Posted on August 24, 2011

Camden Moves Closer to Forming Countywide Police Force

NJ, August 22, 2011

Camden officials are now working on plans to have the Camden County government take over the city’s police force.

Camden County’s Board of Freeholders approved the concept last week. And city officials had already signed on.

The parties have until Sept. 30 to submit a detailed plan for review by the state’s Division of Local Government Services. If the merger happens, Camden would be the first New Jersey city covered by a county police department.


So far, the crime-ridden city is the only municipality to sign on. None of the suburbs have expressed much interest.

[Editor’s Note: According to the Census Bureau, the population of Camden city is 5% white, 42% Hispanic, and 50% black. On the other hand, Camden county is 60% white, 14% Hispanic, and 20% black.]

13 responses to “Camden Moves Closer to Forming Countywide Police Force”

  1. ATBOTL says:

    Most people think of blacks when they think of Camden, but Puerto Ricans have contributed heavily to the city’s destruction too.

  2. Istvan says:

    I have seen, and have, many photos of Camden from the 1920s to early 1950s. Much of my family lived in Camden and it was beautiful. Beautful single family and row houses. Clean streets. I had an aunt who lived in McQuire Homes into the early 70s. When I was a kid in the 60s, before the project was integrated, it was a safe place. We kids could run around with no problems or fears. By the late 60s my mother would no longer let us visit that aunt, the project was changing. She moved, fater having lived there from the early 40s.

    In the 60s there was a huge, neo-classical Sears with a huge toy department in Camden. It is now falling down.

    By the 70s it was scary just to take the bus through Camden to get to Philadelphia. By 1980 it looked like Dresden or Nagasaki.

    I am not sure what caused all the buildings to decay and the stores to close. I do not recall any major attacks by foreign troops. I can not for the life of me figure out what must be so different between the Camden of the 30s and 40s and the Camden of today.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Camden school district lost so much state money because of truancy last year that they are now paying the thugs $100.00 per month to stay in school. They also have to attend conflict resolution and anger management classes.

  4. Kingoldby says:

    So, the white suburbs are going to be forced to pay for the policing of the inner city as well as their own suburbs.

    At some point blacks are going to run out of white people to bail them out.

  5. Detroit WASP says:

    This has happened in black run cities all over Michigan. Flint & Pointiac for example.

    Blacks move in, whites move out, tax base erodes because so many blacks are on public assistance, some good intentioned blacks take over local govt. but everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

    Same story over and over and over and over. I fear that these cities are just the warm up band for what is coming in the future.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t the ‘smart’ blacks, the leadership, don’t they always blame police and profiling for problems in the black community? Don’t they always take the side of the criminal, and point the ideological finger at peace officers? If it weren’t for ‘black jobs’ at stake, wouldn’t majority black Camden, NJ be so much better off with no police department? They should at least get what they pay for.

  7. Question Diversity says:

    The Camden County P.D. is very likely far more white than the city of Camden itself. Aren’t the Camdenites worried about white occupation and oppression? Don’t many Camdenites blame all their problems on “po-leeceseses?” If so, then they have a golden opportunity for liberation.

    As an aside, I saw for the first time that series “Scared Straight,” while we’re on the topic of law enforcement. I get the feeling there’s something phony about it — The theme of this show is that “bad” teenagers (i.e. whites caught smoking a cigarette) are sent to real jails and prisons to hear lectures from mostly black inmates about how they screwed up their own lives and ended up in this hole full of rape, despair, race wars, deprivation, and what not.

    Contrite black prison inmates — Is there really such a thing? How many black prison inmates does that really describe? Every black in prison is innocent, don’t you know — Racist cops, bad defense lawyers, racist prosecutors, racist juries, “da man” set me up — You’ve heard it all. If not, then the inmate tries to separate him or her self from the crime, such as “There was this here shooting, and someone got kilt, and the po-leece arrested me and they charged me with this crime, then they sent me here.”

  8. XIXth says:

    If our nation wasn’t run by cowards who acquiesced to continual federal tyranny and anti-white hatred, the local government of Camden County could make some serious changes. With control of police, fire, and schools, as well as the financing of them, the local County could take control of Camden, obliterate the projects, enforce the old restrictive covenant deeds, clauses, and associations, thereby rebuilding the city. Something to keep in mind when we take back our freedom, and if God forbid, it doesn’t happen in our lifetime, then from generation to generation just like the Palestinians can remember every grove and tree and neighborhood their family grew upon before the disaster. Remember, we are the oppressed now and must learn to fight back as the oppressed: De Oppresso Liber!

  9. olewhitelady says:

    ATBOTL #1:

    Remember, most of the Puerto Ricans there have African ancestry.

  10. Rebelcelt says:

    Sounds like Memphis…this last year The Memphis City School Board gave up its’ charter so now the larger city school system has to be absorbed by the smaller Shelby Co. school System.The Blacks are demanding immediate representation on the County Board.Now they are already talking of having Kriner Cash take over the county system after he handeled the city system so ineptly.

    The different suburbs ssre petitioning the state for their own charter( a lengthy process). Of course none of the public officials want to say the problems are the blacks.Listening to a white politician debate the issue is painful because no one wats to say You blacks are the problem..not poverty , not single parenthood or welfare dependent mentality …BLACKS ARE THE PROBLEM.

  11. Anonymous says:

    In our state (midwestern ) of more than 130 counties, only one has merged the traditional county sheriff’s office into a dominant small city PD within the county, morphing , then, into ********** County PD. This one excursion into this sort of “unity” took place about 40 years ago and has not not not been emulated by any of the other 129 counties. The overlap and tensions and rivalries between dominant town/small city/ police departments and the sheriff’s office seems up-close to amount to inefficiency and fiscal profligacy. The longer view, however, appears to be that civil liberties and checks and balances are served better by the traditional overlap/ semi-competitive/ mutual-oversight/ arrangement The climate of the times is not one in which insightful AR readers should commend law enforcement consolidation.

  12. Juvenile Court Judge says:

    “The theme of this show is that “bad” teenagers (i.e. whites caught smoking a cigarette) are sent to real jails and prisons to hear lectures from mostly black inmates about how they screwed up their own lives and ended up in this hole full of rape, despair, race wars, deprivation, and what not.”

    This is just another of those non profit scams to provide employment for young White liberal arts grads with no useful job skills and black activist thugs who, like the White liberals have no useful job skills.

    I think there are more useless non profits claiming to help children and teens than there are social workers, police and other government employees in children’s services and the juvenile court system.

    Most counties have all the civil servants necessary to take care of all the wards of the court, dependents and delinquents alike.

    These non profit “help the children” scammers are grabbing the crumbs from the juvenile court system and state reform schools.

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