Posted on August 29, 2011

Expert: Drug Gangs Control Half of Mexico

Fox News Latino, August 26, 2011

Violent crime has become a problem of national security in Mexico, where half of the territory is outside of state control and “we’re in the hands of the narcos,” an intelligence expert and author of a new book on Mexico’s public safety woes, said.

Jorge Carrillo Olea, founder of Mexico’s leading intelligence center, said the “state has lost territorial control, and therefore governability,” over roughly 50 percent of the country.

The government has been incapable of fully enforcing the law and ensuring justice is upheld, said Carrillo, who spoke to Efe while in Mexico City to promote his new book, “Mexico en riesgo; una vision personal sobre un Estado a la defensive” (Mexico at Risk: A Personal Vision of a State on the Defensive), published this year by Grijalbo.

Carrillo, who in 1989 founded the Center for Research and National Security, or Cisen, a civil entity overseen by the interior ministry, said Mexico’s crime and public safety problems will last for decades because the society has “reached a point of no return.”


Governments also have undermined the nation’s sovereignty with their policies, ceding authority to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI–“who act like lords and owners in our country”–and even openly requesting assistance from the United States, he said.


“If policies are measured by their results, there haven’t been any positive results so far. Even though the authorities say they’ve decapitated the (criminal) organizations, these have multiplied and extended (their reach),” Carrillo, who also once served as governor of the central state of Morelos, said.

Only the formal structures have changed and President Felipe Calderon’s 2006-2012 administration will conclude with some 50,000 drug-related deaths, according to the expert, who worked closely with the previous administrations of Luis Echeverria, 1970-1976; Jose Lopez Portillo, 1976-1982; Miguel de la Madrid, 1982-1988; and Carlos Salinas, 1988-1994.


“We’ve passed the point of no return and no president,” regardless of party affiliation, can do much to solve the security woes, Carrillo said, adding that Calderon’s successor will have to have a “very serious, large team in place to analyze and tackle the problem.”

But “that won’t satisfy people,” the expert predicted. He therefore called for a grand national alliance that promotes long-term solutions, which he said must be in the hands of institutions, not individuals.

17 responses to “Expert: Drug Gangs Control Half of Mexico”

  1. El Cerote says:

    If a region in our country were suddenly overrun with vicious animals that attacked people, we’d be out there shooting and trapping them. I suggest the same needs to be done with these drug cartel folk in Mexico — but by the U.S. Marine Corps, as the Mexican authorities have proven themselves unequal to the task.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “No return” from WHAT?

    Mexico is precisely where it has always been. Read up on the history of that place.

    It is, was, and will always be violent, decadent, filled with perverts, bloodthirsty murderers, anarchy, well, you get the picture.

  3. CA dude says:

    Maybe Mexico needs to make military service compulsary for its citizens, like some countries require. Mexicans come to the US because they supposedly have no jobs in mexico. Same reasons to join a drug gang, no jobs. Give them jobs in the army and police and let the mexicans fight crime in their own country. Of course it is all Americas fault according to the mexican government.

  4. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “Has lost territorial control” Where this is most obvious to me is in those million dollar real estate magazines with the glossy photos. I buy one every time the Lotto jackpot hits 100 million.

    Ranches in northern Mexico of unprecedented beauty are selling for two cents on the dollar compared to other parts of the world. I told my spouse “Who wants to own a ranch that comes complete with its own “Drug Enforcement Agency” racing roughshod over your 10,000 acres. The “title” to properties down there is as worthless as the paper it`s printed on. It`s like buying a controlling interest in a prison riot. Thanks but NO thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Drugs should be legal. If I want to smoke a joint or do a line of coke it is my business. If that was done drug crime would not exist. It is the same thing if I do not want to associate or serve ##### because I do not want to for whatever reason. For God’s sake it is our business in both cases I cited above!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have trouble believing this – they must control at least ninety percent.

  7. Anonymous says:


    No jobs! Mexico unemployment is rather low. There’s large underemployment however. The problem that Mexico has is high level of corruption not an unemployment. They come to US for better paying jobs. Lately, there is less econominc sense for undertaking migration north than before.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In terms of current news regarding misallocation of US intelligence technology in Columbia against narc cartels/miitants, it is not unreasonable to ponder whether the oh, soo very confident initiative by the Mexican central government against the drug cartels was in its genesis covertly inspired by quiet American commitments to provide space spying, advisors,interrogation support, even SF boots on the ground etc. etc.?? IF this all amounts to a significant extent to being yet another American foreign policy fiasco, might it be good to own up to it now rather than later? Comment #02 I find objectionable in tone, but generally correct in that most of Mexico has long been so venally corrupt as to be indestructible and also as to be incapable of much positive change. It appears to be the ultimate in a “get by” world of letting tomorrow take care of itself.

  9. jack in Chicago says:

    Can any of our Texas readers please tell us White Texas Whites, Texas Republicans, Texas White political leaders of all kinds have seemed so unconcerned with Mexico’s anarchy, Mexico’s invasion of the US? Border states like California and Arizona have always had strong reactions to the Mexican plagues but for some strange reason Texas Whites are either clueless or else embrace/defend all things Mexican.

  10. Uptown says:

    The GINI Coefficient [q.v.] for Mexico, 51.6, is one of the highest globally, meaning Mexico has relatively high unequal distribution of wealth. By contrast the GINI coefficient for the U.S. is 40.8, for France, 32.7. But beyond this endemic condition of life in Mexico is the drug trade, which exists to provide the wants and needs of Norte Americanos. It is time, in the name of simple humanity, to end the colossal, long lasting failure known as the War on Drugs.

  11. Mark says:

    Stop It:

    We all know they only come to America to work.

    They give up those $5000.00 a week gang jobs to work in a carwash here for $8.50 an hour knowing this is what they must do to become a good American which is their dream.

    They give up there former criminal ways because in America it is frowned upon.

  12. Taurus 689 says:

    3 — CA dude wrote at 1:53 AM on August 30:

    “Maybe Mexico needs to make military service compulsary for its citizens, like some countries require. Mexicans come to the US because they supposedly have no jobs in mexico. Same reasons to join a drug gang, no jobs. Give them jobs in the army and police and let the mexicans fight crime in their own country. Of course it is all Americas fault according to the mexican government.”

    The problem with that is that gang members would be joining the military to get tactical training. They would then desert and employ their learned skills against Mexican society.

    LA street gangs are encouraging members to do the same thing here and they are.

  13. XIXth says:

    If Mexico is over the tipping point, it will certainly descend into Civil War as during the 1910-1920 period. Mexican settlement patterns caused by that war permanently disrupted the US Southwest. Therefore, such a similar event, given the size of the Mexican population, the tens of millions of Mexican and Mexican-Americans in the US, will mean massive insurrection, rebellion, and communal violence here in the US especially in the South-west.

    If the US is to survive, the only way will be responding in kind. If you thought Bosnia was bad, think of a Texas in which 10 million whites must somehow survive against an onslaught of communal violence waged by 12 million others, or worse, how 8 still loyal white Americans will survive against 30 million anti-American mostly non-whites in California. In other words, the killing fields of Yugoslavia, in which hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children were killed in a population of around 5 million, will be expanded by orders of magnitude.

    Rough off the sleeve estimate, given comparison of Yugoslavia, perhaps 3-6 million men, women, and children killed in the Southwest over a few year period. Given the importance of the US, the hundred million Mexicans right next door, the diversity of the US, the abject alienation of the ruling classes, and the first rate power of the US military, such a crisis will undoubtedly expand into massive war. Those who pushed for immigration, amnestying of illegals, and “diversity”, are directly responsible not only for this likely crisis, but the possibility that in the end, the US will similarly balkanized as Yugoslavia!

    Either it goes this way or in some other more low grade crisis building up to eventual civil war anyways. The only hope is beginning to organize self-defense units and integrate with existing loyal law enforcement and reserve and national guard units. I suggest reading how the Irish Republican Brotherhood founded various organizations which later geled into the IRA and how the Orange Brotherhood and Ulster Unionists similarly organized their forces. Of particular relevance is reading how the Ulster Defense Association was formed first on the street level and then upwards in response to increasing violence and provocation by Irish Catholic nationalists hiding behind so called “Civil Rights” and a British government which despised “vigilantism” and looked on Loyalists as troublemakers to their internationalist schemes. You may disagree, but the future looks almost certain we will be facing this situation in the near term.

  14. Anonymous says:

    We should end the “war on drugs”. It is wrong, wasteful, misguided and a huge failure. Only the DEA has gained from it. Its budget has increased 4000% since 1971. It is an even greater disaster then the “war on alcohol” (prohibition) was in the 1920’s & 30’s. That misguided act was a field day for organized crime, turned Chicago’s streets into a warzone and blinded or killed unknown numbers of Americans who drank ‘bad booze’. There should be no laws against the use of drugs where only adults are concerned. It is wrong to make a crime of doing with yourself as you please. Who is Washington to say someone can’t smoke Marijuana? Anymore then, say, they should have the right to tell Americans where they can travel too. (Consider the wrong and petty ban on visiting Cuba).

  15. Anonymoose says:

    I have some question, but no answers. First of all, are these gangs strictly drug gangs, or are they involved in other rackets and in seeking to displace the indigenous government?

    Secondly,is the ever-repeated dictum — that the demand for drugs in North America drives the drug trade — the real story? Maybe North America just represents a rich and vulnerable market that drugs can pushed into.

    Maybe this whole story of the drug war is not an accurate picture. Maybe we are facing something far more threatening.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Presently, mexican net migration to US is zero! Net migration is difference between the number of those who come to US and the number of those who go back to Mexico. Sounds incredible but it is true. Also the birth rate in Mexico is already lower than in US ( 2.1 children per female ). Level of urbanization in Mexico is 75%. Mexican immigrants are no longer going to flood US like they used to. If you have a chance to travel there- go! You’ll see the scale of changes of last 30 years. Most Americans imagine that country as something like it was in 70s. Wrong.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Taurus #12: That has happened already. The Zetas used to be Mexico’s Army Special Forces, which were trained by our Green Beret. They then decided to desert from the Army, and become the enforcers, and protection, for a large Drug Cartel.

    Then it hit them: Why do the enforcing for a Cartel, when you can be your own Cartel? And so they did just that. Now they are at war with their former Cartel employer.

    Just think how our Tax money, once again, as come back to bite us in the rear. Remember how our Special Forces trained the Salvadoran Army’s Elite Anti-Communist Commandos in the 1980s?

    Many of the same Salavdorans that received Special Forces training are now running MS13. Oddly enough, they have partnered with the former Communist guerrillas to form MS13, and infiltrated many US Cities, brining their love of crime, rape, drugs, and murder by machette.

    Your Tax dollars at work.