Posted on August 24, 2011

Camden Moves Closer to Forming Countywide Police Force

NJ, August 22, 2011

Camden officials are now working on plans to have the Camden County government take over the city’s police force.

Camden County’s Board of Freeholders approved the concept last week. And city officials had already signed on.

The parties have until Sept. 30 to submit a detailed plan for review by the state’s Division of Local Government Services. If the merger happens, Camden would be the first New Jersey city covered by a county police department.


So far, the crime-ridden city is the only municipality to sign on. None of the suburbs have expressed much interest.

[Editor’s Note: According to the Census Bureau, the population of Camden city is 5% white, 42% Hispanic, and 50% black. On the other hand, Camden county is 60% white, 14% Hispanic, and 20% black.]