and Black invaders are fighting in our homeland’ .

  83. Anonymous says:

    54 — Tom wrote at 3:41 PM on August 30:

    Be sure to visit this white expatriot’s blog. Link below. Both he and the commenters are enraptured in gifting the assailant a pass on violent thuggery. All strictly brainwashed and thoroughly hopeless. Koreans should deport buffoons like this too.

    WOW! Rob, that site, that author are PATHETIC!

    So are all the pseudo intellectual morons who commented. Aside from the “I’m less racist than you (holier than thou)” stuff, they gazed so deep into their navels, I couldn’t follow them. Just pure idiocy. I posted. No way they will print it!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Canadians also verbally abuse you in the streets as far as I know just because you’re different, but only in the suburbs. White people complain about racism in Korea, but they ignore the problem exists everywhere. Typical White delusion.

  85. Ed says:

    I have been speaking Korean and didn’t know it –Cool

  86. Bantu Education says:

    @No 54, 83

    You only have to look at that idiot’s profile photo to know straightaway he’s a deluded liberal fool….

    Since the pronunciation of “n***a” (hard g) is so deeply offensive to those of his ilk, he transliterates it as “niga” (neega) with a soft g, which is apparently incorrect.

    I put the offending 니가 여기 앉아 (you sit here) into Google translate and hit the “listen” button – it clearly sounds as “nigga yogi ansa”, ie with a hard g not soft. Next time I’m in Korea I shall try it out myself..! Free at last..!!!

  87. Bantu Education says:

    haha, I was just about to launch into the pathetic “Eve” when the oh so anti-racist expat blogger in Korea threw in the towel and closed comments “for a few days” (read “forever”).

    Some race-realists got in a few comments towards the end, surprisingly not deleted although he threatened to. Having spent all his life avoiding odious racists I think that darling Robo has finally realised that many “racists” are highly articulate and have much better arguments than his. Thats why he closed the comments.

  88. White Guy In Japan says:

    After reading the other ex-pat’s blog, I should mention that a lot of the English teachers in Asia come from a PC/multi-culti background. Besides growing up in contemporary Western society, a lot of them have social science/liberal arts degrees (my self included). They are so excited to experience a non-Western culture.

    Then the general xenophobia, ethnostatism and “backwards” attitudes about gender roles smack those kids right in the face. When I hear my co-workers complaining about Japanese culture, I wonder if they realize how Eurocentric (AKA racist) they sound.

  89. Anonymous says:

    58 — Lauren wrote at 4:19 PM on August 30: Those Korean faces are not registering fear and helplessness. They are registering calculation.

    I’m a Korean and that’s totally untrue. “Calculating”? Try paralyzed by incomprehension, terrified, repulsively ineffectual. People were saying “Mister (ahjussi), why are you doing this?”, “Mister, calm down” — one can’t really address someone without using these kinds of honorifics — as though you should try to reason in people-language to a rabid dog. In the background, yet more bystanders wonder emasculatedly to the driver, “Why don’t you stop at a police station?” Am I too harsh in my evaluation? Maybe. The black left the bus alive, so clearly there wasn’t a single man on board — what could you expect?

    If you look around online, you’ll probably see Korean apologists whining about the punitive nature of Korean assault laws and how even Good Samaritans breaking up fights routinely get saddled with heavy fines, as though that justified inaction — shut it out. Just know that this is a worthless generation, and that — if the moribund West expects anything better of the East — it’s only entertaining a comforting delusion.

  90. Lauren says:


    Thank you for correcting my misperception of what was going on.

    Like most Americans, I think very highly of Koreans, and may therefore have let that high opinion color my perception of what I saw.

    I’m sorry to hear that the current generation leaves much to be desired. I think, however, that you and I agree on what SHOULD have happened to the Black on that bus.

    Thank you, again, for responding to my post, and for giving me so much usable information.

  91. Anonymous says:

    I thought the Koreans were experts at the martial arts!

  92. Anonymous says:

    #89 “even Good Samaritans breaking up fights routinely get saddled with heavy fines, as though that justified inaction — shut it out. Just know that this is a worthless generation, and that — if the moribund West expects anything better of the East — it’s only entertaining a comforting delusion.”


    That is so interesting! Terribly saddening too.

    So the rot has set in even there?

    Apparently, prosperity, comfort, complacency have taken their toll — there, as everywhere.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Tauraus #28: Remember the You Tube video of the old White Vietnam Vet that was attacked by a Zulu, who had his head beaten in by the White man? I do. It was quite a “hit” on You Tube for many months.

    He was refered to as “Epic Beard Man” and he deserved the Celebrity status that he received.

    The Koreans should have produced an “Epic Jackie Chan Man” on that bus, who then handed the black brute his head.

    We have a few friends who are Korean and Taiwanese. They truly hate all things Black. And who can blame them?